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Rebecca's Revenge - Part 3
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Chapter 12 - The Wait

For time is the longest distance between two places.

Tennessee Williams (1914-83)
Tina and I routinely worked out, our typical session included the machines in the mansion's gym, in addition we did aerobics following a tape, we practiced ballroom style dancing together, then we showered and swam a mile in the large heated indoor pool. Through experimentation, we discovered a snug one-piece bathing suit with a panty shield over my suitably arranged male equipment looked best, and told no stories. The silicone breast pads purchased for Thanksgiving provided a totally believable figure. Tina wore brief two-piece suits and was gorgeous.

We went to our room to change for dinner and she gave me a relaxing bubble bath. I protested that it was her turn, but she insisted she enjoyed bathing me. After mutual lotion we dressed for diner, Jennifer had left a message with Mrs. Hammer, that we would be having company for a dinner party starting about eight, and to wear something special.

Dinner with actual guests would be another first for me, we used evening makeup, and Tina arranged dickey and his two friends. To my amazement my testicles could be tucked up into my body, dickey pulled between my legs and held in place with a snug thong. It wasn't uncomfortable and totally necessary tonight. We wore strapless merry widows to give me some shape with sheer red stockings, Tina's shape in the merry widow is super fine, great God, but she was beautiful. We were wearing new;
lipstick red, long sheath cashmere dresses over long matching silk full slips. To make it interesting mine was worn off the right shoulder and Tina's off the left. We each wore long finger less matching red gloves, three-inch red pumps, and with some of Jennifer's diamond jewelry, we were a treat to the eye. I just hoped Jennifer wouldn't think the outfit was too old for a fifteen-year-old; we must have agonized over that for ten seconds in the store while making our purchase.

We decided, after practicing the stairs in the tight long skirts and heels, to wait in the bedroom, and then make a dramatic entrance when Jennifer and her guests arrived. Tina said the thong subtly separated and shaped my behind, making it nice and feminine as well as rendering dickey and his two hiding friends completely unnoticeable.

While we waited, Tina tortured me by describing what she had planned for bed tonight, knowing full well Dickey had nowhere to move. I had no idea how her teasing now would build my desire for her during dinner, and after in the drawing room. Tina did, Tina could be a devil!

Finally, Mrs. Hammer called saying the limo had just pulled up. We waited at the top of the stairs. As the door opened and the guests filled in, I said in a voice that would carry, "We will be right down Jennifer." With everybody looking, we glided downstairs.

Jennifer had a pleased and happy smile when she greeted me with a kiss and speaking softly so only I could hear, "Very dramatic, I love you Becky." Then she kissed Tina, with a brief message that lit up Tina's eyes.

The guests were from France and worked for Ravlon there, they were staying overnight here, and Giles would take them to Kennedy in the morning. There they would catch a flight to Toronto for a few days prior to returning to France. Tina spoke French fluently and I made the effort even though my French accent was atrocious, however I stuck with it all night and Tina said I improved as the night went on. Jennifer was pleased that I remembered the issues regarding disagreements between Ravlon divisions, and without being overt (I hoped); I supported all of her positions. Jennifer called it a night about eleven, as her guests had an early flight.

As we were going upstairs Tina said, "Christ I'm glad their wives were with them, they were raping us with their eyes all night."

"Is that what that was, I just thought they were just warm."

"Get with it girl, I know you have no interest in them, but you have to know the signs to keep them on a tight leash." Tina was only two years older then me, but she sure was much older in experience, I guess some girls are born with 'it.'

Once in our room we slowly undressed each other, it was so very erotic as dickey was only released after everything was hung up, then the thong was removed - at long last. Tina was anxiously looking forward to tonight as well, her period was over today and pussy was sorely in need of loving attention.

She climaxed twice in the first five minutes, after that, we settled into a mostly sixty-nine love play, and by midnight I had climaxed twice and Tina at least four more major times. We quickly sponged, powdered, and put on nighties, falling asleep minutes later in each other's arms.

Jennifer slept late, exhausted by her first full week back at work, and I brought up her breakfast tray to her, after bidding her guests' good-bye for her. Jody was back, but I gave Jennifer her bath anyhow. As I was sponging her she said, "Becky dearest, I hope you know how much happiness you have brought me."

"I certainly hope so, in case you haven't noticed I'm so very happy, you couldn't do more for me. See I told you; our real lives began five weeks ago. You are my real mother, and I hope I am a real daughter to you."

"In that dress last night I had no doubt, and you handled our guests with mature grace and charm."

"Don't forget I am thirty now." I said with a sly grin.

"How do you figure that?"

"I'm fifteen as you see me, right?


"And Nicholas is fifteen, right?"


"He is inside of me. Just add it up, his fifteen plus mine equals thirty!"

Shaking her head in agreement, "I suspect that there is more to that then just jest."

Then while I dried her, applied her lotion, and helped her pick out an outfit saying, "I hope I didn't embarrass you with my attempt at French last night."

"Not at all, it was charming."

"Thank God."

"The French are very impressed when Americans use their language - it's important to them and most of us just don't bother. I will see you get practice by bringing more foreign guests home. We have a lot of foreign employees, regardless of what Mike thought, Ravlon is only a small piece of 'Hayes Holding.'" It took a moment, but I realized she was talking about her late husband Mike Ravlon. "What other languages would you like to practice?"

"Only Spanish, besides the ever popular Latin and classic Greek I haven't taken any others."

"Take Russian and German if you get a chance, Chinese and Japanese will be helpful too."

"I'll make every effort mother."

Even though the prevailing fashion seemed to be pants for all, Jennifer thought girls should not slouch around looking like smaller versions of the boys they were with. Fortunately, Tina and I agreed, so all attired in long warm dresses and coats, we went shopping at the Short Hills Mall, that is as soon as Giles returned from Kennedy.

From the mall, we were driven to my weekly doctors appointment. Sandra said I was doing fine after examining my blood work, gave me two shots and a changed in the pills I was taking. She asked, "When did you ejaculate last?"

"This morning."

"And before that?"

"Last night."

"That explains this result, in the future please don't ejaculate for twenty four hours prior to leaving a semen sample here, we can't get a reliable semen count if you do." She almost hid her grin at my dismay.

I reported that so far, I could see no effects, but at least my voice hadn't changed. She noticed my breast were in the stage prior to budding, I commented that they were tender, but privately I attributed that to Tina's wonderful attention.

On Sunday, Jennifer had invited two-dozen neighbors and close friends over for a hunt (less the fox) breakfast; Jennifer took my arm and reintroduced me to everyone as her daughter. I sensed a note of pride in her voice and I redoubled my efforts to live up to her expectations. I purposefully hadn't thought of it, but what if my test results disappointed her. After all the effort she expended on my behalf, it wasn't a pleasant thought.

The school uniform was to be worn Monday through Thursday and had two approved forms. One with navy slacks and the other with a knee length pleated navy skirt to be worn interchangeably with a white blouse and navy blazer. A beret, detachable lining navy raincoat, navy two inch pumps or black and white Oxfords and ankle white socks
(stockings/pantyhose optional) completed the outfit. We tried both and settled for the skirt version with a silk charmeuse full slip underneath, stocking with the pumps. Tina's logic was the most girls would opt for slacks, the silk slip would make the skirt drape and move noticeably differently, and the expensive sheer stockings and pumps would showcase my legs.

In other words, I would have my own unique, very classy look; she bet me if I were consistent, many girls would copy it by school's end. I didn't share Becky's need to conform, and knew from the male point of view, a nicely filled skirt and stockings was generally preferable to loose fitting slacks.

I couldn't help it; I was a nervous wreck as Tina dropped me off at school Monday morning. Sitting outside Ms. Welch's office in my new uniform, I almost started biting my nicely manicured nails. Instead I sat ramrod straight, knees glued or demurely crossed, with my hands crossed on my lap watching the teachers who administered my tests last week march in and out, one after the other. All except Ms. Ackins, the advanced math and science teacher, barely glanced at me, but she smiled warmly.

When I was finally called in an hour later, Ms. Welch smiled, stood up, and shook my hand saying, "Welcome to the senior class at The Academy. Ms. Barrett in room 2A is waiting for you to select a schedule, good luck."

'Christ, after all that anxiety, that's all?'

I had memorized the floor plan of the school, so I went directly to room 2A without asking anyone directions and knocked.

"Come in. The doors open."

I smiled, "Ms. Barrett, I'm Rebecca Marie Hayes-Ravlon, but everybody calls me Becky, pleased to meet you." I extended my hand.

She held it warmly saying, "Come in and sit down Becky, it's a pleasure to meet you. You may not know it, but you have been the topic of conversation in the faculty room for the past week."

"Should I be flattered or am I back in deep snow again?" Looking worried
(no acting required.)

"You should be flattered, with a little tact I think you will be very happy here. You will find the atmosphere far more open than St. Mary's, however; you will find biases here as well. They are different, but very strongly held."

"I will make a sincere effort to fit in, please tell me how I did last week, I was so worried I barely ate over the weekend." Hyperbole, but I certainly was concerned.

"You had no reason to be concerned. You tested exceptionally well. I won't kid you; you have the highest IQ and trial SAT results in the history of the school, that's another reason I think you will fit in well. If you have little problem with your studies, you will be able to concentrate on the social skills we attempt to teach. Everybody knew Nicola, and she was very popular, if her charm runs in the family you're home free." I smiled wistfully (I hoped,) then looked serious.

"Her death was tragic and an awful shock to me. I don't know if you know it or not, but Nicholas and I grew up with Nicola from infancy. Nicholas and I were twins and Jennifer had Nicola two days before we were born, we always considered ourselves triplets and did everything together, that is until we were ten and my stepmother decided Nicholas and I would be better educated in boarding schools." I said bitterly (no acting required.)

"You don't have to tell me, but why did she split you up?"

"A week after mom died, hours after we were born, daddy moved us all in with Jennifer, she is his twin sister. We didn't see him a lot; as he was a photojournalist, he traveled all the time. Daddy remarried when we were just ten, we were taken from Jennifer to live with Alexis and dad in her Manhattan apartment. We were a real shock to Alexis and clipped her wings, so two months later we were sent to different boarding schools, totally a black event."

"How do you feel about living with Jennifer now?"

"Great, she has adopted me officially, I have always thought of her as my mother and now she legally is, and no one can yank me away from her again. I just have a real hole in my heart as Nicola and Nicholas isn't here, they would be just as pleased. I can't tell you how very close we all were."

"Thank you for sharing, I will keep it to myself. Let's discuss your schedule."

I selected advanced college math, physics, and physical chemistry, Ms. Barrett said there were only a few students enrolled in these advanced classes, and I would receive close individual attention. I took college French and English, and introductory Russian and German in addition to Social Studies, etiquette, drama, debating and poise.

"Are you sure you can handle all this?"

I smiled, "I sure hope so, but if I find myself in a snow drift I will ask for relief. You will be the first to know!"

"Just don't wait too long, if you drop something in the first few weeks it won't be on your permanent record. I have asked one of our brighter seniors, Dorothy Baker, to be your hostess the first week or two; she will show you the ropes. You are lucky, this is the last school week before Christmas, and we go on vacation for ten days starting Wednesday."

We chatted a bit until Dotty knocked. I shook hands with Ms. Barrett, thanked her warmly for her consideration, and left with Dotty holding my hand. We started visiting my future classes, knocked and Dotty introduced me to my future teachers, most were familiar to me from administrating my tests. They in turn introduced me to each girl in the room; I smiled and made an effort to remember everyone's names, and the information they told of themselves by way of introduction. At lunch I met many other girls and amazed Dotty with my memory for names and details, she said, "Your nickname should be Politician."

"Please no, I really prefer to be called Becky."

"Ok, but you should be. My dad is a senator in DC and I know all about these things."

"Wow, I haven't even visited there." I had, but Jennifer suggested that I leave lots of openings for conversation and invitations.

The talk at lunch was about the senior Christmas/New Years dance a week from Saturday, something I dreaded as Jennifer said I must also get experience with dealing with boys as a girl. So, I dropped the fact that Tina and I didn't know many boys here, and was open to suggestions for a possible date. After lunch, I picked up all my books, stowed them in my assigned locker, and visited more classes with Dotty.

I was concerned about the crowded ladies room between classes with its many open stalls, but Tina had spent hours watching while I practiced peeing. The skirt helped hide the deed, it is an art to slip the tip of my penis from the confines of the thong, pee, and tuck it back while giving the impression I was wiping my pussy.

I was amazed, a month ago, I would have gone into sensory overload with all the girls doing intimate things in close proximity, but now it seemed normal, and unless I deliberately considered them erotically, I wasn't aroused in the slightest. Tina was very glad to hear that, but it was not surprising as she made sure dickey was well tamed each and every morning
- except doctor days.

Makeup was second nature by now, and I checked it and touched it up on a regular basis. Likewise checking that my hair and clothes were arranged properly - and making sure my bra was straight, I had learned to use a dab of spirit gum. Otherwise, with no real breasts to anchor it, if I moved too freely they tended to move about. Every time I looked in a mirror I felt warm inside, it was as if Becky was here with me. She visited me several times over the weeks at night, and she insisted that she was with me during each day - and was enjoying our going to school together.

Tina picked me up and we gave Dotty a ride home, which saved her mother a trip. Dotty insisted we come in and we met her mother and brothers, we stayed for tea, and on the drive home I told Tina all about my day. During that discussion, I discovered she had never attended school, I couldn't believe it, as she was so knowledgeable and poised. She said Jennifer and before her others, had arranged for tutors for her.

School the next two days was easy, there was a mother and daughter tea on Wednesday afternoon, and I was surprised and pleased Jennifer made it. She was surprised and pleased as I brought her around and introduced her to all the girls by name, and they their mothers to Jennifer.

Chapter 13 - Boys and Things

Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn't matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.

Anthony Hope [Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins] (1863-1933)

That Wednesday night I had my first date with a boy. He had called several times in the afternoon, and after exercise with Tina, I gritted my teeth and returned his call telling him I would be pleased to go. That is if he could get a date for Tina. To my dismay, he called back twenty minutes later, saying they would be by at eight, and we discussed what movie to see.

Over dinner I found Tina was even more reluctant to date than I, it was only after Jennifer gave us her cell phone for Tina's purse that she agreed to go. Jennifer was quite firm, we had to learn to handle boys without pissing them off, and without giving them our bodies. Quite mater-of-factly she added, "If they are too hot, cool them off by masturbating them with your hand, its better then the alternatives." Both Tina and I paled at the thought.

Back in the room, Tina showed me the fastest way, quickly rubbing at the base of the penis. It relieved the pent up pressure from the day all right and was amazingly quick, but nothing I'd like to make a habit of. How the hell does she know so much about this stuff? When I asked again she kissed me sweetly and said, "One day I'll tell you all about it."

Actually, both Mike Martian and Paul Schroeder were perfect gentlemen, pretty much as I would have been two months ago. Tina thought they were handsome and that we made an attractive pair of couples. We went to see "Something About Mary" at the mall cinema; it was a very funny move and a little risqué. After the movie, over a hamburger in the local diner, Mike shyly asked if we would like to join a dance class at the local community college they attended.

He explained, they had to have dates that would commit to a three-hour class one evening a week, and a diner dance at the end of the school year. He admitted ruefully that nobody else agreed to attend with them. All the girls told them that they either danced well enough now, or didn't want to admit they couldn't. We said we would get back to them.

I was afraid to tell Jennifer, I knew damn well what she would say, and she did. I called Mike and said we would be pleased to take dance classes with he and Paul. Actually after doing an aerobic exercise tape after vigorous exercise each day, Tina had been teaching me to dance. She was very good, and was taking the boys part to acclimatize me to following. We really liked real slow dirty dancing together in leotards and tights, and found our sweaty musk was very arousing, mutually very arousing!

The Christmas vacation was very full for me. I read all my texts for the year and did three assignments; thank God for the speed-reading courses, Jennifer had Becky and I attend during my eighth grade summer vacation. We did Christmas shopping for the entire staff at Jennifer's request, she had purchased many gifts over the year, but she wanted to make sure everybody received at least one from us. We also purchased dozens of popular toys for both boys and girls for the staff with children. I felt funny using her charge card for her presents, but she said that's foolish as money wasn't a consideration, the selection of the gift was what counted - not too much pressure.

Christmas morning found the staff and us opening an embarrassment of gifts. Jennifer's favorite gift was a gold statuette (over a pound of solid twenty two karat gold) of a mother and two little girls, I had it engraved "Dearest Jennifer, This marks the start of the first year of our lives together, your loving daughters, Becky & Tina - Christmas 1998."

Jennifer was very even handed and gave Tina and I each exactly the same gifts. An array of fine jewelry, a Platinum American express card in our own name, a PCS cell phones with distress alarm, and a loaded personal computer. The PC came with Internet access and private phone lines
(installed while we were out) in our room. Giles and Mack Coles, the lead gardener, brought the PC's up to our room and brought a table and chairs down from the attic. Before we went to bed Christmas day I had them operational, networked together, and hooked to the Internet.

The main gift Tina and I gave to each other was each other, and real diamond engagement rings. We had purchased them separately and neither of us knew what the other was getting. Surprisingly we chose similar one caret designs set in platinum, for now we only wore them in our rooms, but Tina thought they would be an effective foil from unwanted masculine attentions in the future.

Jennifer was very demanding of me in a very nice polite way, and of Tina by virtue of her proximity to me, much, much more so then she had been with Nicola and Becky. Shrouded in silk, there was a core of steel in that woman, fortunately both Tina and I viewed her demands as a challenge and enjoyed meeting, for the most part exceeding her expectations.

I found that I enjoyed answering challenges as a girl would; it was ever so much nicer then the locker room's crude demands and responses I was accustomed to. The brothers tended to be very 'macho,' I always thought to offset the fact they wore robes.

Tina and I went in with Jennifer to her work two days, during one we attended an all day board meeting, she had us sit next to her at the conference table. That really opened my eyes to Jennifer in action - she was Chairman of the Board, and without being bitchy, she left no doubt in anyone's mind she was back on top of the game. We said nothing in the meeting, but passed a few notes, spoke candidly while alone in her office, ladies room, and limo - we both commented on everything and everyone. Tina showed Jennifer her devastating ability to read people, and I could tell Jennifer was looking at her in a whole new way after that day.

Tina and I attended the school dance on the Saturday after Christmas with Mark and Peter, the older brothers of Peggy Marsh, one of the four girls in my three back-to-back morning technical science classes. As '40s big band was the rage then, we wore dresses with stiff crinolines, pantyhose, and fancy panties made to be seen while jitterbugging - complete with bobby sox and oxfords. It really was fun.

After the dance, they got a little frisky on the way home, with a bottle of Vodka and expectations of sex, but they responded well to a no-nonsense approach on both counts. Tina 'high fived' me and we let out a joyful victory yell as soon as we closed the door to our room.

Chapter 14 - One Hell of a Good Friday

Perhaps catastrophe is the natural human environment, and even though we spend a good deal of energy trying to get away from it, we are programmed for survival amid catastrophe.

Germaine Greer (b. 1939)1

The weeks flew by and soon it was Easter break, the only constant was our loving and grooming each other at least two hours each day. In the interest of time we alternated days giving the bath, but applied lotion to each other every night. I drew up plans for a hot tub installation big enough for the two of us, waiting only for an opportunity to ask Jennifer when she was in a particularly good mood. We made love for at least a half-hour most nights before sleep, and Tina milked dickey in the most delightful ways mornings, effectively eliminating embarrassing problems with him.

Jennifer dined with us most evenings, and I shared with her my experiences at school. However between Tina's advice and Becky's comments I had little need for her intervention, for her part she didn't offer unsolicited advice, but rather enjoyed my experiences vicariously - exactly as I remember her enjoying Nicola and Becky's.

Becky continued to 'visit' me at night, and began to offer helpful advice on dealing with some of the girls at school. You may think me crazy, but I felt then as now, it really is she and not a trick of my imagination.

My breasts were budding and particularly sensitive, Tina thought that they were at least 'A' size. I purchased new silicon-padded bras that took advantage of my new fullness, and discontinued the spirit gum as unnecessary. I could competently do my own hair by now, but we alternated doing each other's hair because we enjoyed fussing over each other, I did my day makeup completely on my own. Tina was only an inch taller than I was, and we could share many outfits, a good thing as the closet was overflowing again - I drew up plans to fix that too. I planned to make my old room, which was adjacent to Becky's, a computer/sitting room, and break through the baths and closets to super size them.

As Giles was taking Jennifer to Kennedy from work, Tina drove me to Fort Lee for my appointment with Sandra. Sandra spent considerable time examining my testicles, which seemed a bit swollen to her eye. Tina was in the room when Sandra asked if I still wanted to continue as Becky, without hesitation I said yes. Tina helped with my weekly sperm sample, and Sandra let it drop that in addition to analyzing the semen for irregularities, the bulk of it was being cryogenically frozen against the off chance I develop a problem with my testicles.

We decided to stop at a fine Italian restaurant in Fort Lee for supper; we were on our own as Jennifer was on her way to France on a business trip. It was a romantic place, with candle lit tables placed far enough apart for privacy. After a fine dinner, we were discussing the storage of my semen when I asked Tina, "Do you think in the future you might want to have my child?"

"Very much so, but I might have a tough time, I had internal damage years ago. You know how irregular and spotty my period is. But recently I've been told that medical science has advanced, and with care, I probably can conceive and carry a baby to full term. Becky, are you really serious about this?"

"Yes, I plan to spend my life with you, and I would love to raise children with you. I am wealthy in my own rite, so we can do what ever we wish, even though I'm sure Jennifer would approve. I do want to finish college before raising a family though."

"Really, you are planning that far ahead?

"Of course, you must know that I really love you by now."

"Yes, but you are young, your perspective might change in a few years."

"I can't see the future, but you should know me by now - I'm pretty steady and dependable."

We finished dessert and still starry eyed, we walked to our car, which was parked toward the back of the restaurant's parking lot.

Suddenly two ruffians accosted us, brandishing knives and demanding our money. I only had ten dollars, but reaching in my purse, I took it out - tripping the alarm on my phone in the process. The guy facing me wasn't satisfied and grabbed my purse, dumping it out on the ground, looking in my wallet he took the only thing of value, my American express card. The other was repeating the process with Tina who had less that fifty dollars cash.

The two looked very high on something, and a minute later, they confirmed it in my mind. The one in front of me demanded, "Bitch! What's it going to be - you give me a blowjob first, and then I fuck you? What you like, ass or cunt?"

Taking his cue the other said, "I like to fuck the bitches the ass first, then have them lick my cock clean and give me a blow job. That way my dick doesn't itch much afterwards."

I could see Tina begin to struggle, so I thought real fast. If I have access to his balls and prick, I can do all sorts of damage to him. I smiled and said, "I love it up the ass, then do my cunt - let me make you real hard and then it will be wet enough for a really good ass fuck. Give me some pleasure too and I'll give you the fuck of your life. Ok?"

"Yo, this bitch is hot for me. What you say bitch, you do me good. We get high together after."

I nodded yes and smiled.

Tina was struggling harder, and the bastard was really slapping her around hard, and forcing her to the ground.

I said, "You got it big guy."

The creep was shorter then me, nevertheless I squatted down and loosened his pants, pulling them and his filthy boxer shorts to his ankles. The schoolboy joke, 'a girl can run faster with her skirts up, than a man can with his pants down' came to mind, but I couldn't leave Tina. I almost threw up from the foul stench, but I heard Tina cry out in pain and steeled myself. I was surprised at Tina's panicked reaction; she was normally so knowledgeable about handling sexual situations. It was obvious it was up to me to salvage the day.

I took the flaccid thing in my mouth and grabbed his balls with both hands with my nails ready to dig in. He let out a groan of pleasure, before I bit down real hard pulling my head side to side like a dog, all the while attempting to crush his balls and rip them off. I didn't actually rip them off, but I did dig in with my nails and crush them pretty well, and I could taste the blood from his bleeding cock in my mouth.

After several seconds, the pain penetrated his drug filled mind and he let out a high scream, doubling over quickly. Waiting for just that moment, I released his cock and pushing off his crushed balls, I stood up forcibly, smashing my forehead into his face stunning him. He dropped his knife and I scooped it up stabbing him in the neck several times until he appeared unconscious. Quickly I moved over to the bastard trying to rape Tina's butt with a flaccid cock, and stabbed him repeatedly in the neck until he fell over.

Tina was unconscious and covered with the bastard's blood; shaking badly I took the better part of a minute dialing 911. Tina was coming around and I sat her up against a nearby car. A police car was there in minutes. Before they arrived I had picked up our purses and most of our things, and then I thought to call the number Jennifer had given me in case of an emergency like this. It was a little melodramatic; I gave the girl who answered the code word, no name, or anything. She identified herself with the proper code name, asked where I was and said help would be with me quickly.

The scene was self explanatory to the arriving police officer, and she called for backup and ambulances. The guy who attacked Tina was dead; the other was loosing a lot of blood from his neck and crotch. Tina was able to walk and we were taken to the emergency room in a police car to have our injuries documented. I had blood all over me, but fortunately, it was theirs. As I wasn't assaulted anally or vaginally I wasn't examined that way
- with the resulting embarrassment of having my secret revealed.

Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, a man came up to me and said, "Becky Hayes-Ravlon?"

"Yes sir."

"I'm Bob Cohen, I am a lawyer retained by your family. You are a minor aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm fifteen, nearly sixteen."

"What happened?"

"We just finished dinner together at the restaurant and were approaching our car to drive home. Two thugs accosted us and demanded our money. We only had sixty dollars cash between us and it angered them. They were high on something and decided to rape us right there in the parking lot. Tina struggled right off, and her assailant beat her up pretty bad, look she still is in shock." Tina was slouched in a chair, her left hand held mine, but she was starring straight-ahead, still waiting for care.

"Just a minute, I'll be right back."

He went up to the emergency room nurse and spoke to her, he raised his voice, and she shrugged her shoulders picking up the phone. She gave it to him, he dialed, and he spoke for a minute or two, handed her the phone back, and came over to me.

"I just expedited some real attention for Christine, please continue."

"The guy accosting me demanded that I suck his cock before he raped me, I agreed, once I had his pants down I bit his cock real hard and I tried real hard to rip his balls off. He bent over in pain, and I rammed my forehead into his face stunning him momentarily. He dropped his knife and I picked it up and stabbed him, I think in the back and neck, I think several times. Then I stabbed the other guy in the neck until he stopped hurting Tina and called 911. Oh yeah, I triggered the emergency signal on my PCS phone when this all started."

Doctors and nurses started to cluster around Tina now, and it looked like she was getting care at last.

He looked at me shaking his head saying, "Goddamn, you are a regular tigress. Let me make sure the police investigation is done right." He made several calls on his cell phone. "It looks like Tina is coming around, I want to make sure her injuries are properly documented."

He talked to several doctors and came back, "Becky he do any damage to you?"

"Nothing major, I didn't start resisting until I could really hurt him."

"How did you know what to do?"

"I had a boyfriend once who told me."

"He was a trusting soul."

"He was nice, he would never touch a girl mean like that, besides I was only twelve at the time." Actually, I had told Becky what to do, my karate teacher had told me.

We stayed overnight at the hospital and I insisted we be put in the same room. Tina was sedated, but I sat in a chair by her bed holding her hand all night falling asleep near dawn.

It was embarrassing as my tits were so small, but I was photographed from the waist up, and surprisingly I had many bruises on my arms, neck, and face. I guess the ones on my face were self-inflicted from when I smashed my forehead into the creep's face. Tina woke up sore, but feeling much better.

Bob Cohen came in a little while later and we told him we wanted to go home. He made some calls and while we were waiting to be discharged he said, "Becky your mother has been notified and is cutting her trip short, she will be home today. I have called your house and Giles is coming for you, don't worry about the car, someone will drive it home for you. A security camera recorded the whole attack, and it verifies your story fully, as does other physical evidence. You may have to appear before a judge, but in any event, it is a clear case of self-defense, and you have nothing to worry about. I have taken steps with the court to insure your names will remain confidential. Do you have any questions?"

"Last night someone said I killed one of them, is that true?"

"Actually both assailants are dead, the hospital missed a spinal injury on your attacker. Don't worry, as I said it is clearly a case of self defense."

"That really isn't the point, I took two lives. I got to live with that the rest of my life."

"Don't worry, the memory will fade, if it helps it is exactly like you were a soldier protecting your loved ones. Those two were high on a mixture of speed and cocaine; it was saturating their blood. In addition, they were facing a third felony conviction. I believe they probably would have killed you after they raped you, if you hadn't stopped them."

Tina put her hand on my shoulder, "He is right you know, that guy beat the shit out of me, and that was when he wanted sex from me, I'm sure he would have killed me after. Dead witnesses tell no tales."

Before we left the hospital two police detectives and two men from the DA's office took individual detailed statements from us, Bob Cohen was present at mine, and another lawyer from Mr. Cohen's office was present for Tina's. When I was through Bob took me aside and said, "Becky, I'm your lawyer and need to know the absolute truth, did you fabricate or omit anything in your statement - no matter how small?"

I looked down and then looked directly into his eyes saying, "Yes, I didn't tell those guys that I made my attacker think, heck I told him I wanted sex with him. He was going to fuck me anyway, and I needed to get a clear shot at his cock and balls if I was going to overcome him, he was obviously high on something so I figured a simple kick wouldn't do. So I told him I would suck his cock so it would be big, hard and wet, so he could give me a good fucking. I'm not very proud of that."

"Becky, are you a virgin?"

"I've never had sex with a man!"

"Ok, I believe you - and it's between us, nobody else has to know what you actually said to that thug. That information doesn't change anything, you were intelligently fighting for your life, and the world is a better place with those low life's gone."

I didn't know it at the time, but it was the DA, not an assistant, who interrogated me. Another man came in and conferred with the DA. At the time, I didn't know he was the responsible judge. He said we were free to go, and that no charges would be filed.

Years later, Jennifer told me about the following conversation.

Jennifer: "I'm over the Atlantic, anything I should know?"

"Yes, they each had twenty five hundred in cash in their pockets, and at least a thousand in drugs on their person."


"One died of his wounds on the scene, the other was wounded, but the doctor believes he actually was poisoned by something sophisticated in the drugs. It might be a few days before we know exactly what. Officially he died of his wounds."

"God dammit Charley! Where the hell were their watchers?"

"In the hospital, a truck slammed into the side of their car. Hit and run."

"That's perfect, just wonderful. Look I was foolish, don't be subtle, protect her!"

"I'll take the necessary steps."

"Thank you, I'll be in touch."

Chapter 15 - Consequences and Benefits

For every life and every act Consequence of good and evil can be shown And as in time results of many deeds are blended So good and evil in the end become confounded.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)

Giles drove us home and left immediately to pick up Jennifer. Tina was still shaken, and I was introspective, but we sought comfort holding one another and occasionally kissing. We were kissing when Jennifer walked in the room and gasped at my bruised face, she took one look at Tina and said, "Christ they weren't exaggerating. Becky dearest, please come with me for a few minutes, we must talk. Tina honey, I won't keep her long." I straightened my dress and took a few licks at my hair, and followed Jennifer.

We went into Jennifer's sitting room off her bedroom and sat on a love seat facing one another. First, she asked, "Becky are you ok, I mean is that superficial, or do you need additional medical care?"

"Its superficial, looks lots worse than it is - you should see the other guy."

Jennifer didn't laugh, "How about Tina?"

"The hospital said she could go home, but I think she should be examined by a good doctor. I think she may have been anally penetrated, the guy was trying anyway, however I don't believe he could have ejaculated."

"I will see to that when we are through, now tell me, just what happened - leave nothing out."

I did, completely and honestly.

"Becky, don't misinterpret this, I'm not clipping your wings in any meaningful way, but I want you to accept security. I have purchased another armored limo and Giles has retained two more of his buddies from the SAS to drive and escort you wherever you go. Even on dates with boys they will follow discretely in less conspicuous cars."

"That was just a random event, aren't you overreacting?"

"No, not where your safety is concerned, do you have any other objections?"

"No, and that's not really an objection. I really would have appreciated help last night. Actually, I am grateful for the added protection, after all this is the second time I've been attacked. However, you are more exposed than I. Shouldn't you have the two bodyguards?"

"Becky dearest, I always have at least four armed bodyguards in addition to Giles close by. You see they can be very inconspicuous. Four of the gardeners are armed security guards also. You are the most precious person in the world to me, and I will protect you in every way possible. Now run along to Tina, she needs you right now. I don't have to tell you, but be extra gentle with her."

Tina and I lay down again together on the bedspread, and without intending to, we drifted off to sleep. About midnight I was awakened by Jennifer gently shaking me, "Please wake up, you and Tina come downstairs, and we will take her for a through examination."

At the hospital Tina was given a full body MRI and a full internal examination. No recent damage was observed to her rectum, and the verdict was she hadn't been recently penetrated. Her assailant had gonorrhea and was filthy, as was mine, but it was unlikely Tina contracted a disease. They shot us full of antibiotics and gave us pills to take for ten days.

Jennifer took me aside and asked, "Becky, I need to know. In your sexual relations do you ever penetrate Tina, either anally or vaginally?"

"No, never with my penis, she says she wouldn't enjoy that."

"Do you penetrate it with anything else?"

"God but this is embarrassing, but yes, I often penetrate her vagina with my tongue."

"I'm sorry Becky dear, if it's any help, I am very pleased with your candor. I would never use it against you or Tina."

I wasn't privy to it at the time, but Jennifer spoke to Sandra the next morning.

"How is Becky doing Sandra?"

"As well as can be expected, we need to make a very decision soon. Her testicles are beginning to react badly to the levels of estrogen and progesterone in her body."

"Are you sure the operation won't impair her ability to achieve organism?"

"Nothing is a hundred percent certain, but the odds are against it. I saw the two of them together yesterday, I suspect they will work it out - they are obviously in love."

"Did you hear about last night?"

"The attempted rape?"

"Yes, specifically will the loss of testosterone reduce Becky's ability to defend herself?"

"Effectively, she has almost no testosterone circulating in her blood now, from the hospital reports I read she fought like a enraged woman. She almost ripped her assailant's cock and balls off, with her teeth and nails - I mean off. Believe me, she is a real wild cat. I can send you photos from the creep's postmortem if you like, they very clearly show how not to do the operation."

"No thanks. You really believe the operation is now or never if she is to remain looking like a pretty girl?"

"Look I can't keep giving her the estrogen and other hormone levels I am for much longer, either we let nature masculinize her, or remove her testicles - and soon."

"Will children of her own be possible?"

"Yes we have sufficient semen in cryogenic storage in three separate facilities as you specified, the spermatozoa count is satisfactory."

"Will the operation be painful for her?"

"There is very little if any pain, the procedure takes eight hours because we seek to salvage every nerve and destroy or mangle none. When all is said and done, she will feel sensations where her testicles were; very similar to what you feel when your vaginal lips are stimulated. For best results Tina has to be instructed how to best help bring those sensations out in a pleasurable way. Becky's penis will retain its sensitivity and ability to harden - which is a function of the prostate and that will remain. We will also weaken the muscle at the base of the penis, doing that will allow the penis lay more comfortably between her legs when flaccid, but not affect its functioning adversely. That should heal in the few days she is sedated. In the future we will monitor her hormone levels and provide all the needed female hormones, and even include carefully measured amounts of testosterone local to the prostrate."

"You better not mess up my Becky, you know what is riding on this for you?"

"Yes, with that in mind I suggest that next Friday we will discover the operation's necessity, and do it here on Saturday, if all goes well she will be home by the following Saturday."

"See that it does go well."

Jennifer hung up the phone and looked out her window thinking, 'God I hope I'm doing the right thing by her. Is this a sane thing to do to Nicholas? Christ he loves me so much and is so damned competent, is it the right thing to do? Just because Mike's gonads caused such evil, it doesn't follow Nicholas's will.' She sat thoughtfully for quite awhile, finally resolving, 'I just can't take a chance on my successor, its to damn important now. Becky does make a perfect young lady, and I do believe she's really enjoying her new life. She will have an edge in the future that even I don't have.'

Chapter 16 - The Day She Told Me All About It

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

Hebrew Bible

Easter Monday night found us cuddling, "Tina I have to ask you something that's been bothering me."

"What's that love?"

"When I squatted down in front of that thug and took his cock into my mouth, I never felt so degraded and disgusted in my life. I almost threw up, and I don't think the foul taste has left my mouth yet. I've been worried; does it disgust, and make you feel degraded to take mine into your mouth? You know you don't have to do it if it does."

"No silly, I savor you and enjoy every minute, I love you and giving you pleasure gives me pleasure - besides most of the time you are returning the favor to clitey at the same time. You don't feel degraded doing that for me, do you?"

"No, not at all I feel as if we are one, closer than one, its true ecstasy. I love you."

I had just kissed Tina when she sighed and said, "I must tell you the truth Becky, you are getting far too attached to me to go blindly forward, you need the facts, and if you want to break up I will understand."

I kissed her again and said, "Tell me what you must."

"You always ask me how I know so much about sex, this is the ugly truth. From the time I was six or seven I worked in a very high-class whorehouse, I was a whore. Mostly I assisted the older whores, there are men who like to look at naked children, touch them, pose them, and have them sit on them, do disgusting things to them. Because I was very beautiful the house used me to stimulate the man's imagination, and then an older whore, or I'm very ashamed to say, a more expendable child would finish him off. By watching and later by doing, I learned every way to get a man or a woman off.

When I was just twelve, Mike, Jennifer's husband took my physical virginity; I believe he paid twenty thousand dollars to do it. For some perverted reason he fell in love with me and kept me under guard in an apartment he maintained for the purpose. Most of the time he was very good to me, didn't touch me sexually, and arranged for tutors to come to the apartment to educate me, that's how I learned French and German, not to mention dance, English, history and math. On the nice days he was with me he would alternately speak in English, French, or German, so I became proficient, on those days he was like a wonderful caring father. About once each month or so he became a perverted monster for a day or two, he and his friends also molested young boys - going so far as to kill some of them. They would penetrate me in every way hurting me terribly, which is why even now, even with you; I can't bear the thought of penetration.

Two, maybe three years ago, I don't remember exactly, but I was about your age - Mike died while penetrating me anally, they tell me that I was pinned under him for over an hour. Many things that happened that night, and other nights, are too horrible for me to remember. My rational mind has blocked them out, even now. Somehow, the house took me away from the police after the ambulances left, it seems Mike was only renting me, and as I was no longer a virgin, I was immediately made to service very wealthy men and every now and then a woman. The doctors later said I was in shock for that month while they made me do it, I only remember it as a dream, a very bad dream.

About a month after Mike died, Jennifer came to the house with five very tough men led by Giles. They badly hurt the house's managers and rescued me. I believe she took other steps, but I don't know the details, in any event, I wasn't bothered again.

It seems Jennifer found and read a diary Mike kept detailing his perversions, when she read about me, she decided to rescue me and have me live here. I saw the diary, and the two monsters that shared Mike's perversions are named Goldman and Schwartz, but Giles says we can't be sure they are their real names. However, over a year later, Giles told me he was sure the attack on you and Kyle was in retaliation for rescuing me. Most disturbing, the monster that masterminded your attack, and one of the managers from the whorehouse, is still free.

Jennifer gave me twenty million dollars, which is invested for me, and told me I was free to stay or leave, but no matter what I had a home with her here forever. I never had a rare blood disease, I was seeing a psychiatrist - that morning we met by the pond was the turning point for me, the talk we had gave me a reason to live.

Nicola, Becky when she was home, and I became fast friends, and I helped them with everything - not because I was paid, I wasn't, but because I learned to love them and Jennifer too. I never was an assistant nanny;
Jennifer made that up to explain my initial presence in the house. Unfortunately after Nicola's death, I believe Jennifer was reminded of Mike's evil whenever she saw me. I had decided to move out when your family was killed in France, but with Jennifer failing I couldn't go and leave her."

I was stroking her back as she spoke and softly kissed her bruised forehead. I started to say something, but she put her finger on my lips.

"Just a little more, your sister Becky's things were here, including all of your letters to her. I'm very sorry for invading your privacy, but I read them all more than once, and I truly fell in love with you. I became convinced that, if anyone could, your kind gentle ways could bring Jennifer out of her depression.

In talking with the long-term servants, all of whom care deeply for Jennifer, I became convinced of her distrust of men after discovering Mike's evil. I believed that distrust would prevent her from accepting meaningful help from Nicholas, but if I could convince you to impersonate Becky, she would accept help from you in that guise.

What I have told you so far is bad enough, but I doubt if you can forgive me this.

I had seen young boys turned into pretty girls in the whorehouse and knew the techniques. May God forgive me, but I used them on you. I knew from your letters that you loved and idolized me and took advantage of your love. I was blinded by the thought I was helping Jennifer who had saved me from a life of slavery. A few days after that first night I realized what harm I was doing you, but I couldn't stop - you were so right for me, as you are now. I was very selfish and knew better, it's a sin on my soul."

I began to cry thinking about Tina's life in the whorehouse and living with Mike. I clutched Tina to me not thinking how I might be hurting her bruised body. I don't know how long I cried, but I was shaken out of it when Tina started to get up. "Don't leave me, the past is done, let's live the future. There is nothing for me to forgive, I'm just grateful we found each other."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course, I love you. Tina I really, really do. If it is important to you that I be Becky, that is enough for me, and besides Jennifer is certainly better and back to her old self."

Then she started to cry with me, and sometime later, we fell asleep.

Tiny tub or not, we bathed together in the morning. We dressed and with dickey delightfully milked, we went downstairs to face the world closer then ever.

I brought Jennifer's breakfast to her telling Jody to take the morning off, and while I was bathing Jennifer, I said, "Tina told me her whole history last night, and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for her. It was a very noble and unselfish act of kindness."

"Mike hurt me so badly, he was such a bastard, Christ doing those things with children, an awful person - I was completely fooled by him. When I learned the facts I realized how much of a victim Tina was, my conscience would let me do nothing less."

As Jennifer left the tub, we were both crying and hugging each other. I finally understood why women cry together. We started with tears of rage at what was done by Mike, and went through the gamut of emotions and ended up feeling closer than we ever had - I thought we had found closure with the past. After awhile I went to our room, changed my damp dress, and reapplied my makeup before going downstairs to join them in the sunroom.

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