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Angel Fire - 2 - Strange Reunions
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Three estranged friends who have hardly spoken to each other in three years, are about to get caught in a net of deception, laid out for one purpose alone - to create a Mother for the Destroyer of Worlds...

Episode Two: Strange Reunions

By Griever

Episode Two: Strange Reunions

- - -

Four blocks or so from Sakura High, the Nez'zaraingra'ad had once been home to the upper class of the city - CEO's and high ranking government officials had kept their houses there, enjoying the blessings that their abundance of money could bring them. All that had changed however, when the skies had opened up and unleashed Armageddon on the heads of the unwitting masses of the Earth. After the Nel had assumed control over the nations of the Earth, they had converted the mansions and villa's of the former occupants into the dwelling places of their administrators, and dubbed the region 'Nez'zaraingra'ad' for some reason unfathomable to any but the Nel. The Nel themselves hardly had the numbers to occupy every city on the planet though, and the city of Sadamoto was hardly high on their list of priorities. As a result, many of the opulent buildings - although kept in immaculate condition - were abandoned for most of the year, silently waiting for those rare instances when their masters would require an abode in sleepy Sadamoto City.

Tonight however, the Nel Enclave was going to be a little more crowded than usual...

- - -



"All the preparations have been made sir. All that is required is the arrival of the targets."

"Very well... Carry on."

"Yes sir. Any further orders?"

"Watch... and wait."

- - -

Target Alpha: Reiji Nanizawa

- - -

The nondescript car pulled up silently by the corner of the street at the edge of Nez'zaraingra'ad, the passenger door opening to disgorge a brown haired young man, dressed in a formal suit and carrying a small briefcase.

"You sure you want me to leave you here?" came a voice from inside the car, "I could come with you y'know..."

The brown haired boy waved away the offer, but gave the other boy a thankful smile. "Don't sweat it Marori," he replied, "This is just a routine pick-up with one of our major sponsors... It'll be a walk in the park."

The other boy laughed, if rather ruefully, "Only if you are the great Reiji Nanizawa," Marori said, then continued in a joking tone: "One of these days, you're going to let one of the other volunteers pull in the big fish, and on that day the Armageddon war will begin again!"

Reiji supressed his annoyance at Marori's words - he knew that the other boy was just kidding around. It just galled him whenever anyone picked fun at him for working so hard - or even worse questioned his motivation! - with the various charitable organizations based in their school. If he was honest with himself, Reiji would have admitted that part of his touchiness on the matter was due to the fact that sometimes, he himself questioned his own motives - it was common knowledge that he was gunning for the Student Council Presidency that year, and his volunteer work had given a huge boost to his campaign. Truth is though, Reiji had learned that being honest with himself was usually counterproductive - if he kept himself from doing anything solely on the basis that he might have some ulterior motive, he figured he'd never get anything done, good _or_ bad. So he repressed his doubts, along with his annoyance, and instead forced a laugh at Marori's little joke.

"True - and then I'll probably get them to donate a few million Nel Dollars as well ."

Marori laughed at his reply and gave Reiji a thumbs up. "That's the Reiji we all know and love - go get them tiger! I'll come back for you here at 10:30 or so..."

Reiji heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the car had pulled away. Marori was a nice enough fellow, but he was always a tad too zealous in the way he asked for donations - he seemed to believe that everyone who didn't share his passion about saving the whales, or removing magical landmines, or magical research into the AIDS virus, was a heartless degenerate who was a disgrace to the human race. Still he had been the top solicitor of the school - until Reiji had joined up the year before. Nowadays, even Marori had reluctantly come to understand that negotiations went more smoothly (and money came in more easily) if Reiji was allowed to work alone - an now that he was finally in that situation, it was time to find the house where he was supposed to meet Mr. Briemer...

It took him only a few minutes to find the house - it was hard to miss a mansion that covered an entire block. Soft yellow light spilled forth from a few of the windows, and a single, bored looking guard manned his post just outside the barred gate. He found it odd that Mr. Briemer would want to meet him in such a stately place - the sponsor had a more modest house in the neo-downtown area where they usually met. Still, 'the sponsor is always right', and if Briemer wanted to stay in a place more befitting a Nel of his stature, then so be it.

The house before him matched the address and the description given to him over the phone, so Reiji walked slowly towards the gate, careful to keep his hands within plain view. He knew that members of the Nel Royalty were in town this week and staying somewhere nearby, so he thought it only prudent that he take extra care in showing he meant no harm. The guard looked like he couldn't care less though. Reiji found that strange... The mere presence of Nel Royalty should have everybody on their toes - even without an active resistance movement, the Nel had enough infighting that an attack on Nez'zaraingra'ad wouldn't be all that surprising. And yet - even while searching for the house he had seen little sign of increased security... Very strange.

He decided to ponder the matter another day though, for even before he reached the gate, it opened of its own accord and an attractive woman bearing the distinctive tattoos of a Nel emerged to greet him.

"Greetings Nanizawa-san," the woman said. "I am Ayisha, Mr. Briemer's personal assistant. He has asked me to escort you to his room on the upper floor."

"Lead the way Ayisha-san," Reiji bowed smoothly, and executed the complicated hand gestures of the traditional Nel greeting. Reiji had learned that appearance counted for a lot even amongst people who could cast illusions from their fingertips, and while it served little purpose to impress Briemer's aide, it would probably earn him a few brownie points when she reported her first impressions of him later on. Besides... she was cute.

Following in Ayisha's footsteps (and trying to keep from too obviously following the sway of her hips with his eyes), Reiji entered the mansion. It seemed almost bigger inside than it was on the outside, but the boy had little time to look around as he was quickly ushered up several flights of stairs, until he was standing in front of a pair of large, intricately engraved, double-doors.

"After you Nanizawa-san," Ayisha smiled as she gestured towards the doorway.

Sending a smile in her direction (I wonder if I can get her number later on?) Reiji Nanizawa made one final check of his briefcase, then opened the door and stepped into the room...

- - -

Target Beta: Ken Terrik

- - -

It was only eight in the evening and the party was already in full swing.

"Woo-hoo!" shouted Ken Terrik as he downed another beer, preferring it to the sake that most of his teammates were drinking. Some of them had taken to jokingly calling it the secret of his 'power', and had come up with many-a-zany idea of keeping the precious kegs from falling into the hands of their cross-town rivals from Sadamoto High. It made for an entertaining evening - and they weren't even halfway drunk yet!

It usually slipped everyone's notice though that Ken rarely if ever got drunk himself. For the muscular, silver-haired power forward of Sakura High, it was much more fun watching everyone else make fools of themselves rather than _becoming_ a fool himself. Besides, although he was all for the idea of fun and games, he was the Team Captain after all, and the responsibility that came with that position was one of the few things that Ken took seriously. Someone had to make sure those lunkheads didn't injure themselves before the season even began.

Besides, Ken Terrik didn't need any artificial help to lose his inhibitions. Snagging a bucket of ice cubes, he crept towards where his assistant Captain - Hideo Lukawa, the team's best shooter - and pulled back the collar of the smaller boy's shirt to pour the cubes down his back.

"Na- Naniiiii?!?" the boy screamed as he quickly stood up and began to dance around madly, trying to rid himself of the freezing cubes. The fact that his skin had peeled recently - a souvenir from a summer spent in Brazil - didn't help at all.

"Teeeerrrriiikkk!!" Lukawa screamed, and a second later the chase was on, the two star players of Sakura high crashing through the house like demon-spawn, overturning tables and chairs and innocent bystanders, Ken's laughter followed closely by Hideo's curses. After he had led the other boy on a merry-chase for a good two minutes, the captain caught the eye of one of their other teammates, Mikado Chikaaki. Mikado was a silent, stoic sort, but this time he wore a smile on his face, and he nodded briefly to Ken. Beside him was a ravishing woman in her mid-twenties, who smiled as Ken passed and gave him a thumbs up before pointedly looking at a door on the second floor.

Knowing his cue when he saw it, Ken stopped long enough to stick his tongue out at the pursuing Hideo. "Come on Lukawa, you'd never even make the first five of the Women's team if that's the fastest you can go!"

With a growl Hideo redoubled his efforts, and Ken barely managed to evade his grasp. _Whew, I hope he doesn't need to get riled up to move this fast - might make it easier against Sadamoto,_ he thought to himself as he quickly pivoted, then bolted up the stairs. His assistant captain gamely followed, not noticing that two of their other teammates were sneaking up the stairs after him. Finally, when Ken stood in front of the door the girl had indicated, he turned and stopped.

"O-kay, o-kay..." Ken stammered out while he caught his breath, "I think that's enough exercise for today. What say we call it a night eh?"

Hideo gave him the evil eye, then sighed. "Look I know, you're just trying to cheer me up after that thing with Narimi, but I'm really not in the mood for games today... "

Ken was only half - listening, his attention preoccupied by making sure that Entaro and Fujima were moving into position. Seeing that Hideo was about to turn around, he quickly moved beside the dark haired boy and placed a strong arm around his shoulder, herding him towards the door.

"Deo, Deo,Deo..." Ken said, "Why would I need to do that? I didn't even think you were sad... There are so many girls out there more than willing to take the place of some girl who doesn't know well enough to keep a good thing when she has it."

"You don't understand... I really loved her Ken...Don't belittle what we had..." the other boy murmured. "Besides, I don't think any other girl is going to give me the time of day..."

"You know what I call those words Hideo-san?"

The other boy looked at him in confusion. "Self-Pitying words?"

Ken grinned, his mischievous nature coming fully to the fore. "Famous last ones," he said, then reached out and opened the door wide while the teams two centers each took hold of one of Hideo's arms. "Alright guys, pitch him in!"

"Na-nanniii?!?" Hideo screamed for the second time that night as he was thrown head first into the room. As soon as Hideo's feet were clear, Ken slammed the door shut and bolted it from the outside. Almost immediately they heard the squeals of delight of the girls they had hidden in the room.

"Eeek! It's Hideo!"

"It's him, it's really him!"

"I'm your biggest fan!"

Ken and the two centers laughed as Hideo attempted to sputter some response, and the three players moved back down the stairs just as the sounds of struggle within the room began to be audible. Downstairs, the girl who had signaled Ken approached the three with a smile.

"That was really sweet of you Ken-kun... Hideo needs to forget that dastardly Narimi woman."

The team captain laughed, then ran a hand through his trademark silvery-white hair. "I'm sure your girls will do the trick Yen," he said. "You're not going to bankrupt me this time are you?"

Yen laughed. "No, not this time- I like Hideo, and so do most of the girls - some of them were even willing to do this for free!"

Ken smiled. "Well, he's always been popular with the ladies..."

"Not half as much as you Mr. Star-Player," Yen purred, running a long fingernail up his arm. "When are you going to come back to visit us Ken-kun?"

"Eh, I've been a bit busy lately," he answered. "Preparing for the season and all... Don't worry though, I'll try to make some time as soon as..." he trailed off then, as something caught his eye. Or rather, some_one_...

She was beautiful, around his age, long flowing black hair reaching below her waist, and she moved with a grace that would have qualified her for many a sport, but for which Ken could only think of one use for as of the moment.

"Yen?" he asked, a bit breathless. "Is that one... One of yours?"

Puzzled, the older woman turned to behold the raven haired girl and let out a low whistle. "I wish... No, I don't recognize her at all..."

"Well, that's not very neighborly..." Ken said, then a predatory grin lit his face. "I think I'll go introduce myself - if you'll excuse me m'lady..."

He followed the black-haired beauty as she stepped outside. Once he had stepped out of the house, she turned to him and smiled invitingly - her face was as beautiful as the rest of her. With a toss of her long hair, she turned away once more and got on a pristine red motorbike. She looked at him again and winked.

"So that's the way it is eh?" Ken whispered as he smiled at the lady and got on his own bike. As soon as he did so she revved her engines and streaked away, but Ken was close behind. They moved at breakneck speeds, but ken easily kept up with his mysterious female - she was a good rider for a girl, he gave her that. So engrossed was he in the race that he hardly realized he had already entered Nez'zaraingra'ad. Finally, she stopped in front of a large mansion, the gates opening at her arrival and almost closing again before Ken could get inside. The woman quickly ditched the bike and ran towards the wall of the house, where a rope was waiting, dangling from an open window on the third floor. She shimmied up it quickly, giving Ken an ample view of her rear in the process, and she flashed him one final, teasing smile before disappearing into the window.

"Well, well..." Ken whispered to himself, smiling widely, "This promises to be an interesting night..."

With a light heart the silver haired boy began to climb, and in seconds he was at the window. Grinning in anticipation, he let himself in...

- - -

Target Delta: Akira Tenkawa

- - -

The house was quiet. Too quiet.

Akira Tenkawa brought down the binoculars and looked out at the mansion, a small frown creasing his features. Something about this job just didn't feel right. He'd contracted it in the usual manner, his contact leaving an address and the description of the item he was supposed to 'retrieve'. The fee they were offering was unusually high, and what was even more unusual was the fact that a sizeable portion of it had already been deposited in his account. Then again, seeing as the job was going to take place in Nel territory, the sweetening of the pot was understandable. Still, even then something had not seemed right, and the absence of security - in an area where no less than Nel Royalty were being housed - just screamed that something was amiss. Every instinct he had told the red-head to turn back and run away as fast as he could. Yet, Akira merely placed the binoculars back in his backpack, and proceeded to put on the black attire which he would use to minimize his chances at being detected. No matter what else was going on, he had to do this job. His thoughts flew to his home, and the agony in his mothers eyes as she lay on the bed...

He had no choice. It had been a long time since Akira had been given a choice.

Taking up his backpack, Akira began to lope towards the house, keeping as low to the ground as possible. This was the first time he had been tasked with robbing a Nel house, but his client had told him that he would take care of any magical defenses. Akira really didn't have any other option than to take the other's words at face value - Akira had little to no magical ability of his own and the only way he'd find out if the defenses were in place or not would be if he sprung them, and by then it'd be too late. A part of him realized that he should be scared, but Akira knew that the part of him that had anything left to lose had died out a long time before...

Akira reached the perimeter fence without incident, and without hesitation he began to scale the wall. The old upper class of Sadamoto hadn't exactly built this house for security, and the 'cobblestone - effect' of the perimeter wall, made it a cinch to climb. In a few seconds, the red - head was up and over, landing on the lawn with a muffled thud.

No alarms, no screams, no magical conflagrations. For some reason, Akira was less than thrilled.

Enough. Time for doubt and questioning later. There was a single guard manning a post by the gate, but Akira decided that an elephant dancing a jig could sneak past him unnoticed. Once more keeping low to the ground, the boy ran towards the house, reaching its eastern side without even breaking a sweat. The past two years he had spent fighting for money at the docks had given him even more endurance than he had ever had before - the money he won there was insignificant compared to the 'jobs', but 'jobs' came only rarely and the docks were always open for prize fights. He had been providing for his mother and himself through fighting for a good part of the last few years - hopefully if he pulled this one off, he'd be able to take a break. His school work had been suffering because of the schedule of the fights, and he was well aware that if he didn't graduate, he had no chance of getting a proper job, and no chance of giving his mother the care she needed. He wouldn't be young forever, and the fighting was beginning to take its toll...

Enough! Unnecessary thoughts would only get him killed, and that would help his mother not at all.

The house wall was trickier than the perimeter, and this time he had to use the grappling hook. Once he had it firmly lodged on the roof however, it was merely a matter of making as little noise as possible as he moved to the rooftop, avoiding the windows from which lights could be seen. He reached the rooftop in short order, and after rolling up the hook he took a few tentative steps towards the skylight in the middle of the roof. Just where his contact had said it would be.

So far so good. Everything according to plan... Akira had never been so uneasy in his life.

This was just wrong... _Nothing_ ever went according to plan, and this entire op had just been too smooth. The whole thing stank of a set-up...

But really, who would bother? Akiira took a long look at his hazy reflection in the glass of the skylight - a black shadow in a black night. The mask he wore hid the distinctive red hair, carefully combed in the daylight to hide the scar that ran down the left side of his face, a remembrance from a fight he would rather forget. It was strange now to think of himself without the scar, to think of having the same worries and cares as the rest of the school, to think of having friends... Reiji, Ken... and Jin... hadn't they been friends not so long ago?

Akira angrily tore his eyes away from his reflection. What the hell was happening? He was on the roof of a Nel house and totally losing his focus... His contact must have pulled something off, or otherwise Akra knew he'd be dead, with the amount of garbage his mind was processing.

He'd wasted enough time. The red-head brought out his tools and made a quick circular incision in the glass panel. He used a suction cup to catch the glass before it crashed to the ground, and carefully set it aside, before tying a rope to a conveniently positioned pipe and letting the other end snake soundlessly into the room below. Akira stood then, and took a long look at the circular darkness beneath him.

He had a bad feeling about this...

Akira gripped the rope and lowered himself down...

- - -

"All targets are in position sir."

"Very good. You have done well."

"Thank you sir. Further orders?"

"Just one last thing..."


"Hit the lights."

- - -

The sound of his daughter's scream split the night.

Immediately the High Lord Dantayn was out of his bed and running towards his daughter's quarters, even before his guards began to move. But move they did, and by the time he had reached the doorway to Shaina's quarters, he had three score men behind him, each one a physical adept with a fair hand at magic. It had taken him only seconds to cover the distance separating their rooms, but in those few seconds his mind had run through every one of his nightmares - that the Telayn Witches had made their move, or a summoned Spirit had appeared, or even some crazy zealot working for an imagined resistance. But no matter who it was, one thing was certain - if they touched a hair on his daughter's head he would make them suffer as only a mage could...

"Shaina!" he screamed as he kicked down the door, not even bothering to use his magic. The spectacle that met his eyes made him catch his breath.

Shaina lay on her bed, screaming hysterically - her clothes were torn, and there was some blood running from the corner of her mouth. Surrounding her were three boys, in their late teens from the looks of them, although in his enraged state he hardly noticed that, much less the fact that their faces showed various degrees of surprise and shock.

"You bastards!" he cursed as his men took protective positions around him, "What have you done to my daughter?"

"Wa-wait a second," started one of the boys, a tall one with broad shoulders and long silver hair, "I didn't do anything!"

"Your Excellency," said another, brown haired and with a confident bearing - although he was eyeing the situation warily, "Obviously there's been some sort of mistake here - I was led to believe this was the residence of Mr. Geil Briemer - I was even led up here by a young lady named Ayisha..."

"You dare..." The High Lord hissed, "You dare assault my daughter and have the _gall_ to lie so blatantly to my face! Briemer was killed just over a week ago and that Ayisha has not worked in my household for months - your cover story is as full of holes as you are about to be."

"Your Excellency listen to reason -"

"Too late for that Nanizawa," the third boy said, this one obvious dressed for crime with a black mask covering his face. "We were set up. He thinks we jumped his daughter - he's not in the mood for pretty words."

"Akira?" the second boy asked, just as the guards began running into the room. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"What _you_ should be doing - getting the hell out!"

With that the black clad boy launched himself at the nearest guard, catching him with a right cross just as the guard was about to unleash a spell.

"Get them!" Dantayn screamed. "I want them caught - alive!"

"Well that's good to hear," said the silver haired boy as he joined the fray, using his bulk to shoulder aside a pair of adepts. "But I'd rather not get caught at all, thank you very much!"

"Stop it you bakas!" the brown haired boy was shouting. "Those are Nel! You'll get us the death penalty!" When he realized that the other two weren't listening, he cursed, then held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. Two guards readily subdued him, pinning him to the floor while the adepts converged on the two other boys. Within seconds they had joined their friend on the floor, unable to match the supernatural skill of the adepts.

"Daddy!" Shaina wept as she fled into his arms. The High Lord clutched his daughter to himself, trying to soothe her tears with comforting sounds."Daddy they... they..."

"It's all right Shaina, it's alright... Everything's fine now."

"Father!" came a shout from behind him. He turned to see his eldest son Sarda come in the door. "What happened?"

Dantayn shook his head. "Three fools tried to rape our sister - luckily we got here in time."

The brown haired boy struggled against his captors grip. "I'm telling you - this is a mistake!"

"Silence!" hissed a guard, jamming his foot into the boy's face. "We've heard enough from you!"

In the meantime, Sarda's face contorted into an expression of hatred. "How shall we kill them Father?"

"Oh we shan't kill them my son," Dantayn said, grinning evilly as he looked at the three boys. "We have other means for dealing with scum such as this... More fitting ways.."

- - -

"You're sure this will work?"

"It has so far."

"And you think that he'll really chose that particular punishment?"

"He's done it before - Dantayn is a firm believer in letting the punishment fit the crime."

"I still don't think this is going to work..."

"So noted. Just proceed as planned during the rally tomorrow dear Azumi, and we'll see which of us was right..."

{to be continued...}

Some Notes from Griever - Well, still no TG, but I needed a chapter devoted to The 3 Ďbrides-to-beí, just so we get a glimpse into their current personalities. I tired to make each boy unique, and that means theyíll be reacting to future situations in distinct ways as well...

This chapter is basically to introduce us to the 3 other protagonists of the series, so that we have a grasp of who they are before... well, before what happens next chapter ;p This is important for purposes of contrast, and so we have a basis that we can look back at when we see how much these three boys change later on...

Ok that's it for this chapter. If you want to drop me a line first to tell me how I'm doing so far just email me at

Ah some replies to the gracious and helpful comments I got for Episode 1:

Doug: Iím glad that the lecture thing went down smoothly despite everything -- it was difficult to do. As for the discontent -- well, it will be present throughout the story, although to varying extent... Not many know just what the Nel are really up to...

Erin: Thank you for posting my story :) Still no TG today ;P I wanted to make sure I lay down the proper framework first... Definately TG in Episode 3 though, which Iíll send soon -- with some pics :)

Jay: Good to be here :) Iíll start with the pics next chapter -- after all, no TG yet...

Jezzi: Well, biologically speaking at least, as you can guess from this chapter, more than one of the three is going to be transformed -- the Nel donít like taking chances. But as to psychological changes -- yes, those will take QUITE some time... none of them is going to be very thrilled. (And yes, I pity Jin as well -- especially since I know whatís in store for him @_@) As to hating the Nel -- they will hate those who did this to them, but the Nel are an entire race, and they donít really know how much o fthis was actually a set-up... And as fo rthe Angels and Demons, as far as they know, they donít exist anymore. Of coure, they couldnt be more wrong...

Barbara Lynn Terry: Donít worry, this is the farthest thing from a Ďsex storyí as you are going to get... ^_^ The focus is always going to be on how the characters adjust and relate to one another, and to a larger extent, how they will change the world around them.. Think of this as a typical anime (not hentai) -- mature themes yes, but nothing gratuitous... Glad to hear youíll be sticking with me for the duration ^_^

Thanks for the kind words everyone!
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