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Date: Monday, March 15 @ 00:42:01
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Beauty soap can have a whole different meaning, once an alien gives it special properties.


By Prudence Walker

It was gloomy in the warehouse, not a light showing anywhere, the waning moonlight strained to penetrate the dirty windows near the roof. The myriad of cardboard cartons stacked there, loomed as indistinct shadowy lumps. This was how it had been for years, with only the contents changing, as new stock came in and went out again.

This night began like any other, with one exception. With a crackle of static electricity, a pale green ball of light came into being. It hung there in mid air, as if resting after its journey, before slowly skimming over the stacks of goods. It came to a halt over a wooden pallet loaded with cartons of toilet soap. The green light illuminated the logo of a new product, which had just been received for distribution to the market. “Celebrity Soap makes you look like a Star.” Each bar had an attractive image of a Hollywood star on its wrapper

The glowing ball was the only physical manifestation of the inter-dimensional imp. It sank into one of the boxes containing 12 bars of the soap. Slowly the whole box started to glow; the green light seemingly penetrating out into the darkness. After a minute, the glow winked out and the box returned to its normal appearance.

A week later:

Ricky was doing a little emergency shopping at the local Seven-Eleven. He had a date that evening and he needed some shampoo and deodorant. As fate would have it, the aisle where the soaps, shampoo’s, and other toiletries were stacked, contained a very special bar of soap. It was one of those new lines of products endorsed by celebrities from Hollywood. Ricky had found and was ready to select his usual brand of shampoo and deodorant, when the picture on the display of the new line of soaps caught his eye. He didn’t know the name of the star, off hand, but he remembered seeing her in several movies. Reaching for the packet and picking it up for a closer look, he felt a tingle creep up his arm. There was no outward sign that this particular bar had been altered in any way. Ricky assumed the tingle was nothing more than excitement from looking at the very sexy lady on the wrapper. It was obviously meant for the female market, as he could smell the floral scent coming from the soap. He started to put it back, but then thought about his date. If he got lucky, maybe he would end up over at his place. Thoughts of having sex and possibly even showering together afterwards stayed his hand. This soap might just appeal to Jenna more than his usual medicinal smelling, coal-tar soap. The bar of new soap ended up in his cart; and later, it was placed in the soap tray of the shower stall of his small flat.

Jenna had agreed to meet him at his flat for a drink, before going out for dinner, so Ricky had the wine chilling in an ice bucket, while he went for a shower.

First, he put on a fresh condom that had since become a ritual after once experiencing the pain of getting soap in his pee hole. (Since then, he’d washed his body and rinsed off all the soap, before removing the condom and washing his penis in just warm water). He started shampooing his hair, and after rinsing, he reached for his soap, but because he still had some shampoo in his eyes, he was squinting, and without looking at it properly, grabbed the first bar he felt. The smell of the new soap had finally overcome the smell of the shampoo, and before he realized that he’d used the wrong bar. He’d used it over most of his body already; and it did smell rather nice, so he didn’t put it down immediately. He brought the soap up to his nose for a sniff, inhaling the pleasant floral scent, before placing it back and reaching for his old soap.

Just as the bar of the coal-tar soap touched his skin, it started stinging fiercely. Wondering if something in the two soaps were reacting to each other, he put it down, thinking he could cover the sweet scent on his body with some deodourant instead. He rinsed off, removed the condom and washed his penis gently while thinking of Jenna, before grabbing a towel. He noticed how smooth his skin was and how it was feeling very sensitive. He had to resort to dabbing the towel over his body, instead of the usual vigorous rubbing. Somehow the soap had made his skin too sensitive for his usual harsh rubbing routine. At this stage, Ricky was still unconcerned, thinking the sensitivity would wear off in a few hours.

Getting dressed, Ricky was pleased to note the looseness of his pants around the waist, although, not fat, he could stand to lose a few pounds. Oddly, the seat of his pants seemed rather tight, and he had the rueful thought that his excess fat around the waist had dropped to his bum. His shirt too, was uncomfortable; and his nipples seemed far too sensitive, ‘another reaction from the new soap, I guess,’ was his thought. He was pulling at the shirt, trying to figure out what was wrong with it, when the doorbell rang.

Quickly, he raced to the front door, opening it to see Jenna, resplendent in a cute LBD, which showed her assets to their greatest advantage. He smiled appreciatively and ushered her into the lounge, where he asked her to sit while he got his shoes. Jenna noticed the scent of the soap on Ricky, and thought he smelled much better than usual. Ricky’s movements as he walked back into his bedroom seemed different; she tried to put her finger on the changes. She liked Ricky, although this was her first date with a guy. She had suspected she was gay, as she had never seemed to be attracted to men, until she met Ricky. Not that he was effeminate, but something about him had just clicked with her.

Ricky was back in a minute, grumbling under his breath, about his shoes being too big. Jenna began noticing other changes about Ricky that seemed to have occurred, even in the short time he’d been out of sight to get his shoes. His gait had a definite sway to it, and he seemed to be showing a modest bust. Surprised, and not really believing what she saw, Jenna asked Ricky to turn around, as she stood and looked him over more carefully. Ricky, puzzled at her request, complied, feeling a moment’s dread as she poked and prodded at him.

“Ricky, are you taking anything… female hormones, for instance?”

Stunned at her question, Ricky looked at her in shock, as his mind whirled at the implications of her words.

“Er… No, I’m not. Why are you asking me this?”

Do you mind stripping off for me… now?” Jenna asked feeling rather awkward.

“Um, okay.” Ricky agreed. To be asked to strip by an attractive girl, would normally be the making of Ricky’s day, but Jenna’s tone made him feel anxious, as if there was something going on that wasn’t good. He started to remove his shirt, and then his pants, not liking the gasp he heard from Jenna, as he straightened up again.

She came closer, and lifted his singlet off his body; her hands sent nice tingles through Ricky, as she slowly ran her hands over his breasts.

“WHAT!!!!! BREASTS????” Ricky looked down to see two creamy protuberances that didn’t belong anywhere on a male body. Ricky slipped into darkness as the shock of seeing breasts sticking out of his chest caused him to faint.

Ricky opened his eyes to find Jenna’s beautiful eyes looking anxiously at him. Her face was just inches away, and Ricky wanted to kiss those luscious lips, held so enticingly close. Realizing he was lying on his back, memory came flooding back to his current situation, and he looked down to make a visual confirmation of the sensations he could now feel coming from his chest.

“Oh no, what’s happening to me? My chest is swollen, as if I had breasts.”

“Ricky, there’s more,” Jenna offered gently.

“More?” Ricky asked nervously. His eyes followed her glance down at his body. A sudden chill rushed though him, and a nameless terror gripped his mind.

“Ricky, whatever it is that is affecting you, it has changed you from the neck down.” She paused, trying to put it to him in a way that might soften the news. “You seem to be all female except for your head.” She said quietly, looking into his eyes to gauge his reaction.

“Oh no, please God, no!” he sobbed, as he realized the feelings coming from his body only confirmed her words. He could still feel his penis, but something was wrong down there.

“What happened to you?” Jenna asked. “This is impossible, you know. I saw the changes starting to happen when I was here. What did you do between this afternoon when I talked to you, and when I arrived just now?”

“Nothing, I was okay when I had my shower, although my skin was feeling sensitive after I used the new soap.” Ricky offered, as a way of an explanation.

Ricky was feeling weird. His voice was higher and his clothes were obviously ill fitting on his rapidly changing form. Everything from his neck down felt different, softer, and slimmer. His breasts jiggled at every movement, as he struggled to sit upright. Jenna walked into the bathroom in search of a possible reason for Ricky’s change. She called out, asking if he still had the packaging for the bar of soap she had found, and was carefully handling.

“Check the waste bin in there,” he replied in his newly contralto voice.

Jenna checked, and retrieved the packet, smoothing it out, as she looked it over. It seemed innocent enough, although the wording seemed prophetic, given the suspected results of its use. There had to be another explanation, though she couldn’t think of one at the moment. Coming back to Ricky, she could see the effects had stopped, leaving Ricky with the body of a model with the exception of his head for now and that, which nestled between her legs. Her… yes it was obvious Ricky was more female than male, even with his face remaining the same. Jenna was curiously turned on at the sight of the mismatched body. Ricky’s penis minus the twin accessories was an attractive sight and played on Jenna’s latent lesbian interest.

Ricky was lost in thought as he examined himself with his now slender fingers. He gasped as he brushed them against his newly minted breasts. As he delved lower, and felt below his rampant member to find a new moist opening that led to a vagina, his gasp turned into a low moan. The sensations coming from there felt strange and wonderful, as he gently touched the bud of his new clitoris. His penis twitched in response, and the sight made Jenna’s body respond in answer.

Jenna closed the distance between them, eyes fixated on the twitching organ. She grasped it gently and led the bemused Ricky to the couch, where she started kissing him urgently, as she shed her clothes. Ricky on his part, felt odd as his breasts touched her breasts, but the pleasant feelings overrode any protests he may have offered. Jenna was so excited. She could feel a moist trickle running between her legs. She impaled herself on his pole, feeling the delicious way he filled her up. Moving slowly she started a rhythm of movement that had them both gasping out. Ricky’s breasts were sending delightful messages, as they rubbed gently against Jenna’s, the slight sheen of sweat making them slip effortlessly around each other.

Ricky was in heaven; thoughts of his strange change became secondary to the sensations coming from his new breasts. It was like having three penises, and all were being stimulated at once. The orgasm, when it came, felt odd. Oh, it was the best he’d ever felt, but instead of the spurt, which, now having no receptacles to hold sperm, probably would never occur anymore. It felt like waves peaking, building, and building, until the wave broke; and he slid down the other side slowly recovering as both their passions cooled.

Moving to the shower together, Jenna was still holding Ricky close, they rinsed away the evidence of their love making, without resorting to soap, as Jenna appropriately turned up her nose at the offer of the cold-tar soap. The only other soap was far too dangerous to use, until they found out more about its effects. The feel of Jenna’s hands moving over his new slippery smooth body was getting Ricky turned on.

“Ricky, we need to discuss this. You can’t hide that body and pretend to be a man anymore; besides, your voice is a dead give away. The way you move is all female, despite your face looking like a man’s, everyone will assume you are a woman.”

“What can I do?” Ricky implored. “What other options do I have?”

“Well… as I see it, you have two,” Jenna replied, pausing as she considered how her next few words would be received. “First, you could use the soap on your head only, presumably giving you a female head and hair that would allow you to pass as a female to all, but a doctor. You would still retain your penis.”

“And the second?” Ricky asked hopefully.

“Um… well you could wash both your head and genitalia becoming fully female.” Jenna offered, shrugging her shoulders.

“But, but I don’t know anything about being a female,” Ricky gasped in shock.

“Oh I think I could teach you everything you need,” winked Jenna, with a smile.

“Oh god, I just thought, what about my work, my family and friends, my whole identity as a man?”

“Look… as I see it you don’t have much choice, if you tell people that some weird soap changed you into this, they may lock you away, you could end up being poked and prodded as a human guinea pig for the rest of your life. Not to mention the publicity, you’d probably become a target for every wacko there was.” Jenna explained. “You could always have the breasts removed surgically, but of course that will cost money, and raise questions.”

She thought for a moment while Ricky went looking for something to wear. Her thoughts were pleasantly distracted when Ricky came back, wearing just a pair of bikini briefs and a tee shirt that hung like a short skirt, just past his (?) bottom.

“I have an idea…you may not like it, but I think it’s a good available, option.” Jenna continued, smiling at the sight of Ricky’s attractive new body. “You will tell them at work, that you are transitioning, you are becoming a woman, then they can’t do much unless they want to be up on discrimination allegations. This way, you can change all your relevant details and your name legally.”

“But, I don’t want to be a woman…” protested Ricky, weakly, unable to come up with a better solution and appreciating the merits that Jenna had pointed out. “I mean, these do feel great, and I wouldn’t mind having to keep them,” he said as he cupped his new breasts. “I don’t want some mad doctor hacking them off, they are part of me even if they’re not something I was born with or would have wanted.”

“Ricky, I’m not saying you need to become a woman fully,” Jenna replied, looking pointedly at a certain tenting effect in Ricky’s tee shirt. While you still have your identifiable male head and face to prove who you are, we could get the paperwork started and records changed, before we change your head using the soap. That way we can get photo ID’s made in a new name.” Jenna went and hugged Ricky, assuring him that she still wanted to be part of his life.

“Alright then, I suppose I have no choice,” Ricky conceded reluctantly.

That night, Jenna decided to stay with Ricky, not only to let him know she was going to be interested in him sexually, but to also stop him dwelling too much on his upcoming gender/identity change. She hoped Ricky would be okay when they started the ball rolling the next day.

“Rochelle Winter, I like it,” stated Jenna, as they left the courthouse Saturday morning.

“Well, I thought it was better than Riki, or whatever,” the newly named Rochelle replied.

“True,” agreed Jenna, as they made their way to back to the car.

Rochelle was dressed in a pair of slacks that Jenna had supplied from her own wardrobe. Wearing a pair of Jenna’s flats and a simple blouse, Rochelle looked decidedly feminine. Jenna had styled Rochelle’s brunette hair as best as she could, given its length. With a very light amount of makeup, mainly lipstick and blush with a little work around the eyebrows, Rochelle looked a bit butch still, but it gave credence for the reasons to have her name changed and the subsequent request to the courts to issue a new birth certificate stating that she was to all intents and purposes, on the road to becoming female. A psychiatrist would need to be consulted to provide proof of her intentions, but there were more pressing needs, for the moment.

Rochelle’s next big hurdle was going to be her announcement at work. Jenna suggested that she look as masculine as she could, by binding her breasts down with Ace bandages and wearing loose fitting clothing to minimize the changes in the waist and hip areas. Rochelle practiced lowering her voice to a more manly pitch to help with the illusion that she was still Ricky. Her plan, as Jenna explained, would to take a second set of clothes, so that once she had told her bosses, she could change, explaining that she didn’t want to maintain her disguise as Ricky.

They spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday trying to change the way Rochelle walked, to minimize the very feminine movements her new body naturally wanted to behave. Rochelle tried using longer strides with less hip movement. She had to alter the slight arm bend that naturally occurred to keep her hands from brushing her wider hips. Rochelle had to be continually reminded to hold her hands still, otherwise they seemed to fall into a very unmasculine sway.

Rochelle was very nervous about pulling this off, but couldn’t see any alternative if he/she didn’t want to lose his job. One thing going for her was the fact that being female wouldn’t prevent her from doing her work. Computer analyst’s jobs were not gender specific, not like some more physically related jobs.

Monday morning saw Rochelle looking rather more Ricky, as she made her way to her office. She had come in early, to avoid having to talk too much to her co-workers. Once she saw that her boss was in, she made her way to his office and knocked before entering. Her boss was one of those people that never stood on protocol, having always stated that his door was ever open.

“Steven, I need to talk to you on a personal matter,” Rochelle, opened, keeping her voice from sounding too effeminate.

“No problem Ricky, what can I do for you for,” smiled Steven, as he took in Ricky’s choice of clothes.

“This is rather personal, something I need to get out in the open,” Ricky stated, trying to remain calm.

“Go ahead, I’m not one to spread gossip, you can tell me,” Steven replied, sensing that whatever Ricky wanted to tell him, was potentially embarrassing.

“Steven, I’m transgendered,” Ricky blurted out in a rush. “I’ve been talking female hormones for some time now, as I intend to transition as soon as possible.”

Steven paused in shock of this revelation. The words that were on the tip of his tongue, died stillborn, as Ricky’s words sank in. He waved for Ricky to sit, while he went and locked the office door. Returning to his chair, he looked at Ricky intently, trying to see the changes, Ricky’s clothes were barely concealing.

“This is one hell of a surprise Ricky, how far have you gone? It seems strange I haven’t noticed anything till now,” he said.
“It doesn’t bother me, other than how I’ll handle seeing you in skirts and heels,” he grinned. “It won’t affect your job at all, but I’ll need to inform HR about your desire to change sex. They will help ease the transition period and sort out any problems you might encounter. I don’t want to lose valued staff, because of any personal conflicts with the rest of the staff. Do you have a name sorted? We’ll need to alter your records.”

“Rochelle, Rochelle Winters,” she repeated, handing over her court document that showed the name change was legal. “I’d like to start wearing female apparel today, if that’s not too sudden, I’ve hated binding my chest for so long now.” Rochelle answered, allowing her voice to rise to its new pitch.

Steven blinked, at the sound of this female voice suddenly emanating from his former male colleagues body.

“I think I’d better tell the HR people now, do you want to go change while I inform the staff, wait I have a better idea. I’ll call a meeting of all the staff with you there, and then I’ll excuse you while you change. I’ll get the HR people to explain our company’s policy on sexual discrimination. Once you’re ready, call me on my cell phone and I’ll announce you.”

Rochelle cringed inside, thinking she’d rather be anywhere than in that meeting as her new self. Sighing at the necessity of going ahead with it, she nodded her agreement. Steven quickly made some calls as Rochelle left to go and wait in the meeting room. She heard the call go out on the intercom about the call for a meeting and would all staff attend.

Rochelle watched as people started filing in and taking a seat. She was asked a few questions if he knew the reason, seeing he was here first. Rochelle mumbled a reply in a lowered whisper, trying not to let the cat out of the bag. Steven came in then and did a quick head count before starting to speak.

“I have an important announcement to make,” he said, getting a hushed response. “I’m going to welcome a new analyst to our staff.” Everyone looked at Rochelle in sympathy, knowing the firm only needed one analyst and suspecting that Ricky was out. “Will you go get her?” Steven asked Rochelle, looking impassively at her.

Rochelle rose, knowing every eye was upon her. She strode out of the room in the most masculine manner she could muster from her practice with Jenna. She thought she pulled it off, as she heard no whispers, other than in sympathy. She closed the door, just as she heard Steven calling for the Human Resources woman to spell out the sexual discrimination clauses.

Rochelle quickly hurried to her office and grabbed the bag with her change of clothes. Knowing that the ladies restroom was empty, she went in and started to undress. The relief as her breasts were released, was welcomed as she replace the bandage with a bra. Soon she was attired in a dress suitable for office wear. She put on a minimal amount of makeup as Jenna had taught her, nothing too flashy at this stage. Brushing her wave back into the style that Jenna had taught her, she covered it with hairspray to help keep it in position. Adding some perfume and a necklace, she checked out her appearance one last time. Okay, she wasn’t super star material yet, but her body was perfect. Once her head got the ‘treatment,’ men would probably fall over themselves trying to hit on her. Something Rochelle was dreading.

She made a call to Steven and was told to come in. Entering the hush within the meeting room, she was very conscious of the sound of her heels as they clicked on the hardwood floor. She walked to Steven’s side as he waved her over, stopping, before turning her gaze to look the rest of the staff. Rochelle saw the looks of puzzlement turn to shock or surprise as some realized she was the former Ricky. Even Steven was astounded at her transformation. As he tried to remember what he was about to say to the rest of the staff.

“Everyone, meet Rochelle Winters, formerly Ricky Winters. I want you to accord her with every courtesy that you would to any female member of our staff. Welcome Rochelle, and I must say I’m astounded at your transformation, I didn’t know you had it in you.” He finished, giving her a one armed hug.

Seeing the meeting had finished, everyone crowded around Rochelle, asking her questions. She fended them off as best she could, before Steven told the staff to get back to work. Rochelle gave Steven a look of thanks, as she started to go back to her office. Steven caught her eye and flicked his head towards his office, before she had got out of the room.

“Rochelle, I really am amazed that you could hide that body of yours for the months it was developing,” Steven stated enthusiastically, once the two of them were alone in his office.

“It’s been a strain on me, I’m glad to be able to come out at last,” Rochelle replied, only half truthfully. She knew from just from the short time today, that hiding her new assets would have been a painful and near impossible idea.

So when are you going for the operation? I guess you’ll want some time off then?” Steven asked, checking his records. “You still have plenty of leave left, but I’ll arrange a special medical leave for you to cover the op.”

“Thank you, I planned on having facial surgery this weeKend, to make me look more acceptable,” Rochelle answered.

“Okay, that’s doable, let me know how long you need off and I’ll arrange it,” Steven confirmed.

Rochelle’s day resulted in a series of small interruptions, as staff found reasons to visit her office. The female staff was constantly asking if she wanted coffee, making small comments about how lovely she looked. The men were more reserved, unsure of how to treat her change. Rochelle saw that it didn’t stop them talking to her chest, as they checked out her new cleavage. She didn’t say anything, as she realized she had been just as guilty of doing that, as Ricky. Treating it as a sort of poetic justice for her own guilt, she allowed the men their curiosity, and tried not to let it get too her.

Getting home was a relief. She kicked off her heels and hurried in for a shower, before Jenna came around as arranged. Wanting comfort and not having bought much in the way of casual wear yet, Rochelle donned one of Ricky’s old sweatshirts. It was big enough to wear with just panties as it looked like a short dress on her smaller body. She had to roll the sleeves up to free her hands. When Jenna arrived, she was full of questions as to how the day had gone. Jenna convinced Rochelle to change her hair with the soap to give the staff a chance to get used to it before the main facial change.

“Won’t they ask how I grew it so fast?” argued Rochelle, thinking things were getting out of hand.

“Well, if you knew much about fashion, you’d know there is such a thing as hair extensions. Lots of women and even men have them added. It’s no big deal, come on, I’ll help you with it,” Jenna argued persuasively.

Five minutes later, Rochelle was sat in a chair in front of the bathroom sink, while Jenna, wearing plastic gloves, carefully washed Rochelle’s hair with the soap. As the lather built up, Jenna could see it lengthening and growing blonde. She left the soap in till it stopped growing, a sign she took that it had finished doing its magic. Rinsing took just as long to ensure the no soap run onto her face. Jenna noticed something odd about the hair as she was combing it out. The hair appeared to be already styled and hadn’t grown the same amount all over. Grabbing a hair dryer, she just let the hairstyle itself, only helping it a bit with a brush to fluff it out.

Looking at it once it was dry, Jenna thought there was something familiar about it, but she couldn’t pin it down. Rochelle was shocked to see she had gone blonde, but admitted that it went with the other major part of her new body.

Jenna and Rochelle went out for dinner, to celebrate her new blonde look. Rochelle was rather uncertain about all the unwanted male attention she was getting, but Jenna seemed to love it, and even seemed to enjoy flirting with them.

“Jenna, what are you doing? You know I’m not into men, even if I was able,” complained Rochelle, on one of their forays into the ladies.

“ It’s fun teasing them, knowing they won’t be getting to first base,” answered Jenna, as she promptly undid her work on her lipstick as she kissed Rochelle deeply. “ Just relax, you need to enjoy looking as you do, it’s a big turn on to me, knowing what’s in the panties, that the men all want to get into,” laughed jenna. She turned back to the mirror and repaired her lipstick, pointing out to Rochelle to do the same.

“You’re an evil woman, you know that? All those poor guys panting over us, and you lead them on, playing hard to get,” admonished Rochelle, doing a complete turnaround, as she saw the humour in the situation.

“Well, I know who is hard... that’s for sure,” teased Jenna, reaching for Rochelle’s concealed weapon.

“Hey watch it, I’m not that kind of girl,” pouted Rochelle, as she avoided making any further embarrassing scenes.

“You’re not any type of girl,” giggled Jenna, as they walked back to their table.

Rochelle showed Jenna what kind of girl she was, later that night, before Jenna reluctantly went home. The next day, the women surrounded Rochelle, as they admired her hair. Luckily, none seemed to get bitchy about her new look. The men of course paid more attention for a while, but Rochelle’s strictly business manner, soon made it clear she was here to work, and not to flirt. Steven came and said her leave was approved, complimenting Rochelle on her new look.

The rest of the week went routinely, Rochelle found herself included in the chatter at break time, as the women invited Rochelle top sit with them, instead of her usual spot. Rochelle didn’t talk a lot, but learned all the gossip about who was going with who and what they thought of the men in the office. She even accepted an invitation to go shopping with them during lunch break. They seemed to enjoy teasing her a little on her choices, as Rochelle attempted to increase her store of casual clothes. It was just in fun as they kept holding up some sexy clothing against her and saying she could catch any guy in it.

On Friday night, Jenna was around as soon as she left work. Time for the final application of soap had Rochelle very nervous. Even knowing she could pass as she was, Jenna was adamant that there would be no mistaking Rochelle for a man or a transvestite.

Again, Jenna donned plastic gloves, before massaging the lather of the soap onto Rochelle’s face. She gasped as Rochelle’s facial features rearranged themselves. Once the partially obscuring lather had been rinsed away, and Jenna got her first look at Rochelle’s new look, her face went white, alarming Rochelle, before she too looked in the mirror.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Rochelle, before she fainted.

Groggily coming awake, Rochelle saw Jenna’s strained face, looking anxiously at hers.

“Tell me I didn’t see what I saw in the mirror,” begged Rochelle.

“You did... I’m sorry I made you do it, I didn’t know it would turn out this way,” apologized Jenna, tears leaking from her eyes.

“What am I going to do now?” Rochelle asked rhetorically.

“I thought the hair reminded me of someone. The packaging on the soap really took it literally. You look exactly like the missing movie star, Rachelle Summers.” Jenna confirmed.

Rochelle remembered seeing the item on the missing film star in the news, several weeks back. Apparently, she had been on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, when she disappeared. The news had made a big splash of it, blaming everything from alien abduction to mob hits. Falling overboard and drowning was dismissed as being too mundane, so they made up other, more sensational, reasons.

The similarity in Rochelle and Rachelle’s names was eerily coincidental. Rochelle hoped that whatever was behind her sudden transformation, hadn’t been involved in Rachelle’s disappearance. It made the alien story seem even more feasible.

“Maybe the soap contained essence de Rachelle,” joked a grim faced Rochelle.

“First thing tomorrow, you have the hair shortened and dyed black or something,” suggested Jenna, trying to come up with a solution.

Jenna stayed overnight, but their sex that night was subdued, as they both wrestled with the problem of keeping out of the eye of the press.

Next morning, Rochelle was dressed casually, as both she and Jenna went to the nearest hairdressers. There was a 15-minute wait, before a stylist became free. Rochelle thought that she was giving a few odd looks by the receptionist and by a customer as the woman exited the salon. A few minutes before Rochelle was due to be called, a woman rushed in, slightly out of breath, followed by a cameraman, lugging a television camera for one of the local news channels. Immediately Rochelle was inundated with questions, from the newswoman.

Despite her protests that her name was Rochelle Winters, the woman persisted.

“This is Melanie Brown, reporting live from Sophie’s salon in East Worthington, where an anonymous caller reported seeing the missing film star, Rachelle Summers.”

At this point Rochelle, saw the cameraman turn his camera towards her. She saw the trailing lead from the camera going outside and realised with shock, that this was a live feed. Melanie started a barrage of questions that Rochelle just shook her head at, refusing to answer. Jenna tried protecting her and fending off the questions. Getting to the point of tears, Rochelle tried to leave, but her escape route was suddenly cut off, as the salon owner locked the entrance doors, almost cutting off the cable feed, before it was eased under the door.

Asking to be let out fell on deaf ears, as the owner said she didn’t want her place inundated by press. Rochelle suspected she was more after the publicity from the media attention, than safe guarding her premises. Jenna, seeing that there was no option, called the police on her cell phone, asking for help.

Melanie, realising that she wasn’t getting any answers, started regaling the viewers about Rachelle’s background, and the circumstances of her disappearance. The police arrived during this and had the owner open the door. Once they spotted Rochelle, they escorted her outside to their car. The cameraman was following closely, capturing it all. One of the officers told Rochelle that she had to come to the precinct, as there were some questions to be asked. Seeing no point in giving the media more fuel, by resisting, Rochelle agreed. Jenna was allowed to come close at Rochelle’s insistence, and they managed to have a few private words together. Jenna said she’d follow in her car and meet her at the precinct.

She was finger printed before being held in a private office away from prying eyes. Jenna joined her soon after, as she insisted she be admitted. Another officer came in and questioned her, seeming unsatisfied with getting her name. He left for a while, then came back with some startling news.

“Miss Summers, I’d like to know what happened on the night of your disappearance?”

“But I told you I’m not...” Rochelle started to repeat, getting annoyed.

“Miss Summers,” he repeated with an exasperated tone. “Your finger prints prove that you’re Rachelle Summers. If this is some weird publicity stunt...” he left the threat implied.

Both of them were stunned. Somehow the effect of the soap had literally given Ricky, Rachelle’s looks, right down to her fingerprints. Before they could say anything, another officer knocked, then poked his head in, saying Rachelle’s lawyer was here and he was demanding access to his client. The girl’s looked at each other with puzzled looks, not daring to say, “We don’t have a lawyer.”

The girls were soon cast loose, from their moorings, as the lawyer, when he entered, took charge of their lives. His first words on seeing Rochelle were.

“Did you say anything?” then he said, “Did they read you your rights?”

At Rochelle’s, “No,” reply to both questions, the lawyer smiled at hearing the first and the grin turned nasty, as he blasted the officer in charge. He took Rochelle’s arm and accused the officer of several breaches of the law, as he hustled a dazed Rochelle out. Jenna tagged along, not wanting to be separated from her lover. The lawyer acknowledged Jenna and introduced himself as Geoffrey Harding, once he had sat them in his limo. She told him her name and that she was a friend of Rochelle’s

His first words, once the limo was underway, was,

“ I don’t suppose there’s a reason why you just up and disappeared like that is there?”

At their negative shaking of heads, he sighed, and muttered under his breath, something about stars and their games.

“How did you find us and where are you taking us?” asked Jenna, knowing it would be better if she asked the questions.

“I’m dropping both of you off at Rachelle’s home, so your agent can come as sort out some kind of press release. I happened to be here on another matter when I heard on a newsflash that you had been found. I rang the station and found out where you had been taken, before rushing over.”

Rochelle was thankful that for the moment, they were away from the group of reporters that they had seen outside the station. The lawyer had whisked them away in the limo without stopping for anything or anyone. Rochelle wondered how they would get away from Rachelle’s home, without passing another gauntlet of reporters.

‘Would either of their lives ever be the same?’ She thought, as they drove through an electronic controlled gate passing into a massive tree lined estate.

The car pulled up at an impressive mansion, where both women were escorted inside. Geoff made a few calls, while Rochelle tried to look at home in this strange home. They had just found the main bedroom, where Rachelle obviously slept, when Geoff called out from downstairs that he had alerted her staff to come back and that her press manager was on his way.

Rochelle went down to thank him, as he was leaving to resume the other matter he had been pulled away from, in his dash to see to her needs. He gave her an unexpected kiss as he left, luckily not seeing her flinch back in startlement.

Left to their own devices, the pair investigated the house from top to bottom. Jenna was all gah gah over the beautiful clothes, Rachelle had owned. Rochelle wasn’t quite as happy, not knowing when their deception would be discovered, but went along with Jenna in checking things out. Jenna wanted to try on some of the many gowns in the massive wardrobe. She managed to get Rochelle to join in, saying she couldn’t meet anyone in the gear she had on.

“Okay, but if we get busted, I’m blaming you,” promised Rochelle, as she reached for a long peach gown in satin.

“If you’re going to wear that, you’ll need to wear the right undies,” Jenna pointed out.

Knowing her lover was still a novice at this, Jenna promptly went through the drawers of sexy intimate apparel that lined one wall. Rochelle bowed to Jenna’s expertise, and was soon admiring herself in the floor to ceiling mirror. It was still strange to see a beautiful woman looking back at her, where she once used to see a man. As she slid her hands down her body, feeling the slick sensuous material move under her fingers, she realised that she was enjoying it. The way she looked was turning her on. Her penis, inside her peach coloured panties, was throbbing for release in its feminine entrapment, and her vagina was also in a state of excitement. She could feel the heat and the dampness increase with her thoughts of sex with Jenna.

Once Jenna was dressed in a lilac lame gown, she quickly accessorized both of them, from the vast array of jewellery that Rachelle owned. They stood there, in high heels, admiring each other, before Jenna’s stomach rumbled.

Finding something to eat, was a two man? job. Jenna looked in the huge kitchen, while Rochelle tottered carefully on her heels to see what was in the walk in chiller/freezer. Once they had unfrozen and cooked lunch, they sat down to make plans.

“You realise, that if you can pull this off, that you will be rich?” Jenna asked Rochelle. “I don’t see how you can go back to working 9-5 in your old job with that body,” she added.

“But how can I carry it off? I’m not an actress, I don’t know her staff, let alone her friends,” argued Rochelle, realizing her life could never be the same, no matter what happened.

“Well people tend to see, what they expect to see. We could say you fell overboard and hit your head on some driftwood, the same driftwood you clung to and saved your life. About being an actress, well you did do some amateur stuff at college as I recall, plus you seem to pull off the, ‘I’m transgendered,’ act off okay.”

“ You mean the walk like a duck, quack like a duck thing?” Rochelle asked, sensing that there maybe a way to pull it off.

“Exactly, you look like Rachelle, um you don’t exactly talk like her though,” Jenna looked worried.

“You mean like this?” aped Rochelle in the slightly gushier manner Rachelle used as her screen voice.

“Perfect, how did you do that? I didn’t know you could sound like her.” Enthused Jenna, as she hugged Rochelle.

“Um, well I could do that after you left in the morning on that first day. I had a few drinks to relax and my voice started sounding like that while I was talking to myself, cursing doesn’t sound very effective in that voice. I found I could talk with several voices. I just used the one that didn’t sound quite so...”

“Bimboish?” completed Jenna with a giggle.

“Yes, I think I have a wider vocal range now, that’s how I managed my old Ricky voice to my boss.”

“I just had a thought, perhaps Rachelle’s normal voice is the one you have been using, Geoff didn’t make any comment. Perhaps the other is only her screen voice after all,” offered Jenna.

“You could be right. I mean look at the movies she’s done. They have all been ones where she is there more for visual effect than for her acting ability. Not taking anything away from her talent to look good, but she has been type cast as the beautiful bimbo sidekick. Maybe I could do better than her,” speculated Rochelle.

“Yes, I think you could,” agreed Jenna. “It’s worth a shot to try being Rachelle, seeing as your fingerprints match, they can’t prove otherwise.”

“Yeah, but I do have a certain something extra than the original did.”

“Nothing a bit of soap won’t wash off,” Jenna laughed.

“Hey! I’m rather attached to that last bit of me,” protested Rochelle.

“Me too, I like being attached to it as well,” grinned Jenna suggestively.

Any further experiments in attaching certain parts to other parts, was cut short, as a chime alerted them to the prospects of visitors. The chime went again and a voice called out from a speaker grill in the lounge as they came down stairs.

“Rachelle buzz me through the gates, we have serious matters to discuss.”

Rochelle jabbed at a button just below the speaker. She watched a small screen light up with picture of a man whose face was leaning out of a car window.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” asked Rochelle in her bimbo voice.

Jenna went into not so silent fits of laughter, hearing her speak, much to Rochelle’s disgust, as she tried to hear the guys reply. She tried to wave her away with some frantic sign language, as the man’s angry words came back.

“You silly cow, stop drinking and let me in. It’s Jonathon your publicity agent. Let me in. The press are gathering here and I need to come up with a statement.”

Rochelle was tempted to ask, ‘Jonathon who,’ just to piss him off for the ‘silly cow’ comment, but refrained, knowing she needed him for a while at least. She pressed the button marked gate, and saw the face withdraw as he drove into the estate. As if the opening of the gate was a sign that the estate was once again occupied. The chime went again and another voice started asking for a comment, saying he was from one of the local network stations.

Rochelle ignored him, moving towards the doors as the agent drove up. He stormed in as though he owned the place, ignoring Jenna’s presence, as he turned to Rochelle and leaned close to sniff her breath.

“I don’t believe it, no drink, and its after lunch? Must be drugs then,” he insinuated, looking closely at her eyes.

Rochelle had flinched away when Jonathon had first invaded her comfort zone. Now she was angry. Needed or not, Jonathon needed taking down a peg.

“For your information, I’m not drunk, nor am I on drugs, Buster.” She growled in her normal voice. Although not as forceful as she would have liked, her tone did seem to penetrate into his skull. Obviously Rachelle was both a drinker and a user. This might give credence to the story of her falling overboard.

Jonathon apologised, saying he was just stressed out over her disappearance. When he finally got round to asking where she had been, they gave him the story about falling overboard and losing her memory.

“But you’re alright now?” he asked hopefully.

“No, I still have no recollection of who I was. My past is still a blank slate to me,” lied Rochelle.

“Hmmm, I think it best if we stick to one of the other stories that is floating around. Kidnapped by a fan and hidden away in a sanatorium to dry out. Memory loss from trauma in the abduction, led to brainwashing and loss of identity. Made to think you were said fans boyfriend, hence the name you were claiming was yours.”

Jenna and Rochelle looked at each other, the same thought running through their minds. ‘Is this guy for real? Nobody will buy that.’

But they did. The media loved it. In the next two weeks, Rochelle, now officially Rachelle lived a life of luxury, as ‘her’ staff came back and commiserated with her over her ordeal. The problem with her amnesia was mostly overlooked, as people ‘she’ used to know reintroduced themselves. Janet, her personal secretary, fended off those seeking to take advantage of her loss of memory, by pretending they were old friends. She was reissued her bankcards and licenses, and if any one noticed any difference in her signature, it was politely forgotten. Rochelle now Rachelle, quit her old job, as did Jenna, now that they had a full time job being a movie star. Jenna suggested that they open a new bank account in her name and transfer sufficient funds over to it in case Rochelle was ever exposed as a fraud. That way, they could live on the money, till they found their feet again.

Movie directors were flocking to her door, trying to get her to star in their next picture. One even offered to make a movie about the experiences she had gone through. Rochelle turned down that one, but kept her options open on the other offers until she was sure that her substitution hadn’t been detected.

Janet was a great help in filling her in on her old life. She was invited to live in the house, using one of the many extra bedrooms there. Rochelle, turned Rachelle, found that her finances had taken a major turn for the better. No more money worries for her, not with the millions she now had in the bank from her predecessor’s earnings.

Janet told her that her habits seemed to have changed, no longer drinking and throwing wild parties. Lucky for the new Rachelle, was the fact that everyone took her new habits to be a direct result of her ordeal, never suspecting the truth of the matter. They all seemed to agree that they liked the new Rachelle better.

There was only one thing that stood in the way of Rachelle’s total disguise, but Jenna didn’t want Rachelle to use the soap on that particular organ.

“But I can’t do a movie in a bathing suit with that thing sticking out,” sighed Rachelle.

“Do you really want it to go?” asked Jenna, biting her lip.

“No, of course not,” returned Rachelle, bringing a sigh of relief from Jenna. It’s just, the bikinis that I’m expected to wear are so small I cant just tuck it and not have it seen.”

“Lets go look and see what we can do,” Jenna suggested, dragging Rachelle to the bathroom.

Once there, Jenna had Rachelle strip, while Jenna tried manipulating the last reminder of her male beginnings.
As the two fussed and tried different methods of concealment, a green blob shimmered into existence above their heads. The imp was back, checking on one of the first recipients of its magic gift. It hovered there, unseen, while it gathered information. It felt a certain satisfaction as it reviewed the results of its work. The person had benefited from its change in form, although it hadn’t completed it totally. Understanding the conversation, and seeing that the two trying to figure a temporary way of hiding part of the old form, the imp decided to aid them, before going on to its next transformed recipient.

The two girls left, the bathroom, deciding to see what was available on the Internet to help hide Rachelle’s extra bit. They didn’t see a green tendril reach out to the soap that sat in the shower, which glowed for a moment, before returning to it’s innocent looking pink colour. The imp winked out, as it headed away to see the results from one of the other bars of soap.

That evening, Rachelle had gone for a shower, as she normally did before dressing for dinner. She was washing her body with the imp-altered soap, when it happened.

“Jenna!” she shouted, her scared sounding voice, bringing Jenna running.

“What’s up? You see a mouse?” Panted Jenna, as she looked into the bathroom.

“No, it’s gone,” replied a worried voice.

“What’s gone?” Jenna asked, coming into the bathroom and looking at Rachelle’s naked wet body.

Rachelle turned to face Jenna and pointed down. Jenna, slowly allowed her gaze to drop, taking in the lovely form of her lover. For a moment she didn’t realise what she was seeing, or rather, not seeing.

“Oh my god, you used the soap?” she cried, mourning the loss of her favourite appendage.

“No I didn’t, I only used this one,” explained Rachelle, showing Jenna the soap she had been using all week.

Jenna came closer, unmindful of the drops of water falling off rachelle’s wet body. She used her fingers to trace over the spot where once hung Ricky’s manhood. Her fingers felt something, a small slit, half hidden in the fine hair. Using two fingers she opened it and peered closer.

“It’s not gone,” she said excitedly. “ At least something is still there,” she added, as she tried manipulating the hidden organ.

“Ah!! I can feel that,” offered Rachelle as she felt the familiar tingle in her manhood. Suddenly Rachelle’s penis exploded outwards as blood engorged it, nearly poking Jenna’s eye out.

“Hey, watch it girl, or you’ll be arrested for having a concealed weapon,” grinned Jenna.

“ I thought you were keeping an eye on it,” responded Rachelle, with a relieved giggle. “Maybe it’s a weapon of a misses destruction,” Rachelle added, with a grin.

“Yes it could turn a Miss into a Mrs. if it went off without the defense shields on.” Jenna threw back with a laugh.

They experimented with it for a while; finding out that it could now be retracted into the body with the opening barely being seen. To make it come out from its new hidey-hole, it had to be physically stimulated. This meant that if Rachelle got horny, the normal hardening of her member couldn’t be seen she would feel her vagina moisten and still feel the penis get excited, but nothing tented her panties until a finger was inserted inside the new slit. Even rubbing on the outside wasn’t sufficient to bring it forth, which meant any activity with a man or actor wouldn’t reveal her secret. They took the suspect soap and locked it away with the other bar they had recovered from Ricky’s old place.

Rachelle’s exposure increased with her new ability to hide her penis. Not only in the sun, where she started wearing her bikinis around the pool on the estate, but also in public and on the movie sets of the films she had accepted parts for. Jenna was never far away from Rachelle’s side, and rumours abound with hints of her being gay. The initial media frenzy with her first public exposure slowly wore off, as other juicier titbits caught their attention. To offset the growing lesbian comments that were floating around, Rachelle gave in to Jenna’s insistence, that she tried dating a guy.

Jenna wasn’t happy about the need to do this, fearing she may lose her lover, but didn’t want the public placing gay labels on Rachelle in case it hurt her in the movie industry. Rachelle had shown that she had some real talent, after insisting on a departure from her old roles. Her recent notoriety, gave her an appeal that the directors wanted to capitalize on, and so they gave her the parts she wanted.

“Jen, I don’t want to date a guy, especially Peter Ryan. He’s too ass grabby,” complained Rachelle as she got ready for her first date with a man.

“Look, he’s the leading man in your latest movie, it’s expected for you to have at least a few dates with him,” insisted Jenna, as she helped zip Rachelle into her new gown.

“He’ll want to have sex, I know he will,” grumbled Rachelle, as she pulled at the gown to remove any hint of wrinkles.

“So? You are on the pill; anyway it might be just the thing we need. It’s bound to get around. Do you think that he’s the type to keep something like that a secret?”

“He’ll probably ring his friends during the act, if he had his way,” snorted Rachelle.

Jenna laughed, and hugged her lover, wishing she was to be the one to ravish Rachelle that night. Giving Rachelle a light kiss, she announced her ready.

“Go get him tiger, just don’t forget to come back to me,” Jenna said wistfully.

“No chance of that,” promised the beautiful creature that once looked far different in form.

Rachelle’s evening started off okay. Peter had driven up and entered the estate in his fiery red Mercedes coupe. He complimented her on her outfit and hurried her into the car, before taking her off to a high priced restaurant. Rachelle wasn’t that impressed with all the attention she drew with her date. Several of the paparazzi were able to get some photos of her and Peter together, which she assumed would be soon in circulation.

Coming from a modest background, Rachelle liked her food simple and tasty as well as filling. Getting spoon fed with fancy tiny portions at each of the many courses took time and left her feeling like she hadn’t eaten much. When the main course arrived, she found it hardly worth the price Peter was going to pay for it. After nearly 3 hours, she was ready to leave. Peter took her to a private party where he seemed to know everyone, and Rachelle wondered if her being there was more showing off his latest conquest than to have a good time with a new date. Rachelle filled up on a few snacks as Peter introduced her to his friends. She was offered several different types of drugs, and she wondered if her predecessor would have taken them. Being careful to pour her own drinks from freshly opened bottles, she circulated after Peter.

Around midnight, Peter drove her home. She invited him in for a nightcap, which he accepted eagerly. She allowed him to ply her with drinks knowing that she needed a good buzz before she could contemplate going to bed with him. Feeling no pain after several large brandys, Rachelle found herself lip locked with Peter. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Jenna kissing her, which helped, although the scratchiness of his face made that illusion hard to keep in mind. Allowing him to carry her into one of the spare bedrooms, Rachelle let Peter do what he had wanted to do all evening. Sex with Peter wasn’t bad; her body reacted favourably to his unskilled manipulations. The orgasm, when it came and came again, made her feel glad she had experienced it, but her love for Jenna only grew. Jenna made love. It wasn’t just sex.

Peter left soon after, which allowed Rachelle to go back to her bedroom and snuggle up to a sleepy Jenna. Her mumbled words, “how was it?” was silenced by a kiss and a, “I’ll tell you in the morning,” as Rachelle cuddled close to her love.

Rachelle’s recount of the date the next morning, made Jenna feel happy. Her love wasn’t going to leave her for the arms of a man. She decided to check out what was available in a double-ended vibrating dildo, just so Rachelle could scratch that itch again.

Janet became party to the relationship between Jenna and Rachelle. It was inevitable in a way, seeing as she worked so closely with them. When it became plain that she knew they slept together, Rachelle pulled her to one side and explained.

“After my experience, I find it hard to have a relationship with a guy anymore,” she confided to Janet.

She didn’t exactly lie, she just didn’t tell Janet which experience it was. Janet assumed wrongly that it was her abduction and incarceration experience, not the change from Ricky to Rachelle. Janet told Rachelle, that her sex life was none of her business. Janet did reveal that she was bi also; to show Rachelle she had her own unorthodox view on sex.

This revelation later lead to a threesome a few days later, as once Jenna was told, she managed to set up a night of passion. During the evening’s sexual romp, while Janet was engaged with licking Jenna’s copious juices and having her breasts fondled by Jenna as she sat on Janet’s face, Rachelle stimulated her penis and entered Janet’s own leaking love nest. Rachelle pumped away while fondling Jenna’s breasts and kissing her urgently. The three-way orgasm almost broke the union of the three women as they writhed and moaned in mutual release. Only Janet was puzzled, as they finally separated. She was sure, that what she had felt, was a penis entering her, as it had been warm and she had felt the thing pulse and ejaculate into her love canal. Looking at Rachelle she saw that she wasn’t wearing a dildo, nor was any in sight on the bed.

“That was fantastic,” Janet gushed. “How did you penetrate me like that?” she asked languidly as she relaxed into post orgasmic stupor.

She saw the look that passed between Jenna and Rachelle.

“What?” asked Janet, knowing that there was a secret being hidden here.

Getting the imperceptible nod of agreement from Jenna. Rachelle showed Janet her secret weapon. Janet was startled when she saw the monster pop out from seemingly nowhere. She tentatively touched it like it was a dangerous snake, before exclaiming that it was real.

Janet was astute to know that this was impossible. She demanded an explanation.

“You won’t believe this, but I’m not really Rachelle, I’m not even a woman,” Rachelle started, again waiting for Jenna’s nod to reveal everything.

It took an hour to tell Janet the whole story, an hour filled with questions from Janet. She was shown the soaps, and told of their effects on former Ricky.

“So you’re saying the real Rachelle is dead?” Janet asked sadly.

“We think so, she hasn’t shown up to denounce me, so I think it’s safe to assume she is gone,” answered Rachelle sadly.

“I can hardly believe that these innocent looking bars of soap gave you that body. I also find it strange that a bar of soap you had already used, suddenly changed you again,” Janet argued.

“Especially as we were just trying to figure a way to hide my penis,” stated Rachelle. “It was like someone heard us and... Oh no!” surely not.” Gasped Rachelle, as a thought hit her.

“You think we were overheard?” Jenna asked, coming to the same conclusion.

“You think there’s a bug in her?” Janet asked, looking around the bedroom in alarm.

“Either I was the target of some experimental drug from the government or it was aliens, me, I’m leaning towards aliens,” stated Rachelle excitedly.

“Why aliens and not some secret government agency?” asked Janet.

“Well, if we were overheard, which I think, seems likely, given the soap did exactly what we wanted and nothing more, how did they change the soap in that short time? We were in the next room and it was only ten minutes before I went and showered.”

They sat huddled together on the bed as the idea of aliens experimenting on humans sank in. The implications were enormous. Were there others out there in the same boat?

“Shit, did you see the news the other night?” Janet asked. “There was a story of some woman claiming to be a man after having a shower. She/he was accusing the government of tampering with the water supply.”

“No, we would have been swimming in the pool, around that time,” Jenna answered.

“What did she look like?” Rachelle asked, quickly.

“Well it was only on for a minute, but she looked like a younger version of Kate Bush,” Janet’s said, her eyes widening in realization.

“How many others?” Jenna pondered, wondering where it would all end.

Things went smoothly for several weeks. Rachelle found that she could act, and amazed her directors on her new found ability to take on a serious role. For the most part, Rachelle enjoyed doing the work, although having to act passionately with men was her biggest problem. She and Jenna made a decision to quit the movie industry, after the next two films and try something else. After all, money and fame wasn’t everything, and seeing she was now wealthy enough not to have to work, she wanted to travel and see the world.

Then trouble hit, well it hit Janet more than anything. She had been seeing a new guy, who had seemed nice enough at first, but turned out to be a sleaze bag. Apparently, he had been seeing Janet to try getting closer to Rachelle, after finding out Janet worked and lived in Rachelle’s home. Janet hadn’t invited him back to her room after the first time he had picked her up from the mansion. She’d seen his lustful looks when Rachelle had met him briefly, and wasn’t prepared to have him looking at Rachelle while he was with her.

“What happened to your eye?” Jenna asked, looking concerned, as she saw Janet drag herself down for breakfast.

“Nothing, I walked into a door,” lied Janet, as she plumped herself down at the table.

“Hmmm and the door bruised your arms as well?” Jenna probed, knowing Janet was lying.

Janet looked down at the bruises that were just beginning to show on her arms. Just then Rachelle swept into the room looking cheerful.

“What’s up guys?” she chirped, before getting a kiss from Jenna.

“ Janet’s about to tell us about how she came to get banged about like that.”

Rachelle turned to look at Janet, wincing, as she saw the marks on her face and arms.

“If you must know, it was Ken. He wanted to come back to my room and stay the night. When I refused, he beat me up,” Janet sobbed as she broke down and confessed.

“Why would he do that?”

“I think he’s more interested in you than me. I think he was just using me to get closer to you,” Janet admitted painfully.

“Hmmm, maybe we should arrange it,” Rachelle offered, with a slight scowl.

“No, he’s just a bastard, after your money,” Janet warned.

“Well I think he might just get more than he bargains for,” offered Rachelle with a grin. “ I might have to clean up his act,” she added, winking at the others.

“Ah, now that I would pay money for.” Laughed Jenna, seeing where Rachelle was heading.

“Okay, this is what we will do.” Rachelle explained to the others.

Janet found it easy to convince Ken that she still wanted him and invited him to come over to make up. So the next day, he rolled up around 7 pm. Jenna opened the door and called for Janet, while inviting Ken inside. Rachelle ‘just happened’ to walked into the room, while a call from Janet, assured Ken, that she’d just be a few minutes. Jenna introduced Ken to Rachelle and Rachelle offered him a seat next to hers, as she shook his hand. They made small talk, while they waited for Janet with both Rachelle and Jenna noticing where Ken’s gaze was focused.

Finally, Janet came down and took Ken’s hand and led him upstairs.

“I thought we were going out,” Ken reminded her, getting a little impatient.

“I thought I’d surprise you, and eat in. Rachelle offered the use of the opal room where we can eat under the sky. Later we can adjourn to the bedroom, without having to drive anywhere.”

“Okay, sounds good to me,” was Ken’s reply. Maybe he’d get another chance to see Rachelle again, he thought.

The meal was already laid out on a table in the opal room. The roof of which was glassed over, so the twilight sky was visible. Candles adorned the table, making it seem very romantic, and a fact that had Ken excited. He had Janet twisted round his little finger with her infatuation of him, or so he thought. They ate the meal, but didn’t do it justice as both minds where on other things. They were both drinking red wine and Janet seemed to be getting tipsy, a fact that made Ken smile inside. Trying to refill his glass, Janet managed to knock it all over his lap. As Ken rose to slap her for her clumsiness, she ducked away to reach some napkins.

Trying to ignore the anger that glowered in his eyes as he saw his clothes ruined. Janet told him to come into the bathroom and undress, while she took his clothes out to one of the staff so they could be cleaned. She told him to get a shower and rinse off any wine, handing him a fresh towel and a robe.

Ken stepped into the shower and turned it on, luxuriating in the powerful pulsating showerhead. He grabbed a bar of soap, sniffing at its scent with a wry face, before accepting that, feminine scented or not, it was all there was. He never noticed the small hidden security camera that had just been installed, as he washed his body with the soap that Ricky had once used. Nor did he hear the laughter of the three women watching the video feed downstairs as they watched him lather the soap into his hair.

“Hey! Did you see that?” asked Jenna, as she watched avidly.

“See what?” asked Rachelle, who’d been looking at Ken’s groin.

“I thought I saw a green blob high up in the corner of the shower. It was only there for a second, perhaps when we re- run the tape, it will show up.”

“You think it’s our alien?” questioned Rachelle, feeling a shiver run down her back.

“Who knows?” an equally worried Jenna replied.

The inter-dimensional imp had indeed visited the room in question, after feeling the magic of the soap being activated once more. It was curious, but pleased to see it would have another recipient to observe. This species was extremely entertaining when experiencing gender reversal based changes.

It then tweaked the soap, before vanishing to check on another person that had just used one of his enhanced bars of soap, elsewhere. The presence of the hidden surveillance hadn’t gone unnoticed by the imp, and it knew who was doing the observing. It was obvious that Ken was being deliberately set up for reasons unknown. This was something that gave the imp plenty to contemplate. Its small alteration of the magic would accelerate the change in a few minutes instead of the usual hours.

Ken seemed lost, as he soaped himself. The sensations coming from his skin were oddly magnified, especially as he moved his hands over the nipples of his breasts.

“Whaaaa! Breasts?” he screamed, hearing a woman echo his words.

He looked down at his chest, seeing the soft curve of flesh that had no permission being attached to his body. Panicking, he reached lower, trying to affirm that he could still pee standing up. Feeling no little Kenny, he had this weird disjointed thought. ‘Someone had killed Kenny.’ Blackness followed that thought, as he slumped unconscious to the shower floor.
Down below, Ken’s sudden change, and his reaction to it had caught the girls out. Not expecting to see anything till the morning, they had to scramble to see if Ken was okay. One thing was evident, Ken wasn’t going to end up becoming a duplicate of Rachelle. Once the three girls pulled Ken’s body out of the shower, they could see that her new body looked like Jane Mansfield when she was at the peak of her career.

Even wet, the blonde strands of hair showed the potential to become the crowning glory, that the long dead star had used to her advantage. The girls got Ken dry and managed to dress her in clothes that were a reasonable fit, given her new endowments. Jenna managed to blow dry Ken’s hair before she woke. Janet got a concoction ready, which would help Ken deal with his change, hopefully without freaking. Her grandmother made something called Lacturnium or lettuce opium, made from the milky sap of lettuces that had gone to seed. Apparently it was a hallucinogen and a hypnotic according to an old almanac printed in the 1800’s. As Ken started to stir, Janet gave him the cup to drink, giving him a good dose of it.

“Yuck! What was that?” spluttered Ken in his new voice.

“Just something to help you with your fainting spells, Kendra,” Janet offered with a straight face.

Inside she was grinning as her new name for Ken, finally sank in.

“Who is Kendra?” Ken asked, suddenly realizing that something was awfully wrong with her body and what she was wearing.

Janet helped Kendra stand so she could see herself in the wall mirror, before saying. “You are, don’t you remember?”

Ken looked and saw Janet’s reflection standing next to a stacked gorgeous blonde. The clothes she was wearing, hugged her body, and left little to the imagination. Ken looked down and saw those very same clothes on himself? Herself? He almost fainted again, as the overload of sensory information staggered him. He tried to shake his head to clear the fuzziness that seemed to be gripping his thoughts. He felt the weight of his new locks sweeping across his back and across his bare shoulders, as it swung in response to his movement.

“I’m a woman?” he finally blurted out.

“Yes you are Kendra, a very sexy woman at that, girlfriend.”

Janet’s words speared Ken’s brain, bypassing the filters his conscious mind would normally reject. His confusion grew as the hypnotic kicked in. The words Kendra and woman filled his mind, blanking out the normal instinct to refute it. Unknowingly, his delay in objecting to the name Kendra caused a half acceptance of it, given his appearance. Janet’s next words reinforced the idea and so sealed his fate.

“Don’t you remember out date Kendra, we were going out, but after you got dressed up and washed your hair, you felt a bit odd, so we decided to eat here. I hope you are still feeling okay to be able to make love together?”

Some of Janet’s words struck a familiar chord; others just bounced around before settling in a new pattern.

“I’m Kendra?” she asked, moving unsteadily on her heels to look closer at herself in the mirror.

“Yes you’re my lesbian lover, now if you’re not up to it, why not let me do your makeup, so we can go out,” Janet stated authoritatively.

Still in a mind numbing fog, the words makeup, and lesbian lover, settled into a mind that was compliant due to the drug Janet had slipped her. Kendra allowed herself to be seated in front of the vanity mirror, while Janet worked on her face. The little dissenting voice that remained of the Ken in Kendra was thinking this must be a dream or nightmare and was just letting things happen without fighting against it. Kendra meanwhile, was absorbing the feminine indoctrination coming from the compliments that Janet was bestowing upon her. As Janet applied the makeup, and Kendra’s growing beauty became more evident, she kept up the positive reinforcement of Kendra’s new identity.

The drug and a constant flow of alcohol that Janet had been offering Kendra, kept her in a fuzzy compliant state. So much so, that when they both came downstairs to meet with Jenna and Rachelle, before heading out, Kendra seemed to act pretty normal, (for a woman that is). Apart from a little difficulty with her heels, which could easily be excused by her alcoholic state, Kendra seemed not to be embarrassed to be seen in a sexy looking dress, which displayed her ample charms. Even having compliments about her attire, thrown her way, elicited only a thank you, not the expected, blushing and shamefaced looks at her predicament.

Janet took Kendra out to a nightclub catering for mainly the lesbian and gay element. She danced with Kendra, making her take the passive role. Kendra stumbled a lot at first as her unfamiliarity in dancing backwards, showed. Back at the mansion, Rachelle and Jenna re-ran the videotape to try and spot the anomaly, which Jenna swore she’d seen. Slowing it down, Rachelle agreed, that when forwarded in slow motion, there was something there. All they could make out was an amorphous green blob that hovered high up near the ceiling. In one of the freeze frames, Jenna pointed out what looked like a thin green line, connecting the blob to the soap in Ken’s hand. The alien, as they now considered it, was absent in the next jump forward of the tape.

“Wow, and double WOW!” Rachelle exclaimed. “That’s why the change was so rapid, our blob altered the soap again.”

“Looks that way, honey, it must have known what we were trying to do,” Jenna conceded.

“Well seeing what it can do, I wouldn’t put it past it to have read our minds on that one,” Rachelle agreed. “ Maybe what we were doing was agreeable to its purpose in starting all this.”

“You know, there are people who would kill to get their hands on this soap, think of the transgendered community, no more hormones or surgery for SRS. We should offer it to them as an alternative solution,” suggested Jenna.

“What about trying to locate the bars of soap that changed those other people. I’ll bet none of them realise it was the soap that did it.” Rachelle suggested.

“True, they probably think it’s the government testing stuff in the water supply as that Kate Bush look-alike suggested. If you hadn’t have been wearing that condom in the shower, would we have guessed it was the soap?” asked Jenna.

“Probably not.” Was Rachelle’s comment. “We could go as a team asking for the peoples story, while one checks out the soap.”

“Well we’d better start soon before the government step in and investigate it,” Jenna prompted, before shutting off the video equipment.

Janet took the inebriated Kendra home and with help from Rachelle, got her undressed and sat her at the foot of the bed. Janet undressed then and pushed Kendra down on her back so that her groin was level with the edge of the bed. She then straddled Kendra’s body and started kissing her, while still leaving easy access for Rachelle, who had also removed her skirt. While Janet worked on Kendra’s lips and breasts, to get her aroused, Rachelle took position between Kendra’s legs, where she remained unseen, due to Janet’s body blocking Kendra’s view.

Kendra had never felt so sexually aroused before. The feeling of breast moving against breast was titillating her senses. Her sex was feeling warm and getting sticky with moisture, something was missing, and she needed to fill? Or be filled. Her body seemed to be demanding something. Then she felt it, whatever it was, her body reacted favorably. It felt hot and fat and as it filled her, she knew this was what her body needed to be complete.

Rachelle stroked in and out, bringing Kendra to a screaming crescendo. Kendra shuddered with the force of her first, but not last, female orgasm, before collapsing unconscious. Rachelle helped Janet to put a nightie on Kendra, before getting her under the sheets with a similarly clad Janet.

Janet had outlined her plans to keep Kendra under the influence of the hypnotic for two weeks before allowing her to come to her full senses. She hoped this would allow Kendra to experience being a woman and maybe help her cope with the change. Whether she remained Janet’s girlfriend, remained to be seen, although Janet would offer her the security of a home in a world where ‘Kendra’ was a nonentity.

The next two weeks were spent in interviewing the people that had reported as having been changed into women. Between Rachelle and Jenna, they managed to gather ten bars of soap, which they stored. Janet organized a meeting with the local transgender support group, to discuss the formation of a discrete transformation clinic that for a small fee, could give the members, their dream of obtaining a female body without the need for expensive surgery. Rachelle would provide the soap to those seeking the change, until it was all used up. Some of the people might opt to retain their penises much like Rachelle did, once they knew of the different options.

Janet’s control of Kendra continued to last long after she stopped using the drug. Kendra seemed to accept her role, given her appearance in the mirror, and the constant reinforcement of her gender by the others. Having sex each night with Janet, who used both oral sex and vibrating dildos to transport Kendra into orgasmic bliss, may have made the choices easier for her.

Rachelle decided to visit other parts of the world, partly so she could enjoy her new lifestyle, as well as providing a great opportunity to investigate more stories of men suddenly becoming women. The alien must have altered soap worldwide, for the type of stories that continued to make headlines.

Rachelle found her love for Jenna only grew deeper. No longer concerned with how the world saw their relationship, now she had opted out of her movie career, she remained steadfast to her lover, during her public appearances. What the future held, nobody could tell, especially when there was a green alien blob floating around altering lives with magical soap. Tomorrow was going to be busy, as they had reservations for a flight to England in the morning.

A report of a man becoming a Marilyn Monroe look-alike had been reported in the Daily Mirror. Although known to be unreliable in their reports, Rachelle thought it was worth investigating given their experiences.

Rachelle suddenly remembered something as she slipped out of bed and went to her drawers. Picking up her favourite sex aid, the double ended vibrating dildo, she placed it into the suitcase she would be taking with her. Looking at the contents, she fingered the silky clothes and sexy underwear, as her mind cast back to the last time she had travelled with a case. She would never have guessed that the next time she would pass through airport security, she would be worrying that her clothes would give men serious wet dreams. Hopping back into bed, Rachelle’s last conscious thought that evening, as she snuggled into her lovers embrace, was, ‘the future wouldn’t be dull.’

The end.

Anyone interested in writing follow up stories, using this idea, feel free. Maybe some of the other people mentioned that were affected by the soap, could have their stories written. If you do decide to write one, please email me so I can look out for it.
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