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The Goddess' Blessing 2
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Tracy now has the life she always wanted, but with new chances come new challenges...

The Goddess' Blessing

Part 2

By Angie "kitn" Hughes

Tracy awoke feeling very relaxed. The deep sleep Baidh had put her into, had held some... interesting dreams. Not all of them were overtly sexual, but all were about the same person.

'Baidh just doesn't give up, does she? Not that I mind...' Tracy shivered remembering some of the nicer bits of the dreams.

Getting up, Tracy brushed her teeth and took a bath, contemplating her decision. 'I told Baidh I would tell Casey how I feel today... I guess I will. But I hope she doesn't freak out, I don't want to lose her as a friend. And then there's Victor, too... What did I do to him? The guy really hates me...' Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone next to her bed.


"Hi ya, Tracy! Excited about the dance? I'm really glad you asked me to go with you."

"Oh, Casey, I was just thinking about you!"

"Oh, really?" Casey drawled, "and what were you thinking?"

Tracy spluttered for a second, before coughing out, "Um, you know, the dance tonight and all."

"Yeah, right, I believe you, really," Casey toyed with sarcasm.

"Okay, promise not to freak out? Come over here and I'll tell you what I was really thinking about."

'Okay, guess I'm committed now.'

'Trust me, it'll be okay,' Baidh added her thoughts.

"Gotcha, Trace, be there in a few minutes, I gotta dress first."

Tracy couldn't be sure, but she thought Casey sounded excited.

Tracy finished brushing her hair nervously, threw on a t-shirt and jeans, and went to the front door. The sun was just barely cresting the field to the east, and the sky had a beautiful deep blue tint. Casey walked to the door sporting a big smile.

"Come on up, Casey, I'm almost finished getting ready for school." The pair went back up to the bedroom where Baidh waited patiently on the bed. Her patience was rewarded when Casey picked her up and began softly petting her fur.

"So, um, Casey, I... was just wondering... oh, hell." Tracy almost squished Baidh leaning forward, and planted a long, passionate kiss on Casey's lips. Casey stiffened for a moment, then melted into the kiss, surprising Tracy. After a moment, they parted.

"Do you hate me now?" Tracy asked, staring at the blanket. Casey's answer was a hand gently guiding Tracy's chin up, and Casey answered aloud, "Did I say you could stop?"

Casey leaned forward this time, and Baidh hopped out of the way this time, as Casey showed Tracy just how upset she was. Tracy thought idly that Casey was a much better kisser than herself.

'See, I told you so.' Baidh had that smug look that cats always do so well.

'Shut up, you...'

"You look a little dazed, Tracy. I wonder why?" Casey looked almost as smug as Baidh.

"Ummm... Yeah..." Tracy blushed furiously

'You'd better go, or you're going to be late for school.' Baidh reminded Tracy.

"Casey? We better get going, or we're gonna be late." The two stood up and started toward the school. Tracy wondered if maybe they shouldn't be holding hands, but decided in the end it didn't matter if anyone saw them as they entered the school. She was too happy to care.

"Hey, you two, you look chipper this morning." Terra looked up from a notebook she was writing in.

"Oh, well, I just can't wait for the dance tonight. I love my dress and can't wait to show it off!" Casey quickly covered. Tracy just nodded.

Sarah finished her standard carton of milk, looking somewhat distracted, but asked in an amazing show of attention, "Tracy? Are you okay?"

By the heat, Tracy could tell without looking that her blush went farther down than the neckline of her t-shirt. "Um, I think so, just a little nervous about the dance." Tracy half-truthed.

"So anyway, who are you two going with?" Tracy silently applauded Casey's tactful change of subject.

"Well, I'm going with Curt Young, and Terra netted Jack Weiser."

"Curtis? I thought he was going with Erin!"

"No way, Casey. She just said that to try and make me jealous. We've been planning to go together for a month. He told me he wouldn't cheat on me, anyway."

"Well, Jack's a safe bet, and he's at least got a little brain to go with his cute butt."

"Yeah, well, Brad's pretty smart. And he's a LOT cuter than Jack." Sarah and Terra argued amiably, so Tracy tuned them out for a moment, just in time to catch a glare across the cafeteria from Victor.

"Casey? I'm not going to look again, but is Victor staring at me?" Tracy carefully studied a bite of something on her fork.

"No... He's emptying his tray and leaving. Why, is he being a jerk again?"

"I don't know, I just... saw him looking. It was probably nothing."

Sarah looked hard at Tracy, having caught the quiet exchange.

"Tracy, seriously. Is something wrong? You look really worried." Sarah looked pretty worried, too, as did Casey. Terra was writing in her notebook again.

"Really, it's nothing." The class bell rang and Tracy quickly stood up to return to class, thanking the too-short lunch for once.

On the way home from school, casey confronted Tracy again. "What's wrong, Tracy? I don't buy what you said at school. There's some problem with Vic, I can tell."

"It's personal, Casey I'm not sure-"

"More personal than what you told me this morning?" Casey asked pointedly.

"You wouldn't believe me."

"Try me.'

"Well, okay, I'll tell you, but I warned you, you won't believe me. Let's get to my house." Tracy gave in, she really needed to talk to someone about it anyway, someone other than a telepathic cat.

At 3:45 or so, Tracy returned home, wondering what to do about the dance. She couldn't wait for it, but one thought filled her with terror.

'What are my friends going to think when they see that I don't know how to dance?' Had she, in this new past, learned dance? It seemed likely, since a lot of cheerleading moves were based on dance moves, and she had been a cheerleader. She lay on her bed, staring blankly at a Trigonometry book, but the worry kept her from concentrating.

Turning away, she noticed her little personal altar, with its neatly arranged jars of dried herbs, copper bowl, and other various things of personal value. An errant thought suggested trying it.

"No way... Not for something so unimportant." Having said that, she turned back to her book. After a while, she managed to finish her homework.

'Baidh?' The kitten was absent, strangely. Tracy would have worried, but then again Baidh was very intelligent (telepathy aside!) and knew how to keep out of trouble, so Tracy let it be.

On a whim, Tracy dug through her music collection, finding a techno dance music CD she had burned on her dad's computer, and set it to track seven, a song by Blumchen.

"Wish upon a star, you're so near but yet so far... Don't you see the light, it shines oh so bright... Wish upon a star, you're so sweet is what you are... Too good to be true, and I'm so in love... with you!" It felt good to let go and sing at the top of her voice, no one there to listen. She tried dancing, and found it not too hard.

'Hey, this is kinda fun...' She just moved to the beat, not trying to do anything special, and it felt great!

Around five, she was interrupted in her private reverie by the ringing of the phone.


"Tracy? I'm just calling to let you know I have to work late."

"Sure, Dad, no problem."

"Well, when your Mom gets back from her class, tell her I'll be back about six- thirty, okay? Don't leave for the dance until I get there!"

"Dad, you know I'll wait for you!" Tracy laughed.

"Okay, honey, see you then.

"Bye, Dad!" Click.

'Five already? I'd better get ready!' Tracy flew into preparations for the dance, in a frenzy of shower, dress, hair, makeup and overall primping session. Most of it went easily enough, but after three tries and restarts, she decided to get help with the makeup.

"Mom? Are you back yet?" She called down the stairs.

"Yes, Tracy?"

"Can you come up here? I can't seem to get my makeup quite right."

As her mom walked into her room, Tracy finished cleaning off the latest disaster.

"What's wrong, honey?"

"I can't get my makeup right, I think I'm just too nervous. Will you help me?" Too nervous, right. Not like a lack of practice had anything to do with it, nosirree.

"Sure, Tracy, face the mirror." Her mom carefully applied a base coat, followed by powder, some blush, eyeliner and mascara (Sit still, Tracy, I know you're nervous.), eyeshadow, lipliner and lipstick, being careful to get the corners neatly. Tracy carefully watched, committing every motion to memory.

"There, sweetie, all finished."

"Thanks, Mom, you're a life saver!"

"It's what moms are for! So, who are you going with?" Helpful, and curious!

"Just Casey, Mom, I just wanted it to be fun, and a guy would've made the night too tense right now."

"Well, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Just remember to be back by two, alright?"

"Okay, Mom, I will. Wouldn't want my new dress to turn back into rags, or Casey's car a pumpkin!" They both laughed at that, just as the door opened and Tracy's dad returned.

"What's so funny? You look great, Tracy, the boys are going to fall at your feet!" He walked in talking, then paused to kiss Mrs. Campbell hello.

"Well, then I'll have to pick whoever doesn't look up while he's down there!"

He roared with laughter at that. "That's my girl, Tracy, give 'em what for!"

Just then the doorbell rang. Tracy turned to answer it, and there stood Casey, radiant in the patented "little black dress."

"Wow, Casey, great dress!"

Casey seemed to come out of a short trance and looked up to meet Tracy's eyes. "Yeah, you too... Seriously..."

The Campbells fussed over the girls for a while before allowing them to leave for the dance, but even tually they found themselves at the double-doors leading to the school gymnasium. The sounds of fairly decent if somewhat outdated music crept past the door, and a few students stood outside, bored or sneaking a smoke. None paid them any attention as they passed, except one. Victor watched from the bushes where he had been hiding with a cigarette, and smiled. It was not a nice smile.

"Casey, I'm going to get some punch, you want some?" Tracy yelled above the loud music.

"Sure! Thanks!" Casey kept dancing, and Tracy spent a moment just watching her move. Shaking her head to clear it a bit, she moved to the refreshment table and grabbed a couple of glasses.

"Hey, Tracy. Nice night for a dance." Despite the words, the voice behind Tracy practically dripped with venom. She turned to face Victor.

"It could be nicer..." She answered with a straight face.

"Oh yes, it could."

"Victor, what did I do to you? Why do you hate me so much?" "That's very simple. I liked being the only one in town with any power. And I will be again. How's your little friend... Casey, I believe? She's a cute one."

"Leave her out of this. Is that all it is, you just want more power?" Tracy was horrified at the idea he would hate her so much for something so impersonal.

"That, and I can't stand little faggot boys like you. It makes me sick. Rid the world of one of you, and take my town back. It's killing two birds with one stone, so to speak." So saying he turned his back and started to walk away.

"Speaking of killing birds,you better catch your little girlfriend, looks like she's in trouble."

Tracy turned quickly to face Casey, who was quickly being cornered by a group of the guys Tracy used to call friends. They looked to have decidedly unfriendly intentions, and were keeping the crowd between themselves and the watchful eyes of the few teachers available to chaperone.

"Casey!" Tracy ran, shoving her way through the crowd, and grabbed one of the guys. Eric, she thought. He was nice enough, in the old life.

"Eric, what are you doing? All of you, back off!"

The group, four boys that Tracy would have sworn would never have done anything like what they were doing, turned and looked at Tracy with an almost tangible hate.

"Casey, run!" Tracy took off into the crowd again, hoping the yell would attract teacher attention, and that the crowd would slow pursuit. Casey, for her part, took the hint and was out the door.

As adults arrived on the scene, the boys who had seemed so menacing suddenly looked confused, but Tracy left anyway, searching out Casey.

Minutes later, Tracy found Casey sitting by the small flower garden in the path from street to school building, looking worried.

"Tracy, are you okay? What the hell was with those guys? I thought Eric was my friend..."

"Casey, I don't think he was actually in control of himself. The Eric I know would never have been a part of that, or those other guys, either." Tracy wasn't sure about anyone anymore, but Casey seemed so surprised by the way they had been acting, it was a safe bet they didn't normally do these things, no matter how much reality had changed.

"How do you know? He didn't look stoned or anything..."

"I'm pretty sure. And I'm pretty sure Victor was behind it, too. I'm sorry, it happened to you because you were here with me." Tracy stared at the ground between her feet as she said the last.

"Tracy... Lets go for a walk. I think you need to tell me about Victor, there's more going on than you've told anyone, I think."

Minutes later, the pair walked in the cool night air, alone in a well-lit street where they hoped Victor had not followed.

"You're right, Casey, there is a lot more than I'm telling anyone. And for good reason, it is VERY difficult to believe. Sometimes even I still don't believe it, though I thank the Goddess every day that it is happening. Casey, I'm a witch. I changed my body using magic I only truly hoped I had, because I was born a girl in a boy's body. Since then, so much of what I saw as reality has changed. Victor used to be one of my best friends, now I know he's really a power-hungry witch too, and wants to kill me and take my power, because he's no longer the only person with power in town, and because he sees me as the boy I used to look like, and as a gay, or something. He's very bigoted."

"Wow, I can see why you don't tell people. It is a bit hard to believe. But Tracy, I do believe you. I've seen some weird stuff lately, and it explains a lot about you and Victor."

"Also, it seems in this new reality, back when Victor and I dated, he tried to rape me. He is probably mad that that didn't work out the way he planned, though I don't really have any details about it. Maybe he does, but then he seems to remember things from the new reality AND the one I knew. The reason I passed out a few times just a few days ago, was that stupid ring he sent me. It was a trap, by him, he used it to drain my life. I still don't know what all he did when he did that, I just hope I find out before it comes back to haunt me, because it was powerful."

Casey's jaw dropped. "He tried to rape you, and you didn't tell me? I wanna kill him now."

"I wasn't exactly here for it, Casey, don't sweat it. I don't know why I wouldn't have told you, but it wasn't me who didn't, it was this new past that I don't even know. Maybe I'll figure it all out eventually, but for now I'm winging it. But I don't care, I have the right body, and I have you. I love you, Casey, With all of my heart."

"I love you, too, Tracy. And I don't care who knows about it, unless you want to keep it a secret. But you seemed to be pretty nonchalant about the rumors..."

"I want to shout it to the world, myself, Casey. But then, Victor already tried to hurt you just because you're my friend, it would get a lot worse if he knew. He was the one who put all that hate in the boys' minds just a little bit ago, somehow."

"That makes more sense, too. Eric is my lab partner in Chemistry, he's never been anything but a gentleman before."

"Oh, and then there's Baidh. She was there, when I changed everything. In fact, she's the reason I was able to. I'm not sure exactly what the relationship, but I guess she's kinda like my familiar. though she's been strangely quiet today. We can communicate in our minds."

"Hmmm... You know, I've been thinking a lot of thoughts that surprised me lately... I used to be way too scared to tell you how I feel, but for some reason lately, every time I wanted to drop a hint, a sort of voice in my head told me to go ahead, that you would not be upset. Maybe that was Baidh?"

Tracy laughed. "Yes, it probably was. I didn't know she could speak to you, too... But she did encourage some interesting dreams involving you, and pushed me to tell you how I felt. I think she knew we loved each other before we did. She's such a conniving little kitten, I'll have to thank her."

'You're very welcome. I do encourage love, wherever it may blossom.'

'Baidh, where have you been?"

'Tracy? Baidh? Is this how this mind thing works?'

'Yes, Casey, I think Baidh is playing messenger, wherever she is.'

A little white kitten with a telltale pink star nuzzled Tracy's leg. 'Not I, you two have bonded. Kind of uncommon, it seems Casey has some latent magic in her, but no ability to use it. But the love between you allows Tracy to tap into Casey's magic, as long as she's willing. This will definitely help you, Tracy.'

'Cool, I can read my lover's mind, and share with her my soul! Who could ask for a closer relationship?' Casey latched onto Tracy and planted a long deep kiss on her willing lips. They both felt a shared warmth over their new and unexpected mind link.

'Wow, I enjoy being a so-called familiar to a witch who's truly in love. The shared feelings are wonderful!' Baidh's mind seemed ecstatic.

'Silly kitty, will we ever be able to get privacy?' Casey giggled, picking up Baidh.

'Nope, I will always share both of your feelings. But if you like, I can simply be quiet and not intrude, sometimes. But you will have to get used to the idea that your love is shared with a third partner, though not physically. after all, I am a cat, and you are humans. That would be kind of creepy.'

Tracy and Casey laughed, a little unsure of sharing their love with a cat, but slowly deciding it was only fair, since Baidh had helped the love to bloom in the first place. Besides, it was much preferable to simply accept it, rather than fighting it, and in the process, probably hurting that same love. Besides, they both loved the adorable little kitten, too!

"So, Tracy, what about Victor? Now that I know what's going on, I want to help. He is NOT allowed to harm my girlfriend!" Tracy returned to regular speech, still carrying the kitten as they walked.

"I don't know, Casey. He tried to hurt you, tonight, and I can't let that pass either. Let's go back to the dance, and I'll try and figure out a plan of attack." Tracy's eyes narrowed angrily, matching Casey's almost exactly.

Back at the dance, Tracy and Casey found no sign of Victor, or the boys he had controlled. The music was still going fast and furious, apparently they slow dances were going to wait until after the homecoming royalty crowning celebration. Tracy decided to give it a rest, and pulled Casey onto the dance floor. They seemed to hit a perfect synch, priobably a side-effect of having linked minds. The music was fast, and they lost themselves in each other's eyes, entranced by the music. A small area cleared around them as their perfectly synchronized moves drew an appreciative audience. As the fast song ended, they finally noticed the crowd watching, and at the same time, thought of what to do.

"Thank you, thank you, next show will be in a little bit, the dance floor is once again yours!" With a quick paired bow, they giggled and made for the punch bowl.

"Wow, you two, that was great! Have you been practicing just to show off tonight?" Sarah grinned at their slight blush. "Seriously, if you'd been that good in cheerleading tryouts, you'd have been a sure bet for the team! And Casey, I didn't even know you could move like that! Too bad your parents wouldn't let you try out."

"Aw, come on, we were just playing out there. casey's a great dancer, I'm kinda glad she asked me instead of one of the guys. I bet not one of them can dance like that!"

Sarah giggled and shook her head, "Nope, and not many of the girls, either. You two are a perfect match!"

"Thanks!" They bowed in unison again, hoping to blow off that obvious remark with theatrics. It didn't seem to work.

"Come on, you two, I saw how you were staring at each other out there. I'd be surprised if the whole school didn't see, even blind as they are. But don't worry. After that rumor thing, a few other girls in school approached me, and I got to know some of them. I'm not a bigot, just not that way. And I think it's great that you two found each other, you really do make a great couple. and don't worry about Terra either, her latest short story was one about two girls who fell in love with each other, she had me read it and asked for help from my other friends. Maybe I'll introduce you, if they don't mind, but they're kind of secretive, and I promised not to tell their secrets without permission."

"Wow... A night full of surprises, huh Case?" 'At least not all of them were bad... Mind me calling you Case?'

"Yeah definitely." 'You definitely can call me Case, I kinda like it. And Sarah and Terra both understanding us is just beyond words.'

The pair hugged Sarah, who giggled at their affection. She was obviously one of the best people in the school they could ever have made friends with. Terra returned from the dance floor, a worn-looking boyfriend in tow.

Just then, the spotlights centered on a stage lined with flower trellises and folding chairs. The royalty pageant looked like it was about to begin.

"Hey all you guys and girls, we've been crankin' out the fast stuff, but now it's time for some slow, close-dancing music. But first, I've been asked to introduce your Homecoming royalty!" The deejay was enthusiatic, they had to give him that, but Casey and Tracy were still worried about when Victor would resurface to cause more trouble. So, they were both caught off guard when in that same voice, a familiar name was called out.

"...Tracy Campbell, Queen of this years Homecoming Dance!" Tracy jumped at hearing her name, then almost ran for it when she realized. Not only did she have no idea where Vic might be, but she was going into that spotlight on stage, where she would be exposed to all kinds of attention. Oh well, everyone was already pushing her toward the stage. It was too late.

"And now, for the Homecoming King... Victor Florencio!" Tracy locked up in shock as Victor mounted the stage next to her, taking the chance of her shock to steal a harsh one-sided kiss. She almost gagged, then slapped him.

"Whoa, looks like our King and Queen have some issues to work out. Let's put 'em together for our Don Juan King and our Fiery Queen!" Someone finally shut him up, as Victor told Tracy in a voice just for her, "I thought you'd be glad I used a little magic to get us both up here... You're already a queen, I thought you might like some recognition, bitch."

"You're dead, asshole, you almost hurt my friend, and have hurt me. But now I have the edge. I dare you to contest me in a battle for power-" then in perfect timing, a microphone was shoved into their closely matched faces, "-I'll kick your ass you..." As the words echoed through the gymnasium, all else went silent.

"Tracy Campbell, I need to speak to you right now." Great, the principal was getting involved.

Offstage, he held her by an arm, and hissed, "I will not have that kind of language in my school, from a homecoming queen no less! Your parents will have to be informed of this."

Tracy's blood began to boil. "And will Victor's parents be notified that he forced me to kiss him? Or is that okay because he's a boy?!"

"It was an innocent adherence to tradition, the homecoming king and queen kiss onstage almost every year."

"You... you pig!" Tracy slapped the principal too, and he turned cherry red.

"You, miss, have earned yourself a suspension! Leave now, you will not be welcome in this school for three days."

Tracy turned and left, pausing to throw her circlet at Victor on the way offstage. He laughed triumphantly at her public humiliation, and Casey jumped to follow her out, Sarah and Terra close behind.

"I can't believe that! He kissed me! Yuck, I can still feel his nasty tongue on my lips!"

Sarah's face took its turn going red. "I am going to KILL him!" Suddenly Tracy remembered what Sarah knew that colored her perception. Sarah might literally try to kill him. And given the fact that he was a witch, and a seemingly powerful one, that would be bad. Tracy decided to try the hard edge.

"No, Sarah... He's mine. I will make him regret he ever touched me." That should settle her down. Casey nodded, her hand on Tracy's shoulder. Suddenly, Terra made the connection.

"He... You... So THAT's what you told Sarah that warned her off from him! I had no idea, I'm so sorry, Tracy!" Tears crept into her eyes, but Tracy forestalled them.

"It's okay, Terra, it didn't happen. was a close call, but he got nothing for his trouble. And it helped me to keep a friend out of his hands. It's okay. Or it was, anyway. Now he's gonna pay."

"I'm behind you, Tracy. All the way. I can't stand guys like that."

"Thanks! I'm glad to have friends like you. I don't think there's anyone else in this school so accepting and understanding and supportive. Certainly not the principal. I hear worse than what I said walking by the football field every day. But the jocks don't get suspended for it. They get padded grades for playing well."

"Everyone knows the principal's a sexist. He's always been that way, but nobody's been able to get anything done about it. After all, he hasn't done anything truly threatening to anyone, and the grades are better than average here, and the football team goes to nationals every year, even though they usually don't take championship."

"Well, maybe I can get him to change his ways."

"Good luck, girl!" Sarah looked unbelieving, but hopeful.

Later that evening, after the dance, Tracy returned to deliver the bad news to her parents.

"You got suspended? What for, you've always been a wonderful student! I don't believe it!"

"Yeah, Daddy... I'm sorry. It was a COMPLETE disaster. I got elected homecoming queen, which was really nice, but the boy that was elected king tried to put his tongue down my throat. And when I got a chance to tell him off, the microphone was stuck in my face and broadcasted what I had to say. The principal suspended me, but didn't do anything about him." Tracy suppressed her anger for the mmoment, seeing her dad getting VERY angry.

"Honey, what is his name? I'm going to have a talk with this principal, set this straight. No one treats my daughter like that." Tracy's mom was simply aghast, and her father looked ready to kill.

"Daddy... Thank you, I am glad that I have you to protect me, but this time, I want to deal with it myself. I have a few ideas how to deal with this, and I think I can do it on my own. I want to feel like I can deal with this kind of thing, it will boost my confidence a lot." She pleaded with her eyes for him not to do anything yet.

"Well, I guess that's okay... But if there's anything I can do honey, let me know, okay? I can't stand that someone hurt you, and hearing that your principal was so one-sided makes me VERY angry. But if you want to deal with this, and you have an idea how, I will stay out of it. I do want you to feel strong and self-confident, even more than I want to do something to fix whatever hurts my little girl."

"Thank you, Daddy, and Mom, I love you both, and I really will be okay. And I think I can make this right." Her mom simply hugged her silently, and her dad soon followed suit.

"I'm off to bed, don't worry, it'll be alright." Tracy smiled, and it was a very confident, reassuring smile. After all, she did have a plan, though it seemed a little cliched...

Up in her room, Tracy set Baidh down on the bed, and Baidh watched silently as Tracy sat before her little altar, clearing her mind for what she was planning. She poured some water into a copper bowl, and concentrated on an image in it. Principal Doblin's snoring face showed clearly after a little thought, clearly unperturbed by anything he might have done today. She went a little closer, sliding past the face, and into the dreams. His dreams seemed mostly innocuous, and a few Tracy recognized as similar to the dreams she had about being female, before she changed to being who she really was inside.

Maybe Doblin's sexism was rooted in some denial of his own feminine side, who could tell? But Tracy wasn't there to judge his dreams, and wouldn't even dream of trying to adjust Doblin's body directly unless asked, it just didn't seem right. Now dreams, those are a different matter. She waited for a transitional moment in his dreams, and touched the surface of the water. Ripples spread through Doblin's dream as Tracy took control.

"Where am I? This feels so real... But I'm not me!" Doblin touched his now female body, noticing it was the same as that of that little foulmouth girl who had slapped him. He already didn't like this dream, but usually when he noticed he was in a dream, he woke up, or it changed. This time he knew it for what it was, a dream, but couldn't seem to escape it.

She stood on a stage, shocked into immobility by the shock of being elected homecoming queen. He felt two distinct sets of emotion, his and hers. But hers seemed to rule the body, and the surprise was too much for the moment. Suddenly, there was that boy, Victor Florencio. Good student, and a decent football player. But he looked so menacing just now, and Doblin's emotion's matched the female body's perfectly... Terror filled him as Florencio groped this dream body that just wouldn't respond as Doblin tried to run, to at least turn away. Florencio's hands roamed, in sight of a laughing school populace, then worse, his tongue entered her mouth. His filthy nicotene stained breath made her feel like gagging, as she finally regained enough movement to push at him. But Florencio's arms were like steel bars, immobile, and his tongue continued its abuse of her mouth, as his hands groped her sensitive backside. Students laughed from every direction, then suddenly Florencio was gone and an insanely towering old man lectured her about being a slut and displaying affection publicly. It was so unfair! She hadn't done anything wrong! It was all that boy's fault!

Tears welled up in her eyes, as students laughed, Florencio leered, and an unforgiving old man told her to leave, she was ostracised, belittled, and felt sick from Florencio's attentions. Unable to do anything else, she knelt and cried, as jeers leers and angry shouts to get out mixed and swirled into a mindless cacaphony of agony, then the dream settled again, to Doblin still in the form of a girl who'd had the audacity to strike him, being held in the arms of an older man that he felt was his father, crying hot tears of shame as he explained to Daddy why his little girl had been suspended for being a slut when it was the boy that had groped and wounded her in front of everyone. The shame would never go away, the students would laugh at her forever, Florencio would hurt her again and again, as long as that sexist principal kept turning a blind eye.

Doblin watched in horror as her daddy grabbed a gun from nowhere, to go hunting the principal that didn't care about the plight of his little girl. Was this real? Did students' parents want to kill him just because he was harder on the girls? Because he expected better of them, and they continually let him down? They should be perfect examples of feminine grace, but instead they used foul language, they had sex, they did drugs, they failed classes, they dressed like sluts and spread hate. So few of them were perfect, and they all should be! Boys are supposed to be rebellious and do bad things, not girls!

But then, in this dream, she hadn't done anything wrong, and was still outcast. And for that, A man wanted to kill someone he thought was his daughter's tormentor...

"That could be me! Some angry parent could get mad I disciplined his daughter for something she didn't do, and want to kill me! But I can't just let the kids get away with everything, either! It's my job, it's my life, to help keep them on the straight and narrow!"

A mirror appeared, and it's reflection looked her in the eyes.

"Don't be afraid of what might happen when you make a mistake, simply undertsand, that just because girls may not fit what you think of as perfect, does not make them bad kids. And boys need to be held responsible for their actions just like girls are. Don't be sexist about it. You can be better than that, maybe you can even help others be better than that! Just give girls a little more slack. After all, you have a feminine side, too."

Doblin looked down at his own body, returned to him, then back at the mirror which showed a female version of him, beautiful, another side of himself. And suddenly it made sense to him, that girl or boy, people are who they are, and none of them perfect. Maybe it was just a dream, but maybe it was a wake-up call too. Maybe he was being a little too hard on the girls, and a little too soft on the boys. He would try to change that, it really wasn't fair of him.

"That's all I ask." answered the voice in the mirror, the woman that might be a part of himself. "That's all I ask."

Tracy removed her finger from the bowl. It had been an exhausting experience, emotionally. It didn't really take that much energy, but the emotions involved had rocked her as they hit him. She shared the dream, she had to. She had been creating it as she went. She understood now, a little of why Doblin felt the way he did. That didn't make it any more acceptable, but it made a certain kind of sense to her at least. It sounded like some old-fashioned unreal expectations, very sexist, but mainly a throwback to a time when these things were expected of people. But maybe now Mr. Doblin could get past that mental conditioning.

'Maybe. You did very well, I'm proud of you. Some parts of that seemed a little harsh maybe, but then, maybe it was necessary. Who can say? But many have tried the same type of thing, and have gotten caught up in getting revenge, not teaching or learning anything. Sometimes people who send dreams send truly nightmarish ones. You showedrestraint, understanding, and even made progress towards understanding why he felt the way he did. And at the same time, you showed him that he was doing harm, and even warned him of possible consequences. I am proud of you.'

'Thank you, Baidh. I was tempted to do more, to show him things that would make him never want to punish a girl again. But I realized, that he wasn't cruel, just had an outdated set of expectations, partly because he has a feminine side, and is a perfectionist himself. On the other hand, he cannot punish others for what he dislikes about himself, either. So I simply showed him things that I thought would make him understand a little better, and maybe he does now. Maybe it won't change anything, but I think it will.'

'I think it will, too.' Casey's mental voice sounded a little tired, but very interested.

'You were listening to that? I didn't mean to wake you.'

'I felt you borrowing some of my energy, and dreamed about you sending him that dream. It was very compelling.' Casey felt happy, and that made Tracy feel even better about what she had done. 'And I don't mind being woken up by you, in fact, I kinda want to be there with you right now.'

'If you're quiet, I'll unlock the back door... This mental speech stuff is MUCH better than having my own phone line!'

'Yeah, no waking up parents with phone ringing!'

Tracy could feel if not hear, Casey giggling.

Minutes later, Tracy had unlocked the door and let Casey in and led her quietly to the bedroom. Baidh sat on the bed, her little eyes shining with mirth. The teenagers shooed her off the bed, giggling, and cuddled up togehter. The mental link made them feel even closer, so much more together, as love poured both ways, pure crystalline emotion drawing them together. They met in a passionate kiss, one that lasted and lasted, both of them breathing heavy and hard as they finally parted.

"oh Goddess, Casey, I'm so hot... I love you so much... I want you!"

"Tracy, my love... I want you with all of me. Let me show you what I've wanted to do for so long..." Casey lifted Tracy's nightgown slowly, pausing to lick and lightly nibble at her nipples. Tracy gasped and pushed up, instinctively trying to pull closer to Casey's questing mouth, wanting more, much more.

Casey finished removing Tracy's nightgown, and started on her panties, taking time to show Tracy all the most sensitive bits of her legs, behind and between the knees, thighs, ankles, toes... Tracy felt like she was on fire, she couldn't control her body, she was completely at Casey's mercy.

And such tender, gentle mercy it was. Casey's fingers and tongue quested, exploring Tracy's body, but avoiding the hottest most sensitive area, saving it for last. Her fingers traced Tracy's arms as her tongue explored Tracy's navel, each lick or caress drawing an appreciative shiver and often quiet moan or gasp, stifled so as not to wake parents. Tracy shortly found herself with a mouthful of pillow, trying not to make enough noise to wake her parents. Finally, Casey settled on the most aching spot to work her own form of magic. Her tongue was softer than anything Tracy had ever imagined, lightly touching that oh-so-sensitive nub of her clitoris. Then, a finger gently quested inside, rubbing against a spot inside that made Tracy scream into her pillow as she orgasmed, her legs gripping Casey's head. Casey felt Tracy's orgasm through their mindlink as well, and didn't stop her tongue manipulation, found herself gasping her own orgasm into Tracy's heat, despite not having even been touched herself there yet. Tracy crashed through orgasm after orgasm as the licking continued, and the moans in her lap added a new dimension to the sensation. Casey felt the moment that Tracy couldn't take anymore, and backed away, still gasping with her own orgasm and face dripping with Tracy's love.

Tracy took several minutes to settle down, still shaking and unable to move from her exertions. Casey cuddled up next to her, kissing her with a still-moist face, sharing Tracy's flavor. It wasn't exactly a good taste, but the sensation, the emotion, the knowledge that her love was sharing her own taste with her made it a truly wonderful thing to taste nonetheless. Climbing slowly up from the relaxation of post-loving bliss, Tracy wanted to try to make Casey feel as wonderful as she had. Casey complied happily, sensing mentally Tracy's hunger to make her love feel as wonderful as she had.

Tracy tried to follow the same patterns Casey had, tasting and caressing and exploring every part of Casey, before going to the spot that ached with the most need. She didn't have as much experience with the female body as Casey had, however, and felt sort of like she was bumbling through what had been for Casey a wondrous graceful dance. She felt Casey draw her face back upward, to look into her eyes, and Casey asnwered her thoughts.

"Relax, Tracy. I love you, and I know you want to make me feel wonderful. You are, so don't worry about it. It feels so good, just take your time and feel everything. It helps, too, that we have this link, you can feel what you're making me feel. Just do what seems natural, and you can't do wrong."

Tracy relaxed after that point, not worrying if she did as expert a job as Casey had, it didn't matter. And Casey was enjoying it, Tracy could feel it, plus Casey was very active, twisting and squirming in blissful love. Shortly, Casey started groaning and shoved herself even more into Tracy's face, and Tracy kept licking at the little nub that made her feel so good, exploring for that spot inside that Casey had massaged that drove her to such heights. It worked, she must have found it, because Tracy found her face drenched, as Casey screamed into the same pillow she had, bucking and squirming against Tracy's face. Tracy went with what had worked for her, and kept going until Casey could stand no longer, before sliding upwards to cuddle her lover and share another very wet kiss.

"I love you so much, Tracy... I have wanted this for so long, ever since I found out what sex was, I knew I wanted to share it with you. I could die happy right now."

"Even better, how about you live happy for a long time, and we do this again often?"

"Works for me! But for now, let's clean up a little, put on our nightgowns, and get some sleep. I want to hold you the rest of the night, and if our parents ask, it was a sleepover to make you feel better about the whole dance thing, okay?"

"That works, I know mine will understand. And I have plenty of clothes that'll fit you."

Casey lifted a small overnight bag, proving she had planned this all out ahead of time.

"Silly! I love you!" Tracy hugged Casey and they went to clean up and get some sleep.
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