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Head Case - Part 3
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Robin/Robyn discovers more about herself and her abilities...

Part 3
Head Case
By Prudence Walker

Chapter Thirteen...continued

She laughed to herself, as she called two of her "special" delivery boys. 'Yes... time to make the freak disappear, that should hurt that interfering bitch and cause some big problems

Chapter fourteen
Food for thought

Back at Stormi's home...

Robyn was starting to get hungry, just as she got up to see if she could ask for something to eat, a call wafted up from below.

"Everybody! Dinner time, come and get it while it's hot."

Robyn went downstairs. Not having explored the place yet, she was still unsure as to where to go. Following the voices seemed the best bet, and eventually she found herself in a huge dinning room with a huge oak table with its extending leaves pulled fully out. Everyone was there, except Maggie who was absent. Misty went out to find her, as Stormi and her daughters placed a huge ceramic dish on the table along with several smaller ones.

Something smelled wonderful, and Robyn, along with Ann and Becky were drooling in anticipation. Stormi waited till Misty returned carrying a sleepy Maggie in her arms. At the smell of food, Maggie's nose twitched, and she slipped out of Misty's arms to run to the table. Everyone sat where directed, and Stormi nodded to Janine to begin serving.

Robyn watched eagerly, as did the rest of her sisters from the orphanage. A huge pile of creamy mashed potato was spooned onto everyone's plate. From another pot, a thick aromatic stew was ladled over the potato. Robyn could see actual chunks of meat, along with carrots, peas and chopped onions. The gravy was thick and brown, and it steamed, giving off a mouth-watering smell. Janine added a small amount of chopped, steamed Savoy cabbage to the plates, they were then told to dig in.

Robyn couldn't believe that anything could taste better. Her taste buds exploded in her mouth as the tang of the stew, with its subtle flavourings almost sent her into nirvana. She closed her eyes chewing everything slowly, trying to savor it before swallowing.

She started eating faster, as her stomach demanded more, and soon her plate was clean, as were the other's plates. This narrowed concentration on the food, and the low moans of delight, weren't missed by Stormi or by her daughters. The sheer pleasure the new girls derived from eating such a normal type dinner, brought home to them, more than any lecture could, just how lucky they were.

Robyn thought that dinner was over, and started to excuse herself, until Stormi mentioned there was dessert. Bowls replaced plates and fruit salad and ice cream were served, Janine made sure that the new girls got extra large servings
Stormi and her daughters continued to watch, getting pleasure in seeing the renewed expressions of bliss on the faces of their new sisters.

After dessert, the new girls excused themselves, and started stacking the dishes in preparation for washing. Stormi allowed them to clear away, pleased to see them offering to help, but then she directed her third eldest daughter to wash, and generally help the others to dry and to show where to put away the dishes.

Later, after everything was done, every one was free do whatever they wanted. Susan wanted to watch a video, while Wendy was happy watching TV. Janine went to her bedroom to study, and Andréa was heading out on a date. So Misty gathered together with Robyn and the others, showing them her computer and some of the games she liked to play on it. Maggie got bored and went off to find those stuffed toys she had seen earlier. Later, Stormi found her sleeping, curled up, and surrounded with stuffed animals; and she gently picked her up, and took her off to a small bed she had set up in her own room.

Stormi made her rounds, telling Misty that her trio of avid onlookers needed to go to bed. Stormi showed them to the bathroom that they would be using, and where the shampoo and the soaps were. She gave each of them a clean fluffy towel to use, saying she would be back with sleepwear for them all.

The trio, decided to shower together, to save time. They undressed and jumped into the shower, cavorting and letting the steaming hot water soak them through, using way too much shampoo in their efforts to wash each other's hair. Finished, they used the soft towels to dry themselves, before donning the warm nighties left by Stormi.

Sleep wasn't long in coming and their dreams were filled with the pleasant images of the day's activities. Fortunately, Robyn slept blissfully unaware of the machinations of the former matron, who was even then, plotting more evil deeds.

Chapter Fifteen
More Storms Brewing

" Watch the house," the matron snarled. "See how many are there before you make your move," the cruel tones of the matron, echoed over the phone lines. "I don't care what you do with her, as long as she doesn't surface again. You have her description, do your job right and I will burn the all the evidence of your past involvement."

The next morning arrived just on time, as the sun was cheekily peeking into Robyn and Ann's room. Robyn woke feeling filled with energy; and she bounced out of the best bed she'd ever slept in. She moved to the curtains, opening them, to let the eager sunshine in, before waking Ann with a gentle shake. Moving out of the bedroom to the nearest bathroom, Robyn performed her morning necessities and then washed the debris of the sandman's visit from her eyes.

She was looking at what to wear by the time Ann came back from her bathroom mission. Together, they selected clothes, with Ann giving Robyn the benefit of her own knowledge in that area. Dressed, they bounded downstairs and entered the kitchen on a food gathering reconnoiter. Stormi, looking magnificent in a red and blue silk kimono, pointed at the high stools near the counter and said, "Sit."

While Robyn and Ann, sat there, eagerly waiting for breakfast they were soon joined by Becky, who had also taken time to dress. Just as Stormi was about to butter some toast for them, Maggie, shuffled in, wearing just her nightie and holding a stuffed cat that she half trailed behind by its tail.

"You girls are certainly early risers, not like my lot," Stormi laughed, as she picked up Maggie and sat her on the counter itself.

"Me hungry!" Stated Maggie emphatically, hugging the cat.

"I know just the thing for you," Stormi said, moving Maggie to a seat. "Here's a nice bowl of milk with some chocolate covered puffed rice." She smiled, as she poured the cereal into Maggie's bowl.

Stormi got the others their plates of toast with a selection of marmalades or jams. That was followed up with a cereal of their choice, of which there seemed to be too many selections, and all was washed down with chilled orange juice in tall glasses. Stormi, a cup of coffee in hand, then sat with them and talked about her plans to adopt them and to send them to the same school as her daughters, excluding Maggie of course, who was still too young for school.

Janine wandered into the kitchen, dressed in a robe, and toweling her still damp hair from her morning shower. After greeting everyone, she fastened the towel around her head before pouring herself a cup of coffee. She started scrambling an egg for herself, and then put some bread into the toaster for the egg to go on. The others drifted down to the table as they woke, and Stormi was busy for a while getting them breakfast. After breakfast, those that needed to, went upstairs to dress, while Robyn, Ann, and Becky went outside to explore the surrounding property that made up their new home. Maggie wasn't long in following, as soon as Stormi had dressed her in a cute little romper suit with...yes you guessed it, a kitten motif on the front.

Robyn walked around, amazed at the size of the place. There was a small private orchard consisting of apple, peach, and some other varieties of trees she couldn't identify. There was a huge barn and some sheds scattered around, one of which, had been converted into a garage. A vegetable garden nearby had seen much use, evidenced by the dug up spots and discarded off-cuttings.

Maggie complained, saying she wanted a piggyback ride, as her legs were getting tired. Becky offered to carry her for a while, until a call from Stormi had them all make their way back to the house.

Chapter Sixteen
Well! Isn't That Special?

Once inside, Robyn was surprised, and more than a little concerned, to see the doctor was there. He was talking to Stormi; and he seemed to be rather nervous about something.

Stormi gathered everyone one into the lounge, motioning for everyone to sit. Robyn, sensing it had something to do about her, fidgeted in her seat.

Dr Don has some information about Robyn that might affect us all, but will need to be kept secret." Stormi explained.

"Okay... Robyn," Don started. "When I took a second blood sample at the hospital, I ran it through some extra tests to check on the story that you told me that you were originally a boy."

A few gasps from Stormi's daughters greeted this revelation, even Stormi herself looked shocked.

"Somehow, you were exposed to some variant of mutated genes belonging to that of a chameleon." There were more gasps, from Robyn this time as well.

"I'm part reptile?" Robyn asked fearfully.

"Well, let's put it this way, you may have the ability to alter your form to a certain degree. Oh, I nearly forgot, your chromosomes show that you are both a boy and girl, I'll bet an x-ray, or an MRI would show you have the sexual organs of both in your body. How that is possible? Without further study, I can't determine, but I will not subject you to the indignities that would follow that revelation, unless you volunteer and even then, not till you're of a majority age." Don reassured Robyn.

"Wow!" exclaimed Misty. "Can she change into anything?" Misty asked speculatively.

"I would guess not," Don replied. "Apart from the sex altering aspect, she/he could change her skin and hair colour, and possibly even change her racial aspects, to blend in I mean, but I wouldn't expect her to be able to change in height or to become any smaller than she is now."

So, is she more female than male?" asked Stormi, thinking of the future implications.

"Well, if what Robyn told me is correct, she spent the bulk of her time as a male. She has only manifested herself as female full time since the fever. When I examined her at the orphanage, I discovered that she had managed to come back to a half way state, neither fully female, nor fully male."

"But she looked female when I saw her in the shower yesterday," Stormi questioned.

"When I went into the shower at the orphanage, I didn't want to be seen as a freak, so I pushed with my mind to make my penis go away." Robyn said, blushing in embarrassment. "I didn't say anything to you, because I was afraid."

"Afraid? Afraid of what honey?" Stormi asked Robyn gently, seeing her distress.

"Afraid you wouldn't want me, and that I'd be still stuck in that place." Robyn replied, starting to weep with body shaking sobs.

"Oh honey," Stormi moved and hugged the small form to her chest. "You needn't have been afraid, I wouldn't care if you had two heads. Nobody deserved to stay there and be treated as all of you were. You are part of my family now, as soon as I get the paperwork organized. That goes for the others here too, this is your home.

Don looked at Robyn for a moment, as if weighing up whether to ask the next question.

"Robyn? Do you want to try, and see if you can change back to your male form?"

Robyn shrugged. She was not really objecting, but she felt somewhat more comfortable as a female, possibly, because her life as a male, reminded her too much of the bad times in the orphanage.

"Okay, I'll try." She agreed, somewhat reluctantly.

She closed her eyes concentrating on the image she remembered seeing in the mirror for the past many years. She could feel a subtle shifting in her body; and, felt her breasts shrink and then her penis expanding, uncomfortably, in her now tight panties. Gasps of astonishment from Stormi and her daughters told her she was successful, as she opened her eyes.

She, or rather he, looked down to see his small male body, looking slightly ridiculous, dressed as he was, in a now, ill fitting blouse and skirt. Seeing the results of his first effort spurred him to make another attempt. He concentrated again, thinking of a picture he'd seen on the cover of a magazine, which had been on the table. Opening her eyes again, Robyn grinned at the sudden gasps. She walked over to the full-length hall mirror, ignoring the others excited comments. Robyn smiled, seeing the raven-haired, oriental girl reflected by the mirror. The skin and facial features perfectly matched that of the girl on the cover of the magazine.

"I guess that answers that," Don finally concluded aloud, still lost in wonder at the dramatic changes he had just witnessed.

Robyn sashayed, back to the group, putting on a little show to her amazed audience. She picked up the magazine, and showed it to the others. They passed it around, expressing surprised "wows" and "aahs."

Misty was over the moon, saying she had a way cool sister. One with whom she couldn't wait to try some new looks.

Stormi was more concerned about this getting out of hand. She didn't want Robyn being exploited, by having her constantly changing forms, just for the enjoyment of others, and she told Misty, she wasn't to pressure Robyn into anything.

Robyn then reverted to her normal full female shape, once more becoming her blonde self, much to the disappointment of Misty. Stormi gathered Robyn into her arms, saying,

"Robyn, this ability of yours is one of a kind; but, should word of it leak out," Stormi paused, then looked at the rest of the family, emphasizing her next words. "Then your life could be in constant danger, from the media, other exploiters, and the scientific community; not to mention those people who would like to conduct a witch hunt against anything they don't understand. Please limit your changes for emergencies; or do them here in our home, where no others can see."

"Okay... mom," Robyn agreed.

"Mom, reflected Stormi, that sounds wonderful honey," Stormi smiled, giving her new daughter a kiss on the forehead.

Chapter Seventeen
The mall and more

Don got up then, saying he would be back in a few days to check on Robyn's progress, and added, that she already looked better.

"Must be your cooking," Don said, looking wistful. "I think I should sample it sometime as a possible cure for some of my other patients."

Stormi laughed, "Doctor? If you want to try its medicinal qualities, why didn't you say so? I'm sure we can add another plate to the table. In fact why don't you join us tomorrow for dinner," she teased.

"Umm, okay, I'm sure I have an opening in my busy schedule, tomorrow, at 6 pm." He said, as he mimed looking through the pages of an invisible notebook.

Don left soon after, saying he'd better get cracking, if he was to finish his rounds in time for dinner.

Stormi began to organize the day's activities. She mentioned going shopping, to get some new clothes for her new daughters. Misty volunteered to come and help, while her other daughters discussed their plans for the day. Janine had a hair appointment and would take Susan along with her. Wendy was going round to her girl friend's place and Andréa had her date picking her up.

Stormi took the girl's out to the local mall. She had to be especially patient with the wide-eyed girl's as they slowly examined every facet of the mall. Misty was itching to get a move on; this was old hat to her. Stormi chided Misty gently, explaining, it was probably the first time the girl's had seen a mall, let alone be able to window shop. Misty's eyes widened in realization at how completely deprived these girl's had been.

Misty became very interested in what the girl's were looking at. She saw that most of their attention, was centered on the other children wandering in the mall. Questioning them, Misty found out that they were checking out the way the kids were dressed, comparing the clothes they were wearing, with that of the other children.

Stormi finally got them into the Wal-Mart to buy new underwear for the girls. She also bought them some clothes suitable for school, along with other school requisites. Stormi didn't stop there, after getting the necessary stuff for school, which included pencils, notebooks, etc; she took them shopping for clothing of their choice.

Ann and Becky had a better eye for clothes, while Maggie was happy with anything that came covered with pictures of kittens or cats. Robyn was asked if she wanted any clothes suitable for her boy form, but Robyn was content to be female for now. Besides, she didn't want Stormi spending twice as much on her, on clothes for both sexes. Robyn took note of Becky and Ann's choices, knowing that they had a better idea of what looked good. She allowed them to help her in clothing selections, content just to be surrounded with caring people.

After the hours had flown by, they stopped for lunch at McDonalds. For a fast food outlet, the girl's seemed to take forever making up their minds, which meal to get. They had to step out of line, while they made up their minds, as other customers were getting impatient with their dawdling.

Finally, selections decided on, they ordered. Finding a table, they all sat down to eat. Silence reigned, (in as much, as it can in McDonalds) while they ingested copious amounts of grease and sugars. Maggie was in two minds whether to eat the Kit-Kat she got with her ice cream sundae, or to save it for later. Stormi told her it would melt and make a mess in her hand if she didn't eat it then. Maggie still hesitated, until Stormi told her she would buy her some more later.

Robyn removed the pickles from the burger after tasting a portion of one. She enjoyed it, even more than the one at the hospital, as the burger, was a bit hotter. This time, she decided to try the chocolate thick-shake, rather than the fizzy coke.

Maggie giggled at her first taste of the fizzy drink, as it went up her nose. Ann and Becky shared their two meals, each trying half of the two different orders. They thought it was heaven, a thought also shared by Robyn and Maggie.

Sated for now, the children were herded into the restroom under Stormi's watchful eye. There, they washed their hands and faces to rid themselves of sauce stains and in some cases milkshake moustaches, where the straws were discarded in favor of lips to suck up the very last delicious dregs.

Robyn was a little nervous to be in the women's restroom, as she watched the women, brushing their hair and generally checking their makeup. They took no undue notice of her as she washed her face and hands, so she relaxed somewhat.

Leaving the mall, Stormi stopped at a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine, thinking of the evening ahead. Misty giggled, and made pointed remarks about her dinner invitation to Don, saying momma was dating again. Stormi dismissed it, as just a meal with a friend, nothing to get excited about. Misty winked to the others, and said no more, but Robyn could see she was happy for her mom.

Stormi then drove them to a hairdresser she frequently used.

"I think you all need your hair trimmed," she said, "Including Misty." "Robyn? Would you mind having your hair styled with a feminine cut?" She asked pleasantly.

"No, that's fine," Robyn, answered, not really understanding what she was letting herself in for.

"I think I'll get a trim too, while I'm waiting for you," Stormi mused, not seeing the knowing look from Misty, as she grinned at the rest of the girls. Stopping, they all trooped out to a salon named, "Simply Hair," where they were taken as a group, to the waiting vacant chairs.

"You're just on time," a sultry voice spoke from behind the counter. "Lucky you booked ahead, Stormi." The tall silvery blonde headed woman said, as she came out and hugged Stormi. "I called on extra girls to handle you all."

"Thanks Starshine, I knew I could count on you." Stormi responded, returning the embrace.

"So the girl's get a shampoo and cut, and a little bit of a jazz up for you? Who's the lucky guy, huh?" Starshine asked, with a wink and a nudge.

Stormi blushed, and tried to dismiss it, but Misty's giggle gave it away.

"Hmmm, looks like I need to ask Misty, that question." Starshine chuckled.

Robyn was escorted to a chair with a weird neck rest attached that cupped the neck. Then she was told to sit down and to put her head back. Her hair fell into a small basin, which had a shower attachment connected by a hose, which allowed water to be directed over her head. The girl, who introduced herself, as Cathleen kept up a soft patter, as she first wet, and then shampooed her hair. The massaging of fingers running across her scalp was a very pleasant and soothing experience for Robyn, and from what she could see from the corner of her eye, the others were also enjoying the same treatment.

After the shampoo had been rinsed out, another liquid called a conditioner was applied. She was left to sit alone for a few minutes, "so the conditioner can work," she was told. She saw Stormi sitting at another chair, with Starshine fussing over her. Cathleen came back, and rinsed out the conditioner, saying to Robyn that she had nice strong hair.

She was told to move to another chair, where an apron thing was placed over her dress and tied off at the neck. Cathleen wheeled a trolley to her and started the cutting process. Robyn watched with great interest, as Cathleen separated small portions of hair with a comb, and then drew it through her fingers until she almost reached the end of the strands and then adroitly snipped off the uneven ends. All the while she continued asking questions, like "Do you have a boyfriend?" Or, "What classes are you taking at school?" Robyn wondered how she could continuously ask questions and still do her work. Robyn guessed it was part of a hairdresser's task to keep the customer preoccupied, during the appointment.

Robyn felt awkward, as she had no answer for the barrage of friendly questions. She answered "no," to the boy friend one, but when Cathleen came to questions about school, she didn't want to lie and make up something she might regret later. She didn't want this new life to start out with lies, so her answer to Cathleen's question was that she hadn't been to school, and she had no idea of her grades. Cathleen her mind concentrating on the job at hand, just said, "Oh, okay." She hadn't really heard nor understood, her reaction was more like an auto response. It took a few long seconds before the implications of Robyn's answer sank in.

"You're not in school?" A surprised Cathleen asked.

"I've been in an orphanage all my life. Stormi, is going to adopt," she added, waving her hand to include the other girls.

"Wow! That's great, she's a very nice person, and so are her daughters. They so love her, and to be part of that family would be the greatest thing imaginable." Cathleen enthused. "I'll bet it can't compare with orphanage life."

"No it doesn't," sighed Robyn, feeling a shudder run through her at the memories of 'life,' such as it was, at the orphanage.

Cathleen finished cutting, and stood back, looking at it critically, then circled Robyn while she checked it from all angles. She snipped a few stray strands that seemed out of place. Cathleen then got out a hand blow dryer, and a round narrow brush, to tease the hair. She curled the hair with the brush; and directed the stream of hot air against it, moving all around her head, till every bit was dry. After brushing away the cut off strands from her neck, Cathleen removed the apron; and held up a hand mirror, so Robyn could view her hair from all angles by observing the reflected image in the wall mirror.

Robyn loved the look. Her hair shone; and it fell in gentle waves to her shoulders. Her smile said it all for Cathleen, who didn't need to ask her if she liked it. Robyn noted, that the others were finished, or nearly so, as she stood up, and moved to the wall mirror. Misty joined her, saying she liked the way her hair looked. Robyn reciprocated, admiring Misty's neat blonde tresses, as they cascaded down in a golden waterfall.

Stormi paid Starshine for everything by credit card, thanking Starshine again for taking them at such short notice.

"Honey, you and your family are always welcome, you know that. You are what we call prestige clientele. I don't want to lose your business, so squeezing you in, is in my best interests." She admitted with a smile.

With a wave, and a "We'll be back." Stormi ushered her troops outside and back to the car.

Maggie looked cute with her hair done in two pigtails. She was constantly pulling them forward to look at them. Becky and Ann's hair was each styled slightly differently, from Robyn's, but all of them now had a much healthier look, as their hair shone with a newfound vitality.

Chapter Eighteen
Stormi and Don In a Whirlwind

All hands were busy, when they arrived back at the house, pulling out the bags from the various stores, to take inside. No one took any notice of the nondescript van near the front entrance. Nor did they notice the two men taking an interest in the passengers.

One of them had a pair of binoculars that he used to focus his attention on Robyn, as she exited the vehicle.

"That's her," he whispered to his companion, from his screened position.

"You sure? There's another blonde there, you know," he questioned.

"Don't you listen to anything?" The first man asked angrily. "The other looks too old, to be eleven, stupid. We saw the others as they left, so this is the right one, kapeesh?"

"Don't call me stupid, or you might not wake up one morning," the other threatened in a low growl.

"Well, we need to pick our time when the house is almost empty." The first man said, ignoring the others threat. "I don't want to take on the whole family. That would be too unpredictable; anything could happen."

"Tomorrow then?" The second man suggested.

"Tomorrow," the first man agreed, backing away and moving quietly back to their van.

Inside the Knight's house, things were hectic. Robyn and her fellow shoppers were putting away their purchases, but not before having an impromptu fashion parade, to show their new clothes to Stormi's other daughters. Stormi was directing Janine and Andréa in the kitchen, and generally organizing the others with small clean up jobs and setting up the table chores for the evening meal. Robyn and her new sisters were asked to help, by following any instructions their elder sisters gave them, while Stormi, went to get herself changed.

Six P.M. rolled around. Everything was set, with the fancy silver cutlery shining against the pristine lace tablecloth. Three candelabras graced the table, each with a taper so tall, it would take a special tool to light them, and with the main dinning room lights dimmed, the flickering candlelight added a feeling of romance to the room.

Stormi was pacing nervously while awaiting Don's arrival, until Janine whispered in her ear and told her to go upstairs. Stormi nodded and walked gracefully up the stairs, in her lovely burgundy gown.

Robyn could hardly wait for dinner, having smelled the enticing aroma of food that was seeping through the doors. Her sisters expressed much the same yearning, as they all sat demurely on the couch. They weren't so worked up about all the fussing over having an extra guest for dinner, as Stormi's daughters were. The significance of this meal was lost on them. All they were interested in was the food.

A knock was heard, and Janine went to open the door. Don stood there, his hands behind his back. Looking disappointed that Stormi herself hadn't opened the door; he nevertheless smiled at Janine as she bid him enter.

He was dressed neatly in a suit; and he stood in the entrance, as Janine called softly. Stormi ready for the call, moved out of her room, and made her way down the stairs. Janine moved out of the way to the give Don an unrestricted view of Stormi's descent. Don's eyes seemed riveted on Stormi's seductive form, encased as it was in the figure-hugging gown. Stormi milked her grand entrance for all it was worth, delighting in the feeling of being the center of Don's attention.

Expecting a hug as she approached Don, she was surprised to see him pull his hands out from behind his back, and present her with a lovely bouquet of roses, along with a bottle of bubbly. She came closer, and pecked him lightly on the lips. His arms, still burdened with the gifts, snaked around her, and pulled her in tight. He returned the peck with a tonsil-grabbing smooch, which seemed to suck her very soul up her throat.

A little breathless, Stormi broke away and took the offerings Don had brought. The bouquet was placed in a vase and placed in the center of the table; and the champagne was plunged into an ice bucket, which was subsequently placed beside the table by Don's chair. Everyone was called to dinner, Stormi directing the seating arrangements. Robyn and her crew didn't need to be called twice, and they were the first ones to be seated. Stormi's daughters sat next, with Don assisting them with their chairs, like a true gentlemen. This had everyone quietly sniggering, but Don discretely ignored it, and moved on to help Stormi sit down. Janine and Andréa were still in the kitchen, as they gathered the plates of food. They made a grand entrance as they paraded the hot plates filled with the main course to the table.

Don did the honours with the champagne, opening it with a practiced pop, while the dinner plates were being placed before them, on the table. Wendy had opened a bottle of sparkling grape juice, pouring it into crystal glasses for the girls, four of whom had never before tasted anything like the fizzy non-alcoholic drink.

As each person received their plate, they were told to start eating, lest it get cold. Robyn and her trio of sisters were almost drooling as they viewed their plates. Food enough to make up four orphanage-sized meals, was placed before them. Roast pork slices of meat nestled amid roast potatoes, carrots, peas, and cauliflower. There was a small portion of sage and onion stuffing along with some applesauce. Brown gravy, flavored with the meat juices covered the potatoes and meat.

Robyn couldn't believe how the meals here, seemed to get better each time, they ate. This was real food, lovingly prepared for nutrition, and enjoyment. Everyone dug in with healthy appetites; Maggie's meat was cut up for her, after she had struggled to do it for herself. The bottle of grape juice was replenished as the drink was quickly quaffed down.

Don wasn't slow in complimenting the meal, jokingly offering absurd amounts of money, if the chef would come and cook for him on a regular basis. Janine and Andréa giggled behind their hands, as Don looked around, for the person or persons, who were the cooks that night.

Don kept the conversation light, recalling several funny stories that make the rounds in hospital life. He did compliment Stormi for looking regally elegant, and asked her for her secret of still looking like her daughters, after having had five children. He promised her, that if he could bottle it, they would make a mint. She laughed it off, but everyone could see, she was flattered by the compliment.

After the main course, came the dessert. Wendy and Susan cleared the table, while Andréa and Janine brought out bowls of hot steamed ginger pudding. It was covered in thick vanilla custard that smelled delicious. The four girls, unused to all this food, struggled to eat it all, not wanting to let any of this fabulous meal go to waste. After the meal, the awesome foursome, as Misty had aptly named the new girls (due to their constant awe of everyday things) were full to bursting. Stormi excused them from the tending the dishes for the night, saying that they could be done later.

Don looked at his watch, reluctantly, he said he had to leave soon, as he was on call that night, and he couldn't get out of it. He offered to return the favour of being invited to this superb evening, by offering Stormi an invitation out to dinner.

"The chef may not be in your daughters league, but I assure you that it will be enjoyable," he offered.

"Hmmm, can I think on it?" Stormi replied, not wanting to seem desperate. She was hoping this budding relationship may develop into something wonderful, but she also wanted Don to woo her; and that meant he had be the one to initiate the next move. She wanted him to work on her, to try his best to win her over. Whether or not she would let herself be won, was another matter altogether.

Don gave her a hug and a quick kiss, and then walked briskly to his car parked just outside the front door. With a farewell wave, he got into his 1967 fully restored Ford Galaxy and drove out to the main road with a blare of roaring exhaust.

'Damn the man, doesn't he know how to say goodbye to a lady,' Stormi thought ruefully to herself. 'I wanted another of those tonsil grabbers of his,' she sighed, as she shut the door.

Chapter Nineteen
The Storm Breaks

The next morning...

Robyn woke to the noise of girls all getting ready for school. Unsure of Stormi's plans for the awesome foursome, she decided to get dressed in shortalls and a tee. She woke Ann and then went off to find a vacant bathroom, luckily there were more than a few to choose from, and she passed one, just as Misty was coming out. A hurried exchange of pleasantries took place, before each headed to their next task.

Breakfast was nothing like the lazy easy going one of yesterdays. Five milling girls, all-trying to get the same cereal box or cupboard, resulted in a mild riot. The situation wasn't helped by the addition of four more girls that were getting underfoot in an attempt to find any leftovers. Stormi was trying to sort things out, calling for the awesome foursome in turn, as she struggled to keep up the fast vanishing toast production.

Finally, as Stormi's brood sorted themselves out and started gathering their gear for school, Stormi had time to talk with the new girls.

"Girls, I'm going to have to leave you here on your own while I visit my legal eagle and see a judge about the preparing papers for your adoption. I'd take you with me, but its just boring stuff and I don't want you to be stuck doing nothing, in a waiting room. I'll take Maggie with me and drop her off at a friend of mine; she has a few cats and some kittens too, I think. I'm sure Maggie will enjoy herself there for a few hours. Also, I will have to sort out about you getting you enrolled in school. That leaves you three...(looking at Robyn, Ann, and Becky.) in charge. Are you going to be okay with that?"

"Yes," came back a confident chorus.

"Okay then, there is plenty of food for lunch; and don't leave the property. I should be back about 1 or 2 pm. If you need me at any time just ring me, the number is listed on the phone. I'll leave you a mobile, just in case. It has speed dial, just press 'on' and then the 'one' button will connect to my cell phone, okay?"

Stormi hugged the three, before gathering the excited Maggie into her arms and walking out to her car. The house grew quieter, as the children started leaving in groups, to head off to school.

Becky wanted to go out the back to wander around in the orchard. Ann and Robyn followed, not wanting to be separated. The wander became a chase, as they ran, laughing, through the trees. Unfortunately, Robyn, dodging around an apple tree tripped on one of the roots and fell headlong into the soft earth. Spitting dirt and looking at her ripped shortall, Robyn started to cry. The others gathered round, wiping the bits of dirt off her clothes and generally consoling her. Robyn decided to go and change clothes and maybe shower again. She told the others she was going back into the house and she would be back out in about 20 minutes.

Ann and Becky sat eating apples in the morning sun, after finding a secluded spot, hidden from view. Robyn walked off, heading for the house, wondering if she would be in trouble for ripping her clothes. Inside, she went to her bedroom to find some fresh clothes, deciding on a sundress in yellow that looked comfortable. Heading for the shower, she took her change of clothes with her, never realizing what the next few minutes would bring.

Outside the gates...

"Right, lets get a move on, shall we? The woman's gone with one of the kids and most of the others have left as well. I don't think there's more than two or three left in the house." The elder of the two waiting men speculated, as he moved back from his hidden view of the house.

"Okay, I'm right behind you," his companion agreed.

Moving quietly towards the house, they tried the front door, only to find it locked. Undeterred, they moved to the rear of the house, ever watchful of any movement inside. They reached the back door, not realizing that their target had just slipped in only moments before.

They tried the rear door and finding it unlocked they went in. Moving quietly, the older one indicated they should split up and search the house. They heard a door closing up stairs, but didn't immediately move upstairs till they were sure the ground floor was clear.

At the first floor landing, they again, split up. Just then they heard the sound of a shower running. The younger of the two, startled at the sudden sound in the otherwise silent house, knocked over a planter on the landing. The clang as the metal pot hit the balustrade, sounded thunderous. Quietly cursing his partner's ineptitude, the other man ran up the last set of stairs, towards the sound of the shower.

Robyn had just entered the bathroom, locking the door automatically, not chancing anyone just walking in on her, even though she knew she was alone at the time. She had just turned the shower on and stepped into the shower, when she heard a bang, like something being knocked over. She was naked, and wet and she wasn't going to check it out, perhaps Ann or Becky had come back and knocked something over.

The sound of pounding feet heralded a loud banging on the bathroom door and the rattling of the lock indicated someone wanted in. Just as she was about to speak, a strange mans voice demanded that she unlock the door, before he busted it in.

Shocked and scared, Robyn blanched... really blanched. As the adrenaline flooded her body in reaction to her fear, her body literally bleached out, becoming the same colour as the shower wall. An observer would have seen patterns form across her body, blending it in with the tiled surface behind her. The man smashed his weight against the door, half splintering it. Robyn cowered back against the wall, becoming near invisible against the tile. A second blow brought the door down with a crash. Robyn closed her eyes, waiting to be discovered, too scared even to make a noise, as she stood frozen in fear.

She heard a grunt as the person walked through the remains of the door; and heard the sweep of the shower curtain being pulled aside.

"Damn, damn, she's not in here," a harsh voice cursed.

The voice was so close, 'how could he not see me?' Robyn thought.

"Check the rest of the house, I want that girl dead, now, not tomorrow" the voice went on.

Robyn heard an affirmative from somewhere downstairs, and then heard the man shut the water off in the shower, then struggle back out through the shambles of the ruined door going to look in the other rooms. A few minutes later, Robyn slowly looked out of the shower, not noticing the way her skin rippled and changed both colour and texture as she moved.

She was about the grasp a towel when she looked into the mirror and nearly screamed. Reflected there, were two black spots surrounded by an indistinct blur. Moving closer, she realized it was her. Yes, she was seeing still another way her body was protecting her. Closing one eye, she saw it disappear into the general blurriness that was her body. Trying something else, she stood against the wall, as she had done so in the shower, and saw herself disappear. Her body took on the coloration of the wall exactly, blending in seamlessly.

Even though she was amazed at this new development, she realized she had as her first priority, to get out of here and to warn the others. Looking at her clothes, and still hearing the men's movements downstairs, she realized she couldn't escape with out being seen...unless.

Robyn, feeling embarrassed by being naked, walked quietly down the stairs. Her body was trying hard to keep her form looking like its background. She felt most exposed while walking down the stairs, but as soon as she got to the ground level without seeing the men, she hugged the wall, where her newly discovered ability worked best. Slowly, she worked her way towards the door, only having to freeze against the wall once, as one of the men passed her.

Passing out the open door, she didn't notice the drips that were still draining from her hair and her body and then down to her feet, where they formed damp footprints on the doorsill. She ran, as soon as she cleared the house, only to fall flat on the grass as shouts alerted her to the men discovering her footprints. She lay there quietly, trying not to tremble, as her body took on the look of a pile of grass. Squinting, lest they notice her eyes, the only part of her that stayed the same, she saw them hunting for her as they ran past. As soon as they were out of sight, she doubled back, since they were now between her and the girls.

Once safely inside, she locked the back door against the men's unwelcome return, and went looking for the cell phone in the kitchen.

Chapter Twenty
Weathering the Storm


Don, thinking about the other children remaining at the orphanage, made a quick visit there, while on his way home from the hospital. He was pleased with the new conditions there, and glad to hear that some more of the other children had been placed in foster care also. The current staff thought that all of the current wards would be gone by the weekend. One thing that Don heard, that had ominous implications, was that the matron was out on bail.

Don rang a friend on the police force whom he had had professional dealings with, in cases dealing with accident victims. He asked his friend, if he knew anything about the Matron case. Don frowned, as he listened to the information he was hearing over the phone. The matron had broken bail conditions and she hadn't reported in, as she was supposed to. The police had her home under surveillance on the chance, she might return there. This worried Don. There was no telling what she was capable of, or might be willing to do if she were vindictive. The chilling thought that she might be capable of some sort of reprisal, for her being brought up on charges, crossed Don's mind, and that prompted the direction of his next call.

Stormi was just arriving at her lawyers, across town, when she received a call from Don. She slowed, and then stopped the car, as she listened in shock to his hurried expression of concern. She told him the girls were alone and unprotected at the moment.

"Look, it might be nothing, but I'd feel better knowing they were alright," Don replied. "I'm going to head over there right now."

"Okay," Stormi agreed. "I'll head home myself, but it will take me some time as I have the rush hour traffic to contend with. You don't think calling the police will be better?"

"I had thought of that, but I don't want to call them out if it's not necessary. I mean right now, it's only a thought."

Both of them then hung up then started the journey home, hoping that their fears were groundless, not knowing their worst fears were already being realized.

Robyn tried the phone, but all she got, was an answering service requesting her to leave a message, as Stormi's recorded voice said she was unavailable at the moment. Robyn blurted out a hurried message, not even waiting for the tone; and, in so doing, she didn't realize she'd left only a partial message.

Putting the phone down, she looked around for something to defend herself with. She remembered seeing a baseball bat in the umbrella stand at the front door, and raced to get it. Not sure what to do next, she stood near the back door, against the wall in the shadows, where her unique ability made her virtually invisible except for the bat. Getting an idea, she hid the bat behind her back where it couldn't be seen, as her body blocked all view of it.

Stormi was driving as quickly as she could through traffic, when her phone beeped, indicating a message had been left on it. Fumbling with it, she put the phone to her ear, as the message was accessed.

", come quick please. I need help," was all she heard. She did not receive the start of the message that said. "There's two men after me in the house. They said they were going to kill..."

Stormi wasn't sure what was going on, but she recognized Robyn and all her instincts were shouting trouble. She quickly rang 911 and told the operator to get the police over to her home.

Robyn suddenly remembered to unlock the back door, before moving back into her hidden position. She could hear shouts outside and knew her sisters were in trouble, but fought off the impulse to rush to their aide. She listened, as the men called for her, saying something about harming her friends, if she didn't show up. The voices were coming clearer as the men dragged the girls closer to the house.

The backdoor was slammed open by a boot as one of the men entered, dragging a struggling Ann. They moved past Robyn, not seeing her, as they entered the house. The man shouted his message to Robyn to reveal herself once more, as the second man brought in a wriggling Becky.

As the man passed Robyn, she stepped away from the wall; and brought the bat she was holding from behind her back. She swung it with all her strength, against the back of his head as he moved away from her. The crunch as the bat struck, laid the man out, as he slumped bonelessly to the floor.

Becky, unharmed, slipped from his grip, as Robyn whispered to her to run outside. Seeing just a bat seemingly floating in the air was enough to send anyone running, so Becky quickly fled outside. Robyn moved back to her position against the wall, waiting for the first man to discover his companion's unconscious form.

The first man, on getting no results from his call, yelled for his accomplice to come in. Impatient, the man made his way to the back door to see what the hold up was. He spotted the body on the floor, and warily approached. Still holding onto Ann, he first nudged the body with his foot, then he knelt down to feel for a pulse, unsure whether his accomplice was dead or alive.

Robyn knew this was her chance. Stepping quietly out, she again struck the man over the head. The man fell over the slumped form of his companion, releasing Becky from his grip. Robyn dropped the bat and went to hug the startled Becky. Becky yelped in fright as she was suddenly gripped again. Robyn spoke, saying it was Robyn, but in full chameleon mode. Becky struggled to see her sister with the shifting colours of her skin-altering colour as Robyn's body took on the colours of Becky's clothing.

Saying quickly, that they should get away, they moved away from the slumped forms, and opened the door. Robyn stepped aside as Becky walked straight into matron's arms, or arm, because the threatening figure standing in the doorway also held Ann in her grip.

"Well, well. Look what we have here." She sneered, dragging Ann inside, as she snagged Becky with her free hand.

Robyn froze, the horrible nightmare of meeting the matron again, chilling her blood.

"Stupid fools, I knew I couldn't trust them to do a simple chore," the matron snarled, kicking the men with her foot. "Taken by a couple of girls." She said in contempt, while dragging both girls past Robyn.

"Where is that freak?" she demanded of the girls, shaking them violently.

Robyn sighed in relief that she hadn't been spotted. Now, if she could get the bat and sneak up on the witch, maybe she could rescue the others. Moving slowly, as the matron was still in sight, Robyn went to pick up the bat. She was facing the matron, keeping a wary eye on her movements. She didn't see the person coming in behind her that grasped the bat in her hands and pulled it from her grasp. Startled, she gasped just as a hand clamped over her mouth.

To be continued.
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