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Identikit -1-
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No matter what happens to you, you're still you. Aren't you?


Part 1

Ian Baxter was resigned to driving a desk, after a bullet from a blown undercover job, nearly killed him, leaving him a cripple with constant pain in his life. Seen as expendable, he was asked, no, ordered, to test out an experimental piece of equipment, designed to help identify and catch criminals. This device was made up of a part out a UFO, that the US government thought was useless. Once it was proven to work, both a certain government agency and another unknown group were determined to obtain it at any cost. Baxter goes on the run with the device, after having assumed another identity, taking two friends along with him. What made it difficult was the identity he had assumed, was that of a woman.


By Prudence Walker

"SERGEANT!!! IN MY OFFICE NOW." Bellowed a voice, only a mother could love, presuming the chief ever had a mother.

"Oh boy!!... What delight has the boss thought up for me... this time?" I thought, as I checked my uniform for crumbs. Until the last job, where a dirty cop blew my cover, I was the best there was. I was a master in several martial art disciplines, fit as a fiddle. Now, only my mind was as keen. I was now a lover of the doughnut diet, which had certainly had an effect on my once taut body. Now I had a small paunch, which was enough to elicit a few comments like, "when are you due," and "what are you going to name it?" from my fellow officers. I'd long stopped letting it get to me, as I'd given up hope of returning to my old job as an undercover detective.

I'd been shot from behind without warning, not knowing my real identity had been revealed to the Mafia boss. One of the bullets had nearly killed me. I was fortunate to have worn a wire that morning, so the bullet had smashed the transmitter on the way through, it slowed the bullet sufficiently that it stopped short of my heart; it also alerted help when I went off air. I never felt the other as it blew a hole in my hip. I woke in the hospital a week later to find my career and health in ruins. Now I was a paper pusher, a desk jockey, destined to remain a near cripple for the remainder of my life.

"BAXTER, GET IN HERE NOW," echoed the resounding ultimatum.

"Sheesh," I muttered under my breath, as I limped into the "hole" as we had jokingly nicknamed it. I wondered why he seemed to be on my case recently.

"Yes chief, you called," I asked in a sarcastic voice, letting my pent up anger show.

"Ah, Baxter. I need a volunteer, and you're it." He motioned to "the chair."

I sat in the indicated seat, a little wary, as only the privileged few ever got to sit down. It was as comfortable as it looked, which made my hackles rise. Whatever the chief was working on, it was going to mean trouble for me, big trouble.

"Remember the fuss about that alien space craft that was found a year back?" The chief asked as he leaned back and sucked hard on his stogie.

I thought back to the news reports. A craft from somewhere "out there," had crashed, and some aliens had been found inside. I recalled that the FBI, or some group, was still looking for a person that had first entered it and removed certain objects. According to Scuttlebutt, they were devices that the aliens used to disguise themselves as human. (Authors note: see Cathy_t for her story. (Luck be a Lady 2)

If memory serves, they are still searching for that person, not that I'd lay money on them finding him. I'd heard all sorts of weird things about that, including that he was now a woman, or twins, or something.

The people in charge of the scene had really blown it. Pictures of the craft had been sent live around the world, when a news helicopter had shown every detail in living colour while flying over it at less than twenty feet.

"Yes I remember the panic that followed and the investigation into previous cover-ups," I replied. "So what has that to do with us? Shouldn't the FBI or whoever be taking care of it?" I questioned.

"Well, they found another of those devices. Apparently, it was damaged, but they used parts of it to make a hybrid machine, which we will be evaluating. Coupled with a portable computer, it will help us fight crime."

"This machine? Does it have a name?" I asked, impatiently.

"It's called the Identikit."

"SHEESH! Godamnit, we have one of those already," I snorted disgustedly.

"Not like this one, this has capabilities you wouldn't believe. Anyway, I want you to learn all about it, and to try out the full range of options. I'm tired of seeing you wasting your talents behind a desk. I'm told this could cure your body for the duration of..." the chief fell silent for a moment, as if searching for a word. "The test," he finished.

"So I'm the guinea pig?" I muttered resignedly.

"You will report directly to the person who developed the machine. Good luck Ian," the chief said, giving me a piece of paper with an address, along with a handshake.

'Odd place,' I thought to myself, as I walked into the drab building near an old rundown industrial area. A guard at the inner door buzzed me through, after eyeing my badge and ID. A man, who I thought was the real life incarnation of "Brains" in the old "Thunderbird" series, met me at the door. He had the typical thick-lensed glasses with a heavy frame; he even had a piece of cello-tape on one of his cracked earpieces. His lab coat had several ink stains from the numerous pens filling the pocket on his chest.

He introduced himself only as Brian, and then led me through a maze of hallways and cubicles to a windowless electronics lab. He proudly showed me the Identikit unit. Sitting on a lab bench, it looked like your typical portable computer, with a small gun like attachment added. The gun was shaped like a metal funnel with a crystalline structure over the wider end, and the whole thing appeared to be able to be folded down, when not in use.

In a rush of words, Brian started explaining all the technicalities in a flood of meticulous detail, as if someone had released a dam. I was getting rather lost, before I put a hand up, interrupting the flow.

"Look Brian, all I need to know is, 'What does it do?'" And how do I make it do it?"

Brian looked crushed. I'd spoilt all his fun in showing off his new toy. He walked over to the Identikit and pressed a button. With a subdued whir, the screen showed a logo with the word "Identikit 2000,"

'Oh boy,' I thought. 'This guy watches way too many reruns of "Knight rider."'

"So I guess you could call it "Kit 2000?" I asked innocently.

"Yes I suppose that's true," he answered without a blink.

'So much for my subtle hint of humour,' I thought to myself. 'Either that or his brain runs on a different track.' Brian started pressing keys, which brought up several menus; I watched carefully to make sure I could follow him. The first thing up was a normal looking Identikit set up, in that; partial images of facial features were selected from a list and placed together to make up a composite picture. So far so good, but then he showed me this keystroke that merged them together into a seamless whole. Now the face looked realistic with no joints or shading differences. Big deal, this was nothing that couldn't be done with a good morphing program.

"What's the big deal, here?" I asked Brian nonplussed.

Then he asked me to try, saying that I could scan pictures from any media and alter them in any way. It would handle not only the face, but also the whole body image. I looked at the selection of female images, mostly because I was tired of the same old thing and something about manipulating female images gave me a rather erotic thrill.

I saw a magazine near one end of the bench and I went and got it to see if there were any pictures of women in it, which might be suitable for what I had in mind. It was a scientific journal, (why would I have thought otherwise) and thumbing through it, I was fortunate to find a rather attractive woman wearing glasses demonstrating some boring product. I showed it to Brian, explaining I wanted it scanned into the Identikits memory.

Brian, plugged what looked like a hand scanner into the computer and ran it over the image, moments later, it was transferred to the screen. I was shown a pull down menu listing the options available for altering the image. I rubbed my hands together as I started to enjoy this part of it. First, I saw an option for glasses; I clicked remove and instantly the image changed, now looking better without the spectacles. Next came the removal of the clothes, now that was a neat function, showing the woman's body in its full glory.

The options were listed:

Breast size: It was in two categories. As a cup size and chest measurement... I made them slightly bigger, selecting a "C" cup.

Waist: I made it slightly smaller.

Hips: I didn't alter that, as it seemed okay.

Height: I selected 5' 10" as I like taller women.

Hair colour: well, strawberry blonde of course.

Eye colour: blue seemed appropriate.

There were numerous other options like complexion: race: and things like libido, and gender preferences, which I didn't understand as relevant in police work. I just left them in the default setting. The image still looked vaguely like the original, but in my opinion much more attractive. I selected save, and then was offered the download option.

"What's with this download option?" I asked Brian.

"Ah that's the best part. It utilizes the alien technology to alter a body into the scanned image."

"You mean..." I gasped, incredulously.

"Yes, it can alter anyone's body, be it male or female into whatever's selected." He answered with a smug look.

"But why would we need that function and why would anyone want to become someone else?" I asked feeling curious.

"The reasons are simple. A person looking at an Identikit picture cannot be certain if it's really the person they saw committing a crime or whatever. However, if they see that same image, as a real tangible person, then the likelihood of a mistake is lessened by 85 percent. Another use is the adopting of someone's likeness that would fool anybody, even in an intimate situation. A great tool in the undercover cop, they could infiltrate any gang or group to get inside information."

I thought over this information, and I saw where it could have saved my own bacon. I still thought it a strange concept to become any person the kit could produce. Looking at the image on the screen, I wondered what it would feel like to be her, a woman. My sense of dread grew; somehow, I knew that I'd end up trying that body form out, even if it wasn't my intention. Brian's next words confirmed my fears.

"You were selected to try out this option, and seeing as we have a form already to go, let's start the process."

Somewhere in my mind, a voice said, "Run! Get out of here." But, how could I? I couldn't refuse the challenge to my diminished macho ego. I had to do it, or look like a coward. I sighed in resignation, and asked what I needed to do, besides, a certain morbid curiosity about what it would feel like prevented me from outright refusal.

Brian told me to just stand still while he pointed the gun attachment at me. He pressed the download key and immediately I found myself changing. My body tingled, and I saw the room seemingly grow as my eye level lowered. The changes in my body felt weird, as my breasts swelled out from my chest and other things below rearranged themselves. Within a minute, the changes were complete, and I felt the weight of my shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, shifting with every head movement.

It felt unnerving to feel the jiggling of unsupported breasts moving under my shirt and the way my nipples rubbed against the cotton vest. I looked down to see my pants now pooling around my feet as the waistband now rested against my jutting hips. My feet felt lost in my too large shoes and I felt distinctly uncomfortable in my now ill-fitting male apparel.

As I took stock of my new attributes, Brian ejected a small disk like object and walked over to a safe set in the wall.

"What's that?" I asked in a sexy contralto. I blushed at the sound of my new voice. It seemed, so not me.

"That was the disk that has your original body specifications stored on it. We will need that when we return you back to your old body." He said, as he spun the dial on the safe.

"Um... why are we locking it away? Won't we need it now so I can change back?" I queried, getting that feeling of impending doom again.

"Well we need to see the effects of your gender change, and the way you cope with it. It's important for our information, on what we can expect when men use it to become women for extended periods. This will be your form for at least a week, to see if there are any problems that may affect future undercover operations." With that, Brian made a call on the phone, and moments later, a girl came into the room and held out a hospital type gown for me. I wrapped it around my smaller body and then I released my pants so I wouldn't trip over them, being careful not to give Brian a cheap shot at my new derriere.

"Misty here, will take you to your new apartment, where you will be sharing with her until the week is over. She will teach you everything you may need to know. A fresh identity will be set up for you, just in case."

"Just in case of what?" I queried with a touch of stress in my voice.

"Well, there have been some suspicious attempts at gaining access to the Identikit. We think there may be a leak in the department, and we aren't taking any chances. You will take the Identikit with you to test out its features. Do not leave it unguarded. The apartment has been fitted with a high security floor safe. If you do leave, it remains in the safe. In fact, any time that you're not using it, I suggest it remain there. Misty is my most trusted assistant, she has the same clearance I do and is the only other person that knows your real identity." Brian then had me stand, while he took a camera shot of my face, for my new driver's license.

"Hold on," I interrupted. "This seems all rather pre-planned. How did you know I'd need to stay at Misty's place, if you didn't know what the image would end up being?"

Brian laughed good naturedly, and blushed a bit, as he looked at the magazine.

"Your chief was told about what we intended to do, and he suggested we plant something which had a female image in it. He said you would never resist the chance to play around with a woman's attributes. He thought it would be a great joke if you ended up as your idea of an ideal woman. He even picked out the magazine so you wouldn't suspect. So that's the reason we set up Misty with a new roomy."

"DAMN! Set up by my hormones," I moaned resignedly. I knew the chief knew of my interest in the feminine sex, he'd seen my pile of girly magazines in my desk, and even borrowed some himself. I swore somehow I'd get back at him somehow, not now though, not with the way I looked at the moment. That would give him too much satisfaction. I bet he was chortling away to himself, especially now that I was out of the action, so to speak.

Misty asked if I wanted to change in private, as she led me to another room, saying, she had a selection of clothes I could try on. It wasn't till I had entered the room that I realized I had walked without a limp.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "I can walk again."

My walk was different from my pre accident male walk, with more sway to my hips, but the joy of walking without pain, overrode any embarrassment from my seemingly swishy gait.

"Yes, the change is down to a molecular level. Your injuries only exist on the disk with your stored data." Misty said with a smile.

I must confess, I did a little jig of joy at my limberness, until I was rather forcibly reminded of my new status, as my breasts bounced up and down, unfettered as they were, from any restraint.

Between the two of us, I got dressed in a pair of jeans, and a loose top that showed off too much cleavage, in my mind. A pair of sandals finished my ensemble, until I went shopping, so Misty informed me.

Brian whistled as he saw me, then we went back to get the Identikit before heading out to Misty's place. I still wasn't wearing a bra, as the one Misty had brought didn't fit, due to my manipulations of the original image. We took a tour though the maze of corridors in the building, till I was totally lost, before emerging into an alley at the back of the building. Misty walked briskly around a few large containers till she stopped by a cute pink VW. Inwardly, I cringed at getting into such a vehicle, but, seeing my present body, I guessed nobody would think I was out of place.

Misty took a long, rather devious route to her place, which I thought strange, as surely everyone would know where she lived. When I queried this, she replied that, as of this minute, nobody knew of her whereabouts. Apparently, all her belongings had been moved by a removal service Brian had organized in secret. Misty had only been given the address moments before we left. I whistled in surprise, obviously the possible security threat was being taken very seriously.

At first, I felt strange at the thought of being under threat in this physically weaker body, but then, I wasn't exactly the person I once was before my injuries. All in all, with my training in the martial arts, I was probably more able to defend my self than in my male body. I made a mental note to do a workout to see if my skills were rusty.

Misty was a real motor mouth once she got started. I didn't mind, as she was very attractive and had a voice like an angel, not like some women I knew. Her enthusiasm began to rub off on me, and I began to join in on the conversation. She wasn't the blonde bimbo that first impressions led you to believe. I think she was typical of a lot of brainy woman, who found things went easier in the work place if you hid your knowledge like a candle under a bushel basket.

I looked at her with a sense of awe at the way she blossomed once she was out of the lab. There, she was brisk and very professional, and had toned down her obvious attractiveness by the simple method of having her hair pinned up. Now, she had let it down, she seemed almost a different person, more uninhibited. I asked her about it, saying it was as if she were two different people.

"They don't appreciate it, if I act my normal self. They told me once to tone my behaviour down. Apparently, there'd been a complaint. Some hotshot said it was too distracting to have me chatter on while they were in the middle of some serious research."

"Their loss," I said sadly. "Um... I hate to say this, but can we stop off somewhere to buy a bra?" I asked, blushing furiously, at having to admit, that I wanted to buy something feminine for myself to wear. My embarrassment was offset by my need for some urgent support for my latest additions, as the discomfort from the cars' jostling was starting to aggravate my new sensitive nipples.

She laughed in a nice way, seeing my embarrassment and guessing the reason for it.

"Of course honey... oh dear I'm such a ditz sometimes. I never even asked your name."

"Well it was Ian, but I guess I'll need something else temporarily," I mused contemplatively. "Any suggestions?"

"How about Jan? I know it's nothing like Ian, apart from the fact it's just one letter away." She said, smiling over at me.

"Jan...hmm... I like it," I said. "Should we tell Brian so he can set my new identity up?"

In answer, Misty got out her mobile phone and punched out some numbers while still negotiating the traffic, one handed. She quickly informed Brian in a few precise words, my new chosen name. Misty started slowing down, looking for the ever-elusive parking spot near where we were about to stop. Suddenly ahead, a blinker started flashing, indicating a car wishing to leave its prized parking space and enter back into the rush hour traffic. Misty claimed it, by charging into it at speed. I was about to mutter something about women drivers until I suddenly realized, I had joined their ranks.

The next two hours were a nightmare and a revelation into the thinking of women in shopping mode. I was pulled from pillar to post, led by the unflagging energy of Misty in her 'try and buy' persona. I was pulled headlong into the mysteries of those most feared, and avoided of places, which men avoid with a passion, the fashion boutique. Being surrounded by all the feminine fripperies and intimate apparel seemed daunting to my male orientated mind. As time went on however, I felt less restrained, and was soon touching and examining everything, asking Misty if this or that was suitable. Attracting no adverse reactions, I soon relaxed and dare I say it... I began to have fun. Misty helped me in the changing rooms, showing me how to put a bra on and adjust the straps correctly and zipping me up into the various outfits I tried on.

While moving though the clothing racks, I noticed a couple of things that were markedly different. My wider hips now required more room to clear the clothing racks. Several times, I'd had to replace clothes that I'd unwitting knocked to the floor. From the point of view of having virtually no hips, to ones that felt like shelves, I had to make a conscious decision to allow more manoeuvring room when I walked. The other noticeable difference was allowing for my breasts, I kept brushing against them with my arms, as I gestured like I used to, as a man. It didn't take long for me to learn that bending my arm slightly outward as I walked, stopped my hand brushing against my hips as I walked. I felt slightly embarrassed at having to adopt such a feminine posture, but soon realised it was just a normal automatic action for women. I was glad Misty never commented on it, I'd have probably turned crimson, and want to drop though a hole in the floor.

I ended up at the cosmetic counter, where Misty guided me on what to buy. Afterwards we took our purchases to the car, making two trips due to the multitude of bags. I hope the credit card hadn't been emptied as Misty insisted on going next door to the jewellery shop. Needless to say, I ended up with pierced ears, against all my protestations, with one gold ring inserted in each ear. Several different pairs of earrings were bought, along with a few rings and several necklaces.

I'm sure I heard the credit card sigh in relief as Misty claimed that was enough for now. Normally, I would have been bushed by now in my old body, but this body seemed to exude energy. For this I was grateful. On the way back to her apartment, I was quiet as I thought about the day, and all the implications of my change. Something wasn't right here...I mean why buy me an entire wardrobe just for one week. Things seemed a little too pat, although I couldn't pin down just what was out of kilter.

I didn't want to offend Misty by accusing her of some deceit on her part. I think she was being left out of the loop too; maybe, she was as much a puppet as I. Thinking about shopping as a women, I had a moments envy. Women have so much to choose from, not only styles and colours, but fabrics too. Men never get to feel the satins and silks, not to mention the multitude of very sexy materials that felt wonderful against the skin. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I would regret missing out on those sensations when I went back to my male form.

We arrived at a block of single level units in a 'u' shape with the parking for the residents inside the 'u' courtyard. Misty's unit was number seven. I hoped that boded well for us, as seven was my lucky number. We unloaded the car and placed our purchases in the second bedroom overlooking the courtyard. Misty left to get a drink, while I idly sifted through the satin and silk items, marvelling at the feel of the texture against my now sensitive skin.

Instead of the cup of coffee I was expecting, Misty was carrying two crystal flutes and a chilled bottle of bubbly, its sides beaded with condensation.

"Look what I found in the kitchen." Misty said, looking pleased.

"Hmm..." I replied with a slight frown. "Looks like they were expecting us to celebrate, don't you think that's rather odd?" I asked, getting a feeling that things were getting out of hand.

"Lighten up Jan," she laughed and popped the cork. "Nothing is wrong with a house warming gift," she added, as she filled both glasses and handed me one. "To the newest addition of womankind." She toasted, clicking our glasses together.

"Yeah... I guess." I reluctantly conceded. I was starting to feel rather paranoid, I wondered if we were under some sort of surveillance, that would be the icing on the cake, I thought to myself.

"'re no fun at all," giggled Misty as she sat on the bed beside me and started tickling me.

Now I was never ticklish before, but this body surprised me with its new sensitivity. Misty knew exactly what would set me off, and she went at it with a passion. Soon, I was a giggling squirming mess and I nearly spilt my drink as I collapsed into uncontrollable laughter. As I quaffed my drink so I wouldn't spill it, I nearly choked before I got my laughter under temporary control. I replied in kind, tickling Misty in the same places that she'd shown me. She yelled out in mock outrage before starting her own giggle fest.

Funny how soon a bottle of bubbly disappears. Thoughts about surveillance and manipulation plots went out the window as we emptied the bottle. I was feeling slightly tipsy from the alcohol and lack of food. I stood up, trying not to fall over in my heels that were somehow, still attached to the ends of my legs.

"Food! ... I need food!" I exclaimed. "In fact, I feel like I could eat a whole sheep, with the wool on." I added, as I stumbled into the kitchen.

"Better make that two sheep." Misty agreed, almost mimicking my gait.

I looked in the fully stocked fridge, wondering why I didn't see any sheep. Everything else was there, why not sheep? I giggled at the mental picture of a full sized sheep between two slices of bread. Boy, I was really out of it today. My thoughts were dragged back to the present as a small rumble gurgled from within my stomach.

"Steak okay?" I asked Misty.

"As long as it's with salad and not fries," Misty agreed.

"Darn," I muttered to myself. I loved steak and chips, now I had to give up my dose of daily fat. How will I survive with just meat and rabbit food? I mean this body was only temporary, right. I needn't be concerned about weight gain for just a week? Resignedly, I bowed to her wishes; after all, I didn't want to tempt Misty into bad habits, not with the nice shape her body was in at the moment. It really sucked that I couldn't do anything physical with her, or I'd jump her bones in a second (Oh my navet!).

I as the 'once man,' took over the cooking or (charring) of the steak (men's work) while Misty prepared the salad. She suggested to grill it, but I wasn't ready to concede that much. Frying was my aim. I saw some bacon in the fridge and cut off the fatty rind to produce a little grease in the skillet. Then I sliced an onion. (No steak is complete without fried onions) the smell of steak hitting the hot pan made my mouth water, more so when I added the onions. Cooking each steak to the individuals desired bloodiness. Misty liked hers to be still mooing, while mine was truly dead, at 'medium.' I mixed up a little peppercorn sauce to go with the meat and then I served it with a flourish, any waiter (or waitress) would be proud of.

After dinner, and when everything was cleared away, I begged some time alone, to sort my clothes, and generally take stock of myself. I needed to examine my body intimately with no one looking on or making comments. Misty agreed, saying she needed to do the same with her stuff that had been moved over.


In one way, I was putting off the exploration of my new body. I was afraid I'd get to like the way I felt and want to remain female. So I hung up my clothes, wondering again, why I'd bought (well Misty really) so much. Finally, I selected a filmy nightgown in a satin blend, and wandered into the bathroom. There I disrobed, then stood in front of the mirror, and just gazed with rapt attention, as I caressed my new features.

Looking at the reflected image, I saw a pretty damned attractive woman. She looked about 22-24 max, which meant I'd become 15 years younger. Her strawberry blonde hair caught the light as it moved to my movements. The weight of it felt strange now that I thought of it. Since my transformation, my senses had been so overloaded by all the new sensations and activities, that I hadn't had time to sort them all out in my mind. Now in the quiet of the bathroom, I could concentrate on each one.

I'd never realized that hair had weight. I had never had long hair, even as a youth. Short back and sides was my one and only style, and it moves with your head and you never notice it. Now it swept around as I moved, brushing gently against my neck and moving my earrings, another new sensation as they swung around willy-nilly. Breasts, now that is something you can't really explain till you have a pair of your own. The weight gently pulling downward on the skin and muscles on your chest, made you immediately aware of them. You could say, (yeah I know it's trite) that they stick out in your mind, as much as they do on your chest. My nipples were a surprise too, gently rubbing them made them pucker and send shivers of delight through my body. I knew already, how sensitive they were, from the reactions to the coarser material of my old shirt.

Looking lower at my new waistline I was surprised how narrow it seemed, as if with a tight grasp, I could be snapped in half. Intellectually I knew that my old man was gone, but seeing the void was a shock. Strangely, I had the sense it was still there, but smaller and somewhere inside me. I guessed that the nerves that used to go to my cock, were now redirected to my clit, and in that sense, it still seemed the same. One thing that did seem different was the absence of my balls there seemed no equivalent in the female. I knew the ovaries were the closest I'd get and being way up inside, the nerves serve a different purpose. I didn't feel like whacking myself off (or the female equivalent) right then, so I turned and entered the shower.

I felt like hacking all my hair off. It was heavy when wet and took ages to rid it of the shampoo suds. Stepping out, I tried to do the towel thing on the head, but it kept falling off as soon as I leant over.

"Misty, heeeelp!" I shouted through the door.

I heard footsteps coming nearer and a quiet tap on the door.

"Jan, are you okay in there? I thought I heard you call," she asked.

"No, I need help with my hair," I pleaded.

Misty entered cautiously then giggled at my sad attempt of a turban. She quickly showed me the correct way, then disassembled it and told me to do it. It took two goes before she was satisfied. She said to call her when I was ready to dry it.

I thought it would dry on its own, but was disabused of that notion quickly. Misty was horrified, saying it needed to be blow-dried and brushed. I was horrified at the amount of care my hair needed now. I was really ignorant of the amount of work a woman puts into looking beautiful. I sighed, as Misty started drying my hair and started my first lesson in hair care.

Later, alone in my bedroom I opened the Identikit and turned it on, thinking of the power this machine had in changing ones life. I needed to see what else it could do, but I was too tired after the day's events and climbed into bed. Sleep came easily, despite the unusual sensations coming from the silky garment I was wearing.


I woke, my dreams fading into the oblivion of wakefulness. I wasn't sure what my dreams where about, but I knew I was better off not knowing. I was disoriented for a few seconds, as my body reminded me of yesterday's events. Listening, I could hear Misty up and about, rattling things in the kitchen. I lay back, not wanting to move and closed my eyes.

The door opened and Misty breezed in. I could smell the appetizing smell of toast and freshly brewed coffee.

"Wakeup sleepy head, I haven't got all day to stay in bed like some I know." She laughed, as she placed the tray on the bedside table, before plunking herself down on the bed.

I groaned theatrically, and squinted at her with one eye opened.

"Come on honey, I still have to work today, seeing its Friday. Will you be okay alone today?"

"Yes, no problem," I muttered. "Thanks for breakfast, you didn't need to do that." I added.

She giggled and said, "It's your turn tomorrow... I want eggs with bacon and a little, erk..." she gasped, as I grabbed her and snatched a quick kiss, before slapping her rear.

She blushed, before smiling and waving goodbye.

"See you at four thirty, unless you have an emergency... like you burn the place down," she added hastily.

"Byeeeeeeee," I said, as she left the room.

That morning I pottered round after dressing in a comfortable blouse skirt combo. I wore some furry scuffs with a kitten's face on them. I had put the Identikit on the kitchen table and had looked out the various windows at the other units. I saw what I thought was a young man of about 20 years old, next door, moving past a window. Hours later however, I saw I was mistaken, as the person I glimpsed peeking out of the window at me, was definitely a young girl. Her blonde tresses were done in braids and ribbons, and I saw the pink dress she was wearing.

I felt comforted that I wasn't alone in the block of units, as most of the residents had probably gone to work, leaving them seemingly empty.

I did wonder why the girl was alone in the unit. Maybe she was sick. I dismissed it then as I concentrated on the Identikit.

It was lunchtime when I took a break. I started to make an omelette and had beaten the egg, when I found I had no pepper, (a must in my opinion). Having no transport, I thought I could borrow some from my neighbour and went over to knock on the door.

I heard a panicked scramble of footsteps and a hurried, "wait a minute please."

I waited wondering at the timbre of the voice, it didn't sound female exactly more like a man's voice. Were there two people there? I wondered. After about 4 minutes I was about to give up and return to my lunch, when I heard the door being unlocked. A young man's face appeared in the opening.

"Yes? Can I help you?" he asked, blushing.

"I've run out of pepper for my lunch and I've no transport at the moment. Can I borrow some off you?" I begged, giving him what I hoped, was an irresistible smile. (Hey, it works on me, so I figured it would charm the pants off this guy). He opened the door wider and beckoned me in, while he gave me a once over. It was funny; I actually swore I could feel his gaze burning though my clothes, as he checked out my body thoroughly.

Some part of me was pleased that I could turn him on this way, and that scared me somewhat. What am I... gay? On the other hand, was it something that's built into a woman's body, some inherited instinct to attract the male of the species.

Whatever it was, I could tell I had him enthralled and it gave me a thrill of the powers a beautiful woman's body has over the male libido. We introduced ourselves and Chris asked if we were moving in long term.

I hedged, and said we may, depending on circumstances. I got the required pepper and invited him over to join me for lunch. Saying he could take the peppershaker back with him, when he left. I asked if his sister wanted to join us too. The look of terror that flashed across his face, told me something was amiss. I looked carefully at him, wondering what was wrong, when I spotted something.

Turning away, I said in a calm voice, that either Chris or Christine was welcome to have lunch with me, whomever was the most comfortable.

"You know about Christine?" he gasped.

"I do now," I answered. "I'd like to meet her if you would agree to change." I urged him encouragingly. "If she's coming, I'll delay lunch for 10 minutes, okay?"

"I'll see if she wants too," Chris swallowed nervously.

"Great, I know we'll have a great time." I said as I went out the door.

This could turn out better than expected I thought. With a willing subject, I could test the Identikit even more than I had so far. A knock at the door heralded Christine's presence, roughly 10 minutes later. She was wearing the wig I'd seen previously, and a plain white blouse with a yellow pleated skirt. She looked shyly at me as if waiting for my condemnation.

Looking at her there, I felt a sort of weird kinship for her. Here I was a former man, looking at a wannabe female. Although my change wasn't exactly my idea, I could understand a little, what her attraction to being female was. I had dealt with several transgendered people in my time on the streets. I saw them as people whom fate had deal a raw deal. Now, looking at Christine, I realized it was within my powers to give her what she wanted, so easily.

"Hope you like omelettes, ah-la-Ian...err, Jan?" I corrected, while I mentally kicked myself for the mix-up.

"I'm game," she answered timidly in a soft voice.

"Great... please come in and sit at the kitchen table while I finish cooking." I invited, as I stepped aside and directed her in.

She walked in ahead of me, as I watched her stocking covered legs move sexily, encased in the white medium heeled stripy sandals. She sat at the table, as I pottered round putting the finishing touches to the meal. I didn't notice her examining the Identikit as it sat next to her with the screen still showing the list of options. By the time I had turned to bring the meal over, she was tapping away on the keyboard, her eyes lit with the enthusiasm that nerds get when they are in their element.

I tut tutted at her intrusion into my private stuff and she blushed and apologized; stopping what she was doing, immediately. Not without some reluctance, I noticed. We ate slowly as she told me about wanting to dress since she was 7 or 8 years old. She said that she was living alone and worked for a supermarket chain, working in the head office mainly on the computer systems. She hoped to live full time as a woman, when she had saved enough for the hormones. Christine then asked me how I knew about her being Chris. I smiled reassuringly at her, saying she hadn't removed all the makeup around her eyes in the hurry to revert back to Chris.

I was happy to hear her laugh in chagrin at her blunder, and she seemed to be relaxing more as time went on. I was wondering how to broach the subject of my testing the Identikit with her, when she blurted out about the machine being crippled.

"What do you mean... crippled?" I asked puzzled, but pleased with the opening.

"These options seem limited, as if there should be more," she explained. "I take it, this is something new? This seems to be some sort of police tool, like and ID checker plus something extra from the look of this device...see it's a foreign add on," she added, as she showed me the differences in construction.

I pondered on how much to say to her, but then decided to be open if I wanted her cooperation.

"It's an Identikit machine," I explained as I ran through the abilities of the Identikit. I explained about the alien attachment and what it could do. She was incredulous as I explained that I had been a man. She did seem to know what she was talking about, and it wasn't likely she'd be opening her mouth with her current status as a wannabe woman.

"No way," she said, looking at me as if expecting to see a man under my skin.

"Yes way." I laughed. I opened my blouse, so she could clearly see the curve of my breasts.

"WOW!" was her reply, as her gaze seemed riveted on my orbs. I blushed at the attention and redid my buttons to a more modest appearance.

She thought for a moment, and then asked if she could be allowed to check something out on the Identikit.

"I think I could get more out of it. I'm one of those geekoids that love to push the envelope when it comes to computers."

"Okay Christine, but be careful this is one of a kind, I need it to return to my old body." I cautioned.

"Okay," she grinned as she cracked her fingers, before attacking the keyboard in earnest.

She lost me in seconds, as her frenzied fingers flowed over the keyboard in a dance, only she knew the music for. I saw screens opening and closing as she delved into the secret depths known only to programmers. I watched, fascinated.

Understanding little, but enjoying the looks on her face as she found the items, she was looking for. I quietly cleaned up the dishes and thought about preparing tonight's dinner for Misty and myself.

I returned to Christine about an hour later, after making Cornish pasties for dinner. She was sitting still, just looking at a drop down window, when I looked over her shoulder.

"How's it going?" I asked.

"Look at this," she said excitedly.

I saw a list of options that hadn't been available before. There were options like metabolism rates to prevent weight gain. Pheromone production, which I guessed were to do with sexual attractiveness. Psychic abilities and a list of the PSI powers like telekinesis, mind reading, and something called energy manipulation. There was another option on muscle density and strength. I reasoned that this was protection for the aliens in their surveillance of our planet. Christine said there was another option, but she needed more time to open it with the levels of decryption surrounding it. She said she'd seen a glimpse of it before she tripped a hidden encryption code that needed time to work around.

"It looked like mutability or something," she explained.

"Mutability?" I repeated, thinking out loud. "I wonder if that's like shape shifting." I continued, getting excited.

"Also, you can use the gun attachment to scan a person, and then you can alter their characteristics just like you did with the image out of the magazine," Christine added.

The front door slammed open, scaring the crap out of us both. We both jumped, as we heard strained breathing and running steps coming closer. Then Misty's voice called out.

"Jan! Jan... we need to leave. There's been a break in at work, during lunch. The lab is a mess; there was a fire and an explosion, which destroyed it. It nearly killed me. Poor Brian was killed during the raid. It looks like the safe was opened and everything destroyed..." She paused in her rush of words to look at me, tears streaming down her smoke smudged face. "The disk, it's gone." She finished, taking a shuddering breath.

To be continued...
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