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Keshara: The Governess
Posted by: Admin on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 - 12:11 AM Printer Friendly
In a world run by dominatrices, someone has to be in charge...
The Governess

The Governess

A Cresswell Industries Story.

After her husband's transformation had been completed Lady Melissa Cresswell had decided that his wife should be given what she deserves.

She had spent many years in her domineering husband's shadow and now with her own transformation complete, Lorna Trewick was going to play an important role in Her Ladyship's plan for a world where women were to become the more dominant species of the human race.

Chapter One


As Lorna arrived at Agatha's very stately looking home she could not help feel that she was arriving at very enjoyable stage of her new life, her mind was reeling through many different scenarios and as the car came to a halt she gasped in awe at the stately home.

Ivan took out her bags from the boot of the limo and handed them to a very butch looking woman who came to greet them dressed in what she could only describe as an outfit a cook would have worn in a Jane Austin novel.

"Welcome Miss Lorna!" the portly looking woman smiled.

"Good afternoon!" she replied.

"Please follow me I will show you to your room and then Mistress Agatha will see you to show you around her place.

With vine leaves covering every nook and cranny of the exterior it was hard for her to imagine what the house looked like. Yet when she stepped into the house it was as if she had just stepped back in time into a previous century.

The reception hall was full of antiques and as she walked her heels and the woman escorting her clattered on the floorboards. Moving towards a large and winding staircase Lorna spotted another person. It was a young girl dressed in much the same way as Agatha was dressed when she had met her at Madame Grace's.

Eventually the woman led her to a very small but adequate bedroom that was also draped in materials and décor matching an eighteenth to nineteenth century house.

"Err thank you?" Lorna looked puzzled as the woman began to open her case and started going through her things.

"Just call me Cook or Matron, that's what Miss Agatha and all the girls call me!" she replied as she began to remove all of Lorna's cosmetics and hygienic items. "This is all you will need here Miss Lorna. If you wish to undress and freshen up your personal servant will be along to dress you!"

"Personal servant?"

"Yes Miss Lorna, Miss Agatha maintains a strict code here, she bequests to all senior staff or guests a personal servant or maid. It would be quite upsetting for the girl too if you did not allow her to serve you. I know it may seem strange to you at first, but after a couple of days of being looked after by them you will not even think twice at allowing her to bath you either!"

Lorna did as she was asked and undressed. Opening the single wardrobe she realised that she would also be dressed accordingly, for hanging up were very authentic looking Victorian dresses, blouses, skirts and suits and the shoe rack was full of different types of Victorian laced boots and shoes.

Just then the door knocked.

"Err come in!" Lorna spoke nervously as she tried to hide her nakedness in the shadowed corner of the room.

The door opened and in walked a pretty looking young girl, wearing a flared white pinafore over her grey Victorian styled maids uniform that stopped just above her ankles and revealed her laced ankle boots.

"Miss Lorna," the girl curtseyed very quickly. "I am Penny your personal maid!"

"It's nice to meet you Penny. I'm sorry but I?"

"I have your undergarments all washed and ready for me to put on you Miss Lorna!" Penny curtseyed again as she ushered in another girl, who curtseyed and brought in all of Lorna's freshly ironed underwear. Putting them on the bed she aptly curtseyed again and left closing the door behind her.

Although she was apprehensive at first to let herself be seen naked by the pretty young girl when she was asked to step into white cotton and laced chemise all her modesty was complete once again. Then the girl asked her to turn around so she could fix her corset into place. Lorna had obviously worn corsets before for Dennis, but this was a real boned silk and laced one and considering that this was Miss Agatha's chosen dress code, she could see the reason why a personal maid was required.

"Am I to take it that all of you serving girls wear these too?" she asked her maid as she began tightening the lace at the back.

"Yes Miss Lorna," she replied as she pulled the lower part of the corset tight into the arc of her Mistress's back.

Lorna felt the constriction immediately as the girl pulled it tightly into shape.

"Phew I can just about breathe!" Lorna sighed with disbelief. "How long did it take you to get used to wearing one of these?"

"You will acclimatise to your corset quicker than us serving girls do Miss Lorna," the girl replied.

"Why is that?"

"Well err... you're body is already shaped for it," the girl spoke with a hint of embarrassment on her voice.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well err... Miss Lorna... I used to be a boy," the girl replied even more embarrassed.

"Oh!" Lorna gasped with surprise; "I err... Yes I err... That's correct of course!"

After several more minutes of tugging Lorna could not help but notice the effect the tight corset had made on her. Her very small breasts were now pushed up in the opening of the camisole top and revealed a cleavage that she had not seen since before she had had her breasts reduced for Phyllis all those months ago.

Then as she stood admiring her chest, the girl or sheboy whatever it was then produced a pair of white laced stockings and held them out for her to step into.

Lorna felt the maid's soft and nimble hands work the material up her leg and found the sensation of someone pulling up her stockings very sensuous indeed. Breathing in she could not help take in the sweet perfume her personal maid was wearing and also she could see that her or his light blonde hair was set into a bun to help hold her maids bonnet in place.

Pulling the stocking up to just above her knee the girlboy tied the laced ribbon to secure it then she repeated the procedure with the other leg. However Lorna could not help watching the look of wonder upon the girlboy's face as she caressed the laced material.

"Do you not wear the same stockings?"

"No Miss Lorna we are only allowed to wear stockings when we have a date."

"So have you had any dates then?"

"No Miss Lorna, you have to earn a date and I have not been in a position to please until now!" the girlboy replied.

Lorna just shrugged her shoulder as she watched her personal maid scurry over to the wardrobe and pull out a pair of Victorian heeled ankle boots.

With no more conversation between the two of them Lorna's personal maid completed her new outfit by placing her in a one-piece dress that clung to her waist and outlined her small bosoms with out any tolerance whatsoever. Then Lorna was asked to sit so her maid could fix her hair and fasten the neck collar of the dress.

"How long will it take for me to adjust to this clothing?" Lorna enquired as she felt the full stiffness of her boned corset biting into her.

"You will start to feel more comfortable after a week or so, for girls like me it takes a lot longer!" her maid began. "I must tell you that Miss Agatha will insist on you having your hair extended. She does not like anything in her house to look out of place."

"You will have to forgive me, but where I've come from housemaids were never aloud to converse with their Mistresses or senior owners," Lorna quizzed the girlboy.

"Miss Agatha insists on her initiated girls to involve in conversation with her and her senior staff as this is a next stage of development for us. You will find that it is only the new interns that are treated like your housemaids."

Lorna stood up and inhaled slowly to get her breath from the constriction of her corset and when she did her maid turned over the long mirror for her to see.

"I love it!" Lorna admired her fabulous looking figure in the mirror.

"Thank you Miss Lorna I'm glad I pleased you!" the maid curtseyed.

"Oh! I'm so sorry what was it they call you?"

"Penelope, Miss Lorna," the girlboy maid curtseyed. "But I do love being called Penny!"

"That's a lovely name what was your original name?"

"I'm sorry but that information can only be given to you by one of the more senior staff I'm afraid."

With that Lorna followed her personal maid Penelope to meet with Miss Agatha.

Walking slowly, due to the corset, Lorna was taken downstairs and along several long passageways until she came to a double door where Agatha was standing patiently.

"At last Lorna, Penny has prepared you?" Agatha smiled out from behind her small half-mooned glasses. "I take it her company was pleasant enough for you?"

"Yes she... Or should I say he is a very sweet thing!" Lorna replied glancing down at her personal maid.

"Run along Penny I'll take Miss Lorna from here," Agatha waved the maid away.

"So how do you like your new outfit?"

"It's wonderful, although it may take some time for me to adjust to wearing a corset," Lorna laughed holding her back.

"Once you do you will find it very hard to stop wearing one. Corset training is a must for all my young trainees and from what I've heard from those that have left me, they still insist on wearing one at any given opportunity. They consider it the ultimate object of femininity!" Agatha smiled wickedly.

Agatha then opened the door and asked Lorna to take a seat. Lorna could see that the room was some kind of music and dance room for apart from two chairs, a piano was the only other object in there.

Agatha then pulled a cord, which sounded a bell and as soon as she had done that another smaller door on the far side opened. Suddenly six young girls walked into the room, each one of them wore the same identical flared pinafore over a greyish dress that flared out just above their knees to reveal black cotton stockings. Crinoline was also visible just below the hem of their dresses so this obviously helped flair the skirts for them.

Each one of them had their hair tied up into a tight bun above their heads with two curled strands hanging down across their cheeks. Rouge blusher on their cheeks and red lipstick on the lips highlighted all of their faces in a perfect feminine frame. Then as they all clattered across the wooden floor elegantly on the small heeled Victorian ankle boots, Lorna could see that all their pinafores were held in place with a large laced bow that cutely bobbed up and down across the arc of their backs and bottom.

"Now then girls take your places!" Agatha issued a very stern order. "This is Miss Lorna, she is a very special guest of mine."

"Good morning Miss Lorna!" all six of the girls responded in unison all curtseying at the same time.

"Now then Sally, would you like to show Miss Lorna your beautiful voice?"

"Yes Miss Agatha!" a blonde girl standing to the left of the row cutely curtseyed.

Lorna sat in awe as the girl suddenly began to sing a hymn on her own.

"I see you are surprised at the waif's pretty voice?" Agatha asked Lorna when she had finished.

"Yes I am, but I thought that this place was only for young males?"

"Sally come here," she beckoned the pretty teenage girl.

"Yes Miss Agatha," she curtseyed again moving closer.

"Lift your dress my dear!"

"Yes Miss Agatha!" Sally smiled and gave a little curtsey as if relieved that her governess, as all the girls described her when they spoke about her, had chosen her to show her guest her undergarments.

Sally lifted her dress and her crinolines for Lorna. Lorna could see that the girl wore the same cotton camisole as she did and wondered what exactly it was she was supposed to be looking at.

"Unbutton her crotch!"

Lorna instantly did as she was told, however when she did and pulled the soft cotton material aside, the sight that met her eyes took her breath away.

"Oh my goodness?"

"Yes Sally used to be a young man, didn't you Sally?"

"Yes Miss Agatha I did!"

Lorna had guessed that the blonde young girl had once been a man, but what intrigued her the most was the absence of his or hers testicles. "But where are her balls?"

"That's what enables my girls to have such beautiful singing voices!" Agatha replied.

Lorna moved her fingers in further just to make sure. "Oh my it's absolutely wonderful," she caressed the small flaccid hairless and ball-less cock of the sheboy. "How long do you have to wait before they accept this?"

"You will see next week, Sally and all the other girls have come to their first term!" Agatha moved over and re-buttoned Sally's camisole crotch.

Clicking her fingers she waved all the sheboys away.

"Now I imagine you have a million and one questions to ask me, well you can ask me them while I get one of my more experienced girls to do your hair."

Agatha explained every detail of the Lady Cresswell's wishes for her, which included her being trained in the art of feminising young men.

A term for the girls was actually six months, but over the past few years the term was getting shorter especially considering the advances that Cresswell's had made in technological and pharmaceuticals, it was soon going to be cut down to three months.

All of the interns that Agatha accepted where between seventeen and twenty years old and all of them had come to her through Cresswell's legal system for juveniles. Those that were convicted of violent crimes and rape went straight to Lady Melissa's institute, while those who were convicted of lesser crimes such as burglary, car theft and drug abuse came to Agatha.

A majority of the interns had disowned their parents and a small proportion of them had been sent to Cresswell's with the blessings of their parents, although hypnosis and mind persuading drugs had been used to obtain that blessing on a good majority of them.

The intake was six boys or young men per term and Lorna was about to experience a full term of new interns and the final term of Penelope.

Lorna found out that Penelope used to be known as Peter Jonathan Kramer and had been in and out of juvenile detention centres for most of his teenage years. Yet upon his release at sixteen he got caught up with a drug running gang and was caught for peddling cocaine. Agatha considered Penelope as one of her best girls and although the type of experience she required was normally something her girls learnt when leaving her nest, Lorna needed to learn the wonders of helping a young man into the wonderful realms of womanhood.

Lorna could not help but touch her long platinum silver hair as it reached right down to her back. In fact since she had arrived at Agatha's she had not felt so sexually aroused since the first few months of her affair with Phyllis. Yet she could not dismiss the one thing that really was exciting her and that was that all of the young girls who resided here either used to be boys or young men and that they all at sometime or the other had had their testicles removed.

Reaching her room Penelope was eagerly waiting her return. However this time she was not wearing her usual pinafore and dress, for her hair was down and she wore a long white thin cotton night-dress that revealed her small and very pointy breasts.

"Miss Lorna!" she curtseyed politely. "I'm afraid that it is part of my training to aide you at bedtime."

"That's quite alright," Lorna replied rather pleased that her personal maid was going to wait on her hand and foot day and night.

"May I say that your hair is such a beautiful colour Miss Lorna!" Penelope remarked as she stroked it.

"Yes Penelope I like it too," she replied.

The next five or so minutes saw Penelope undress her mistress comb her hair and then put her in the same type of cotton night-dress that she wore.

"Thank you Penelope, I must admit I did not think that I would enjoy being waited on hand and foot so much!"

"Thank you Miss Lorna!" the girlboy curtseyed. "Excuse me Miss Lorna for being too forward but do you wish for me to keep your bed warm or do you wish for me to return to my room?"

Lorna looked at her maid, her face was so pretty and feminine she could not believe that she was only a young eighteen year old man over a year ago. "Yes I would like that!" Lorna breathed in the maid's sweet fragrance.

"Do you wish me naked?" the maid asked biting her lip with anticipation.

"Well of course!" Lorna smiled in agreement, for she desperately wanted to see a transformed boy in the flesh. Ever since she saw her ex-husband's transformed body, she found the thought of seeing another one rather erotic.

Penelope started to gather her long dressing gown and slowly lifted it up her body. Lorna's eyes instantly followed the material up. Her legs where ever so soft and feminine and as the dress drew higher, her hips also began to flare just like a girl's, then as the dress reached her crotch Lorna had to hold her breath.

"Oh Penelope it's so delightful?" she smiled up at her personal maid as she held out her hand and touched the small two-inch dangling piece of flesh. Running her hands under the maid's crotch she could feel that the shemale's testicles had been removed. "Oh yes this is exactly how a young man should look, don't you agree Penelope?"

"Yes Miss Lorna it is!" the shemale maid replied with a very alluring smile as she lifted the entire dress above her head and revealed her small but very prominent breasts.

"Well look at these?" Lorna squeezed her maid's left breast and pulled on the erect nipple. "So supple and suckable, tell me do you like having these?"

"Oh yes Miss Lorna I love them," Penelope sighed with pleasure as her mistress began tweaking her nipple.

"So am I to take it that I'm your first?" Lorna asked moving her hands away from the maid's very tantalising erect nipple.

"Well in a way...Yes... Miss Lorna," she curtseyed.

Lorna could not help noticing all her jiggling bits as she did. "So if I am pleased with your performance what will you get from Miss Agatha?"

"It would be considered a date so I would be aloud to wear silk stockings from then on instead of black cotton ones!"

"Well I suppose you'd better try to please me then!" Lorna stood up and turned around.

Penelope began to undo the top buttons of the night-dress and then began to roll it up her mistress's body. Her long silver hair fell down to the arch in her back and despite her obvious age (well to the maid she looked as if she was in her fifties or sixties) her body was soft and well kept.

Turning around Lorna held out her small breasts for her maid to suckle.

Penelope instantly sucked in the elongated brown nipple and began to lick and suck on it. Then she moved a hand onto the other one and began to pull on the nipple as her hand squeezed the small soft tissue of Lorna's breast.

"Oh yes my dear I can tell you are going to make such a wonderful concubine," Lorna soothed with pleasure as she pulled her shemale maid onto the bed with her.

Lorna could not believe how exciting she found this Penelope to be and as the maid's tongue moved slowly down her and onto her engorged clitoris she waited for her to stop.

"Oh Miss?" Penelope did stop.

"Yes my dear I am well developed down there!" Lorna smiled.

Penelope had seen pictures of female genitalia before, but the size and the way it protruded was not something she had ever envisioned.

"Yes my dear that is my clitoris and it's waiting to be pleased!" Lorna pushed her crotch up into the surprised shemale's face. The enhancements that Lady Cresswell's HRT program had done to her, was exactly the same as it had done to all the middle aged females who were lucky enough to have been administered it. Lorna's sex drive had increased ecstatically and the size of her clitoris had grown long. In truth it now responded like a cock and when aroused was hard enough to be used for penetration just like a penis. Yet Lorna enjoyed the softness of a female's teeth and mouth nibbling and sucking on it.

"Oh yes my sweet that's it!" she threw herself back onto the bed as Penelope's lips engulfed her four inch erect clitoris. "Oh yessssssssssssssssssss!"

The next day Lorna found herself sitting in Agatha's office, with Penelope at her side.

"Well now Miss Lorna, did your personal maid please you?"

"Oh yes she did!" Lorna responded with a wicked grin. "I never imagined what fun a transformed male could be!"

"Yes they are and I'm sure you are going to enjoy creating them as much as I do," Agatha replied.

"Oh yes I can't wait," Lorna agreed with excitement.

"Penelope go and see Cook she will give you your new stockings!" Agatha waved the shemale maid away.

"Yes Miss Agatha...Thank you Miss Agatha," she curtseyed giddily. "And thank you too Miss Lorna."

Lorna watched her joyful maid leave the room in a hurry carrying her long dress with her as she did. "I still can't believe how feminine they become?"

"I'm glad you mentioned that cause that is where I wanted to start... Lorna, Penelope's servitude to you is really a one off for this house, cause usually their sexual experience is gained from their intended owners, if that is what they wish from them of course. But I have really given Penelope to you for the sole intention of honing your skills on maturing her ahead of her time."

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Lorna replied puzzled.

"Here is a key that will fit the clothes box at the end of your bed. Inside you will find an assortment of sexual aides to use on Penelope. I want you to enjoy yourself as well as create these special girls. Now what I will explain to you is this... The part you are performing now with Penelope is very stimulating for you. But when you do leave here and go to your own house, starting these boys or young men onto the road to womanhood is not so enjoyable."

"But you seem to have no problem here?"

"Yes I'm lucky that I have the equipment to deal with their misbehaviour, which you will see next week when the new interns arrive. But unfortunately for you, you will have to pluck the young men without any assistance from Cresswell's or me," Agatha looked rather concerned.

"I'm not sure what you mean?"

"When I have finished training you, Lady Melissa has arranged for you to live in a very rural village that she has been slowly populating with people she trusts!"

Chapter Two

Summer of Changes

Lorna waited until Penny had finished with pinning her hair up into a bun before she continued her conversation. Penny had already filled her in on how the new interns arrive and how they are prepared for their first day. But she could not help notice that her personal maid was as eager as she was to see the new arrivals.

Penny had been relishing her role as maid to Miss Lorna and now that she was wearing real black nylon stockings it made her feel even more feminine than before.

During the past week Lorna had also enjoyed Penny's new-found femininity and took pride in the fact that she was responsible for making her feel so much more feminine. In fact she now preferred making love to a fully castrated shemale more than she had enjoyed with Phyllis. For she found a young man's journey into womanhood to be far more sensuous than a middle-aged woman's journey into becoming sex object.

* * *

Miss Agatha greeted Lorna at the back of the estate where the new interns disembarked from their journey. A long cage was attached to the back of the prison bus and heavily secured to it to thwart any escape from the prisoners, this cage then eventually narrowed down to a small walkway that disappeared deep into the basement of the building.

Agatha and Lorna stood above the cage watching the procession of blindfolded and chained felons being ushered deep into the basement. Then when all six of the young male offenders were inside, the huge steel doors closed on the last of what would be their only encounter with masculinity.

Lorna walked along the gantry that followed the walkway into the basement and watched as Cook and two of her fellow workers, both of whom were very butch looking women, released the interns from their chains.

Cook began to call out the names of the six young men.

"Daryll Todd?" she called out and as she did a very scared looking young man walked forward.

"Yessss... MMMMMissss!" he stuttered.

"Age boy?"

"Err... Eighteen Miss!"


"Err class A drug possession !" he replied.

"Good. Go to Miss Jane and she will undress you and ready you for delousing... MOVE!"

Daryll ran as fast as he could towards the large woman who with lightning pace took all his clothes off with ease.

"Gary Tenyson?"

"Yes," another nervous young man walked forward.


"Nineteen," he replied anxiously looking at the treatment that was next in store for him, as the first boy was dragged naked into a shower room.


"Possesion... But it was not?" he was cut short.

"Fourth offence boy now MOVE IT!"

The young man's terror carried him towards the other waiting woman who like the one before, expertly stripped him of his clothes.

"Timothy Sanderson?"

"Err... Yes... Miss?"

A scraggy looking young man of about five foot two in height and looking no older than fifteen nervously stood forward.


"Err... Seventeen Miss?"


"Err... Car theft," he replied fearfully.

"Wait over there please!" Cook responded differently to this young man.

"Craig Thom..." she began until a rather grumpy blonde headed youth interrupted her.

"Oh fer fuck's sake you morons... They're only women what threat can they possibly carry out to you!" he shouted out walking up to Cook and staring at her face to face. "You fat old cow... I only agreed to come here so I could doss about and perhaps get some pussy!"

"Please wait your turn!" Cook responded politely.

"FUCK... YOU!" he breathed into her face.

Lorna watched petrified for god only knew what the youth was capable of doing to Cook as he now stood eyeball to eyeball with her. Worse still the two remaining young men had also found some resolve and were now backing their fellow loud mouthed inmate up.

"So if you wouldn't mind bitch I'd like to leave now. SO FUCKING MOVE OUTTA MY WAY!" the young man blew his words into her face.

Agatha could see Lorna's concern and gently tapped her shoulder. "Its all right Miss Lorna, Cook will handle him just you see!"

"I will ask you one more time please will you wait your turn!" Cook asked him once again.

"And how the fuck are you gonna make me?"

Without a seconds thought Cook grabbed a firm hold of the rude young man's crotch and released a very high powered static pulse from a device she had in the palm of her hand.

The young man crumpled to the floor in agony holding his crotch calling her all the names he could muster beneath his mask of pain. Then before he had time to gather his senses she released another charge into his neck which rendered him unconscious.

The other two youths including the one standing to the side held their breaths in disbelief at the ease in which the woman dispatched their unruly inmate.

"Now then I take it that none of you two wish to take the same path as your friend here?" she asked with a big smile.

Both young men nodded in agreement.

"I take it that this insolent bit of trash is our burglar and thief Shane Lowry?"

The two remaining boys nodded again.

"Craig Thomson?"

"Yes Miss!"


"Eighteen Miss!"


"Burglary Miss."

"Go to my assistant Miss Kathy and hurry about it!" she ordered the boy.

"William Graveston?"

"Yes Miss," the last boy stepped forward.


"Err Eighteen Miss," he answered instantly.


"Possession of drugs and theft!" he replied rather ashamed.

"You know where to go, so hurry!"

Lorna watched as all the boys, except the one called Timothy and the one lying unconscious on the floor, were stripped and forced into the shower, whereupon each and everyone of them were met by one of the last term girls.

Embarrassed all four boys had to endure having all their naked bodies covered by the girls in a creamy substance, which they were then ordered to wash off in the shower.

Meanwhile Miss Jane and Miss Kathy, picked up the limp body of the young man called Shane and took him in a different direction. While Cook ordered the remaining, and very physically shook, boy called Timothy to follow her.

Agatha asked Lorna to follow her, whereupon she brought her to a door that had the sign 'Nurse ' upon it. Knocking on the door Agatha waited for a response, which aptly came via a very pretty second term girl who was wearing the usual attire except on her pinafore she had a red cross denoting that she was part of the nursing school. Promptly she curtseyed and let both of them in.

Lorna could not believe how big the Nurse's room actually was, for it was in fact a huge reception room that veered out into an actual hospital like ward.

"Right at the end there is where Nurse Sheila carries out her operations."

"Operations?" Lorna asked blankly.

"Yes that is where the boys become girls," Agatha smiled with a very wry grin spread across her face.

"Oh!" was all Lorna could reply.

Just then another girl appeared dressed similar to the first except that she was in her third term, as her nylon stockings were just visible between her knee length petticoats and her ankle boots. The girl curtseyed on cue and as she did Lorna spotted that she was wearing a nurses watch and badge with the name Emily on it.

"Nurse Sheila has the new interns ready for you Miss," the girl curtseyed.

"Thank you Emily," Lorna responded.

"Emily is actually our eldest girl here, aren't you Emily?" Agatha remarked as they followed the girl down the corridor passing a small ward of eight beds, in which sat three girls dressed in their night-gowns each of them whispering to one another as Lorna passed them by.

"Yes Miss Agatha I have been here for nearly five terms," she replied, skipping as she turned to reply with a very pleasing smile on her face.

"Yes Emily is considering staying on and becoming a full member of our nursing staff aren't you?"

"Oh yes Miss Agatha I would love so much to stay here!" Emily replied.

"Actually those other girls we just passed are going through recuperation from their very important operations," Agatha began. "They are technically still interns but they are here for a final fifth term like Emily!"

"But I thought that three terms was sufficient for their change?"

"Oh now again some of the girls excel and we reward them with their most ultimate and desired wish."

"Wish?" Lorna shook her head.

"Emily lift your skirts and show Miss Lorna!"

"Yes Miss Agatha," Emily curtseyed and obeyed her command.

Emily lifted her skirts and Agatha asked Lorna to kneel down and unbutton the crotch of her chemise.

"Oh my?" Lorna gasped as she pulled apart the soft cotton fabric and came face to face with the familiar sight of neatly trimmed female genitalia.

"Yes Emily has such a cute little pussy has she not?"

"My word it's so?"

"Yes Emily is a complete girl aren't you dear?"

"Yes Miss Agatha and I would like to thank you for making my dream come true!"

Just then the door they where walking towards opened and a very stern looking and plump woman wearing the same attire as Lorna, all except for the nurse's pinafore, appeared.

"It should be awake any moment now," she clicked her fingers and two more second term girl nurses began scurrying behind her with an operating theatre trolley. Upon the operating table that also had very high stirrups covered by a green blanket, was the unmistakable body of the mouthy young man called Shane. He was gagged and strapped heavily to the table, but because of the angle that his legs were upon the stirrups all his genitals were exposed for everyone to see.

"Well Lorna this is the first part of our attack on the other new interns psyche," Agatha smiled as she looked down at the struggling youth.

Just then Nurse Sheila moved towards her patient and injected something into his thigh.

"That will stop him from hurting himself when I perform our very popular opening ceremony for all the other new interns!" Sheila smiled with a very wicked grin on her face.

"Emily pull his blanket off please, I'd like everyone to see him as we wheel him to the graduation and reception hall!" Agatha added her own twist to the boy's embarrassment.

"Nurses make sure the other three are present for new interns initiation ceremony, Emily I think you have earned the award of taking our ceremonial guest to his audition!" Sheila motioned.

"Thank you! Nurse Sheila!" she curtseyed as she grabbed a hold of the trolley and began to push him back down the corridor they had all just come from.

"Now then Lorna it will take an hour for all the interns and full term girls to gather for the initiation, so what we do now is to prepare our chosen new intern prefect."

Agatha went straight into the operating theatre with Lorna in tow, however she did not stop there for she took her through another door that led to another hospital like corridor with several more doors that were all closed. Then reaching the end of the corridor Agatha knocked on the last door and waited for an answer.

A foreign sounding male voice answered.

"Ah Miss Agatha your 'Prefect' is ready for her programming!" the male voice responded as soon as they entered the room.

"Lorna this is our resident psychiatrist Miss Olsen. She is responsible for all our interns' mental conditioning. Miss Olsen this is Miss Lorna!" she introduced them both.

"Please don't let my transvestism affect you Miss Lorna, but men's clothing are banned in the building and besides I love wearing female clothes," Miss Olsen very deftly shook Lorna's hand. Lorna could not help but notice Miss Olsen's curly brunette hair was a wig and her very long nails were false.

She or as Lorna could obviously see, he - was wearing a blue skirt and jacket, with lightly tanned stockings, white blouse and two-inch court shoes. His face was perfectly made up from his mascara down to his lip-gloss, in fact if it was not for his voice, wig and false nails, Lorna would have thought that he was a she.

"Yes Miss Olsen has a practice in the city that is backed by Lady Cresswell, although she does seem to spend more time here than at her office dressed as a man!" Agatha remarked with smirk.

"Oh you are such a tease Miss Agatha!" Miss Olsen replied.

"Anyway where is our chosen prefect?"

"Timothy dear would you please come out and greet your Governess!" Miss Olsen called out to a glazed door on the other side of his office.

Timothy appeared looking rather dishevelled from his nakedness as he nervously made his way before his Governess and her friend.

"Now then Timothy what do we do when we see any elder's or fourth year term girls?" Miss Olsen asked politely.

"Curtsey Miss Olsen!" he replied, desperate to hide his cleanly shaven genitals from view with his hands.


"Governess!" he curtseyed rather crudely.

"Now then perhaps you would like to enlighten Governess Agatha and Miss Lorna on why you are here and what is going to happen to you," Miss Olsen asked the shaking young man.

"I am here because I am a menace to society, as are all the other boys who joined me today," he replied nervously keeping his full attention on Miss Olsen.

"And?" Miss Olsen prompted the young man.

"I am to become a girl like all my fellow interns!"

"That's wonderful news Timothy, now tell the Governess what has happened to you so far?" Miss Olsen continued to goad the poor lad.

"I have thrown away all my dirty clothes and I have showered, also I have completely removed all my body hair when I showered too!"

"Good boy, now put on those items I passed to you when you came in here."

Lorna watched with admiration as the poor boy took hold of his black cotton stockings and rolled them up his legs and tied them to his thighs, then he pulled on a white cotton night-gown. Then when he had tied up the top of his night-gown's laced bow he stepped into a pair of the interns compulsory ankle high Victorian heeled boots.

"Here spray yourself with this, we want all your fellow interns to know you are wearing perfume now don't we?" Miss Olsen asked casually.

"Yes Miss Olsen," he nodded dejectedly.

"And why do we?"

"Because I want them to be jealous of my wish to become a girl," he replied curtseying with fear on his face.

"And why is it you wish to become a girl Timothy?"

"So I'll never ever get into trouble again!"

"How wonderful," Agatha clapped her hands together prompting Lorna and Miss Olsen to follow suit. "Now take a hold of Miss Olsen's hand and she will take you to the initiation ceremony!"

Chapter Three

Initiation Ceremony

Lorna had thought that she had seen all of the massive estates areas, but when she followed Agatha and Miss Olsen she found herself being shown areas of the place she still had not ventured into. Agatha explained that as the new interns are brought along, Lorna would eventually get to know her way around the estate without any guidance at all.

As they arrived at a very large auditorium which Agatha had called the main hall, Lorna was surprised to see so many people all gathered for the new boys initiation. The hall was created like an auditorium with rows of seats all situated around the hall like a theatre, so that the centre of the hall was visible for everyone seated around the hall.

Taking their seats Lorna was surprised to see that all the girls from the different terms and all the staff, including the nursing staff, were all standing awaiting Agatha's arrival. As soon as Agatha had taken her seat, which was right at the front of the staffing seats, all the girls and staff sat down.

Just then Cook appeared with the remainder of the new interns, with all four of them now wearing the same night-gowns as Timothy, except for their bare feet.

Leaving the four interns by the opening of the auditorium Cook took to the centre of the hall.

Agatha also stood up and approached Cook.

"Thank you for all gathering here today," Agatha began to stroll around the centre of the hall. "As you are all familiar with this tradition of accepting newcomers to our home, I will not dwell on the introduction too long. For today belongs to our new visitors, who by the looks of them are anxious to get this little ceremony underway, so I will not dwell too much on a speech to welcome them. Now first I would like to introduce you all to the new interns chosen Prefect... Timothy Sanderson!"

All the girls applauded their Governess as she motioned for the poor nervous looking young man called Timothy to stand in the middle of the auditorium.

Timothy nervously looked back to Miss Olsen, who had already informed him on what to do when he was called up.

The four other interns looked at the boy they only knew from the bus journey here as Timothy, curtsey and thank the Governess for allowing him to attend her institution.

"What the fuck is that geek doing?" Craig whispered to William as he stood next to him.

"Jeez the moron's obviously sucked up to them because he loves wearing dresses," William whispered back.

"I'm getting outta here as soon as I can!" Darryl also joined in under his breath. "There's no way you'll see me behaving like a sissy faggot!"

"Neither me! Fuck... Look at him he's even got girl's stockings and boots on!" Gary finally found the temptation to join in with his inmates' dissection of their fellow inmate, too much.

Little did the four boys know that there conversations where actually being recorded and relayed to Cook via her hidden earpiece.

"I knew he was a faggot the first time I saw him!" Darryl sneered at the sight of Timothy turning and curtseying to all four sides of the auditorium.

"Any way... Fuck the faggot... Where's Shane? Me and him were planning on a way of getting outta here on the journey to here!" William responded with his eyes shifting from side to side making sure no one could hear their conversation.

Yet before any of the others could respond they were all called out onto the floor to acknowledge their gratefulness at being given the chance to amend their ways by attending the Governess' special institute.

"I only agreed to come here to get some pussy," Gary finished his reasons for being here. "My brief told me this place was stocked top to bottom with young girls all waiting for a chance to be bedded!"

Cook laughed as she listened to the last comment of the four young men as they walked out into the middle of the auditorium and when they finally approached her, she smiled at them at then pulled them all into line.

"Now then Timothy would you please introduce all the rest of your friends to us!" Agatha asked the shaking young man to show himself up further in front of the audience and his fellow inmates.

Timothy wanted to run away and hide but Miss Olsen had hypnotised him thoroughly, for he was fully in control of his own thoughts, except a voice appeared to be making him follow the Governess' every word and command.

He knew how ridiculous he already looked to the other boys, but now that he had to kiss all four of them on the cheeks he knew that they would consider him a faggot and a sissy all the more.

"Timothy would you like to introduce us to the first of your friends?" Agatha motioned to the petrified boy.

Err... This is Gary Tenyson," he croaked loudly approaching the first of his four inmates and kissing him on the cheek fully.

Gary pushed him away as he smelt the overpowering perfume the boy was wearing.

"I'm going to beat the fuck out o'you faggot!" Darryl Todd replied as he felt Timothy's lips brush against his cheeks, though it did not stop Timothy from introducing him.

After kissing William Graveston and Craig Thomson and introducing them, Timothy then stood in line. His perfume lingering very heavily on the nostrils of all four of the young men that at one stage he had hoped to befriend, but now, through no fault of himself, he knew he had made enemies of. For as he kissed them they all responded with a hateful jibe at his sexuality.

"Now then if Sally from term two could come down to the floor!" Agatha looked over to where all six of last terms intakes were sitting.

Sally stood up and curtseyed and then approached the centre of the hall.

"Sally would you please hand your successor your badge please!" Agatha asked the very pretty blonde haired girl, who Lorna knew was a boy.

"Here you go Timothy, please turn around" Sally asked him as she attached a pink ribbon choker around his neck and secured it.

Timothy did not want to accept the ribbon, but for some reason his will resisted his attempts to stop himself from curtseying and accepting it and then kissing the girl on the cheeks with his lefty leg lifting up behind him as he did.

"What a faggot!" Daryl snarled as he watched the sissy boy accept the ribbon from the very good-looking young girl that was dressed like a Victorian schoolgirl.

"Now then ladies and girls, we come to the most important part of our initiation ceremony," Agatha began. "As you all know, coming to terms with your punishment is hard enough, but as you have all learned insolence, bad language and disrespect towards your elders and keepers... Is not tolerated! Ever since the first day this institute for correctional behaviour was opened we have laid down a strict code for all our interns. And that is to stamp out any misbehaviour swiftly and quickly."

Just then the double doors of the approach opened and Emily wheeled in a hospital trolley. Behind her were Nurse Sheila and two more nurses who pushed in two smaller trolleys.

It was not the sight of nurses and hospital equipment that made Timothy and the other four young men look more nervous and scared than they had been, for it was the sight of their fellow inmate Shane - strapped naked to the trolley firmly secured and gagged.

"This is Shane Lowry and as the nursing staff have already had the unfortunate pleasure of this young man's vociferous and very un-gentleman like vocabulary. It saddens me to have to show the other interns the punishment for displaying the traits of an ill mannered young man!" Agatha motioned for the trolley to brought centre stage.

Shane had no way of knowing where he was for his blindfold had been left right until the moment he was positioned in the auditorium. He knew he was naked, for he had been ever since he had regained consciousness, but the fact that he was now naked and strapped to a trolley in front of an audience of young girls, caused him to refrain from his struggles.

'Fucking hell it's wall to wall pussy!' he thought to himself as he looked around him as far as he could stretch. 'An they've given me pole position for them to see me cock!'

Shane's pride in his manhood was never gonna embarrass him and Agatha and Cook always liked their example to be so well hung, for they knew that the emotional riptide their small operation gave the recipient only added to their own transgression as well as their fellow interns.

"Shane welcome, I am Miss Agatha your Governess and I would like to explain to you why you have an audience," Agatha stood over the young man, motioning to Emily to bring his head and his legs up to the desired level for his initiation.

As his head rose he soon realised that his feet where in stirrups that also rose up with his head. Finally the trolley had positioned him at such an angle that he was now only two feet away from his clean-shaven genitals.

Just then the head Nurse, who he had heard being referred to as Sheila, moved in between the gap of his legs. For the first time in his life he felt vulnerable, but his stoic resolve and attitude still caused him to view his predicament as a statement at how manly he was and desperately he tried to get his cock hard for the nurse, mainly to embarrass the woman.

However as Nurse Sheila grabbed a hold of his flaccid cock, he realised that he had no feeling in his crotch it was totally numb. 'You bitch, you've given me something to make it look like I can't get it up for a girl!" he thought and muffled through his gag. 'When I break free of this place I'm gonna tie you up like this and fuck your arse you bitch!"

"Now as you girls can see, the reason for this young man's terrible attitude is here," Agatha pointed straight towards Shane's testicles. "And girls what do we do with such useless appendages such as these?"

"WE GET RID OF THEM!" the entire hall erupted with a cheer.

All six interns faces changed to one of horror, especially Shane's and hanging upon everyone of their faces was the look of 'Is she joking, this is a joke right?"

Agatha hushed the audience with her hands and turned to face Nurse Sheila. "Slice him!" she smiled wickedly.

Emily brought the desperately struggling Shane's head up further so he could watch his own castration close up.

Nurse Sheila looked up at the poor arrogant young man's plea for mercy on his sweat laden and horrified face as she pushed his flaccid cock right back to expose his clean-shaven ball sack. Then taking hold of a scalpel from the tray besides her she softly took hold of his right testicle and began kneading it softly.

"Oh I bet you were proud of these?" she smiled up at him.

Shane in a last desperation to admit his behaviour was very uncalled for tried in vain to will the nurse not to continue with the threat to his genitals, but the next move she did brought a flood of tears streaming down his face.

Nurse Sheila calmly and very delicately sliced into his ball sack and as blood flowed into the tray below his scrotum it was followed swiftly by two testicles.

Applause rung round the auditorium as another young hoodlum was given the final antidote to his years of testosterone aided troubles.

Darryl and Craig threw up as they witnessed their fellow inmate's castration while William and Gary could only stand opened mouthed as they watched Shane's testes slide into the tray.

Lorna could see every one of the young men's hopes and dreams of escape evaporate as she smiled gratifyingly to herself.

However for Timothy the sight of the procedure, which had originally caused him to wince, suddenly took on a whole new meaning for him. Shane was in no doubt a bully and all during the trip to this institution had ridiculed him on how scrawny and how weak he looked. The others had also joined in with several of their own assessments of his looks and to make matters worse along with the thought of spending the next year or so in their company, they all regarded him as faggot. Something he had had to put up with all of his teenage life.

Yet in one way, he had been pleased when the woman called Cook had taken him to a different part of the building, for it spared him the ridicule he would no doubt have faced if he had been forced to expose his very small genitals to the others. However as he watched Shane's testicles swimming in the tray of blood, he realised that all those years of bullying that not only his stepfather and other boys had heaped upon him were finally going to end. For something in the back of his mind was telling him that he was now the one who was going to have the edge in the group.

Moving his hand up to feel the pink ribbon choker around his neck, Miss Olsen's hypnotic suggestions were finally beginning to take control of his thoughts, making him realise that pleasing the elders of the institute would only ever bring him rewards - not ridicule.

Chapter Four

After Shock

Timothy awoke with a yawn, his mind was still awash with the shock of witnessing Shane's castration. However as much as he wondered how they could be aloud to do such a thing, he somehow felt justification in what they had done.

Pulling back his pink duvet, he stepped out of bed and looked over to the solitary chair in his room. Lying upon it was an item of clothing that was totally new to him and for some reason compelling. Walking up to it he picked it up and as he unfolded it he realised that it was a white cotton Victorian laced chemise combination. Instantly he threw off his nightgown, however as he opened it and began to step into it, he realised that he had to shower and wash before he did.

Opening his door he suddenly remembered that as he was the prefect he was the only one who actually had a room to himself, for as he stepped out of his room he walked into the dormitory where the rest of his fellow inmates were all sleeping. Unbeknown to him, the main reason he was in the room was because of the hidden speakers that secretly relayed his and what would be all of their new chosen paths.

A small thrill ran down his spine as he realised that he was standing naked in a room full of boys and that it was his duty to wake everyone of them up.

Eagerly he clapped his hands and woke them all up and then with a very girlish giggle he skipped into the shower at the far side of the dormitory.

One by one the other four boys awoke, however they did not wake with the same enthusiasm as their prefect, for they all immediately looked over to the bed that would have contained Shane. All four of them still suffering from the shock of what their new prison governess had done to him.

"Good morning!" Timothy stepped out of the shower room drying his wet body with a pink towel. "Don't forget to wash and brush your teeth and when you have finished with your towel place it in the linen basket provided!"

Daryl and Gary both looked up at their chosen prefect with a scowl on their face. Both of them wanted to tell their faggot prefect to go fuck himself, but their attention was drawn to the rather unmistakable actions he was doing. For Timothy was actually playing with his nipples as he stood telling them what to do.

"And when you have all washed and showered you will all find a cute little chemise outfit in your wardrobe to wear," he smiled and skipped into his room.

Although he had not been aware of his actions in front of the other boys, when he entered his room a sudden shiver caressed his body, for he realised that he was rubbing his nipples because they were actually itching.

Shrugging his shoulders he moved over to his chemise and stepped into it, but then remembered that he first had to put on his black cotton stockings because the length of the chemise's knickers went down to just above his knees.

Tying his stockings in place he then stepped eagerly into the chemise and as he pulled it up his body and slipped his arms into it, he realised that the unbuttoned crotch of the garment would not sit properly over his genitals.

All four boys in the dorm wanted to scream as they saw their new underwear. Yet as they all silently looked at the garment, it was plain to see from their look that they knew what their punishment would be if they did not conform like their faggot of a prefect had done.

Excitedly Timothy stepped out of his room, the heels of his ankle boots drawing attention to his arrival to all four of his fellow inmates. "Oh Daryl come here I'll show you how it's done!" he smiled as he waltzed over to the nearest of the confused boys.

Daryl was totally stunned as Timothy pulled the material up onto his body and then without any hesitation tucked his shaven genitals into place and buttoned up his crotch. Then with all the other three standing equally shocked, Timothy then laced up the top of his chemise.

"There you go silly, that's how its done!" he finished fluffing up the lace on Daryl's shoulders.

Daryl wanted to tear the garment from his body and punch his gay prefect in the face, but the thought of the Governess's retribution stopped him from responding, so instead he gritted his teeth and accepted the help with a grunt.

"Now any other you boys need a hand?" Timothy asked with his hands on his hips.

All three boys declined their prefect's help as they all hurriedly put on their underwear.

Just as the last of the boys had finished, Timothy then told them to make their beds ready for their chosen elder's inspection at 8AM.

"Quickly she will be here any moment now," Timothy once again helped Daryl, this time to make up his bed. Then with several minutes to spare he disappeared into his room.

Within a minute he reappeared and stood next to Daryl smiling.

Daryl could feel his fellow inmates eyes all staring at him as Timothy kept pruning at his chemise and to make things worse, Timothy's sweet perfume was beginning to attach its self to him as well. Then with total embarrassment leading his mind he was just about to lash out at his prefect when the dorm door opened wide and three elders entered the room.

Instantly Timothy curtseyed as they all entered the room.

"Excellent Timothy, you have done a great job!" Miss Agatha smiled at the sight of all four boys dressed in their chemises with her chosen prefect curtseying so effeminately alongside them.

"Now then girls this is Miss Katie and Miss Lorna. Miss Katie is your assigned Elder, but Miss Lorna is learning how we train all you young men to respect people and their property!" Miss Agatha looked at every one of the young men.

"OK let's all get in line, for today is going to be a very long one for all of you!" Miss Katie clapped her hands.

Timothy grabbed a firm hold of Daryl's hand and pulled him into the centre of the room. Daryl hated the way that Timothy had started to attach himself to him and as much as he wanted to show the rest of the guys that he was not gay like Timothy, he had to do what his prefect made him.

Slowly the other three young men stood in line.

"Good, now a most important rule to remember here is that your chosen prefect was chosen because of his qualities and obvious leadership. And as Miss Agatha has already told you Timothy here is your prefect. Now the responsibilities of a prefect are to report to us on any misconduct made by the rest of you... And as all of you have already seen the punishment we dish out to anyone who does not conform to our wishes it can be very severe. So if you all wish to keep your balls intact... You will do as your Elders ask and more importantly you will also obey your prefect's wishes too, for he is only relaying our wishes to you." Miss Katie finished.

"Thank you Miss Katie," Miss Agatha began to clap. Instantly Timothy followed his Governess and in doing so prompted Daryl to follow suit. Slowly all the other boys joined in the applause for their Elder Miss Katie.

"Now then I don't want to appear too petty but I must admit none of you have been watching my darling Timothy, because if you had, you would all have known that when an Elder walks into the room or addresses you... You curtsey!" Miss Agatha reminded the group.

Straight away Timothy dropped into a curtsey and pulled Daryl with him.

Daryl wanted to drag his arm away from the faggot and could not wait until he got him on his own, cause he had decided that by the end of the day he was going to beat the little gay fucker up.

Timothy just could not understand why Daryl seemed so touchy, after all girls where always helping one another out and holding each other's hands and as he was beginning to feel so much like a girl, he just could not fathom Daryl's attitude.

With the Elder's speeches all done and all of the boys having curtseyed or at least attempting to, Timothy led his group out into the corridor and followed Miss Katie and Miss Lorna to the first of their gruelling lessons in etiquette.

Miss Katie took the group to a room that contained just three chairs and a bookcase. Entering the room Miss Katie clapped her hands and arranged her group in a row and then pulled a chair right out into the middle of the large wooden floored room, whereupon she motioned for Lorna to take a seat.

"Now then who wants to go first?" she asked the group.

"Please Miss Katie may I?" Timothy curtseyed brightly.

Once again the other four boys all looked at their prefect with contempt.

"Good... Timothy you shall be the first. Now if you would like to take a book and place it on your head and walk around the room once without dropping it. Then I want you to try and sit down upon the chair as gracefully as possible.

Timothy skipped excitedly over to the bookcase where he placed a book on his head and began to make his way around the room. The sound of his heels upon the wooden floor seemed to spur him on as he covered the room completely dropping the book only once as he did. However it was the way that he sat down upon the chair that caused the other four new young interns to grimace with embarrassment, for he sat down very perfectly with his knees together and his hands perched upon them.

By the time dinnertime arrived Lorna had witnessed the strain walking like a woman had on all the boys, for they all held their backs as they made their way out of the room. Timothy as expected was the only one who enjoyed the lesson and Lorna could see the hatred the other boys felt towards his very sudden emergence in being feminine.

Miss Katie explained to her that everything Timothy did was devised to make the remainder of the group despise him and although she wanted to explain the reasons, she told Lorna that tomorrow would explain a little more to her.

Dinnertime saw all of the boys having to take centre stage once again as they were paraded in front of all the other girls who were at the estate.

Timothy once again led the way by showing all the other boys how to eat their small lettuce sandwiches. Lorna had to contain her laughter as she saw the complete look of disgust on the four young men's faces as they looked upon their small meal.

With lunch over Miss Katie took them back to the room to continue with their training for the day.

Then with training over Miss Katie led them all back to their dormitory telling them that they all had to shower before they got dressed for bed.

During a toilet break Daryl and Gary had decided that they would both roughen up their sissy inmate and make sure that he never embarrasses them or any of the others again. However any plans Daryl had of retribution was lost as they entered their dormitory, for lying on the extra bed was Shane dressed in the same night-gown as they all had to wear.

"Oh it looks as though you have a new room-mate!" Miss Katie remarked upon seeing the figure of a boy curled up on the bed asleep. "Well the rest of you will have to be quite while Shane sleeps, so I think it would best if Timothy helped all of you to shower singularly."

"Thank Miss Katie!" Timothy curtseyed as he skipped off to his room to undress.

Daryl and Gary both turned their heads up to face their Elder.

"Do you two have a problem?" Miss Katie asked the two disgusted looking interns as she went over to check on Shane.

"Err... Yes Miss?" Daryl suddenly found the courage to speak.

"Yes... What is it?"

"Well it's like this Miss... Timothy is err? Well I feel rather uneasy having Timothy showering and washing me Miss?" Daryl finally found his words, with Gary, William and Craig all nodding in unison.


"Well he's queer Miss!" Gary made his concerns felt.

"Queer? What do you mean by that?"

"Well he's so... You know!" Daryl tried to explain.

"So what? Explain yourselves this instant!" she demanded.

"He's a faggot and a cocksucker Miss!" Craig finally blurted out.

"Well let's ask Timothy shall we?"

All four boys looked at one another and nodded in unison.

"Timothy would you please join us dear!" Miss Katie called out.

"Yes Miss Katie," Timothy appeared instantly, minus his chemise, and curtseyed.

"Timothy these boys tell me that you are a faggot are you?"

"No Miss Katie I am not!" he replied with another curtsey.

"Well boys does that answer your question?" Miss Katie asked the boys.

"Look Miss he is gay and I don't like gays!" William sounded his concerns.

"Timothy please tell your fellow interns who and what you are!"

"Yes Miss Katie," he curtseyed once again. "My name is Timothy Sanderson and I am the group prefect!"

"And why are you here?"

"I am here so you Elders can help me achieve my wish to be able to return to society a better person Miss Katie," he curtseyed a reply.

"And are you gay?"

"No I am not Miss Katie," he curtseyed again.

"There you go, Timothy is not gay. So lets disperse with all this nonsense cause I'm sure none of you would like to go through the punishment Shane here received do you?"

All four boys nodded in agreement and all tried desperately to curtsey in case their group Elder decided to carry out the threat.

"Good now get undressed quietly and one by one you will let Timothy show you how to shower properly. And just one more thing... Daryl and Gary every room in this institute has cameras so if you do decide to rough young Timothy up I'd think about Shane's position OK!"

Daryl and Gary both looked down at the floor with embarrassment at their little plan being overheard and dejectedly moved over to their beds and began to undress.

Excitedly Timothy ran into the shower-room and after getting the water running and the temperature right, he called for Daryl to join him.

Daryl looked anxiously at the others as he made his way into the shower.

"Come on you silly thing, I've seen you naked already," Timothy giggled rather girlishly as he took hold of his fellow intern's hand and pulled him into the shower.

The steam did not hide anything from either of them as Daryl tried hard to hide his genitals from Timothy.

"Here," Timothy grabbed hold of a sponge and squeezed some shower gel onto it.

Daryl nervously looked about him, praying that no one could see him in a shower with another male, who was in his mind most definitely gay.

Timothy placed the sponge onto Daryl's chest and began to rub it gently over his nipples. Daryl wanted to hit him, but he knew what the punishment was if he did.

"Here, it's your turn," Timothy spoke rather softly as he passed the sponge to Daryl.

Cautiously he took hold of the sponge and began to rub the soap onto Timothy's chest.

"Oh yes that's right... Just there!" Timothy began coo as he took the sponge from Daryl's hand and placed his fingers onto his extruding nipple.

Daryl was taken aback by Timothy's move and stared at the sight of his fellow inmate's chest. For as the water gradually washed the soap away, Daryl could see that Timothy had a very soft, puffy and very distinguishable breast and nipple, which as he touched it began to grow.

"Oh Daryl... Yes I like that!" Timothy sighed as he took hold of Daryl's hand and helped him caress his small budding breast.

However before Daryl had time to respond, Timothy pushed his hands away and asked Daryl to turn around.

William, Craig and Gary all stood outside the shower-room all hiding their genitalia with their hands as they listened in on their poor inmate's embarrassing torture and then their eyes all averted to Shane. The script was in all of their faces as they knew what fate would hold if they did not behave.

Daryl gritted his teeth as Timothy's soapy hands worked their way down his back and onto his buttocks and on several occasions he could have sworn that the faggot had ran his tongue down his back.

"Here you do me!" Timothy sighed into Daryl's ear.

Daryl wanted to run screaming from the shower and beg on his hands and knees to the Governess to not let this gay faggot anywhere near him again. He even thought about whether the agony of losing his testicles would be worth the punishment if he was to hit him, however as he began to rub the sponge into Timothy's back he was not prepared for what happened next.

As Daryl began to dab despondently at Timothy's buttocks, the rather effeminate young boy turned around and as he did he, Daryl lost his grip on the sponge.

"Oh Daryl?" Timothy suddenly burst out with surprise, for Daryl's hand was now upon his small and soft penis.

Daryl instantly took his hand away, but Timothy grabbed a hold of his wrist and put it back on it.

"Daryl I was going to do that to you first, you naughty boy," Timothy spoke very softly and with a hint of passion in his voice and then placed his hand onto Daryl's genitals and began to rub them softly.

"I err... it was an accident I'm sorry!" Daryl managed to make his excuse as he abruptly took his hand away from the boy's cock.

But before Daryl could do anything else Timothy had dropped to his knees and was washing his genitals thoroughly. Desperately he wanted the shower to end and let one of the other boys take his place, but the very soft and kneading fingers of Timothy where beginning to cause a reaction in his groin.

"Oh my goodness, you naughty boy?" Timothy looked up through the water and steam at his fellow intern. "You do enjoy being showered don't you!"

Then before Daryl could respond Timothy planted a kiss on the tip of his expanding penis.

"There you go Daryl!" he suddenly stood up. "Tell William to come in won't you?"

Daryl could not believe it as Timothy cast him aside. Had the faggot somehow got one over him he thought to himself as he began to walk from the shower, however as he made his way towards the pink towel to dry himself, he could see all the other inmates all standing and staring at him.

"Fuck!" Craig summoned from his opened mouth.

Daryl then looked down at what they were all staring at, his very erect penis.

"Err... Oh I can explain?" he tried to issue some kind of a reason, but whatever reason he could muster the sight of his erection was due to one thing and that was Timothy's sensuous hands.

"And we thought that he was just the gay one?" Gary sneered at his fellow inmate.

Daryl's mind was in torment, the guys he wanted to stand firm with and help to beat the institutes rules with, now looked upon him like they did Timothy and he had no way of ever denying anything they thought of him. Not even the solace of knowing that they all had to be showered by Timothy could hold any comfort, for no matter how much his head told him he was heterosexual his cock had betrayed him. Drying himself thoroughly he pulled on his nightgown and curled up in his bed and began to sob quietly to himself.

Chapter Five

Inmate to Intern

Timothy once again helped Daryl dress, he knew what the others now thought of Daryl and considered the poor unfortunate young man as a friend.

Yet Timothy could not deny the excitement he felt at feeling his cock growing in his hand. The others were totally petrified of his touch and Timothy felt no cause to treat them as he did Daryl, but he knew that in the end they would all become friends, because that's what girls do with a little bit of bitching.

By the time Miss Katie appeared all the boys were dressed, except for the very sullen and whimpering figure of Shane.

Shane had woke to the sound of Timothy clapping and announcing that it was time to get dressed. For just a moment Shane thought that he had dreamed the nightmare of his castration, but as he moved his hands down to his groin all he could find was a small cock that was void of any testicles.

"Why?" he sobbed into his pillow as all the other young men he had envisioned on bullying and controlling, especially the small black headed wimp, went about dressing up in such unmanly garments.

"Don't concern your pretty little heads with this one! He has been assigned to choir practise until we feel its time for him to join you!" Miss Katie pointed down at Shane. "And believe me he will be able to reach all of those high notes with ease!" she laughed callously as she led her group away for another gruelling day of training.

However as they reached the room, Miss Agatha appeared with Miss Lorna and stopped them.

"Timothy and Daryl I would like you two to follow me!" she demanded.

Timothy dropped into a curtsey, while Daryl just looked on dejectedly for the whispering taunts had already began and as usual it was Craig who led the way.

Reaching the familiar office of Miss Olsen, Agatha knocked on the door and awaited the very deep response of her transvestite psychiatrist.

"Ah! Timothy it's so nice to see you again!" Miss Olsen welcomed them. "And I take it this is the young man who has made his affections towards you so forwardly?"

"Yes Miss Olsen," Timothy curtseyed with a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Well now Timothy as you know we have been monitoring your performance closely and we feel it's time that you took another step forward," Miss Olsen praised the young man. "Do you like the choice of music we ask you to listen to at night?"

"Oh yes Miss Olsen its really wonderful and it makes me sleep so much better," Timothy curtseyed his very happy reply.

"Daryl I have noted from our monitoring of you, that you have not been sleeping too well?" Miss Olsen asked the very dumbfounded youth standing next to Timothy.

"Well no... But it's this place... I feel so nervous!" Daryl replied hoping that his response did not go down badly.

"That can be a problem in here young man, but that is what I am here for to reassure you that you can progress... I mean you would like to get out of this place wouldn't you?"

"Err... Yes Miss!" he replied with his eyes darting onto the Governess as she stood besides the transvestite psychiatrist.

"Well I suppose we had better get started on putting you on the right track eh! Daryl?" Miss Olsen smiled back to the very solemn looking young man.

Just then Agatha pressed the intercom and asked for Penelope to get Miss Sheila and bring her to Miss Olsen's office.

Miss Olsen sat Daryl down on his couch and told him to lay back, then skilfully began to put the very confused young man into a trance.

Timothy felt excited as he recalled his visit a few days ago, for he too used to feel so unhappy and bad about his life, but now he was beginning to feel happy within himself and more importantly he was beginning to like the life he was now leading.

Fifteen minutes later the door knocked and Miss Sheila appeared with Penelope, who instantly portrayed how a young lady and servant should curtsey when approaching an Elder.

Timothy was totally awe-struck by the young maid's very feminine stance and behaviour.

"Timothy this is Penelope, I want you to go with her because she will show you how to procure that very elegant curtsey and after that she will give you your reward," Miss Agatha arranged Timothy's next stage of development.

As Penelope opened the door and curtseyed for Timothy, the soon to be maid smiled excitedly, for her subliminal training at night time had now implanted a very eager need to be as feminine as possible.

Daryl was now fully under and as he lay back on the couch, Nurse Sheila administered three injections that would rid him of all his male hormones ready for his inevitable castration while helping to reshape his semi-muscular young man's body into that of blossoming young girls.

Miss Olsen continued to rewrite Daryl's wishes and thoughts as his very confused and testosterone driven mind was manipulated into a very submissive and eager to please young woman's.

Timothy walked behind the very pretty Penelope admiring the way she walked and at the way she was dressed. He had seen many of the other girls all dressed similar but he could not help notice that her dress fell to just above her knees and revealed beneath the hem of her petticoats and down to her strapped ankle boots, silky stockings.

In fact he was beginning to feel naked in just his chemise, cotton stockings and ankle boots.

"Here you go Timothy," Penelope opened a door into a large room that contained various designs of Victorian female clothing. "You have done well to reach this stage and soon you will wearing full dresses like all the other interns here."


"Yes you are very near being an intern, this is a school not a prison Timothy, and a very strict school that no boy has ever escaped or wanted to escape!" Penelope replied.

"Oh I see, but where are the boys?"

"You and your group are all that there is. But anyway we can talk about this place later, cause I want to show you your prize... You will absolutely love it... I still do!"

Penelope took Timothy through a variety of clothes hangers until she came to the rails and shelves of clean undergarments. Then standing on tip toes she reached up onto a shelf and pulled down an authentic looking Victorian laced boned corset.

Timothy felt a shrill run through his body as he was shown the corset.

"Turn around I will show you how this is put on you!" Penelope motioned with her very long pink polished nailed fingers.

Hastily Timothy span around and waited for the corset to wrap around his chest.

"Tomorrow you will have to get your partner to lace you up... So pay attention, for if you do not place it properly you will not get the desired result for a cleavage," Penelope pulled heavily on the lace as she began to work it up Timothy's cotton chemise covered back.


"The one you have been getting very close to lately," Penelope responded with a sigh of disbelief.

"Oh you mean Daryl," Timothy blushed secretly. "Yes I am very fond of him he is so sweet."

"Have you two kissed yet?" Penelope asked bluntly.

"Kissed?" Timothy tried to spin round surprised by her helpers question.

"Yes kissed!" Penelope huffed as she pulled Timothy back into position.

"Err... No... But I did plant a kiss on his thingy... In the shower... I mean it seemed the only thing to do under the circumstances," Timothy replied recalling the unusual behaviour he showed in the shower with Daryl. "I mean when I bathed the other boys I did not even go anywhere below the waist."

"Don't worry Timothy tonight I think you two will be showering a little longer than before, for what I heard is that you got him quite excited!"

"I did?" Timothy began to blush further. "Oh dear!"

"Have you kissed a boy then?" Timothy politely asked.

"Yes and I took his thingy in my mouth and sucked it, but I'm not allowed to do things like that anymore," Penelope sighed as she got to the top of the corset.


"Well I'm not really allowed to tell you, but if you try it you will find out how good it is and what with you being the prefect you'll get more than just one to suck I can assure you!" she finished the last of the lacing. "There turn around and look at yourself in the mirror."

Timothy felt his breath rather constricted as he turned around, but as he looked at the result the corset had on his body, he could not resist placing his hands onto his hips with pride. The corset was gathered in perfectly to give him an hour glass shape, but the way it wrapped around the top of his chest, the expanse of flesh that was visible, was pushed up to give him what he could only describe as a very small but adequate bust line.

"Come on Timothy, you've got tonight to admire your budding breasts... I've gotta get your curtseying up to scratch, cause you curtsey like a horrid boy!" Penelope grabbed a hold of Timothy's arm and dragged him out of the clothing room.

Chapter Six

First Kiss

Lorna could not restrain her laughter as Cook told her how she had once caught a new intern trying to sneak out of the institute in the linen baskets.

"Yep poor sod's arse got the biggest butt plug and dildo in Nurse's cupboard for that!" she bellowed out loudly.

"So what happened to this err?" Lorna enquired.

"Dean Faraday I think he's name was, but I can't says I can recall what happened to him... it was eight years ago," Cook laughed out loud again.

"Excuse Cook!" Yvonne, a fourth term girl, who always helped out in the kitchen, curtseyed for attention.

"Yes my dear?"

"I was working with Nurse Sheila a year back and she told us all about that incident... She said that he now lives in Germany serving a family as a maid!" Yvonne curtseyed as she gave her response to the boy's eventual ending.

"Oh yes that's right," Cook nodded in agreement.

"So I take it that all the young men who come here end up being chopped?" Lorna asked still amazed at the whole operation.

"Not all the time, some times if a parent or a reputable buyer asks for them to remain fully functional, we do consider it. In fact a few young men have actually left as well behaved young men after the discipline they've received here but I must admit they are not much fun to work with, they're so boring."

"So how did you come to be here?" Lorna continued her questioning.

"Well I used to be housewife who got a beating by her husband one two many times, so I ended up at the women's institute owned by Lady Cresswell. That's where I met Miss Agatha who was running the institute back in them days and that was about fifteen to twenty years ago. Anyway I ended up working there and then followed Miss Agatha to this place when Lady Cresswell opened it ten years ago."

"Ten years?"

"Well it was very low key in the early years the only young men we got in them days were young adults of women who wanted revenge on their husbands by feminising their sons. But after two years Lady Cresswell struck up a deal with some female Lawyers State side that enabled us to begin our special school you see today."

"You know Lady Cresswell is taking a big risk with what she's planning to do with you, but I can tell she hold's you in high regard so I guess discussing Miss Agatha's business with you is ok!" Cook explained more of Miss Agatha's role within Cresswell Industries and of the new arrivals that were all being put through their paces.

Timothy could not wait to show of his new addition to the others and also show them how a real curtsey is done. Penelope had spent the day showing him how to carry himself properly and how to project the pure femininity he now felt coursing through his body.

Once again Shane was lying upon his bed in his nightgown sobbing quietly to himself, Timothy wanted to console the poor young man, but knew that he would not respond in kind to his offer. However it was not long before Gary, Craig and William all walked through the door and threw themselves onto their beds. The gruelling day of carrying a book on their heads and sitting down demurely had taken its toll, but as Timothy began to clap his hands they knew the terror of the day was not over.

"Well it's so nice to see you all again, my day has been absolutely exhilarating!" Timothy bated the three inmates.

They all in turn looked up at their very effeminately posed prefect, each one of them all displaying the disgust they felt for their chosen prefect.

"I spent all day learning how to curtsey properly look!" Timothy suddenly dropped into a perfect curtsey.

Just then the door opened and in walked Miss Katie with Daryl.

Daryl was wearing black cotton stockings and the same Victorian ankle boots that everyone else appeared to wear within the institute, but more noticeable was the change in his facial expression to his predicament.

"Hello Timothy!" Daryl smiled at his prefect. "You look absolutely delightful!"

"Yes it's wonderful isn't it!" Timothy ran his hands down the hips of his corset and twirled around.

"Now then group you know the drill, it's shower time and Timothy will be bathing and washing you again is that understood?" she spoke sternly.

"Oh yes Miss Katie!" Timothy curtseyed perfectly.

As soon as Miss Katie left the dormitory, Timothy clapped his hands and ordered Daryl to follow him into his room.

"You fucking gay twat!" William cursed Daryl as he instantly went to Timothy's call.

Daryl turned around and smiled at William as he followed Timothy into his room.

"Daryl I need you to undo my corset and remember how you unlace it for you will be strapping me up tomorrow," Timothy ordered his fellow intern.

"Oh with pleasure Timothy," Daryl replied running his hands over the satin material of the corset. "It's fabulous!"

With Timothy out of his corset, Daryl went back to the dormitory to undress ready for his shower with Timothy.

The other three all looked distastefully at their changed inmate as he began to undress excitedly. Within a minute Daryl was undressed and as he placed his chemise into the linen basket he pulled out a small set of headphones from his cupboard and placed them on the bed.

Just then Timothy danced into the dorm, every step he took causing the other three to grimace with embarrassment at his very effeminate stance and walk. Then holding out his hand gracefully he called for Daryl to join him and with a very girlish shrill Daryl took a hold of Timothy's outstretched hand and let him lead him into the shower.

If the thought of showering with Timothy was enough for the other three to stomach, the sight of Daryl's penis enlarging as he was dragged so lovingly into the shower made them all feel ill.

"How the fuck could he get so excited about showering with a faggot?" Gary asked out loud.

"Cause he was a closet gay, he just needed the other faggot to make the first move and knowing that the Elders don't care about Queer's in this place it's quite obvious he's taken to him!" William replied as if he was some sort of an expert on homosexuality.

"Yeah but why do they insist on us wearing this same girlie clothes as them?" Craig asked slipping out of his chemise and tossing it into the linen basket.

"Well I'm gonna keep me head down and play along until an opportunity arises for me to escape, then I'm gonna shop the whole fucking bunch of these lesbians!" William finished removing his chemise.

Timothy tiptoed into the shower and turned on the taps while Daryl stood in awe at the feminine grace his prefect displayed. His cock was getting harder and harder as he looked at Timothy's small but very defined budding breasts.

The water sprayed down across Timothy's chest and over his small flaccid cock and as he turned around to pull his fellow intern into the shower with him, the sight of Daryl's excitement took his breath away.

"Oh my!" Timothy held his hand daintily up to his mouth, for he had seen erect penises in porno films before, but had never seen one, apart from his own, in the flesh.

Daryl moved into the shower spray and took hold of Timothy's hand.

Timothy could not take his eyes of Daryl's erection for it was standing at its full ten inches. Shaking his head Timothy grabbed a hold of the soap and was about to soap his hands when Daryl moved nearer and pulled him towards him.

Daryl did not know why he wanted to kiss Timothy, but his groin was leading the way. However as Daryl drew Timothy close for a kiss, Timothy used the shower to spin himself around and then place Daryl's hands onto his hips.

Timothy pushed his bottom outward to feel the presence of Daryl's erection behind him. Daryl's cock slid up onto the small of Timothy's back his hands were pulled up onto his fleshy chest.

"Play with them!" Timothy asked with a sigh, as he placed Daryl's fingers onto his erecting nipples.

Timothy groaned with pleasure as his nipples responded to Daryl's touch and as he enjoyed the feel of it he began too soap his body rubbing his hands over Daryl's kneading hands and fingers.

Daryl pushed his groin harder into the small of Timothy's back as he took hold of his erect water covered nipples. Then as he toyed with Timothy's nipples he felt a hand slide around and take a hold of his cock. Then as Timothy's hand engulfed the shaft of his cock, Timothy used the soap to slip himself away from Daryl's hold once again, however this time he was face to face with his fellow intern. Then with both of them looking at each other intimately their mouths opened and their tongues came together and then they both French kissed one another.

Daryl moved his hands onto Timothy's bottom cheeks and began to squeeze them, while Timothy's hands went up onto Daryl's shoulders.

Timothy sighed passionately as he kissed, for the feel of Daryl's cock pressing hard into his belly drove him further into the world of femininity. Then moving a hand down towards his stomach he slipped his hand over Daryl's throbbing cock once again.

Up and down he moved his hand over Daryl's tool, knowing only to well how it felt to be played with, however Timothy's mind was now the mind of a girl and he wanted to be pleased like a girl. So breaking away from their passionate kiss, Timothy looked lustily into Daryl's green eyes. "Suck my nipples!"

Daryl leaned down and did as he was asked, his tongue leading the way to a very wet and prominent nipple crested upon a small mound of budding breast tissue.

"Oh yes that's wonderful!" Timothy sighed with pleasure as his nipples once again felt the electricity of feminine eroticism. Then after Daryl spent another minute sucking on his nipples he pulled him forwards and thrust his tongue into his mouth once again. The words 'Fuck me' were forming in his mind, but a voice told him that he was far from being the perfect girl yet. So as he pulled away from their kiss, he sank to his knees and placed his mouth over the top of Daryl's wet and throbbing cock.

William was getting annoyed at the amount of time Timothy and Daryl were taking so in his frustration he thought that he would let them know. However when he came across the scene of Daryl being sucked by Timothy, he was totally lost for words. The shock took him totally by surprise. True he had made his interpretation of Daryl's sudden attraction for Timothy being that of a gay, but having never seen two males in rather intimate positions he just did not know what to say.

Timothy was quick to catch a glimpse of William walking in on them and instantly pulled his mouth away from Daryl's cock, though not in shame for he deliberately kissed the tip of Daryl's cock and then stood up leaving Daryl as surprised as William.

"William its about time you came in!" he turned to William grabbing hold of Daryl's cock with both of his hands and then masturbating him.

"I err... I can come back?" he slowly began to retreat.

"Remember the cameras and microphones William, you don't want to end up like poor Shane do you?" Timothy spoke with arrogance.

Although William could easily have beaten Timothy to a pulp, his masculinity meant nothing to him in here.

"Come on slow coach I have two hands you know and Daryl will tell you how pleasurable it is to have me stroking your thing," Timothy looked at Daryl.

"Yes Timothy, it is absolutely wonderful!" he replied as if in a trance.

"Come on... Don't be shy... I don't bite, after all I am your prefect!" Timothy coerced William to join them. "Oh well I guess I'll just have to let Daryl go then!"

Gary and Craig watched Daryl as he walked out of the shower room, however their eyes could not be drawn away from their fellow inmates very visible hard on. For despite drying himself for a couple of minutes he still carried his erection.

Daryl walked over to his bed and opened his wardrobe, fully aware that the other two were watching him, so slowly and deliberately he pulled on his night gown and pulled back the covers of his bed and jumped in.

"So you see we use the weakest of the group and the strongest to bring the entire group together!" Agatha pointed out Lorna as they replayed the erotic scene of Timothy and Daryl.

"But he's only been here three days and he already behaves like a little temptress?" Lorna sat stunned at the transformation of Timothy.

"Yes these are the latest in hypnotic drugs and as you can see they are very powerful. Cresswell's have made astronomical advancements in their hormone and hypnotherapy drugs. And from what I have heard they have just cracked a new code sequence in genetics as well."

"New code sequence?" Lorna asked totally puzzled.

"Well its all double Dutch to me, but apparently we all have these little microbes that run constantly around our body shaping our bones. From what I could make out was that when we break a bone these little things are what mend it and destroy all the broken shards of bone left over. So Cresswell's have broken the code that controls them and now they can start to feminise the only part of the male body the hormonal drugs can't!"

Lorna did not really understand what Agatha meant so she decided to turn the conversation back to the new interns.

William held his breath as Timothy's soapy hands began to run over his body. Despite the fear he felt at having him caress his body the way Timothy moved did not portray a faggot or a gay at all for he it did feel as though a girl was bathing him.

Timothy knew that he had William where he wanted him so just as he had done so successfully with Daryl, he very sweetly began to arouse his next roommate.

As hard as William tried Timothy's seduction was too much for him to ignore. He could feel his groin responding to every move of Timothy's hands and as much as he tried to fight it his cock was getting bigger.

"You saw what I did to Daryl, and I just bet you would do anything to have me do that to you... Hmmmmm?" Timothy breathed sensuously into William's ear as one hand began to stroke the enlarging shaft of William's cock while the other caressed his ball sac.

William tried desperately to fight it, but as Timothy's hands did their work his cock was now fully erect and with his groin now in control William let the very effeminate Timothy take full control of his desires.

"Oh you do like this don't you?" Timothy breathed heavily into his ear.

"Yes I do!" William replied captured by the sensation of two soft feminine hands working on his cock and balls.

Then as easily as Timothy had started he stopped, leaving William on the edge of excitement.

"Go on William... Craig and Gary have got to shower yet and as much as I would love to see this erupt, I don't want to stay in the shower all evening!" Timothy walked out of the shower with his hands on his hips.

'Hell in this steam anyone would make a mistake!' William thought to himself as he looked at Timothy's outline in the steam thinking that he had found some obscure self-justification in what had happened.

Yet after towelling him self dry and walking out of the shower room to indicate for either Gary or Craig to take their turn, he was unaware even from the horrified looks on their faces, that he still had a hard on.

"I see you've joined us then?" Daryl remarked on seeing William's erection.

"Err... Yeah... I err... suppose?" William hid his embarrassment in his cupboard as he took out his night-gown. "Err who keeps replacing all these clothes?"

Chapter Seven


Daryl awoke with a yawn and a smile of happiness. This time he would be ready and waiting for Timothy's call to rise. Looking across at William and then the others he felt inclined to creep up to them and pull back the sheets slowly and get a small glimpse of their cocks. For all last night his dreams where centred on playing with them, however as he slid his black cotton stocking s into place and then stepped into his cotton chemise, the door to Timothy's room opened.

"Come on girls up you get!" Timothy clapped his hands, as he stood in the doorway wearing his new cotton two piece undergarment.

Daryl could not take his eyes off of his prefect's very presence.

Timothy was skipping with excitement as he deliberately made his way down the dormitory clapping. His new undergarments were absolutely fabulous and with the fact that the chemise top needed to be laced, he wantonly exposed his rather fleshy and widening aureoles and nipples to all of them.

Coming back down to where Daryl was tying up his ankle boots, he held out his hand in a very dainty and girlish way and pouted. "Come on Daryl, I need lacing up too!"

Daryl looked up at his prefect and instantly felt his cock begin to stir. "Yes Prefect Timothy!" he curtseyed and took a hold of his soft hand.

Timothy grabbed a hold of Daryl and whizzed him into his room closing the door behind them.

"What do you think Daryl?" he held open his chemise top and grabbed a hold of his small but very defined nubbin of breast tissue.

"They're wonderful!" Daryl replied mesmerised.

"Feel them they are so soft!" Timothy revelled in his newfound femininity.

Daryl moved up to Timothy and touched the puffy tissue with his fingers.

"Lick them!"

Daryl did not need no further prompting for his groin was pulling him towards Timothy's small and tiny tits.

"Ohhh Yesssssss!" Timothy sighed as Daryl's mouth engulfed his blossoming womanhood. "That feels soooooooo good!

Then pulling Daryl's head away from his chest he thrust his hand onto Daryl's very prominent erection beneath his chemise. Then kneeling down he bit into the cotton and began to unbutton it.

"Prefect have we got time for this?" Daryl became anxiously aware of what was occurring.

"Shhhh... this is what I wanted to do to you in the shower yesterday! And today I am going to do it!"

Daryl felt his engorged cock spring out of his chemise crotch hole and right into the waiting mouth of Timothy. Although his mind was battling hard with what was left of his tattered masculinity he felt compelled to enjoy the pleasure that his fellow intern was giving him.

While Timothy's masculinity had been completely dissolved, female intuition and thoughts now controlled his mind and to finish his transgression, his body was now responding to its new-found feminine requirements of lust.

All Timothy could think of was to give pleasure to a fellow intern who like him was about to under go the same transformation as he had done.

Daryl let out a sigh as his cock erupted inside of Timothy's mouth and with it what was left of his masculinity, for his mind shifted drastically. New thoughts entered his mind, strange and unusual ones. The subliminal programming of the tape that played during his sleep last night had instantly changed his young man's testosterone driven mind into a soft, sensuous and very sexually aware young feminine mind like Timothy's.

Timothy sucked, licked and cleaned up his fellow intern's very flaccid penis and as he brought his soft hands up to caress Daryl's testes, he felt a tinge of sadness at Daryl's loss of masculinity.

Standing up he tenderly kissed Daryl on the lips, making sure that Daryl could taste the last of his manly ejaculation.

"Now lace me up!" Timothy ordered his 'lesser intern' as Miss Katie had informed him that all the others would be called to him.

Daryl excitedly grabbed hold of the Victorian corset and eagerly went about pleasing his pretty and vivacious prefect.

Miss Katie entered the room to find her prefect making sure that all the lesser intern's had made their beds and were wearing the appropriate clothing.

Everything was on course, William was ready for stockings and Daryl was showing signs that he desperately craved the laced surroundings of a heavy and constrictive corset like Timothy.

However Shane's training was still on a different agenda and today would be the day that he was finally brought from his self-pity at loosing his balls.

* * *

The piano began and Shane looked over to where the two Elder's were standing. His new split chemise was designed to show the fullness of his castration, for despite his small cock being placed upwards in the confines of his crotch, the smoothness of his scrotum revealed a very feminine like contour to his groin.

Instantly his high voice broke into song and as he accompanied the piano with his very high pitched voice, the two Elder's waited until he had finished his the hymn and clapped with pleasure.

"Well done Shane I am very pleased with the way your voice has become so graceful, do you agree that without those horrid man things between your legs your singing has improved?" Miss Agatha baited the poor young man.

"Err... Yes! Miss!" he gave a short curtsey. Not that he wanted to, but the threat of loosing his cock if he did not comply with their rules was always prominent in his thoughts.

"Well I think Miss Lorna here has a question or two to ask you," she handed Lorna the floor.

"Shane have you wondered about what you are going to do when you leave here?" Lorna asked with a wry smile.

"Err... I err?"

Just then Miss Fiona tapped the top of her piano as a reminder to Shane of the punishment he would get if he did not answer properly.

"I want to be a singer in a choir!" he responded rather dejectedly.

"And what type of choir would that be Shane?" Lorna continued with her questions.

"An all girl choir Miss!" Shane gritted his teeth as he loosened the words from his mouth.

"But you're not a girl are you?"

"No Miss," he paused, for he hated the next part of his answer and did not wish to continue.

"Shane!" Miss Fiona rapped the piano once more.

"I intend on becoming a girl, so I can fulfil my dream of singing in an all girl choir Miss!" he replied solemnly.

"Oh that's so sweet to hear... well done Shane!" Lorna praised the very unhappy looking young man, with a slight applause.

"And what part of being a girl are you most looking forward to?" Miss Agatha suddenly stepped in.

"Having breasts Miss Agatha!" he responded looking down at the ground.

"And that's exactly what you will have by the weekend for being so good with your singing classes!" Miss Fiona added to his humiliation.

As the weekend arrived Shane was taken to the hospital ward to have his breast implants, while Daryl and William both tried their best to please their prefect Timothy. Whilst Gary and Craig both tried theirs to stay out of what to them was a gay threesomes happy get together.

Little did they know that their hatred of Timothy had now become a jealousy, for as the weekend approached their once loud exchanges of abuse had turned into a hushed secretive bitching about how Timothy appeared to flaunt his growing breasts at every opportunity he had.

Miss Katie ran through the itinerary for the weekend with Timothy, telling him that he was now responsible for all of the interns development and that he would have to make sure that the remaining two young men had their headphones on at night. In fact she left it entirely up to Timothy on how he went about getting the other two on track.

Timothy enjoyed the evening showers even more, especially when he now had Daryl and William to share a shower with. Craig and Gary still refused to have anything to do with their very girlish group and as he covered both Daryl and William's crotches he told them of the plan he had to get the other two in line.

"How would you girls like to suck on a real thingy tonight?" he rubbed his soft soapy hands over Daryl's flaccid and unresponsive cock.

"Oh yes, but whose?" Daryl replied gasping with a girlish shrill.

"Yes whose?" William also enquired.

"Gary and Craig's... Unlike our very girlie cocks theirs are still functioning like boys do!" Timothy giggled as he soaped William's genitals with his other hand.

"But they don't like us so how are we gonna get them to agree?" William enquired puzzled as he rubbed Timothy's left budding breast and erect nipple, while Daryl played with Timothy's other one.

"Miss Katie has given me permission to bring them up to scratch with her itinerary and that means I can do anything I want to, or otherwise I can have their balls chopped!"

"Oh you bitch!" Daryl smiled wickedly as he offered Timothy his mouth for a very sensuous kiss.

Craig and Gary tried to ignore the very girlish laughter that was coming from Timothy's room. They had both seen them performing oral sex on each other in the shower and guessed that their performance had now gone on to the bedroom. However just as both of them had got into their beds, the door opened and out stepped Timothy followed by the other two, who were both sniggering in a rather girlish sort of excitement.

Timothy was wearing a two piece cotton chemise with pink lace trims, but without his black stockings and ankle boots, while William and Daryl wore their usual bedtime attire of white full-length night-gowns.

Timothy unlaced his top as he walked very sexily up to the two unsuspecting young inmates.

"I've decided that its time that you two became interns like me and these two sweets!" he pulled open his top and exposed his budding breasts to the two inmates.

"Get the fuck away from me you pervert faggot!" Gary, who was the nearest pulled up his bed clothes to his chest.

"Well that attitude won't get your cock sucked will it?" Timothy placed his index fingers on both nipples and began to rub them.

Craig looked towards the exit door for some small hope of help as his friend tried in vain to stave of their prefect's sick joke.

"My nipples are aching for you to touch them, their so sweet to taste!" he moved up alongside the very petrified Gary.

"Please I'm not interested... I'm not gay... Please!" he began to quiver.

"You know it was only last week when you used to find me so easy to bully, but now look at you... You're oh sooooooo pathetic?" Timothy laughed as he pulled back the bedclothes from Gary.

Craig attempted to stand up to defend his one only friend, but William pushed him back onto his bed wagging his finger.

"Come on you can sleep with me tonight... You'll enjoy it trust me!" Timothy ran his hand up Gary's night-gown and then onto his shaved genitals. "You don't want to loose these do you?" he smiled as he cradled the petrified young man's testes.

"You can't... Threaten me?" Gary tried to avert his eyes from Timothy's fluttering eyelids.

"Do you want to try me?" Timothy bent over him and kissed his forehead. "I am your prefect and what I command of you, you must do?"

Gary knew the rules, Timothy was right, but surely being picked on by his prefect was not correct.

"So do you want to scream for help and wish the wrath of Miss Katie and then end up like Shane, or do you want to have your cock sucked... Hmmmm?" Timothy pulled his free hand up to his very erect nipple and began pulling on it. "Come on here suck my breast!"

William and Daryl looked on anxiously, both of them desperate to get their lips around Gary's penis. Daryl could also feel his own budding breasts tingling with excitement as he envisioned Gary sucking on his own nipples.

The next thing Gary knew was that his head had been brought up to Timothy's very femininely shaped exposed breast and before he had time to answer the prefect squashed his face into his chest and began rubbing his face with his soft and very erect breasts and nipples.

"If you don't get off him I'll scream you faggot!" Craig tried to find some resolve.

"If you do honey, your balls will be floating in a tray of blood!" Timothy blew a kiss to the other soon to be intern.

The next thing Craig saw made him turn away and sob for William and Daryl both clambered on Gary and climbed under his night-gown and began to take turns on sucking on his cock.

Gary was caught his teeth were biting and pulling in Timothy's very elongated nipples while his cock was beginning to rise to the feel of two very busy mouths taking it in turn to bring it to fullness. Soft hands worked gently on his balls as his shaft began to thicken under the sensations of teeth nibbling on the tip of his penis.

Timothy pulled his small breasts away from Gary not that he did not want him sucking on them, because he did, but Timothy had his eye on Craig. With Gary beginning to enjoy the sensation of having two mouths working on his tool, Timothy only felt sympathy for Craig.

"Your friend seems quite upset that you have three of us pleasing you!" Timothy whispered into Gary's ear as he nibbled it. "It's only fair that he gets a taste of my breasts!" he finished giving Gary a very long sensuous love bite on his neck.

Pulling away from Gary Timothy slid over to where Craig was silently sobbing into his pillow.

"You don't need tears to get my attention you know," Timothy sat down on Craig's bed.

"Leave me alone!" Craig continued to cry into pillow. "I'm not a faggot!"

"Of course you're not, neither am I," Timothy glided his hand over Craig's shoulder. "Have you ever seen a faggot with breasts?"

Timothy tugged Craig around so he could show him his very obvious feminine charms.

Craig looked up at Timothy's prizes and he had to admit that Timothy did not look like a boy.

"Go on touch them... I won't bite you... Not yet anyway!" Timothy sighed seductively.

Craig did not want to touch them but Timothy grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled it up to them.

"Oh yes they tingle with excitement at your touch you naughty boy!" Timothy grinned wickedly at the last of the inmates.

Craig felt the softness of Timothy's small but very defined nubbins of breast tissue and had to admit they did feel like the real things. Even his nipples responded at his touch hardening and growing as he caressed them.

"Suck them Craig, Gary did and he's glad he did!" Timothy nodded over his shoulder.

Gary was laying back on his bed thrusting his hips up into the waiting mouth of William as Daryl enjoyed the sensation of his very petite breasts being sucked.

"See it's not all that bad is it?" Timothy slowly peeled away Craig's bedclothes with his free hand as his other firmly held a hand up to his chest. "And just think you will have the pleasure of your prefect all to yourself... Just you and me! Hmmmm, would you like that?"

Craig was stuck for an answer his mind was in absolute turmoil, his prefect was coming on to him strong and the feel of his small tits in his hand were beginning to have an affect on his lower regions.

Deftly Timothy's free hand found its way up Craig's night-gown and was now rolling his clean shaven genitals around in his grasp.

Timothy could see that the tear filled eyes of his soon to be intern was searching for some kind of a compromise, so Timothy let go of his hand and leant forward and thrust his tongue into his mouth.

Craig's masculinity caved in, the soft touch and feminine smell of his prefect was all he could think of as his mouth opened to let Timothy's tongue in.

Passion began to build within their kiss as Timothy's hand now led Craig's inflating penis into a rhythm of sexual desire. Slowly and very tenderly Timothy sucked on Craig's lip as he withdrew from their kiss, then as his hand caressed his tightening balls, he turned around and pulled up Craig's night–gown and buried his head into Craig's lap, taking the full length of his cock in his mouth.

Gary exploded all over the faces of William and Daryl and smiled contentedly as he watched both of them begin pawing at one another as they both tried to lick his sperm clean from each other.

However when he looked over to where his friend Craig was he could not believe his eyes, for Craig's face was between prefect Timothy's legs while the prefect's mouth was going up and down on his cock.

As Craig's semen flowed into Timothy's mouth, Timothy shivered with excitement, he had completed his mission and knew that Miss Katie would reward him for his efforts, however as he wiped his mouth and sat up he realised that Craig was still devouring his small and limp cockette. So deciding to let the new intern revel in his new found sexuality, Timothy grabbed a firm hold of his small and erect breasts and began to motion and wondered if he would ever find the stimulation of having his genitals sucked as exciting as he used to.

William and Daryl both finished cleaning each others faces and then looked over to where their prefect was now enjoying squatting on Craig's face. However the sight of Craig's semi-erect cock caught their attention and both of them rushed to help it up again.

Miss Katie and Miss Agatha smiled as their new interns finally all made the first initial phase of their new lives.

"Miss Katie I'd suggest you'd better get in there before our gorgeous little Timothy lets one of those two remaining cocks takes advantage of his very feminine needs!" Agatha laughed as she pointed to the screen.

In fact as Miss Katie entered the room Gary was ready to cement Timothy's venture into womanhood, for he had just pulled him off of a very excited Craig and had spun him around ready to place his very stiff and dry cock onto Timothy's little rosebud.

"I think we should all get some rest now girls!" Miss Katie clapped her hands. Gary and Craig I want you two to place the headphones on this instant, the music will calm down your obvious excitement with these three ladies!"

Chapter Eight

A Change of Mind

Lorna was absolutely stunned as she walked into the new intern's dormitory.

A week ago, except for Timothy, there was five violent and angry young men, but now they had all become happy and eager to please whilst becoming very feminine looking young men.

Timothy had become as was expected a kind of role model for all the others, for they all watched Timothy's every move, each of them desperate to please him.

The importance of being a Prefect had been drilled into their subconscious during their headphones at night and the need to emulate him was now a deep routed desire for all of them.

Shane had been absent from the group for the weekend and Miss Katie pointed out to Lorna that for the next phase of the interns training to continue it was crucial that Shane's rather forced development was brought in to cause a very jealous split amongst them.

"Timothy is very pleased with his female characteristics as you have seen. But with Shane's forced femininity being more progressive than his this will inevitably cause a rift between the two of them," Miss Katie explained to Lorna.

"And what purpose does this serve?"

"Shane is still harbouring resentment at being forced into becoming a girl, but when he realises that Timothy and all the other's have not got the same bits as he has it will bring his inner femininity to the front. This in turn will drive Timothy's more female persona to deepen its desire to show to me that he can be better than Shane. And believe me by the end of the month I will have a dormitory of young castrated girls to be!"

It was Wednesday afternoon when Timothy, holding Daryl's hand returned to the dormitory. Timothy had been given permission to leave their feminine grace class with Daryl as both of them sat and walked as demure and graceful as a young lady could. In fact both of them had developed a very feminine walk that belied their true gender, for both of them know held out their hands with their palms down and slightly swaying as they walked.

Timothy could not wait to get back so he could be undressed and caressed by Daryl as he always did and could not wait to get into the shower with him so he could share a brief passionate kiss with him.

However as they walked into the dormitory both of them stopped in their tracks as the shower was already running and occupied by a very curvaceous looking girl with short blonde hair.

"Oh I'm so sorry?" Shane responded in an almost perfect girlish pitch, as he stepped out of the shower naked.

Timothy glanced at the two globes of full flesh mounted on Shane's very sexy looking water dripping body.

"Timothy isn't I believe?" Shane held out a very slender female hand that was perfectly manicured into a French cut style.

"Err Yes it is!" Timothy returned Shane's very soft and limp handshake.

"You're so... Err...?" Daryl could not take his eyes of Shane's wonderfully formed breasts as they dangled enticingly from his chest with water dripping from their very elongated nipples.

"Why thank you Daryl, one day you will be as pretty and curvaceous as me!" Shane sauntered off to his bed making sure his developing female bottom was wiggling as he walked.

Timothy grabbed a firm hold of Daryl and pulled him away from Shane's naked body as if to remind him that he was the Prefect and it was his body that was sexy.

"Come on Daryl, I need to get out of my corset and I'm sure you would love me to rub your nipples for you?" Timothy spoke with a very sexy sigh in his voice.

Shane sat down on his bed and crossed his waxed legs with ease, his castration had made it very easy for him to cross them with out any discomfort at all. He had got used to seeing his small penis bunched up between his thighs every time he did cross them and together with his newly conditioned mind, he was looking forward to showing his body off to the rest of the dormitory.

One by one the other's all returned and all of them could not miss the sight of Shane preening himself, however as they all looked at him in amazement the sound of Miss Katie calling them to attention caught their attentions.

Timothy heard the call and appeared naked along with Daryl from his room.

"Right ladies I want all of you standing for inspection tomorrow. Governess Agatha wishes to look in on you and I must stress she always likes to see her interns without any clothes. And considering half of you have appeared to abandon wearing clothes it should not be that hard for you!" Miss Katie looked around at her group. "Timothy make sure that you are wearing your stockings and boots, Governess Agatha requires the Prefect to be visible when she enters the dormitory."

"Yes Miss Katie!" Timothy curtseyed, while all the others including Shane followed in unison.

"Oh and Shane you may be dressed in your usual attire," Miss Katie turned to the blonde feminised Shane.

"Of course Mistress," Shane curtseyed with a very gracious sweep and bow that made all of the others stare in amazement.

While Shane underwent his breast augmentation Agatha was able to try out Cresswell's new subliminal training methods and when the former ruffian awoke his mind was totally programmed to accept his new body and especially his new role in society.

Agatha reported the success of the new incredible breakthrough in subliminal programming whilst the subject is undergoing surgery and as she was expressing her delight with her first subject, the same process was being repeated on another subject at Cresswell's health and beauty farm.

Chapter Nine

Jealous Combinations

Timothy was up earlier than usual and was quick to make his way to the shower room to wash, however when he walked into the dorm all the others where already in the shower.

Walking into the shower there was a lot of talking and discussing and as Timothy made his appearance known they all looked round to see him.

"Good morning Timothy," Shane spoke softly and rather femininely as he deliberately washed under his breasts and let them fall deliciously with the water.

"Oh hello Shane," Timothy replied trying to make sure his small and pert breasts would also be noticed by the others.

"Oh Timothy, Shane's breasts are absolutely de-vine!" Daryl wriggled excitedly as he placed a hand under Shane's left breast and held it.

"Yes they are," Timothy sighed with a hint of a jealous tone.

All the others soon went back to bombarding Shane with questions about how it felt to have them. Leaving Timothy to bite his pride and shower along with his busty fellow intern.

Timothy was soon dried and dressed in his attire, his mind was desperately trying to think of a way that he get the groups attention back to him. Tying his ankle boots tight he consoled himself with the thought that Shane would be wearing his full underwear and corset, while his body would visible for all to see.

Walking out into the dorm all the others were already standing by their beds naked as they were ordered to be.

Timothy began to click his heels deliberately across the floor, the expectation of Shane's garments hiding his body still did not hide his newly acquired charms from sight. For they only added to his growing femininity.

Shane stood with his hands at his sides with palms pointed directly to the floor and from the stance the others took they were all copying him. With his corset gathered tightly around his hips and his breasts pushed up high in his laced open necked chemise top. He looked every inch a girl. Yet the one thing that stood out the most was the perfect gathering of his knickerbockers around his crotch.

Just then the door opened and Timothy stood to attention with all the others. Miss Katie walked in with Miss Agatha, Miss Lorna and Miss Fiona.

"Oh my who is this young filly?" Miss Agatha enquired as she took a good look at Shane's rather ample bosom.

"My name is Shane Miss!" he replied giving a perfect curtsey.

"You are becoming a rather fetching young lady aren't you?"

"Yes Miss I hope so!" he smiled curtseying once again.

"Now then girls... Do any of you wish to go back to the way you was before you arrived here?" Miss Agatha asked all of her interns.

"No Miss Agatha!" they all replied with an eagerness to please their Governess with their attempts to curtsey as delicately as Shane had done. "Good Miss Katie they are all yours!"

"Now then girls, this week your schedules will change... Miss Fiona will take you to a new lesson that will be familiar to Shane here. As you are all aware, your rehabilitation training is teaching everyone of you the etiquette of being a young lady, however we do run a policy that each and everyone of you are trained for our choir."

All of the interns looked at one another in shock, for despite their subconscious need to feel feminine, their male egos were still prominent and the thought of being trained to sing like a girl was very much a shock to them.

"You all look a little surprised at being forced to sing in a choir... But Shane will tell you how wonderful it is, for despite getting his more obvious female charms, he has leaned to sing in the perfect pitch required for our choir."

As the week passed by Timothy showed more and more signs of his growing feminine jealousy. Shane loved to show of his breasts to the others and all of the others loved to talk about them, with each of them wondering when theirs would soon burst forth. Daryl's aureoles had increased and although all of them all suffered from itchy nipples, Daryl was pleased to see that his nubbins of flesh were forming into a small pair of more definite breasts.

With Shane's voice now so soft and feminine combined with his eagerness to please Miss Fiona in front of all the others during the week of choir practise, Timothy was slowly giving birth to his own growing need to express his own femininity to the others. This became evident when at the end of the week a very sullen looking Timothy asked Miss Katie if he could speak to Governess Agatha.

"So Timothy you wanted to see me?" Miss Agatha asked him as Miss Katie escorted him into her office.

"Err... Yes Miss," he curtseyed.

"I... Err... Well?"

"Come on I've got things to do!" Miss Agatha spoke with a little annoyance in her tone.

"Well I was wondering if I could possibly have a little operation?" Timothy bit his lips as he curtseyed once again.

"And why do you want this operation?" Miss Agatha enquired hiding her smirk.

"Well I've seen what the operation has done for Shane Miss Agatha," he finally managed to say the words.

"And you believe that this operation will do what Timothy?" Agatha enquired.

"It will make my breasts develop faster Miss Agatha," Timothy looked shyly down at the ground.

"Well you are right Timothy it will hasten your development, but Shane only had the operation because it is the only way to stem the sort of behaviour he was showing!"

"I err... Know that it is a form of punishment Miss Agatha, but Shane has become so err..."

"Female?" Miss Agatha answered.

"Yes," he held his hands firmly to his side and pushed his small but evident breasts forward.

"So you wish to become a girl?" Agatha asked the trembling sheboy.

"Yes Miss Agatha," he curtseyed once again.

"Miss Katie what do you think of Timothy's request.

"Well I must admit he has shown all the right signs that he is ready to be castrated and if that's what he wants then I say we should let him have his wish!" Miss Katie agreed to Timothy's request.

"Very well Timothy we shall get you castrated as soon as possible!"

"Please may I also request one more thing?" Timothy dared to interrupt his Elder.

"Yes go on!"

"Can I have it done without an audience?"

"Of course my dear, however there is one thing I must ask from you?"

"Yes Miss Agatha?" Timothy curtseyed.

"You will distance yourself from the rest and become friends with Shane and most importantly you will not tell any of the others about your new look genitalia, is that clear!"

"Oh yes Miss Agatha... Thank you!" he curtseyed once again.

A shrill of excitement brushed over Timothy Sanderson as his operation robe was removed and he was asked to sit upon the operating table. The hormone treatment had turned his once small and boyish nipples into bullets and the coldness of the silver table as his bottom rested upon it caused them to become fully erect.

He wanted to touch his nipples and pull on them like he always did when they responded that way, but he was now lying in front of three nurses, Miss Agatha, Katie, Lorna and the Matron who was going to perform the operation.

Matron had already injected the anaesthetic to his genital region and now that it was completely numb he lay patiently awaiting his operation.

"Would you like to watch Matron perform the task?" Miss Agatha enquired.

"Oh yes please!" he replied eagerly.

Instantly he placed his ankles in the stirrups and as the table began to contort into the position for him to watch, he shivered with anticipation. Slowly he rose to face the sight of his shaven crotch. Rubber gloved hands pulled his flaccid cock up towards him and placed it upon his lower abdomen, revealing the small sac of flesh that contained the icons of his past male self.

Matron Kneaded the young man's scrotum to check for his testes and then grabbed a hold of the scalpel.

"Are you sure you want Matron to perform this task?" Miss Agatha asked.

"Oh yes cut them off I don't ever want to feel them between my legs again!" he licked his lips as he nodded for Matron to begin her mutilation of the former young man's testicles.

Timothy's eyes widened with elation as Matron dug the scalpel into his scrotum and sliced his sac wide open and any thoughts of the post-op pain was secondary to the pleasure he now felt at seeing such a masculine vestige removed from his body.

Watching his blood trickling into the pan the words- "Oh Yes!" slipped from his mouth as the Matron completely severed his testes from his groin..

As soon as Timothy's balls slipped into the tray of blood Matron finished fusing all the nerves and then as quick as she had cut him she was rolling back the loose skin and stitching his smooth scrotum back up.

"This injection will numb the pain for the evening and will enable you to rest," a nurse reassured Timothy.

"Now then young Lady, do not touch your new crotch for a day or two, I will then come back and remove your stitches and explain to you why I have left so much of your sac behind.

"All the girls have that done cause it looks like pussy lips when you see it!" the nurse whispered as she cleaned up Timothy's blood from his crotch.

"Yes nurse thank you very much!" Matron looked annoyingly at her nurse.

Timothy lay back against the table, his cock was now flapping loosely between his open legs and the pain beginning to rise from the same region only helped him to smile more. For he now had the same bits as Shane, although a little bit smaller up top, but nonetheless he was exactly like Shane.

Chapter Ten

Summers End

Lorna made her way to the dormitory eager to find out what was so special about this new week of changes.

She knew that each week heralded an important change in the new interns but for the last three weeks all that had happened was Timothy, Daryl and William all having their castrations, so Lorna guessed that one of the other's would be next.

Miss Katie met her as usual and instantly Lorna was asking her what was so important about the start of this new week.

Katie responded by telling her that it was the moment that she always waited for and told her not to be impatient.

Reaching the dorm they entered to the sight of Daryl, William, Gary and Craig all standing eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Instantly the four-feminised young men all gave an inch perfect curtsey.

"Ok girls I won't bother with an inspection today for as you know Shane and Timothy have reached a critical stage in their rehabilitation!" she began looking at all four of the remaining boys. "Now then... Girls... When Miss Agatha brings them into the dorm, I accept the fact that you will all become excited and will want to talk with them... But you will all have plenty of time for a chat when we leave the dorm and await Miss Fiona to take you to choir practice."

Just then the dormitory door opened and in walked Governess Agatha. All four sheboys curtseyed instantly and they all went as low as they could.

Agatha walked around looking down at the corseted sheboys all curtseyed before her and all four of them displaying evident breast growth. She was pleased with the results of the new hormone drug treatment and even more pleased with their behaviour reprogramming.

"Good morning girls!" she sounded down at them.

"Good morning Governess Agatha!" they all stood up and replied curtseying to the ground again.

"Ok girls you may rise!" she commanded them. "William tell me what sex do you consider yourself to be?"

William's face went shy with embarrassment.

"Come on girl you had those horrid things cut of last week... Now answer my question!"

"I'm a girl!" he replied bashfully.

"Good... Now outside Shane and Timothy are waiting to enter. I know that each of you will be as shocked as I was when I saw them, but what you've got to remember is this... If you perform well this week you too could end up looking as good as they do now... Is that clear?"

"Yes Governess Agatha!" they all curtseyed in unison and stayed down.

"Ok girls I want you all to stay as you are curtseyed and looking at the floor," Agatha looked over to where an Elder who no one had seen before was standing. "Come in Miss Jackie and bring those two gorgeous young interns with you!"

Lorna's mouth fell open with shock as Miss Jackie brought two fully clothed interns into the dormitory and if it was not for the colour of their hair she would never had recognised them.

Shane and Timothy held each other's hands as they walked into their dormitory as demurely as possible. Both of them displayed the pleasure of their fulfilment at being completely dressed in a full intern's attire.

Both wore their Victorian style school dresses with feminine pride, but it was not the figure hugging high necked dress and laced blouse, combined with their petticoats showing beneath the knee high hem of their skirts that caused them to smile with glee.

It was their equally perfect rose coloured collagen enhanced lips that were permanently tattooed along with black eye liner and combined with their long flowing hair, it gave them a feeling of complete fulfilment.

"Ok girls you may rise and greet Shane and Timothy," Miss Agatha clapped her hands.

Lorna watched Timothy and Shane pucker their lips with enticement and as their painted nails and hands stayed perfectly at their sides the picture they portrayed was one of pure girlishness.

She could not believe that in the space of a month these two young men had become two pretty castrated young shemales.

The impact of Timothy and Shane's final descent into femininity on the rest of the interns was just as Miss Agatha had expected. All four of them gazed at the completed articles of their fellow interns and the look on all their faces was one of sheer happiness, for deep rooted into all of them was the desire to become as pretty and beautiful as their fellow interns.

Daryl was shaking his wrists with frustration, for he wanted to talk to find out more about their new look.

His testes like theirs had been removed and that only added to his frustration.

He wanted more than anything to become a full intern, to be able to wear the pretty uniform that they now wore and worse still he wanted long hair as well.

Yet his wait to bombard Shane and Timothy with a million questions was soon over as Miss Agatha led the other Elders from the room.

Lorna watched as she walked out of the dorm, smiling at the way the remaining four sheboys all flocked around their pretty fellow interns, each of them all desperate to know how it felt to look like they did now.

Chapter Eleven

End of Term

Lorna awoke with a naked Penny by her sides. Leaning over her personal maid she tenderly kissed her nipple and ran her hand down her body and over the soft little stub that defined her real shemale gender.

Penny woke pleasingly as her Mistress began to suckle on her breast.

"Oh Mistress Lorna I'm going to miss waking up without you," she smiled sadly at her the silver head of Lorna.

"I know, but you might get a commission with another woman like me, or better still you might even get a man who'll show you what it feels like to be a real girl," Lorna lifted her head up to face her maid.

Lorna's own time at the school was also over and though she did not want to show Penelope any weakness, she quickly withdrew her hand and mouth from her body and ordered her to get dressed and prepare her clothes for the last day of her tenure.

Lorna had watched six young men transform into six very pretty young ladies and was overwhelmed at how much they all enjoyed being what they were. Yet furthermore she had enjoyed watching how their bodies had become soft rounded and feminine.

Miss Agatha had informed her that today was the last day of their first term, for they would all graduate as girls and as a treat for the girls they would all be able to stand for the last day in their dormitory naked for their last bed inspection.

Penelope as usual, was expert in preparing her for the coming day and had her ready and waiting for Miss Agatha and Miss Katie.

Arriving at the dorm Agatha led the way and when Lorna finally entered the sight that met her eyes was simply stunning.

"Good morning girls!" Agatha acknowledged them all.

"Good morning Governess Agatha!" they all curtseyed in unison.

Lorna looked at the girls one by one taking in every detail of their transformation and recalling how and when they had all made their gradual transition into womanhood.

All though all of them had shared intimate relationships along the way Craig and Gary, although the last to blossom, had become very passionate lovers.

From the word that was going around the Elders, they had both attracted the attention of a wealthy woman who was looking for two adorable castrated shemales to work in her hotel as chambermaids.

Lorna chuckled to herself as she recalled how both of them held hands when they had their testes removed to join the others in their dorm.

William had blossomed into a very seductive looking brunette with bullet shaped breast nipples, while Daryl had become a very curvaceous and pertly breasted blonde with green eyes.

Yet the most awe-inspiring sight was Timothy. Standing at five foot four his small nubbins that had enticed Daryl, William Craig and Gary, had become a delicious swelling of pure female breast tissue that hung sweetly and delicately from his chest.

His thighs were full an accentuated his hips along with his very womanly shaped bottom.

However what Lorna found so delightful and sweet was the very small dangling piece of flesh that jutted out from his clean-shaven crotch.

She quickly found herself getting turned on by the sight of Timothy's cute little penis and began imagining her fingers toying with it and pulling it wildly as she did with Penelope's every night.

Just then Timothy spoke and drew her concentration away from his delightful crotch and onto his very full and pouting lips as he spoke with absolute feminine grace.

Lorna was not alone in how she felt for Timothy for he had attracted a wealth of interest from various regions of Lady Cresswell's network.

Sexily Timothy played with his long straight black hair, continuously placing it behind his pierced earlobes, while his breasts jiggled naturally with every move he made.

Though Timothy procured the image of a very cute would be raven haired shemale goddess, Shane was sexy with a capital 'S'.

His breasts although aided by silicone were full and demanding as a porno actress, while his long blonde hair hung shinning down his back like a horse's main.

His hips like Timothy, were flared and his soft glossy legs gave his five foot nine slender frame an idea of just how short his skirts were going to be when he had finished his time at the institutional school.

Yet once again Lorna was drawn to the delicate protrusion of his true shemale form as it hung loosely between his thighs, larger and more prominent than all the others did.

True it was half the size of what it used to be, but the thought that the former young man's powerful ugly manhood could be transformed into something so sweet intrigued her further.

The auditorium was full as it always was for this particular day, for today was acceptance day for the first term girls.

Miss Katie proudly brought in her first terming intake and as their ankle boots all clicked against the wooden floor as they followed behind her, unlike the last time they had been brought here, each of them was excited about being paraded before the rest of their institutionalised colleagues.

Lorna took her seat in the front row as all six former young males were given the order to take their positions on the stage. Every one of them wore a smile that told how pleased they were at being dressed just like all the other interns.

Lorna looked at Timothy as he constantly ran his hands over his hips, he was obviously overjoyed at being so femininely attired in a mid-ankle Victorian dress with whalebone corset beneath his array of petticoats.

Miss Fiona arranged them in their expected places as she took her seat at the piano and began her intro.

Instantly the group of former young males burst into the perfectly required pitch of their new genders, their voices as feminine as any female.

Lorna was totally surprised for she had expected them to sound more like boys than girls, but Cresswell's therapy and drugs had completely changed them.

With the choir singing finished a huge round of applause echoed around the auditorium.

"Now then Ladies and fellow interns today is a very exciting day for our choir," Governess Agatha stood up and confronted the audience. "As all of you know today is a special day for our first term girls here, for they like all of you once did, have come to the end of their first term."

The audience of interns all applauded once again as Governess Agatha turned to the beaming former young men who stood before the entire institution.

"Ok... Now Miss Katie if you would like to introduce us to your first girl?" Agatha prompted.

"Yes Ladies and girls I would like to introduce you to Shane Lowry! Come forward Shane dear!" Miss Katie beckoned.

Shane eagerly teetered over to his Elder and gave a very gracious curtsey making sure that all his petticoats where pulled away from his heels as he did.

"Now then as with all of our new intakes Shane was the troublesome one but as you can see he has worked hard to rid himself of that image... haven't you my dear?"

"Yes Miss Katie," he curtseyed perfectly once more.

"So what are you now then my dear?"

"I'm a girl Miss Katie!" he responded with a bright collagen enhanced smile.

"Well Shane that's nice and as you are a girl I imagine you would like to have a girl's name now?"

"Oh yes please Miss Katie!" he replied heartily.

"Well I guess I should give you a new girl's name... How does Sharon Lowry sound?"

"Oh that's wonderful thank you!" Sharon curtseyed as she accepted her new name.

Lorna sat and watched intrigued as the others all accepted their new names with as much pleasure as Sharon had. Timothy became Fiona, Daryl became Diane, William became Lillian and Craig and Gary apart from being lovers who seemed almost in-separable became Charity and Aria.

With the auditorium emptying Agatha invited Lorna to her office to explain that now she had seen a complete transformation she was ready to be trained by Lady Melissa's prominent psychiatrist, so that she would be ready for her new role within Cresswell's.

A role that Lorna would relish and in a way Agatha envied.


Lorna returns in a comics-style rendition called Femmerton Manor in the near future.

Note: TG she-males castration cross-dressing mind-alter drugs chemicals hormones maids implants corsets

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Re: The Governess (Score: 0)
by Guest Reader on Jan 16, 2003 - 11:25 AM
hi there.

Just a note to say I don't read this type of story.


ps. Didn't think it was fair that no one was commenting.

Re: The Governess (Score: 1)
by Caroline on Jan 22, 2003 - 07:49 PM
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This is a very well written story for us forced fem fans!  Admittedly, it's a bit gruesome in parts but it carries a real punch.  well done, Keshara, keep up the good work with your Cresswell Industries saga: this reader, for o­ne, can't wait until the next instalment!


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