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Head Case - Part 2
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Can Robyn save Robin--and herself?

Part 2 - Chapters 7 to 13
Head Case
By Prudence Walker

Chapter Seven

Return to the Orphanage

"You do know the sort of trouble you've caused. Don't you?" The matron growled.

Robin sat silent. She couldn't answer, even if she had wanted to; because she had no idea she had caused any trouble. Silence seemed the only answer; but what the matron revealed next shocked her and made her wish for escape.

"I know what you are, you little freak. I saw you when you first arrived. I know you were a boy. When the doctors said you were a girl, I knew something weird was going on. You're some sort of changeling that can become either a boy or a girl. Well, don't just sit there like a dummy. Admit it. I had to starve the brats for two days, before some of your girlfriends told me your secret. No wonder the doctors were fooled.

Now they are poking in my affairs, telling me how to run my place correctly, but you'll soon recompense me for my added expenses." With that, she chuckled evilly in a way that made Robin shudder in fear.

'I'm a changeling,' was running through her head, like a dog chasing its tail. She didn't understand this revelation; and she had girlfriends? Slowly, she came to realize, that her periodic blackouts must have been during times when she wasn't herself: but when she was really another person, a girl, whose body she was now wearing. That would explain the voice that used to comfort her during the times spent hidden in her head. But then, why was she stuck? Was the other person still here in her head?

What plans did the matron have in her scheming mind for her? Robin was scared, really scared. All she wanted to do, was to crawl into a hole and hide. The matron's voice crashed into her head disrupting her troubled thoughts.

"Well?" Matron demanded. "Can you change back and forth?"

"I don't know," admitted Robin finally. "I just woke up this way. The doctors said, I was really a girl all along..."

"Bah! Doctors... what do they know, except what's in their books." Matron snorted. "I tell you, miss freak girl...boy, whatever... this, is big. I can make a lot of money from you with the right contacts, but first, you'd better work on changing back and forth, if you know what's good for you."

Back at the orphanage...

Robin was hustled inside, and was ordered to change out of her new clothes into a rather drab looking, cotton dress. Reluctantly, she took off her nice dress, wondering what was next. Her arrival was greeted by much curiosity, as the rumor mill had done its work. The staff avoided her, as if she were contagious; and some of the boys looked on her with disdain, as if Robin's going over to "the other side", was some sort of betrayal. Most of the children seemed indifferent, too absorbed in their own misery to worry about another's.

Matron called for her soon after her arrival, quizzing her about how she worked the changes and what triggered them. Robin denied again, knowing how it had happened. She suspected that if the matron did learn anything, her plight would get even more unbearable. Matron towered over Robin, suspecting from her informant, that the fear from threats triggered the change, but Robin had still to revert to normal for that to work. Matron decided, for now, to put the uncooperative child on starvation rations, and keep her there until she agreed to abide by her instructions. She dismissed Robin, and told her to report to the kitchen.


Furious, didn't describe how she felt, as she heard the matron's plans and threats. She wanted to lash out in anger at the injustice of it all. She renewed her feeble efforts to gain control, not so much to usurp Robin from the driving seat, as much as to be able to vent her anger in a very physical manner. Thinking back on Robin's last conversation with the doctor, she wondered, if indeed, she was stuck as she was, while Robin continued to wear her form, and what her future held for her. She wondered too, if her friends were still working the kitchen duties, if so, what their reactions to Robin would be. She settled back to watch the events unfold, as that was all she was able to do for now.

Chapter Eight

Drudgery, Hardship, and Friends


Walking into the kitchen, Robin was assaulted by the smells of poorly prepared food and the unmistakable odour of rotting garbage. The clatter of pots and pans filled the air; and curses from the half drunken cook, were enough to give Robin pause. Two girls working on the food preparation paused,when they saw Robin. One hung her head and looked nervous, while the other waved Robin over.

"Robyn, I heard you were back. I see you seem to have control over your male half. What happened? I heard you were really ill, did they do something there to stop you changing all the time?"

Robin was stunned. This girl knew something about the other personality that occupied this body with her. She recalled the girls name was Becca? No, Becky, that's it.

"Becky? I'll tell you later, okay? Right now. I'd like to know everything you know about me, my memory has holes so big in it that you could push matron through. What's with Ann over there?" Robin asked, as she recalled the girl's name.

"Well you know Ann, she's not as strong as us, when matron wanted information about you, she was the first one to crack. She feels guilty that she gave into matron's starvation manoeuvre."

Robin went over and hugged Ann, telling her, it was okay, and that things will work out. Ann started weeping, and clung to Robin, blubbering out her remorse, recounting her sorry tale. Robin soaked up the information greedily; trying to fill in the gaps of her memory about the times she was Robyn. In a way, finding out that her alter ego had the same name, only spelt with a "y," made her feel closer than ever to her other self.

The cook interrupted any further conversation, telling Robin to get started on peeling potatoes. Moving over to the sack of potatoes, she could smell that some of then had started to go off. Peeling them became a chore she hated, as her fingers grew tired and ached clear up to her elbows. She flinched each time her hand encountered a rotten one, and she wondered why they ended up buying such poor quality food. Was it to save money? Surely edible quality foods didn't cost that much more, did they? Or was there a more sinister reason? Robin wondered what the matron was doing here; she didn't seem to care about the welfare of the kids; that was for sure.


Robin was happy to be out of the kitchen, it had turned her stomach with its revolting smell. Being ordered by matron, to go to bed without dinner, was, for now, a blessing in disguise. She knew tomorrow would be another matter, as her meager reserves gained from her stay at the hospital, ran low. Her bed had been moved into no mans land, the space between the boys sleeping area, and the girls. Normally, a curtain divided the sleeping dormitory. This gave only minimal privacy, between the sexes, but now, it had been removed, possibly to cause problems for Robin, as the reasons for its removal was blamed on her.

Robin was still awake, as the children started filtering into the room. At first, they stood looking across no mans land waiting to see who was going to change first. They saw Robin in bed, but didn't approach her, until Ann nervously walked near. She looked scared, but didn't stop till she reached the bed and whispered to her.

"Robyn... are you awake?" She asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I am. What is it?"

"I have something for you, that I saved from my plate." Ann offered, softly. With that, she pulled out a half a boiled potato, and offered it to Robin.

"Robin looked at it and wanted to cry, both at the irony of being offered something she could hardly bear to look at, after peeling so many, and the feeling of gratitude towards this generous sacrifice from the plate of a hungry girl. She couldn't let Ann's sacrifice be lessened by refusing, so she leant forward and hugged Ann. Thanking her for the food.

"It was my fault she knows about you, so I have to make it up to you, somehow."

"Look, no more okay? If you get caught, you'll be in just as much trouble as I am, promise me you'll not do this again," Robin urged.

Ann nodded her acceptance, and half smiled as she returned to her bed and undressed. She was facing away from the boys and didn't seem to care if they watched. As if this was a signal, all the other girls started doing the same. The boys, beginning to feel shame and not wanting to embarrass the girls by staring, all turned away and clambered into their own thin PJ's.

It was as though everyone were clinging together, as a family, against the establishment. Robin or Robyn was one of them, what affected her, affected them all. Everyone's dislike of matron, and her harsh punishments, made Robyn/Robin, someone to protect not shove away. One by one, they gathered round the lone girl in the isolation of no mans land. Robin was nervous as they gathered near, and then, with her still in bed, the five strongest boys took hold of her bed and began to shove. Robin watched in amazement and then tears flowed, as they pushed her and the bed into the girl's side, and positioned it next to Ann's bed. The girls then gently shooed the boys away, as they accepted back and comforted one of their own.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city...

Don was puzzled, taking Robyn's story into account, he decided just to be sure; he'd run some more tests on the child's blood. He really didn't expect to find anything, thinking that her story was a fever-induced hallucination. But the kid's sincerity, and the fact of her situation at the orphanage had touched his heart, he thought, 'what the heck.'

Doing the tests himself in the few hours he could grab between rounds. He was shocked by some of the tests. Her chromosomes were screwed. Not an XX or XY, but an XXYY, but, if his tests were correct an XXYY, that was changing. His initial test came up female with a XX, but as something else came up and he became unsure, of the results. A second test showed XY, this was impossible; it was as if the one of the chromosomes was swinging from an X to a Y. Doing as many different tests as was feasible in the time allotted, only deepened the mystery. 'Time to seek a second opinion,' he thought.

Don and a colleague from the lab, who was studying genetics, pored over the results. Doing a visual on the blood, using the labs electron-scanning microscope, Geoff the tech, spotted something.

"Here, take a look and tell me I'm wrong." He muttered.

Don looked at the blood, seeking out the cells, Geoff had indicated. What he saw, shocked him, and he blurted out the first thing on his mind.

"Some of these cells are not even human cells, they look almost reptilian to me. Just what kind of child is she?"

Don didn't know what to think. Robyn looked just like a normal kid on the surface, but thinking back on her story of being a boy, he wondered if she was indeed, telling the truth. If so, this could be a significant breakthrough in genetics, if published. Thinking of Robyn being made into a specimen, to be prodded, tested, and kept in isolation while scientists tried to uncover her secret, made his blood run cold. Making a decision to prevent that at all costs, he put all the blood samples into the waste receptacle. Geoff looked at him in askance. Don shrugged.

"It's obviously contaminated, no other explanation is possible is it?" Don lied, trying to cover the evidence.

Geoff shrugged and turned back to his real work, while Don wiped out the data from the computer. Don went back to his rounds, while the whole Robyn mystery, niggled in the back of his mind.

That evening, while watching Animal Planet on TV, he went over in his mind, just how the inclusion of a reptiles DNA could initiate such drastic physical changes to a human being. The program on TV was all about the ways animals used camouflage as a means of defense. Intrigued, Don watched, as the show continued. Then a segment on chameleons had him riveted. He saw the skin change on one species, becoming bumpy, as the reptile blended in with the bark of the tree it was sitting on.

'That's it!' he thought. Robyn must have somehow been genetically modified with DNA from a chameleon. He knew it was a reach, but nothing else fitted so neatly. Somehow, she had the ability to change sex, or at least she or he used to. Since the illness, that had changed, and she was now stuck in the one form. Another thought came to Don, 'if chameleons changed in response to a threat, did that mean Robyn's, or Robin's changes were a response to some kind of threat, as well?'

Don reasoned that he needed to get Robyn out of that orphanage, somehow. Going to the phone, he made a call.

Chapter Nine

What's Going On?

"Hello, is Mrs. Knight there?"

"Thank you. I'll wait." ...

"Hi, it's Don. Yes, I'm fine, thank you. Look, I need a favour."

"Great, I'll come over tomorrow...9 o'clock? Great, see you then."

At the orphanage... two days after Robins return.

Robin was exhausted, from the work and the lack of proper food. She had been given only some bread and water in the morning; that was to last her all day. Trying to do the arduous work in the kitchen had drained her of all her strength. She staggered under the weight of the large water filled pans, nearly falling once or twice, as she grew light headed. The other girls tried to help when the cook wasn't looking, but it wasn't enough to give her much help. Finally, while trying to move a boiling pot to the sink for draining, she slipped and fell, splashing herself with near boiling water. Luckily Becky was standing by the sink, and immediately threw the bucket of cold water she had just filled, over the prone body. Robyn had fallen unconscious, and never felt the first aid, administered to her by the resident nurse. The quick action by Becky had prevented the boiling water from doing more than bring up a few blisters and patches of reddened skin. Becky was laid in her bed, while Ann volunteered to look after her.

Matron was angry; her plan to get Robyn to give in and cooperate had backfired. Now, she had an injured child with nothing to show for it. Her plan to make money from the freak, looked doomed for the moment. 'No matter, she knew there were always people willing to pay for virgin girls. The occasional disappearance of a girl had so far gone as planned, as she sold them into slavery, in her quest for the almighty dollar. Most of the government funds, meant to feed these children, were being siphoned off into her own private bank account. She planned on retiring as a wealthy woman, with funds gleaned out of operations at the expense of the children. A knock on her office door interrupted her thoughts.


"Matron, there's someone to see you. She has a girl with her." The staff member said nervously, on entering.

"Show her in," matron replied, relishing the thought that the staff was under her thumb as much as the children. She had personally selected them, knowing about their respective skeletons they had in their closets. This ensured that they wouldn't tattle about her harsh treatment of the children, under threat of their exposure to various legal charges.

Moments later, a hunched over woman entered, dressed in a shawl, and using a cane. Her appearance left much to be desired, as her makeup was applied with a trowel on, by the looks of things. She was wearing a gypsy like dress that went down to her ankles. She had a girl about 16 years old with her. The girl was carrying a large stuffed bear that had seen better days, with tufts of fur and one eye missing. The young girl was swaying and making a weird moaning sound as if listening to some music only she could hear.

Matron gestured to the chair, for the woman to sit.

"Now what can I do for you?" Matron asked.

"I've come about my child. I can't cope with her anymore," the woman cackled. She's a retarded mute from having being born so late in my life, I need for her to be fostered out to a good home," she added. I can pay money for her upkeep whilst she's here, if you will take her off my hands."

Matron looked at the girl, weighing possibilities. 'Great! With another one on the books, and getting additional money as well, I can make more money.'

"Certainly, do you have her records with you? Ah! Thank you," matron smiled, taking the envelope the woman supplied. If you will just sign here, I'm sure we can come to a satisfactory monetary settlement. "I see her name is Misty, does she understand that Misty is her name; and will she respond to it?" Matron demanded.

"Well, she recognizes it when I call her, if the noises she makes,is any indication."

Matron called for a staff member to take the girl to get her settled in, while she worked on the paperwork with the mother. When the woman arrived to take the girl, she made the mistake of trying to remove the bear. The girl moaned loudly, and clung tight to the worn out bear. The mother, quickly stepped in, saying that her daughter never let the bear go, and that for peace and quiet, it was easier to let her keep the bear.

The woman, her task done, left the orphanage and hobbled slowly out past the gate, turned down the road, and was soon, out of sight. Had the guard at the entrance been interested enough to have watched the departing figure, he may have seen her glance back, then straighten up, walking smoothly without the need of the cane, and get into a car, with its waiting occupant.

Misty was wandering everywhere, holding her bear out, as if to show it all the new things. Her mewling ululations, grated on the nerves of everyone, and ensured her seemingly aimless walk around the orphanage was mostly by herself. She visited the kitchens, ignoring the yells of the cook to leave. She showed her bear everything, even looking in the pots and in the food bins. While the matron was checking on Robin, Misty wandered into her office and poked around seemingly oblivious to the threat of being found there.

Chapter Ten


Robin woke up, to see the matron checking her body. Her nightie had been pulled up and her panties had been pulled down, as the matron peered closely at her genitals. At Robin's gasp, and involuntary grab at her nightie to cover herself, the matron put out her hand, restraining Robin from moving, while her other one pressed into her sex, searching for signs of Robin's lost manhood.

Robin screamed, awakening something inside. Robyn came to consciousness, with the echoing scream in her mind. Pushing hard, she felt the barrier between the two personalities stretch, then snap. She seemed to impact into a blaze of thoughts, of terror, of fear. She could see matron standing over her, forcing her to submit to painful humiliation.

Robyn snarled... "Get off of me bitch. Get your stinking hands off my body." She yelled at the top of her voice.

Matron froze, at the vehemence in the child's voice. She looked up, and saw she wasn't alone in the room. While she had been occupied in her inspection, unnoticed, was a silent Misty, her bear held tight to her chest, facing the matron. Its one good eye seemed to peer into the matron's dark soul. Just as matron was about to yell at her to go, she saw the rest of the children peering into the room, advancing in a group. Obviously, they had been on alert when the matron had visited Robin, and they had been near enough to hear her outburst.

Robin heard herself yell out, at the matron. She could sense strange thoughts in her head, anger, frustration, and humiliation. She could feel another's thoughts racing, separate from hers, but yet, strangely familiar. The thoughts of Robyn became sub vocalizations, as she regained control of the body. Robin recognized them as the voice to comfort her. It was Robyn, her sister, the one that shared her body.

As the children gathered close, staring intently at the matron. Her face was twisted with anger, and then, not surprisingly, a look of uncertainty crossed her face, as she became aware of all the stony faces looking accusingly at her. She stood and backed away, before turning and hurrying out, seeking safety back in her office.

The girls surrounded Robin/Robyn, offering her comfort as they made her decent again. No words were said, but the boys stood guard, keeping the staff, (who had come to try and restore some order,) at bay in an uneasy truce. They kept a vigil all night, as some of the girls went to the kitchen as a group, intent on securing food for all. The staff, nonplussed at this strange but orderly rebellion, did nothing to stop them, content just to stand aside and watch, as the matron's absence continued.

Robin tried to talk to her sister, using only her thoughts. She wasn't sure if Robyn could hear her, until a whisper came back. It was the strangest feeling. Like a cheap radio where two radio stations were bleeding together, both coming in at once, except instead of unintelligibility, theirs was a perfect communication. Thought to thought, mind to mind, at least it seemed that way for now. They had access to each other's memories, and spent many minutes going through them. By mutual consent, they decided to respond and use 'Robyn,' as their joint personage, seeing the body was female at the moment.

Control over their body was discussed between the two personalities, and experimented with. As their joint meshing of thoughts grew tighter, the problem of who was in control lessened. Talking to Becky became effortless as time went on. It was as if each had the same thought and spoke in unison. Robyn was curious about the new girl, which, upon seeing matron interfering with Robyn, had stopped the weird mewling sounds that had characterized her presence. Instead, she was sitting near Robyn, and Robyn saw a tear trickle down the girl's cheek. Seeing something deeper, than appearances, Robyn held out a hand to the older girl. Misty, seeing the gesture, came and sat on Robyn's bed, as Robyn pulled her into a hug. Sleep became essential, from both her extremely low energy reserves and the stress of this new situation. Robyn finally surrendered to sleep's sweet oblivion, content in the knowledge that she was being protected.

Sleep brought with it, vivid dreams...some of the images that were drifting into Robyn's dreamscape, were of incidents in both her male and female life. Things started to blur, until the form in the dream became more ambiguous in nature, neither totally male, nor fully female.

Misty, watching closely over the sleeping girl, saw some very slight changes occurring to Robyn's face. She looked younger now, more to her true age the face still looked feminine, but her rather prominent breasts shrank, becoming more of an A cup. Unseen to Misty's sight, other changes were occurring.

Morning, the next day...

Robyn woke, feeling strangely buoyant, despite the weakness in her body. She listened for the inner voice of Robyn? Or was it Robin? 'Oh my, which one am I?' she thought, realizing suddenly, that she couldn't decide if she were Robin or Robyn. Searching back through her memories, she could recall everything without a break, even the changes to female and back to male. Conversations with Becky and Ann could be recalled; and she could remember the thoughts she had as Robyn as clearly as those she had as Robin.

'We are one,' she thought with wonder and contented acceptance. The stress of waking to find matron violating her sexually had destroyed the barrier, joining the two personalities into one. Looking down at herself, she could see changes in her body. Her boobies had shrunk; and after gently moving Misty from where she had fallen asleep against her, Robyn lifted her nightie to look at her groin.

Showing a small bulge, was her penis, or what the younger Robin part of her used to call a doodle. Sliding a hand into her panties, she quietly felt around, discovering that not only did she have a penis; she also had her girly opening too.

Her skin, which had been reddened from the superficial burns, was now normal, although, there was some discomfort and tenderness still lingering there. Robyn lay back down, wondering at what she was, seeing, that she was now part boy and part girl. Could she change her body into being a full boy again? Or go back into being a girl?

Her thoughts drifted back to the pleasant memories of her time in the hospital. Even though she had lived most of her life as a boy; and she could remember everything during that time, the short time spent as a girl while at the hospital, stood out as being the happiest. Her notions of not wanting to be a girl at first, that it was to be avoided at all costs, were a consequence of some of the misconceptions that young boys pass between themselves. They were not derived from any actual rationalizations.

Thinking about the clothes and the sensations she'd felt, was enough of an incentive to convince her to try and continue along as mostly female. Her attempt at pushing her penis back inside using only her mind, failed. She was too low on energy; maybe later after some food and rest, she could try again. She drifted off again, feeling better in her mind, than she had in a long while.

Chapter Eleven

Eye of the Storm

Later that same morning...

A loud knocking, heralded the arrival of a miniature whirlwind in a Kelly green 3-piece suit. This woman pushed her way past the staff member that had opened the door, and she demanded to be taken to the head of the orphanage immediately. On hearing the raised voice of her staff member, protesting that the matron was unavailable, the matron decided to confront the problem herself.

She came face to face with a woman with sparkling green eyes, seemingly in her forties. Her shoulder length reddish blonde hair, with a distinctive gray streak was artfully coifed to give it a wild and untamed look, as it hung like a halo framing her still beautiful face. The matron took in her visitor's apparent wealth noticing the lady of the manor look.

The Kelly green twilled suit with its black piping was obviously not off the rack, and the blazer cut jacket had leather patch sleeves and a blazon on the breast pocket. The snuggly-fitting vest showed off her size 'D' chest to great advantage. With the 'A' line skirt ending just above her knees, it showed her taupe stocking covered legs to be worthy of many an envious look.

Although only 5'6" and weighing about 120 lbs soaking wet, the woman had a presence about her that reminded the matron of something... yes! A Valkyrie. Despite the evident size disparity, this woman felt bigger than the matrons 5' 8" and 180lbs.

"I would like to see Robyn Edwards please," the woman stated firmly.

"Just who are you to be asking?" The matron sneered, not bothering to be pleasant.

"My name is Stormi Knight, and I've come to take Robyn off your hands," she replied in a no nonsense manner. She held out a sheath of legal paperwork to the matron.

"Well then, you're out of luck. She's not here," the matron blustered, refusing to take the papers. She could see her profits and plans going out the window, if she handed the freak over to this woman.

Stormi paused, doubting the matron's words, and carefully choose her next step.

"Then I want to talk with a child by the name of Misty."

"She's not here either," the matron lied glibly.

Just then, before things got even more heated, a sleepy little voice spoke up.

"I can take you to her."

Stormi looked towards the voice to see a small child uncurl from a corner in the room and stand up. She was about five years old. The tiny girl walked timidly towards Stormi, who crouched and gathered the child into her arms.

"And what's your name, honey?" Stormi cooed, stroking the girl's long hair.

"I'm Maggie, Maggie da Kat, but people call me Kitten," she said proudly.

"Well, Kitten, can you take me to Robyn and Misty?" Stormi asked gently.

Maggie nodded, even while the matron looked threateningly at her.

"Upstairs." She whispered softly. Holding Maggie protectively, Stormi walked up the stairs, pushing past the blocking form of the matron. She gasped involuntarily, at the sight of the room. Even being prepared somewhat, by Don's speculations to the conditions, she still was horrified by the squalor. The matron had followed Stormi; but she was soon surrounded by the boys, who prevented her from approaching too close to Robyn.

Stormi walked up to Robyn, who by now was awake and aware of the presence of the stranger. Misty looked up and smiled, handing the bear to Stormi.

"Is it all on tape?" Stormi asked Misty.

"Yes momma, every little detail, including matron violating Robyn." Misty spoke clearly.

The matron, suddenly, got a bad feeling about all this. The mute girl wasn't an imbecile after all, and called this woman her mother. She turned, thinking to leave, but was stopped by Stormi's biting demand.

"Matron, I think your days as the head of this institution have just ended. Please don't leave yet. The police may want to question you after they see the evidence."

Matron turned white, as she watched Stormi open the back of the bear revealing the tiny LCD camera inside the bear, along with the recording electronics, and storage disc. As Stormi pulled out a cell phone from her pocket and made a call, matron tried again to escape, but the boys had closed ranks and refused to let her pass. The police were prompt, as they had been informed of the situation beforehand.

"Momma, can we adopt Robyn...please?" Misty pleaded.

I'm not going to adopt Robyn, at least not her alone." Stormi smiled. "I think we can manage to take four, if you want to share a room?"

"Four! Momma, you really mean it?" Misty gasped as she hugged Stormi; mindful of the child her momma was still holding.

"Well... there's the spare room with the bunk bed and the single bed that you use for the girl's sleepovers, and I can put another bed in your room. Robyn? Are there two people that you would want to come with us?"

Robyn was thunderstruck. To be told she was going to be moving out and then, be able to bring two of her friends was nothing less than a miracle.

"I'd like Becky and Ann to come, if that's okay with them," Robyn quickly replied.

Becky and Ann ran to Robyn, crying and hugging her in thanks, as they showed their acceptance in no uncertain manner.

"Momma, but that's only three, who's the fourth one?" Misty demanded.

"I'm holding her, Maggie" was Stormi's smiling reply.

Maggie woke up then, at the mention of her name.

"Whaaat! ... Am I in twuble?" Maggie asked, worriedly.

"No honey, you're in great hands now," Stormi said, laughing at her literalism. She cuddled Maggie, and whispered to her.

"Would you like to come and live with us, Kitten?"

"Would you be my new mommy?" Maggie whispered back.

"For as long as you want me, honey." Stormi replied, her voice choking a little with emotion.

Maggie grabbed Stormi tight as an answer, tears leaking from her eyes.

"Oh yes mommy, will there be a cushion I can sleep on, the one here is all raggedy."

Stormi's eyes misted over, her emotions too much to contain.

"Honey, you will sleep in a bed of your own, plus our cushions are huge and fluffy."

Maggie sighed, dreaming of a bed all for herself. Snuggling back, she clung to Stormi like a limpet. Feeling protected, she had laid her head against the soft swell of Stormi's breasts and dozed off, dreaming of cats.

Stormi made several more calls on her phone and while she checked Robyn's condition, Becky and Ann were told to gather any possessions they wanted to keep.

The staff milled around, confused, as the squad of police photographed different areas in the orphanage and statements were taken from both the children and the staff. Some of the staff were then taken into police custody, to be brought up on various charges of child abuse. Things were beginning to get hectic, and Stormi noticed that the children were becoming stressed and upset. She called all the kids together and calmed them down, explaining what was going to happen.

She told them that a new temporary staff was going to take over the place until things got sorted. Due to the conditions, and the poor treatment everyone had endured, all the children were going to be placed into foster homes as soon as possible.

"'I have previously organized for 30 children to be fostered out by the end of today. The rest I'm hoping will all be in new homes by the end of the week. In the mean time fresh food and decent bedding with be provided by several charitable institutions." Stormi quietly explained.

The children were silent at first, while they digested this wonderful news, then sounds of excited chatter began to swell, along with tears of joy, trickling down hollow cheeks, and laughter, an unfamiliar sound in these halls, began to grow and fill the hall with a new sound, a joyous sound of happiness.

Then the children started to mob Stormi and her daughter, all wanting to touch these angels of mercy, who have delivered them from the years of misery they had endured in this place. Stormi surrendered Maggie to Becky, handing the now wakened child into her care. Becky took Maggie's hand and whispered how good it was going to be in their new home.

Robyn, meanwhile, had risen from her bed and she too was feeling elated. Her wish of living out in the real world was at long last, becoming a reality. She sat on her bed as Becky, Ann and Maggie, came over and cuddled with her. Misty broke away from the crowd of children surrounding her, and she sat down next to Robyn.

"I'd like for you to share my room, if that's okay?" She asked anxiously. "I hope you like pink, because there's a lot of it in my room," she added, smiling encouragingly at Robyn.

"Thank you, that would be very nice," Robyn said shyly.

Chapter Twelve

Cleanup after the Storm

A call of "We're here!" Came from below, and Misty stood up and ran downstairs. Moments later, Misty returned, leading four blonde haired girl's of varying ages. They all had one thing in common; apart from all having blonde hair, they bore facial similarities to their mother.

"Hi momma. The doc will be right up. He's just bringing his medical gear with him," Janine the eldest at 20 years blurted out.

"Right," Stormi said, looking at her daughters, as she started giving orders. "You and Susan can help out in the kitchen. Get the food you brought and start making a meal these kids will remember. Andrea, you and Wendy can start distributing those donated clothes trying to match them for sizes. It looks as though the children definitely need them."

"Okay momma," Janine agreed, taking her one year younger sister out to the kitchen with her to start preparing lunch.

Susan being a year older than Wendy, took charge of their task to distribute the clean, but second hand clothes out to the children. They made sure each child was first bathed, using the scented soap and shampoos they had brought with them. The bath was half filled with hot water, and limited to two children at a time as Stormi's next eldest daughters took charge of bathing the girl's. Once all of the girl's were clean, Stormi directed the eldest boy to perform the same duties, to ensure all the boys had the same opportunities to get clean and fresh.

Lunch was ready by the time Stormi, with the help of Wendy and Susan, had the children cleaned and all wearing their newly donated clothes. Janine and Andrea had worked miracles and had managed to make pizzas using plain pre made bases and adding the cheese and tomato topping, simple, but tasty, no need to get too fancy yet. Fresh bread rolls with hot sliced roast chicken inside, was also on the menu. The chickens having come from the nearest local barbecue outlet, were still hot, from being inside their foil bags. Three huge bowls containing assorted fresh fruit, oranges, apples, and bananas were placed on the table. Glasses of fresh orange juice along with several jugs for refills were also put out for the children.

As the children trooped down, they smelled the food before they saw it; and they hurried into the dinning room, to stand in shock, before advancing slowly toward the feast. Years of matron's controlling influence, still showed its claws in the children, having them wait, till they were told to eat.

"Eat children, as much as you want, but please don't gobble your food, as there is plenty for all, and we don't want you getting sick." Stormi called out, as she helped one child peel a banana. Silence reigned, in as much as it can with 60 children stuffing their faces, despite Stormi's warning.

Stormi and her girls went around, making sure all the children got a fair share of everything. Just seeing the children's faces, as they tasted wholesome food for the first time, and in quantities never seen before, made them all want to cry.

Wendy snuck a chicken roll off the table, while her momma was otherwise occupied, at the other end. Wendy had already taken several bites when Stormi caught her eye, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"I was hungry," complained Wendy, looking guilty.

"Sheesh child, don't you get enough food at home?" Stormi muttered, shaking her head.

Some of the children, who had finished filling their stomachs and were watching the by-play, giggled. Wendy broke the roll in half and offered it to Susan, who, after getting a resigned nod from Stormi, finished it off quickly.

Misty was looking after Robyn, who was still upstairs in bed. Don had checked her out, noting the physical changes, but he was careful not to mention anything in front of Misty. When Misty went downstairs to get Robyn's share of lunch, Don took advantage of the opportunity.

"Robyn, I see you have changed somewhat. Are you okay? I just found out why you are, like you are. Your changes... have you got a, um... what did you call it? Oh yes, a doodle?" Don tried reassuring the frail child.

Robyn nodded, not knowing exactly what to say.

The doctor, guessing this was too much too soon, held her hand, and smiled.

"Is it okay if I come and visit you sometime after you get settled at Stormi's?"

"Yes," was Robyn's short reply.

Misty came up the stairs to the dormitory carrying a platter, carefully balancing it so the drink wouldn't spill.

"Here, climb on the outside of this food Robyn, and you'll soon feel much better." Misty urged, snagging a chicken filled roll to sate her own hunger pangs.

Robyn did her best to comply with Misty's order, but whether Misty had piled too much food on, or Robyn's stomach had shrunk in size, she couldn't quite do it. At least her stomach was feeling full again. Feeling happily relaxed and nicely sated, she soon started to get drowsy. Don put his finger to his lips, halting Misty in her soft conversational patter, as Robyn relaxed into a light sleep. Stormi came up just then, checking on the newest addition to her family.

She sighed, seeing Misty finish off one of the rolls on Robyn's plate. 'Oh well, I suppose I can't blame them. They smell so appetizing, I could do away with one of those myself,' she thought, wistfully.

"How is she Don?" Stormi asked quietly, as she neared the bed.

"She is weak, but Robyn should be okay in a week or two. Given she will be eating your cooking," the doctor replied. I'll check back in a few days to see her progress."

"So can we move her? I'd like to take her home with me today," Stormi continued. I have organized a temporary staff, to take over in shifts, until we get organized.

"Let her sleep. Then she should be strong enough to take home. I'll come round on Tuesday after my last shift... Hmmm, maybe I can stay for dinner?" He winked, hopefully

"Why doctor, I thought you'd never ask," quipped Stormi, smiling coyly. "Speaking of which, do you want something to eat now? I'm sure there's plenty of food left, you could join me with a roll."

"Um... sure, that would be nice," Don agreed, trying to get the image of another kind of roll out of his mind.

Don and Stormi went downstairs to see about rustling up two chicken rolls for them selves. Stormi asked Janine to make two rolls for them and added that she and Andrea may as well eat too.

"Momma? We both nibbled on stuff while we were preparing, so both Andrea and I are fine." Janine had the decency to blush, remembering her momma's comment to Wendy.

"Kids!!" Was Stormi's laughing snort. Well okay then make your other sisters a roll then... Oh, except for Misty, I think she's eaten enough."

Stormi's lunch with Don was barely finished when a loud knocking at the door heralded the arrival of four men. They had with them the replacement mattresses for the remaining children to sleep on. The old lumpy cotton flock mattresses, most of which were stain from previous user's lapses, were thrown out and replaced with the cheap, but far more comfortable foam mattress bases. Some of the bed frames with, sagging metal mesh support, were ditched also. Others were tightened, but very few remained serviceable. So most of the new mattresses just stayed on the floor.

The kids went to town on the new bedding, jumping on and generally testing the new beds. The boys promptly turned the old mattresses that were piled in one corner of the dormitory, into makeshift forts; while some of the girls tried using the old bed frames as trampolines. Stormi, her daughters, and Don watched amazed, as the whole feeling of the orphanage changed. The children were whooping and laughing and generally in high spirits as they played among the discarded remnants of their beds, getting simple enjoyment from their own inventiveness. Stormi noted that Maggie was curled up on one of the new mattresses that had been placed on the floor and was sitting in a stream of sunlight coming from the window.

Robyn was dreaming she could hear children laughing. It was a happy dream, and as she began to wake, she still seemed to be able to hear this happy dream. At last, she came fully aware that she was awake and could actually hear laughter. Looking round, sleepily, she smiled as the children milled haphazardly around the room.

Misty, Ann, and Becky, were alerted to Robyn's waking. Gently, they took her to be bathed. Robyn had a moments worry about them seeing her small addition that the other girl's don't have, but with her newly found energy, the short walk to the bathroom, gave her time to try again the mental effort to rearrange her anatomy. Her efforts must have worked, as there were no outcries from the girls as she was stripped and helped into the hot bath.

One thing that Robyn had noticed, was her mind seemed older, while in full female form. Some of the more childish words, she, had used as Robin, seemed inappropriate, now she was Robyn. Doodle for instance, became penis, and a host of other words now were discarded. She still knew everything that Robin knew, but her mental outlook had matured, something that felt right, like her mind and body fit together like a hand in a glove.

The girls had noticed something though. Robyn, in pushing herself fully into female mode, had reverted to her former shape. Her breasts had grown again and the facial changes that caused her to look older along with her hair lengthening, hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Why do you keep changing like that?" Becky asked.

"I thought I was imagining things," Misty added.

"Well I don't care if she grows wings," Ann stated, standing up for Robyn. "She's still my friend."

"I'm different," Robyn admitted, seeing there was no further point hiding things, at least from her friends.

"Different?" Misty asked, as Ann and Becky swapped knowing looks.

"I'm not like you or the other children. I'm part boy," Robyn confessed. "I can change into a boy or a girl." Robyn started telling Misty about her life as Robin and her subsequent change into Robyn after she got ill. Misty listened, amazed, as Robyn unburdened herself, the words flowed like a torrent, almost overwhelming its listeners. Becky and Ann confirmed Robyn's story, admitting that they had knowledge of the change from Robin to Robyn. They added their own experiences of seeing Robyn in both forms, while still continuing to bathe Robyn.

"Wow! Misty exclaimed, at the end. "That's really cool, I wish I could do that."

"You don't hate me?" Robyn asked sounding surprised.

"Robyn, I think you're going to be the way coolest sister I ever had.

I mean I love my sisters, but this is special. Think of the fun we can have." Misty speculated, getting an impish look on her face.

The arrival of more people seemed to subdue the children's antics somewhat, as they watched them warily, while these new arrivals looked all around. Their fears were allayed, as Stormi announced that this was the first group of volunteers who had agreed to help staff the orphanage until all of the children were placed.

Introductions were made, and things began to move rapidly from then on. New supplies of fresh food and other essentials were delivered and stored. The children even volunteered to help, which made things go quicker.

Stormi, seeing things were going according to plan, gathered all her daughters as well as her new additions and made preparations to leave.

Some tearful farewells were made. Then, they all went out to climb into the bus like van Stormi had arrived in. Wendy and Susan decided to travel with them as well, leaving Janine to take Andrea home in her car.

Don waited, while Stormi climbed into the van. After she rolled down the window, he said he'd give her a call about something important, concerning Robyn. Then before she had time to ask more, he quickly bussed her on the cheek; and strode away to his own car. Stormi flushed; and covered up her surprise, by yelling,

"Buckle up kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride."

Robyn and her friends from the orphanage were glued to the windows, as Stormi drove them back to her home. They didn't want to miss seeing anything along the way. They grew excited as Stormi told them they were getting close, their excitement rubbing off on Misty and her mom. There were cries of surprise and one or two tears as Stormi slowed and turned into the driveway leading to the house.

Chapter Thirteen

Time to rebuild

The place was massive; a three-story building that spread itself lazily on an area of land that looked like it could rival most parks. The one hundred year old structure had a solid sturdy look that had withstood the test of time. The girls stared in wonder, and after getting the nod from Misty, that this was indeed their new home, they broke down in an emotional binge of tears and happiness. This was like a fairy tale and the house was their castle, almost too much to really believe in.

"What's wrong?" Misty asked, as Stormi pulled up to a halt. The girls, too choked with emotion to speak, as the tears trickled down their cheeks, wrapped themselves around Misty, Wendy and Susan. Stormi wasn't left out of it for long either, as she opened the van's door to check on the girls. She was literally mobbed by four wet eyed girls.

"It's so grand, like a dream, that I don't want to wake up from," Robyn choked, her voice thick with emotion.

Stormi gathered them to her like a mother hen, protecting her chicks, her eyes gleaming with the threat of tears. She felt the tug on her heartstrings, as she realized she had now become their mother. The girls had bonded with her, instinctively knowing that love and protection from the evils of the world, were within those caring arms.

Janine and Andrea, having beaten them getting home, had witnessed this as they had quietly approached the group. They, along with Susan, Wendy, and Misty knew this was an important turning point in the lives of these emotionally starved children. Gathering together, they formed their own instinctive cuddle, realizing how lucky they truly were, to be part of this family.

They may have stayed that way forever if a little voice expressed her concerns.

"Kitten needs to go wee-wee."

That quiet innocent voice did something to them all. It cracked them up. Instantly, their mood lifted and giggles followed, until Maggie spoke again.

'"Momma, me want to go bad."

Everyone burst into howls, as Stormi gathered the small girl into her arms and entered the house to seek out the nearest of the many bathrooms. Maggie smiled in delight when Stormi opened a door marked by a sign, with the word, 'Sandbox' on it.

The rest of Stormi's 'gang' gently escorted, Robyn, Ann, and Becky inside. The entrance of the orphans into Stormi's home left them all gasping, as the others slipped past, taking with them, the new girl's meager belongings. Robyn stood stunned trying to take in the homey ambience of this huge house. It felt right, like she belonged. Moving to the couch, she sat there gripping the material of the armrest, kneading it with her fingers as if to assure to her self, that it was real.

Ann and Becky were too hyped up to sit still; and wandered around admiring all the nick-knacks in the room. As the 'gang' went upstairs to place their belongings into the appropriate rooms, Ann and Becky tagged along, all the while "oohing" and "ahhing" at all the pretty things they saw. Maggie, all finished in the bathroom, soon scampered up after the departing girls.

Stormi smiled at Maggie's excited call of, "Wait for kitten please, I'm hurrying, but my legs are liddle," she complained, as she climbed up the stairs.

Stormi spotted Robyn still sitting in the couch, and worrying that something was wrong, went over and sat next to her.

"Anything wrong honey?" she asked, searching Robyn's face for any clues.

Robyn twitched, startled out of her reverie.

"No, just the opposite. I can't believe this is all real," she answered softly, waving her arm, indicating the room.

Stormi relaxed, moving closer to give the girl a reassuring hug.

"It's all true honey, this is your home, for as long as you want it."

"Home... that sounds so nice," Robyn sighed, sagging into Stormi's embrace.

Stormi felt the tension leave Robyn's slightly built body, and internally rejoiced, knowing Robyn had finally accepted the reality of her wonderful new situation.

Stormi held her hand, raising her from the couch before leading her along to show Robyn her room. Robyn's eyes glistened threateningly as she took in the sight of the room. Two beds, one for Ann or Becky, she guessed, not knowing yet, who had chosen to be with her. There were shelves with books on them and some cuddly stuff toys and a few dolls. A vanity table with a large mirror stood between the ends of the two beds. A door in one wall opened to a closet, which already had clothes hanging in it.

Stormi, seeing her surprise, answered her unspoken question.

"Those are my daughters clothes that they have since grown out of. Don't worry, you won't always be wearing hand me downs. When we get the papers officially endorsed, making you my daughter, we'll go buy you some of your own; but for now these will be fine."

Robyn, not being very experienced as a girl yet, wondered if they would feel as nice to wear as they looked. She turned to Stormi and clung to her, the tears running unbidden from her eyes at all this unexpected abundance.

Stormi, on her part, found it hard not to weep as well, as she thought about the reactions a few old clothes had on this poor girl and the reasons behind Robyn's outpouring of tears. 'Godamnit,' she thought angrily, 'if there's one thing I'm going to do, its to spoil this girl rotten, if only to try and to make up for everything she's gone through.'

Stormi disengaged herself from the clinging Robyn reluctantly, saying she had better check on the others. Robyn moved to one of the beds and sat on it, just contented to look out the window and rest. Stormi went out of the room as she heard running steps outside. Her reprimand about the breaking the 'no running in the house rule,' died stillborn, as she gazed at the sight of Becky, and Ann running giggling, with Maggie laughing as she scampered to keep up, all being pursued by her own daughters around the house.

She smiled, thinking it was nice to hear laughter from her latest additions. She walked sedately downstairs, not saying a thing as the girls rushed past in a frenzy of activity. 'At least this household has one lady in it,' she thought to herself, before going into the kitchen.

Maggie tired of the chase first, preferring to go exploring on her own. She eventually found a sunlit room that overlooked the property. She found some large beanbags scattered around the place, and decided to take a catnap. She was soon asleep, curled comfortably on the corduroy covered bag.

Ann wanted to go outside, so Misty volunteered to show her around her favorite spots including a place some distance from the rear of the house where some assorted fruit trees were growing. Misty handed Ann an apple from right off the tree. Becky meanwhile, wandered all around the house, poking her nose into everything. Janine and Andrea went to lend some help in the kitchen, knowing with the four extra mouths to feed, their assistance would be needed.

Chapter Thirteen

An Ill Wind blows No Good

Meanwhile... In another part of the city, the Matron had made bail.

The Matron was furious, having to be arrested and to go though the humiliation of a body search before being put into a holding cell. A phone call to one of her influential contacts ensured she made bail. She had many influential people under her control, that were associated with her scam of taking old outdated food and using it to feed the orphanage's children. She kept very detailed information that would send many to jail if she chose to reveal it. Guessing that her assets would be frozen, she intended to blackmail as many for money as she could so she could disappear quickly.

But first, she had to exact revenge on the one who, 'in her mind,' had upset her carefully laid plans. From one of her old staff, she had found out who the woman was, that had gathered the video evidence and had used it to expose her. Once she had identified her, it wasn't that hard to find out where she lived; and more importantly, where she had taken the freak Robyn. 'Now, she could spend some time to plan something nasty for her. Since she wasn't able to benefit from the freak's abilities, as she had planned, then no one would,' she thought, callously. She laughed to herself, as she called two of her "special" delivery boys. 'Yes... time to make the freak disappear, that should hurt that interfering bitch and cause some big problems.'

To be continued.
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