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Rebecca's Revenge - Part 5
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Chapter 20 - Attempted Murder

Deep down, no one really believes they have a right to live. But this death sentence generally stays cosily tucked away, hidden beneath the difficulty of living. If that difficulty is removed from time to time, death is suddenly there, unintelligibly.

Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)
It was a warm June day, the sun was shining brightly, and I was thinking how fortunate we were that someone thought to erect an awning over the stage. Tina and I were wearing yellow sunflower dresses and slips manufactured by 'Hayes Cares!' in this town. They were so light and airy it was as if we had nothing on - on stage in front of hundreds of people. I could tell Tina was feeling the same way; it was very erotic and I couldn't wait to get her alone.

We were there for opening a new half-billion-dollar garment/textile manufacturing plant the 'Hayes Cares!' sports clothing division had erected. Jennifer had just concluded the dedication speech prior to the ribbon cutting. As she stepped into the open from behind the podium, Nigel leapt in front of her bringing her to the floor - while shielding her with his body. Not even a quarter-second later, we heard the shots.

It all registered on my brain like I was watching a sporting event with instant replay; somehow, my mind absorbed every detail of the moment. Just before I dragged Tina to the rostrum floor, I noticed a van parked on a hill, with men firing rifles at us from its open side door. Panic and screams reigned as bullets peppered the people on the podium. I yelled to Giles, "The van on the hill at two o'clock."

Disregarding his own safety, he stood up and began firing at the van; his two other men on stage followed his lead. It was a very long pistol shot, however the return fire drove the cowards away in a cloud of dust. We found out later that one of the return shots' hit a perpetrator. As soon as the van pulled away, Giles ran up to Jennifer and Nigel. His other two men took positions around them shielding them from the panicking dignitaries. Giles got on his cell phone and called the police. I noticed at least six other people down, and I shouted to Giles and he passed it along to the police. It must have been a acoustical trick, but I could hear every word he said over the cries of the wounded and panic of those spared.

Tina seemed in a shocked daze, but otherwise unhurt, so holding her firmly I pushed our way to Jennifer's side. Nigel had taken two bullets in the chest which passed right through his bullet proof vest, and he was coughing up pink frothy blood, another bullet passed through his arm and was lodged in Jennifer's shoulder. I checked Jennifer all over determining her only wound was in her shoulder, and that it was just dribbling a little blood. I cradled her in my arms talking to her least she go into shock.

Seeing Jennifer and Nigel bleeding snapped Tina out of it, and she knelt at his side and opened Nigel's shirt and vest, using two maxi pads from her shoulder purse to stem the worst of Nigel's bleeding. She continued to kneel in the blood next to him, cradling his head and kept him from slipping into unconsciousness by talking and cajoling him.

Nigel was the most seriously hurt of the nine people shot, and was taken to the hospital first, with Tina and Randal from our security riding with him. When Jennifer's turn came, I rode with her and Giles, the remainder of our security following in a separate car.

The Greenville, North Carolina hospital welcomed us. While we were in triage, the town treasurer, who seemed to have been grazed in the arm by a bullet, died quietly of cardiac arrhythmia while waiting his turn. No one noticed until the room cleared out.

As soon as we were sure that Jennifer and Nigel were being cared for properly, Tina and I returned to our hotel with Randal. Once in our room we removed our once beautiful sundresses, now encrusted with other's dried blood. Once in the shower, the blood ran down the drain off our bodies as we kissed. After we made love I confessed to Tina I never felt so alive, she admitted to feeling the same euphoria. I suppose we should have felt guilt, but it felt too damn good to be alive and unhurt. After our energy was spent, we dressed, rounded up Randal, and returned to the hospital.

There was considerable fallout from the tragedy.

The bullet cracked Jennifer's shoulder blade, and she was in considerable discomfort from the heavy cast. Nevertheless, the next day from her hospital bed Jennifer began to analyze the reasons for the shooting. The shooters turned out to be poorly skilled workers, whose jobs in the seventy-year-old factory were eliminated by the new highly automated factory replacing it. True, under no conditions should people just shoot other people, but Jennifer was looking to their motivations. She concluded Hayes Industries was at least partially to blame, in that the factory workers and townspeople were not brought in on management's decision-making process to build a new factory.

The prevailing opinion as reflected in editorials and letters to the editor was that 'Hayes Cares!' had, 'Just up and decided to fire half the workers and close the old factory - making machines replace people.' I helped Jennifer with an open letter to the town explaining why a new factory was necessary. The long letter's message was that in order to compete with foreign low priced high quality goods, the new highly automated factory was built as an generational investment, and that the alternative was closing the companies manufacturing in the U.S. completely. It was too little, too late, and even though true, only half believed.

Just before Jennifer left the hospital a new Doctor visited Jennifer, under Giles watchful gaze he examined her. While he was looking in Jennifer's ear he said, "The scopolamine interrogation proves that they were paid to murder you, and given the armor piercing ammunition and surplus M1A1 rifles to do the job."

"I suspected as much. Do they know they were questioned?"

"No, we were careful."

In no way did Jennifer show what she knew, and it was years before Jennifer told me, but I knew anyway. You can think what you will, but I believe Becky told me in a dream on the night of the shooting.

Heads rolled at Hayes, and it was made clear that all future decisions would be shared with the affected employees and consensus sought. Within Hayes it was a seminal event, one Jennifer confided to me was long overdue.

Nigel was six long months recovering. Jennifer expressed her gratitude to him for saving her life, with a million-dollar bonus and the choice of retiring with full pay or coming back to work. He chose to come back to work and eventually became an American Citizen. He claimed it was to duck British taxes, but I knew he liked this country. The other bodyguards with us that day were given one hundred-thousand-dollar bonus each for steadfastness in the line of fire.

Giles recommended we all become proficient with firearms, so Jennifer had a sophisticated automated combat range constructed in the enormous empty old barn that had once housed thirty horses. To improve our speed in target acquisition a skeet range was constructed. We all became proficient and found we enjoyed the sport, but Tina had a real knack for shooting, and once she overcame her initial fear of firearms was the house champion. She even outscored most of Giles' men on the skeet course, and some on the combat ranges - Giles men based in Nyack now numbered eighteen and climbing.

It was amazing and wonderful to watch Tina blossom. She had largely lost the guilt that she had felt for being forced to be whore after she told me of her past, and totally unjustified guilt I must add. But over the months, her competency with weapons gave her newfound confidence in herself, which was a joy to behold. She bloomed before my eyes, and our relationship as equals, as students, as adults, as friends, as lovers solidified.

Three days before my second Thanksgiving as Becky, Jennifer requested that I help with her morning bath. Out of the blue, she asked, "How would you like a new sister?"

Totally misunderstanding I touched her mons through the suds and exclaimed, "I had no idea you were pregnant!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean like that. Ever since I brought Tina into our house, I've toyed with formally adopting her, but for one reason or another, I put it off. If you think of it, her position is much like a young daughter who was sexually abused by her father. After being shot, I realized that I'm not immortal, and should do it now - that is if I'm going to do it at all. However, in thinking about it further, I realized it might be very awkward for you, if your spouse is also your sister. Not to mention what totally equal status might do to your relationship, especially without the bonds of marriage."

I continued sponging her all over and then began washing her hair. I was thinking about what Jennifer said, evaluating it from every which way. I was quiet while I thought. I rinsed her hair and helped her out of the tub. Then I put a towel around her hair, patted her dry with another, and began to apply lotion, saying, "I think you should do it, and do it soon as possible, but if you don't mind I would like to talk to her first."

"By all means dear, take all the time you need."

The remodeling of our rooms was completed. The bath that had been Nicholas's, and the one belonging to Becky, was now one with all new fixtures. There was a dual sink vanity, two toilets, a warm water bidet, a large hot tub, and a separate large shower. It was after supper and we were indulging our bodies in our new hot tub with the whirlpool unit turned on high.

"Tina, would you like to marry me?"

"We are silly, in every meaningful way."

"No, I mean legally - a white dress, a priest and all."

"I would love to, in fact I dreamed about having a wedding day from when I was a very little girl. But it really isn't very practical, it would be a scandal." She giggled.

"Ok, how would you like to be my sister?"

"Same answer silly, I already am in every meaningful way."

"No your not, you haven't been formally adopted. Take it from me, it's important. When Jennifer formally adopted me, I felt a degree of security unlike any in my life. Nobody was going to rip me away from the people I loved, not ever again."

"Jennifer would never do that for me, I always remind her of the scandal that was Mike, don't forget that she is conscious that I am not her blood."

"Yes she will, she told me she wants to, and I didn't even bring the subject up. She looks at you as her daughter now, the only difference between us is that you were severely molested by her swine of a husband."

She was scrubbing me now. "That is pretty damn nice of her, but was she really serious?"

"Very, she wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it."

"Is that why you brought up marriage?"

"Indirectly, I have always dreamed of marrying you, from the first day I saw you four years ago. For some reason, something deep at my core demands it. Practically speaking, if for no other reason to insure our children aren't bastards. If you think of it, we are biologically man and woman, and how I dress shouldn't preclude a marriage. The ceremony itself could be very quiet and private, nevertheless be valid. I am only seventeen, but there are several states where it would be legal with or without parental consent."

"I see what you mean, once I am legally your sister, I could not marry my brother."

"I don't know for sure if that's true, but it was my first thought."

Tina finished me and I started on her, outside of several kisses, we were quiet until we were snuggled in bed. Tina hugged me saying, "Becky, if you really, deep in your heart of hearts, are ready to commit to me for life, I am more than willing to formally commit my life to you, it would make me unbelievably happy to be your wife. It's the way it should be. Likewise if Jennifer wants to adopt me, you're right, it is very important and I can't wait to tell her how proud and happy I am - I will be a good daughter for her too."

"Great! Run in and tell her now, I'm sure she is very anxious to hear from you."

I didn't know what they talked about for three hours, but it was after one when I woke with Tina kissing me. "Don't get fully awake love, but all will be arranged. Jennifer agrees that we should marry, and she really, really wants to adopt me. You are a treasure."

It was to be my first meeting with Charlie Marsh. Jennifer sent Mrs. Hammer to wake me; I looked at the clock sleepily. It was a few minutes before six, and Tina was still sleeping contentedly. I sat up and Mrs. Hammer whispered that I should dress quickly and come to Jennifer's room to meet a gentleman. I quietly went into the bathroom, did the necessary, and took a fast shower. Back in the room I donned a bra and thong, these days Dickey nestled very inconspicuously between Puss' lips, if I paused to think about it, I could get very horny. In fact, now it was a favorite form of foreplay, but most of the time, he just nestled peacefully in his new home. After the operation, he was very flexible at the base and Tina swore he was an inch longer when fully aroused. I knew why, but kept it to myself, unwilling to admit Jennifer's duplicity to Tina.

Slipping on hose and shoes, then a yellow full slip, I sat and quickly applied my day makeup and brushed my damp blond hair, tying it into a high ponytail. Minutes later found me in the closet selecting a sun yellow, long straight skirt and white blouse, with a short matching jacket. Checking myself in the mirror, I added emerald studs, gold necklace and emerald cross, bracelets and watch. Satisfied that I looked like a young female executive, I knocked and entered Jennifer's room twenty minutes after Mrs. Welch woke me. I was ready for whoever she wanted me to meet - and very curious about the timing of the visit.

Jennifer was dressed in a navy outfit similar to mine, and waiting in her sitting room for me.

In addition to the loveseat, there were four small plush armchairs (in another age Ladies chairs) and two larger armchairs designed for the comfort of men. A large closed hutch contained her state of the art personal computer and files, the chair she used when computing was rolled against the wall, and a few small tables completed the furnishings. Indirect lighting from hidden fixtures in the ceiling and walls provided glare free illumination, its level determined by voice command.

"My you look lovely dear, you make up for the tardy sun, please sit down our guest will be here shortly." I sat next to Jennifer in one of the smaller chairs.

"You look pretty sharp yourself, it must be the early hour - or the expected company," I quipped.

Ignoring my probe for the time being, she said, "You have no idea how much I enjoy this room now, I had no thought of just how depressing the old décor was. I think it must have been Mikes idea, all dark wood and heavy furniture."

Marsha brought in pitchers of orange juice and coffee, a tray with cups, bagels, and sweet rolls. She set them down and withdrew.

"I certainly enjoy warm pastels, as you can see from our room, Tina picked out all our decorations. Say wasn't it fun picking out all these watercolor and pastel artworks, and they all fit in so perfectly."

"Yes." She grinned, "But Giles was pleased when we had found all the pictures we needed, he almost ran out of gas twice circling the block waiting for us." We had spent all our free time for two weeks in August, while Jennifer healed, scouring art shops for just the right pieces. In a flash of inspiration, I knew what Jennifer's Christmas gift would be. She continued, "Our guest this morning is Charlie Marsh, I thought you two should meet as he handles many special and private needs of our family, and as you will find out very much more besides.

It isn't in his interest, or ours, that he be seen with us, so I have no idea what he will look like today. I asked him to come after the conversation Tina and I had the night before last. Charlie is privy to many of our secrets, and he knows all about your transformation. Among many other things, he was behind the scenes easing your way out of the dreadful restaurant parking lot incident. He was also the architect behind Tina and your acceptance to the colleges of your choice, and their acquiescence to your degree objectives, schedules, and credit sharing.

I want you two to accept each other's place in the event something should happen to me. I will make him understand that you are to be my successor in the event harm befalls me, or if I choose to drop out of sight. He is to deal with you as he deals with me. Any questions?"

"Yes, how about Tina?"

"Once she is formally adopted I will make it plain to her, that after me you take authority, with both of us incapacitated she will take authority. Is that to your liking?"

"Yes, that is proper, there can only be one ultimate authority in the family."

"Good. A considerable amount of work is required to insure your marriage is both legal and confidential, and that is one of the tasks I will give him today. The other is to arrange for Tina's formal adoption as my daughter. The night before last, Tina told me much of her life with Mike, and before. Things that she has recently remembered, and while I disapprove of revenge as it corrodes the soul," her normally warm blue eyes became cold as ice. "I intend to see justice is served.

I think Tina should tell you in her own way and time. It is only very recently that she has been able to consciously face some of the details of her degradation, and to begin to truly put it behind her. You have made that possible because of your unconditional love and understanding. I want you to know, and reassure her if she is concerned, that I heard nothing the other night to make me think less of her. In fact I'm most grateful for her candor, and more determined then ever to make her both my legal daughter
- and if you desire my daughter in law. She has real strength and gentleness, it's clear to me you are perfect for each other, and because of that, perfect for me."

There was a knock on the door, and Mrs. Hammer showed a plumber in, at least his jacket identified him as a plumber, and she promptly left. The plumber walked over to us, removed his unruly red hair with a smile, shook our hands, and sat comfortably in one of the leather chairs. I rose and served coffee and breads, as I sat back down Jennifer said, "Becky this is Charlie Marsh, Charlie this is Becky."

He was about five eleven and two hundred pounds, I guessed his age about fifty with a ruddy complexion and receding brown hair. His hands were knurled and looked very powerful, but his eyes arrested you, very pale gray and they fixed you in their gaze.

"Good to meet you, you are beautiful and I know you are amazingly intelligent, I can see why Jennifer is so pleased with you." Taking a sip of coffee, "My that hits the spot! Jennifer what can I do for you today?"

"A few months from now I want Becky to be legally married to Tina, and I want to make Tina my legally adopted daughter. It's a tall order as I want it done with no future problems or loose ends, doable?"

He looked directly at me saying, "One question. Will you remain Becky through all this?"

"I am Becky to the world, and intend to stay Becky. I can see no advantage for me as I am now with a male face." It came out more forcefully then I intended.

"You are right Jennifer, she is formidable. It will be expensive done correctly."

"Spend what you must, this is important to me."

"It will be done, is that all?"

"No, I asked you here so that you could meet each other. Becky has my full confidence; she is my successor, and following the plan at the proper moment, she will be publicly take complete power in my place. I want you to understand, that while she will keep in the background as she completes her seasoning, should anything happen to me she will take over immediately - no ifs, ands, or buts from anyone. You will assist her in any way possible, just as you have me."

Looking squarely at Jennifer he said, "You can count on me."

With no small talk, Charlie finished his coffee and Danish and rose to leave. I stood and shook his hand; in my heels, my eyes were level with his. We looked unflinchingly at each other; our hands firmly engaged while he said, "You can count on me Becky."

I replied, "Thank you, I won't disappoint you either."

Then putting on his hair and wild sunglasses, he smiled warmly to Jennifer as he was leaving.

"Jennifer is Charlie a lawyer? Detective? What is he?"

"He is all of that, and much more. At the right time he will tell you about himself." She had a funny little smile on her face just then, and I knew that would be one great story.

Back in our room Tina was just returning from the bathroom, she came over and kissed me, "Where were you at this hour?"

"I met a associate of Jennifer's, I listened as she instructed him to make the arrangements for our marriage and your adoption."

"Was he shocked?"

"Not at all, as far as I could tell he knows all about us, and he asked if would remain Becky, I told him without a doubt,"

"I'm so happy." She kissed me again and her night musk kindled my desire, sensing that she continued, "I feel utterly shameless this morning. Undress for me young lady, I must see all of you before I hire you."

"Should I? You wouldn't take advantage of me - would you?" I said in a small voice.

"Who me? Of course not!" said 'he,' with insincerity dripping from each word.

As item after item fell 'he' became more forward, "Sir you have very busy hands, why I never!" I cried.

As 'he' rubbed a rebellious Dickey into Puss, finally with only my stocking and cinch remaining, we fell laughing to the bed in each other's arms. Two hours later, we joined with Jennifer in the sunroom.

Thanksgiving Day found us in a modern equivalent of the ball gowns worn last year as a surprise for Jennifer. We were much more comfortable and enjoyed the meal this time. However, we used the same flower vase, for the same purpose, with the same kinky aftermath. Ms. Catherine Welch and Billy Querns were guests for dinner as was the entire staff. After dinner, we retired to the preacher's parlor and filled Catherine in on our progress at college, discussed the new gym, as ground would be broken in April - in all a delightful day.

Chapter 21 - Our Wedding

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years. That is what makes a marriage last-more than passion or even sex!

Simone Signoret (b. 1921)

It took longer then Jennifer wanted, but in the end, she was satisfied with Charlie's plans for our marriage. I reviewed them, and was amazed at the legal hoops we would be jumping through to satisfy our requirements. I'm sure no laws were broken, but the spirit of many was certainly skirted, mainly to satisfy the requirement for the secrecy of our marriage. The major cost after lawyer fees and donations were gratuities (bribes) to individuals in credit and other tracking agencies, to not report name and status changes.

For instance, Tina's adoption was to be made public and celebrated with a large party the following Sunday, but not the intermediate name changes, or phony history to mask her actual name and history. In this case, significant political contributions were made. Tina was run through the federal witness protection program, and given the necessary legal background and phony intermediate name. To add to the intended confusion, Jennifer changed our names from Hayes-Ravlon back to Hayes - that gave her considerable satisfaction.

As I suspected, the cleanest way was for us for us to secretly marry first, then later Tina would be formally adopted. Things were complicated by Jennifer's insistence on a church wedding. She felt the experience would bind us closer than a private ceremony in our home - or a civil ceremony judges chambers. Charlie chose St. Paul Minnesota for the location of the marriage. The Hayes family maintained a home there dating to the turn of the last century. Our legal residency was easily established, as well as Tina's long-term membership in Holy Innocents RC church. The bans of marriage were announced and the church scheduled, somehow all printed and newspaper announcements were misspelled. A donation of a new rectory building and major school addition, muted most questions regarding the apparent sameness of our sexes.

While reportedly very liberal, the priest did ask me privately to prove I was a man in at least one important way, I guess to ease his conscience. I suppose I could have refused, but I demonstrated by peeing for him standing up, with my cock in plain sight. Fortunately, the fact I was castrated didn't come up, and as I was wearing jeans, it wasn't too embarrassing. The things we girls do for love.

Saturday, August 28, 2000 was chosen as our wedding day, as the day got closer Tina became more and more excited. She insisted that we would be married in identical gowns, and in fact, we were fitted and purchased them. Catherine would be maid of honor for Tina, and Billy would be my maid of honor. They already thought they knew all about us anyway, and we needed witnesses who were not employed by us. However, we restricted the guests to them and our extended family - Giles, Nigel, Mr. and Mrs. Hammer, and Jody. We has many other friends, some of which suspected our relationship was more than sisterly, but Charley argued successfully that secrecy could not be maintained with more people 'in the know.'

A week before we married, I arranged to give Jennifer her bath. Using the opportunity for privacy, I spoke about our wedding. "Jennifer there is one thing about the wedding ceremony I'm a little concerned about."

"Not getting cold feet are you?"

"Hell no, it's just that Tina wants us dressed identically."

"Oh, you want to have a design dress of your own, I really don't think Tina will mind if you talk to her about it."

"No, that's not it. I think there should be just one bride at a wedding, it's her special day - hopefully never to need repeating."

"Well in case you haven't looked in a mirror lately, there will be two brides, it's your special day too."

"Not in the same way it is for her. Look Jennifer, when Nichol, Becky, and I were all little, we played dress up frequently. Each time either Nicola, or Becky was the bride; the other was the maid of honor or something, never both the bride. I ought to know they dressed me in a morning suit often enough to be the groom. I think little girls must be born with the desire to be very special on the day they are married, on the other hand it really isn't important to me."

"That's sweet of you to think like that. You're right. How do you want to dress?"

"A white morning suit ought to be fine, the designer we all bought dresses from had some made to be harmonious with her dress designs. I thought I would stop by and pick one up, however with my shape these days there will be no doubt I'm Becky - it's symbolic more than anything."

"Do you plan on telling Tina ahead of time?"

"No I don't think so, I'd like to surprise her. Perhaps we could use the ruse that you will help her dress, and Catherine or Billy will help me. Bad luck looking at the bride before the ceremony, or some such nonsense as an excuse."

After I left Jennifer, I called Billy and asked her if she would mind coming with me while I selected a tux. She said that she wasn't doing anything urgent, so we picked her up in the limo. She didn't work outside the home, and did most of the housekeeping and cooking for Catherine. Even though, she was at pains to point out that, that she was always the male in their lovemaking. I mentioned that seemed boring to me, earning a thoughtful frown.

On the way I told her what I wanted to do, and we decided I would buy her one too so she could be my best man, she really didn't feel comfortable in a bridesmaid's dress anyway. The plot now was that we would help each other dress in morning suits, thereby surprising both Catherine and Tina. At first, the designer groused about the short notice, but my platinum American Express card convinced her it was a financial windfall not to be missed. The tailoring left no doubt Becky was there; on the other hand, with Billy, one had to look twice.

After my last class on Friday, Tina, Nigel, Sean, (another of Giles' men)
and I boarded a flight from Newark to Minneapolis; Peter drove the limo back to Nyack. At Minneapolis, we picked up a Hertz limo for the short drive to St. Paul across the river. A service had prepared the old house for us, and a catered buffet style diner was waiting, as were our guests. Jennifer had a board meeting in Atlanta and wouldn't be arriving until nine.

Everybody went to their rooms early, but before we retired Jennifer called Tina and I into her room. "There are some legal documents we all must sign, they are in the nature of a prenuptial agreement. I'm sorry to spring this on you at the last minute, but I thought it was advisable. Tina, Becky if you still wish to marry I will go on, shall I?"

Tina said, "Money has nothing to do with my love, I will sign anything."

"It's not about money Tina, you and Becky have more of that then you will ever spend, it is all about power and responsibility." Jennifer replied levelly.

"Jennifer please explain what you are doing to Tina, I have been expecting this." I replied.

"As you may know, Hayes Holding is a closely held corporation with assets in excess of one hundred billion dollars, yes Tina, billion with a 'B.'

As of this instant one hundred percent of the ownership is split between Becky and I, should we both die a trust I have designated will take over voting control and management of the company. Becky's father signed over control to me years ago, with the understanding his fifty-point-one-percent voting control would devolve to Nicholas when I judged him ready and able for the responsibility.

Of course Nicholas is now Becky, and I can tell you Becky will be my successor, as of several months ago, in the event of my death or incapacity one hundred percent control of Hayes Holding, inc. will devolve to Becky. As Becky is seventeen and still a minor, it will be necessary to move to Costa Rico where arrangements have been made to allow her to exercise active legal control until she is twenty-one. Once you reach twenty-one, the Costa Rico subterfuge will become unnecessary.

These papers add Tina to the line of secession. If you agree, after your marriage tomorrow you will be entitled to thirty percent of Becky's inherited wealth. It is primarily stock in Hayes Holding, but I was surprised to find her dad and Alexis left an independent estate to Becky worth over seventy million. It is thirty percent, not fifty percent, as I would like Becky to have undisputed control while she is alive.

Tomorrow after the wedding, I will sign papers formally adopting you," looking at Tina. "I will also change my will such that you and Becky will share equally my estate in the event of my passing. In the event of both Becky and my incapacity, control of Hayes Holding, inc. will devolve to you. Is all of that clear and acceptable to both of you? Becky?"

"Perfectly satisfactory mother."


"Yes, of course. This will take some getting use to - I had no idea."

"One more point, all of this is legal and binding, but is strictly between us, as if the wrong people find out you will become direct targets sooner than necessary."

Tina stayed with Jennifer in her room, and for the first time since my operation I slept alone in a separate room, as befitted the occasion.

In the morning, Billy and I dressed early and left for the church, with Giles driving one of the limos and Nigel and two other men in the chase car, Jennifer made sure Tina didn't see us leave. We had a good hour to wait, and the priest, Father Doyle, offered us the rectory to wait in while he served his last mass. When he returned we shared a light breakfast of rolls and coffee with him.

I had an inspiration and asked Father Doyle if he would hear my confession. I had been brought up as a nominal Catholic, Baptism, first Holy Communion, Confirmation, but outside of generous donations, that was the extent of the family's religious participation. At boarding school, it was different, I had no choice, I participated ad nauseam, and I learned far more about Catholicism then was good for any budding faith I might have had.

It was probably unfair of me, but in confession, I told Father Doyle that I had been born a hermaphrodite. Because of the organ positions, and surgical risks, the decision was made to let me keep both sets of external organs, at least until it was clear which was dominant. I explained I had been brought up as a boy, but changes in my body wouldn't support that role as I matured, even though I 'thought' primarily as a male. I explained that I felt God had made me this way and that I wouldn't change his design. I was very fortunate to meet Tina; she was fully aware of my physiology, and wanted to marry me anyway. Further, as he saw I had a fully functional penis and would be able to consummate our marriage, and while we might not be able to have children, we could adopt and provide a warm and loving home. To justify the confession I admitted to increasingly licentious thoughts for Tina as our wedding neared. I received a penance of three Our Fathers and six Hail Mary's. Plus the knowledge he wouldn't talk of this ever, as it was told under the seal of Confession. Shameless I know.

Giles called from the limo, saying Jennifer and Tina were leaving the house now, and we walked to the church entering through the sacristy. We looked out and saw our guests, a photographer, a full choir, and about two-dozen others, who must have liked to attend weddings. I noticed eight of Giles' men spotted about the church. We all took our places at the front of the church waiting for Tina and her escorts.

Finally, they arrived, and to the accompaniment of traditional music, Tina walked toward me looking gorgeous. She looked so happy, even through her veil I could see her eyes sparkle and flash. It was a nice touch as Jennifer gave away Tina and Chef Robert stood for me with Billy acting as best man. It was a double ring ceremony, and we each said our own vows to each other after the required ones. I lifted her veil and Tina had tears in her eyes as she kissed me deeply, clutching my shoulder as she almost lost her balance. We walked out of the church, man with wife in the eyes of god, state, and ourselves.

A few hours later, Jennifer signed Tina's adoption papers and we were officially sisters in the eyes of the state. Our marriage was a closely guarded secret, but we publicized the fact that Tina was Jennifer's second adopted daughter.

We only had a few days before our sophomore year began in earnest, so after the reception we went to Bermuda for our honeymoon registering as the sisters Tina and Becky Hayes. I did carry Tina over the threshold, and immediately made love to her in the clumsy way one would expect for the first time, penetrating her, and pretending to come as soon as I entered. Tina caught on right away, and after several more 'times,' we lay back hugging each other. Tina looked at me saying, "This is the first day of the rest of our lives isn't it."

"Yes, that's what I was saying with my body."

"You surprised me today, should I feel bad for hogging the spotlight?"

"Not at all, you have no idea how excited I was seeing you come toward me, knowing we would be together now. You were so beautiful, that was an image to last a lifetime."

"Did you know how much money you were worth?"

"Yes, within a billion or so."

"Christ, do you really think I'm worth that much, with that much money you could have any girl, or a hundred of them."

"Still could, as a matter of fact you can have just about any man you want, or a hundred of them. I guess we will just have to trust each other."

"Christ four years ago I was a slave, a whore."

"You are a hell of a lot more than that. Look, I might be just kid impressed with a beautiful older girl who is sexual dynamite, hell I can't even vote. What the hell do I know?"

"That's kind of what I'm saying."

"But Jennifer sure as hell isn't, she sees much more potential in you, as I do. She wouldn't have gone forward with your adoption if she had the slightest doubt, much less let me marry you - she had to approve, no give me permission to marry you, I'm even underage for that." Well I really could have, but probably not secretly, and not with clearly defined succession.

"I forget at times, you are so mature in your thoughts and actions."

"Don't forget what Jennifer said, this isn't about money, its about power."

"What exactly did she mean?"

"'Hayes Holding' indirectly has a de facto controlling interest at least ninety corporations that I am aware of, large public companies all over the world. That is Jennifer's real legacy to us, and it's an awesome responsibility. That's why she is so demanding of us, she expects us to be ready when the inevitable happens."

"It is our responsibility to prepare the next generation too, isn't it? How long have you known?"

"I knew last Thanksgiving when Jennifer gave us that test, she was testing our willpower and resourcefulness, and my intelligence. I really understood after I was castrated, it was the price of power."

"Christ, if she did that to you, what does she expect from me?"

"Nothing in that sense, I understand now that she distrusts men, and that's why my castration was necessary. If anything, I guess she expects you to be faithful to me, and to prepare yourself to take over." I didn't know it then, but Jennifer had much more explicitly in mind.

Chapter 22 - College Years, Sophomore On University degrees are a bit like adultery: you may not want to get involved with that sort of thing, but you don't want to be thought incapable.

Sir Peter Imbert (b. 1933)

On a very personal level when I entered my second year at college I was married, seventeen, five eight (same as Tina now,) one hundred and twenty five pounds, and very pleased with my natural, honest, and exquisitely sensitive thirty-four 'C' breasts. My skin was soft, waist small at twenty-four inches without an cinch, hips thirty-one with a great butt in Guess jeans. While nowhere close to Tina's striking beauty, I was completely at home with my body and outward role as a woman, spoken of as beautiful by the gushing press, and appeared to be every inch a pampered socialite. Inside I was something else, but even now, I couldn't tell you exactly what.

I saw Sandra every month, and continued with estrogen replacement, as well as increasingly sophisticated hormone therapy to maintain my ability to sustain an erection and ejaculate. For the past several months I used experimental implants which provided up to two months precise hormone replacement. Dickey was very well behaved these days, and when I brought it up to Sandra, she said it was due to the calming effect of the female hormones. However, once aroused he worked as well or better than ever, and she said I could expect that to continue. This was due to sophisticated microcomputer controlled implants that discharged precisely measured hormones precisely where and when needed.

Puss and Dickey was an endless source of pleasure for Tina and I, and while I enjoyed my roll as the passive partner, most often since our marriage I took the male part and penetrated Tina both mentally and physically. Once Tina welcomed penetration, the residual taint she carried from the past evaporated, and from then on, the classic woman's role was most natural and satisfying for her - given time, some things work out, as they should.

Jennifer entertained frequently and Tina and I associated with our friends from school. Often we would go out on dates with boys to keep up appearances. We made some new friends at college and added them to our growing social life. We always double-dated, and whenever we went out dancing we had at least one dance together, in fact we were often asked to jitterbug because we looked so cool together.

As Tina lost her distaste of penetration and guilt, I was a little concerned she would begin exploring relationships with men that are more normal. While Dickey was more than adequately sized, I sure didn't look like a man in any other way. Can you blame me for concern? Men hit on her constantly, after all, she was drop dead gorgeous and had 'it,' but she never reciprocated, nor do I think she seriously considered it.

On the other side of the coin, I had no interest in women other than Tina, and was perfectly content with our relationship. Intellectually, I was a little apprehensive that because of the hormones, I would begin to find myself increasingly physically attracted to men. Many hit on me too, but while I enjoyed their attention and liked to flirt, I harbored no desire for intimacy as long as I kept them at arms length. However, in rare instances I found myself in very intimate contact.

For example, during a charity dinner and dance at Nyack, I found myself

alone with Gill West in the far gazebo behind the mansion. Gill was normally a nice guy, big and bear like, but nice. He was a line backer, must have carried two eighty of solid muscle, and was six four if he was an inch. But, unknown to me, he had been drinking heavily with some of his teammates, and he had made a bet that he could take my cherry.

I thought we were talking about future careers, when the alcohol hit him suddenly. He was far drunker than I had thought. Before I realized what was happening, I was pinned under him between the benches on the floor. I wanted him off me, but I really didn't want to savage him - even if I could have.

At a hundred and twenty five pounds, under his almost dead weight, I was pretty well his to do with as he wanted, and he was groping, grinding and wanting just then. Following Jennifer's advice, I reached down with extreme difficulty and opened his zipper. I released his cock, and using Tina's fast method masturbated him with my hand between my legs. He was grunting and squirming with pleasure, moaning something about how I had the greatest pussy he had ever been in. But I wasn't sure if my tiring hand or his alcohol-numbed cock would give out first. After what seemed forever he ejaculated endlessly all over my skirt - promptly falling asleep on top of me.

I couldn't get any leverage to push him off me, or to slide out from under him, and he wasn't about to wake up - I was fairly stuck where I was barely able to breath. About a century later Tina and Billy West found us by my feeble cries for help, she was looking for me to say goodbye to our guests, and with difficulty they pulled him up sufficiently - so I could scurry out from under him.

I wiped most of the yuck from my dress and sleeping hand, bid our guests goodbye, and never fully lived it down. And yes, I had the dress dry cleaned immediately, and donated it to the Salvation Army pick up box when it was returned from the cleaners. Regardless, years later, even Jennifer kidded me about it. I can tell you I was much, much more careful with whom I was alone with after that.

School was increasingly challenging for us, during our sophomore year, I carried twenty-one credits, and Tina carried eighteen. We spent a lot of time traveling between the campuses of the three universities, but we used most of that to study. Jennifer had special lights and writing surfaces installed in the limo's to accommodate our need. In addition Jennifer was constantly bringing us into the decision making process at Hayes, we sat silently in presentations and meetings, and then hashed them out in private with Jennifer.

Increasingly I noticed she would accept our recommendations. However, I was never sure if we prevailed over her actual opinions, as she was not above taking a contrary view just to draw us out. I was far better making analytical decisions based on objective facts, while Tina was devastatingly accurate in her appraisal of people, especially as her own self confidence increased. She was especially accurate reading men's body language, teaching me a lot and amazing Jennifer in the process. We worked out a series of surreptitious signals between ourselves, so Jennifer and I could benefit from Tina's insight in real time.

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